Friday, February 22, 2013

Wooooo Wolfie

 A Flashback Austin Friday

Starting out, Austin did a lot of guest work on TV series.  Back in 2002,  Austin was on  Wolf Lake  as Scott Nichols  in – If These Wolves Could Talk.
 Looking so young, Austin's more like a wolf in sheep's clothing
 or even a lamb for that matter.

And this wolf looks like he could say  - Woo Hoo!


Twitter said...

Sara Calabrese ‏@saracalabrese19

7:13 p.m. - Feb 22, 2013 · Details

prairiegirl said...

Interesting tweet because this young girl is headed back east after enjoying a ski trip in Colorado, At 4:52 pm, she tweeted with a hash tag of #halfwaythere. That was prior to her tweet that Jake was on her flight. She was headed home which is New Jersey.

So that would put Jake coming out of the west headed east.

prairiegirl said...

Austin really looks cute in this Wolf show. And look at that smooch he's laying on her, not too shabby looking. Better looking than any of the kisses he ever gave Soapy on OTH. I would conclude since Jake entered the timeline between this Wolf show and OTH, Jake would be the cause for the fish mouth kisses with Ms. Bush.

; )

Methodical Muser said...

Which means Jake was not in Atlanta filming all week as tweet after spoon fed tweet declared. He probably was told to head up to NY this weekend to make it seem like he finished filming and now is doing his normal routine of Atlanta to NY. Gee, I wonder who Jake was with this past week?

not so fast said...

So that would put Jake coming out of the west headed east.

She had a layover in Atlanta. Jake films in Atlanta. Makes sense.

the real m said...

Really cute pictures of Austin. He is a good looking man. Lucky Jake.

I've been super busy at work this week so no time to comment but I have been reading once a day.

I saw Argo and thought it was good. Not sure I'd call it Oscar worthy though. I find it odd that little has been said about the movie Naomi directed. Usually there are reviews of films shown at festivals but I have not seen a word about it.

Jersey Tom said...

Without a doubt for me Zero Dark Thirty was the best movie this year and Chastain the best actress. Looks like Argo will win anf jennifet lawrence will win best actress. Anne Hathaway wins best supporting actress. Daniel Day Lewis wins his third best actor. Tommy Lee Jones is favored to win best supporting actor but cant count out Robert Diniro . Without Affleck and Catherine Bigelow not nominated not sure whobwill win best director. The Academy screwed that one up.

prairiegirl said...

I would agree that a stopover in Atlanta makes sense because there are flights from Denver to Newark which stop in Atlanta. And it makes sense if one believes that Jake was filming all week in Atlanta which is what some tweets would have had you believe.

I just don't happen to believe them.

Looking at patterns of Friday flights from Denver to Newark sees stopovers in Atlanta however their Newark landing times never went as late as this tweeter's did.

There were multiple oddities about this past week. By Wednesday, Hugh J. was in NYC to do Letterman which I don't believe is filmed live, not sure how much earlier that show is taped. On Thursday, he was in L.A because he was at a party benefit event. I am sure it's possible Jake could have filmed scenes by himself or with other actors but all week?

Another oddity was a robot tweet which started midway in the week.

Movie Downloads ‏@Movie_downloadz

Production Begins on Denis Villeneuve’s Prisoners #movies

1:25 p.m. - Feb 20, 2013 · Details

Then it morphed into this:

Warner Bros Pictures ‏@wbpictures

Filming begins on #Prisoners starring @RealHughJackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Maria Bello, Terrence Howard and Viola Davis:
1:01 p.m. - Feb 20, 2013

What? Filming begins? They've been filming since January, what're you talking about? This robot tweet was repeated throughout the rest of the week in all kinds of languages and continues through this hour.

When I see something like this, it throws up all kinds of red flags of "Let me tell you what you're going to think"

Okay, I gotta go. Gotta go into work. **heavy sigh**

Likely said...

Many flights from Colorado tend to stop over in Dallas-Fort Worth, not Atlanta. I checked a few databases and the huge layover that she tweets about, supports her midway point being Dallas. So does the time frame.

Likely said...

^ I meant to add that if someone is flying to the East Coast a stopover in Dallas is a very common itinerary when taking off from Colorado.

Jersey Tom said...

Got to remind myself Brokeback dominated the award decision like no other film in history but did not win the Oscsr. Like with Affleck this year the academy seems think they are the only one that are correct. I think they can be real morons.

destiny said...

There are plenty of direct flights between Denver and the NYC airports, some by discount airlines, so there is really no reason to stop and change planes. Most people fly into Denver if they're skiing. Only if you're flying from Colorado Springs do you need to transfer to get to NYC, but most people only go through there if they're going to the Springs because there are so few flight options.

Unless we know for a fact she stopped somewhere, it seems more likely that it was a direct slight.

destiny said...

Oops, missed that she tweeted about a layover.

The other big place for flights from Denver to NYC is Chicago.

prairiegirl said...

The thing is she most likely wasn't flying into NYC. She lives in New Jersey so the possibility was strong that she may have been flying into Newark. Jake has been tweeted at Newark before.

Weird day, weird day! A lot of melting today even though I'm not sure that we ever hit freezing but the sun was out so you've got slush all over the place. What a big ol' mess.

Sacey said...

Weird day, weird day! A lot of melting today

Melting melting