Sunday, February 17, 2013

Out Spotlight

Today's Out Spotlight was a child actor in two iconic movies of the 80's. Today's Out Spotlight is Maia Brewton.

Maia Luisa Brewton was born September 30, 1977 in Los Angeles, California. She is probably best known as the Mighty Thor-obsessed kid, Sara Anderson, in the movie Adventures in Babysitting, and as Shelly Lewis on one of the Fox Network's earliest shows, Parker Lewis Can't Lose.

In addition to these more prominent roles, Brewton starred in the movies Sky Trackers with Pamela Sue Martin and A Family for Joe with Robert Mitchum. She also co-starred in the hit film Back to the Future as Sally Baines, the younger sister of Lorraine Baines played by Lea Thompson.

She also did guest work before landing the role of Shelley Lewis on Parke Lewis Can't Lose with television credits that include 21 Jump Street, Highway to Heaven, Trapper John, M.D. and The Wonder Years. She also played Margaret Ann Culver in the short-lived television series, Lime Street with co-stars Robert Wagner and Samantha Smith.

Apart from her film and television roles, Brewton acted in various theatre productions, most notably at the City Garage Theatre in Santa Monica, California.

After her success in the late 1980s and early 1990s to a break from her acting career to attend Yale University(where she was a member of Manuscript Society and Just Add Water), where she graduated in 1998. She went on to attend law school.

Brewton is now an attorney in the Los Angeles area. Brewtwon married her partner, TV Producer Lara Spotts, in 2008. The couple have twin boys, Rizzo and Calder.


Special K said...

Philly is not a suburb of NYC, it is a couple hours away. And again-if he did fly to Philly he didn't take a major airlines, because despite all these tweets today no one saw him in the airport. Maybe he did fly down out of an executive airport but still all the tweets all day long in NY didn't make it seem like he could have done it all and made it out of Manhattan and down to Philly in time for the show. I'm not saying he didn't go to Philly because clearly he's there. I'm saying I don't know if all the sightings in NYC actually happened.

I am familiar with Buddakan he was spotted at and that is in Center City. Good place. But Jake you should have gone to one of Steven Starr's other restaurants, Continental Mid-town Funky fun. Oh right... too bright. You like the dimly lit places.

Bruce said...

Camden NJ is like 7 miles from Philly.

Special K said...

I didn't say anything about Camden. I was talking about NYC. I know that Camden is that close.

Jersey Tom said...

I thought that concert was last weekrnd..

Jersey Tom said...

Oh ok. That was this weekend. Saturday night. Friend of mine was right up front. He took a bunch of pics. No see Jake:-)

the real m said...

Whenever Jake is seen in multiple cities at the same time, it usually means Austin is by his side, just out of camera shot.

Love the picture of the out spotlight and her wife. Just like Jake and Austin, they are mimicking their posture. Sweet.

prairiegirl said...

It's really not a huge deal if Jake stayed on the east coast this weekend. I think Austin is probably capable of watching the brood. That's why you have nannies, right? Poor Austin tho, no Grandpa and Grandma Nichols' help with this one. LOL

Doesn't take away from the realization that the boys had a loooooong weekend together last weekend. Now we have confirmation that Austin is and has been in LA for Ray Donovan and all kinds of trumpet blowing that Jake was there as well.

It is totally suspicious that they had Jake running ragged all over NYC yesterday. It was like a trip down memory lane what with the coffee, brunch, subway, he's here, now he's over there, all day long yesterday. That is the biggest bunch of bulls*** and who is buying it. Not me.

Jake's public life has become as transparent as a sheet of Saran Wrap. He has become a PR concocted machine just like Taylor Swift where nothing is true anymore, it's all about what he wants to force feed his fans. Don't you find it extremely odd that we go weeks, months even, without the song and dance that we had yesterday? I know most here have no idea, but I saw all of it. So did a few others because I fed it to them. It was a guffaw moment to see what they were trying to sell. Yeah right, Jake. Go sell it to a 5 year old.

Let the boys spin themselves silly on their His and His hamster wheels. They're stuck in a cage of their own making and those walls are getting smaller all the time. Why? Because people like us won't put the sheet over their cage so they can get a good night's sleep. Their people are having to work and the boys are looking over their shoulders every minute of the day to hide what they think is a secret.

It's sad that we don't spend more time talking about their craft and what's on the horizon but instead are discussing what is probably true and what is not, trying to sift through the mud and sludge that has become a daily byproduct of a Jake and Austin diet.

prairiegirl said...

Very, very sad news about Mindy McCready. What a tragic ending to a young, what sounds to be a troubled life. Suicide is just one of the saddest things ever, that there is such a feeling of hopelessness and despair, that these people spend their last minutes alone and feeling like they don't want to live anymore. I don't think I know anything that she sang but if you follow celebrity news at all, you still knew who she was because there was so much drama in her last several years of life.

Well, it's the start of a new week. Work will be busy as usual. We have so much going on, a lot on the horizon. I better get myself going so I can deal, lol.

prairiegirl said...

Cute Out Spotlight too, I meant to say. I remember her with that Viking helmet on.

After taking a quick gander out in cyber world, what I want to know, after the dust settles from the weekend, is what were Jake and Austin trying to hide? That was an awful lot of hamster wheel spinning going on, LOL!

oh ba-rother said...

