Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feeling Loopy

"Jake Gyllenhaal was here yesterday doing ADR on "An Enemy". Cool guy. I can spell his name correctly now, don't ask me next week." -  Source

Talk about economic filmmaking Denis has Jake working on two films at once, shooting Prisoner and doing post work for "An Enemy".

As we learned in "How to make movies 101" during PoP, ADR is "the process of re-recording the original dialogue after the filming process for the purpose of obtaining a cleaner, more intelligible dialogue track". So pretty much Jake was in the booth saying "but I'm an actor", "Well, I'm a teacher", "hey you look familiar", "This leather chafes"

 Jake will have to jump back in the booth to do the same thing for Prisoners and pretty quick with the film coming out in theaters  7 months.

Amazing to think that Prisoners will take less time it takes to have a baby. Was PoP the equivalent of having an elephant?


Jessica Faulkinbury said...

Well, let hope that Jake dose not mix up the THREE characters.. Haha Love the 'This leather chafes'

I know that I am new here but the last post had someone who seems to SIT and READS everything. If you don't like the place then leave. It is just ppl different opinion. I am still not sure if Jake and Austin are a couple or if the have kids. I do know that if it is true they will tell us when they are ready.

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

Oh I forgot, Thanks PG for getting to the begging of the whole Toothy story. I have lots to read O.O...LOL

Really? said...

But Oh My Godot is still standing strong and a real thorn in the side of Jake and his People.

Is that a goal here?

How are those cupcakes sunshine/sparked banana shaped and rainbows camping it up! said...
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Special K said...

Hi Jack. Now run along. It sounds like you need a nap.

prairiegirl said...

Call it whatever you want, 1153. I really do not care.


the real m said...

The goal is to chat about a subject that fascinates us. The good and the bad. And to continue the friendships that have been made along the way.

It must be tough to keep multiple characters straight at the same time. Nice to finally see some new pictures of Jake but he sure has bad luck when it comes to haircuts.

Sad news that Michelle Williams and her boyfriend broke up. They seemed like such a happy couple. She had been beaming of late. I feel bad for Matilda who is too young to understand such things. I think ent lawyer had a blind about some guy cheating that could have been him. I cant recall when it was, but very recent and I wondered if it was Michelle at the time I read it. Maybe she read it too.