It's sad that we don't spend more time talking about their craft and what's on the horizon but instead are discussing what is probably true and what is not, trying to sift through the mud and sludge that has become a daily byproduct of a Jake and Austin diet.

So whose fault is that Miss I-talk-about-their-private-lives-on-every-blog-and-twitter-I-can-find?

You really have no self-awareness do you.

prairiegirl said...

LOL, of course I have self awareness. I am aware that my olfactory sensor is picking up on some foul smelling bs coming from the boys.

destiny said...

I don't see anything strange about Jake being in NYC during the day and then catching the concert. You can get to Philly in less than 90 minutes by train, and Jake travels all the time without being spotted.

prairiegirl said...
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Jersey Tom said...

Plenty people make that trip everyday for work.

Methodical Muser said...

Nothing like a long SAG holiday weekend, with lots of tweets suggesting that Jake is everywhere and yet somehow nowhere (Kerouac-like meanderings)at the same time. Coffee, eating out, riding on the subway, restaurant, the obligatory fuzzy pic with known celebrity "friend", "real time" twitter pics by fans posting photos of Jake that are from an earlier time, etc. Combined with the messy multiplier effect of the inane robot tweets about Taylor Swift, Jake being "British" and Jamie Lee Curtis being his godmother, and we've most definitely been provided with a vat of nothingness. All the while making sure, of course, to place Austin 3,000 miles away the whole time, receiving half nude, lascivious propositions from female twitter posters who supply photos that display far more skin than they do common sense.

I'm exhausted myself said...

Jake travels all the time without being spotted.

I think the point being made is that Jake wanted to be spotted this past weekend. Again, and again and again. Non-stop activity. Even in more than one city.

Someone has used the word over exposure around here before. And that's what it seemed like the last few days. Pretty heavy-handed to my eyes. Almost like a lot of work went into all this coordinated effort to shove his name out there throughout the weekend. Usually, that means someone is trying to hide something. And, we all know that Jake manipulates his image and his whereabouts, particularly when he's trying to distract. The only thing missing was a Soul Cycle appearance. Maybe we'll get one in the next few days.

Oh, and I saw those absurd photos, "women" were sending to Austin's account over the weekend. All I can do is shake my head at how desperate these two guys are.

prairiegirl said...

^^ Fully agree, 16:42.

So whose fault is that Miss I-talk-about-their-private-lives-on-every-blog-and-twitter-I-can-find?

Hey PR, good to see you. I see you're stalking me. Let's correct one thing. I am not on other blogs. The only other one I have been on is WFT2 and I haven't even been on there for awhile - go search it out and you'll see when it was because I posted under my blogger name.

And sure I use my Twitter when necessary. Which tells me again that you are stalking me because I only have 22 followers.

You were probably the payroll person who requested my giving you access to my tweets when I locked my account back in early January.

prairiegirl said...

Whether or not Jake can travel from Philly to NYC to NJ to wherever is irrelevant. That was not the point being made.

Like everyone else here has said, including Special who began responding on the subject, is that if you were looking at the tweets from sunrise to sunset, you would have seen the ridiculous way they had him everywhere and everyone just happened to be where he was. Everyone bumped into him. Everyone was eating near him.

This is where PR screwed up. Aye, but again we've got to point this stuff out to them so they can try to get it right. They screwed up because this has not been Jake's MO since he started performing daily in If There Is. Even when he was doing If There Is, there was hardly any brunch tweets that I can recall. He was based in NYC, but there was no brunch. Coffee, bars, brunch, smoke breaks on the sidewalk, trains planes, and cabs , all of that was his "public" routine.

And it all stopped when he began the play.

Something was going on this weekend because it was just too over the top. Here came everything again - coffee, brunch, trains, sidewalk bumping into, eating out, even a Mumford & Son concert.

They threw the whole enchilada out there in practically one day.

If you follow these 2 guys at all on a regular basis by looking at online sightings and mentions, you know when you're being fed a bad meal.

Whether or not you like or hate Twitter, it's one of only two sources where you're going to get instant news/sightings on Jake. It's just the way it is now.

prairiegirl said...

And the other one, Mr. Nichols, he had his own return to pornville going on.

Austin's twitter account has become an embarrassment and it's a sham. This weekend he had "women" who look like hookers coming on to him, hitting on him, tweeting practically nude pictures at him, lamenting that they couldn't see his "little or big Austin Jr". One offered him a picture of her mouth, suggesting the capabilities of said opening. I'm being graphic because when you actually re-write it down like this, it shows how ridiculously graphic his twitter account has become.

The next question I would like to ask Mr. Nichols is this:

Is this how he's walking his Walk?

What was it he tweeted? There is difference between knowing The Path and walking the Path." - Morpheous.

Is this how he is choosing to walk his Walk? Is this the way most people would choose to walk the Walk that Austin and Jake are having to walk were they in their shoes? I'm just asking.

I reckon the day these 2 guys come out that Austin will probably delete his twitter account in order to scrub a lot of this. There will be no visible evidence that any of this took place. Well, here's one place that it will not have been scrubbed.

prairiegirl said...

Maybe it's a Texas thing. Is this the way men are brought up in Texas?

To treat and reflect on women as nothing but sexual objects and of use only for sex? No brains or personality necessary.

Because that's exactly what his account would have one believe.

prairiegirl said...

I'm off to write. These two guys are just too much right now.