Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bead Me Up

Sorry for the delay, technical issues ie the computer and I have been fighting,  

Before the last trucks sweep up the streets of New Orleans someone needs some beads.

And since it's Tuesday you know who that is:

That's right.

So here's a few to get you started big guy.

And for the fella who some how lost his shirt how many times?
On Screen

Off Screen

At least once a month it seemed like
 And you've got the mask .... hey you've done this before.

Alrighty you got the big beads for that one.
Now bud...what are you giving up for Lent?
And shirts don't count.


prairiegirl said...

Ha ha, that was really cute, Special, worth waiting for! Bravo on the picture selection, esp the Whoa! Picture. LOL! That look on his face is hilarious.

The picture from OTH of him on the phone in bed is one of my favorites. Devastating.

Well, I am meeting my big buddy for lunch today, first business lunch where I know we will compare, I'll dish and catch him up on office goings on and will hear how the new gig is going. Looking forward to it as you guys know, I sure miss my big buddy something terrible.

I miss my little buddy too as she has been gone since the holidays after having knee surgery and is waiting til she's 100% so she can return. I've talked to her on the phone but that's not the same. You can't just pull a rug out from under a person like this without a bit of wistfulness. I need a restoration of order!!! lol

prairiegirl said...

LOL, still got the Little Tyke car avatar goin' on. Oh well, just a reminder of that flurry of nonsense which occurred on Sunday with the boys. In answer to Special's Sunday post, I don't think Jake was in LA at all. He and Austin had an early Valentine's across the pond. Two sightings of Jake on trains over there and the sudden play by play LAX OMG's combined to convince me.

Ridiculous that they or Jake's people felt like they needed to do that because you know, fellas, no one else is watching, alright? What you're doing is not spinning the world on its axis and Sam the newspaper writer isn't sitting with a pad of paper and no. 2 pencil waiting for your next move.

Waste of that little puff of energy. They're just punching the clock on that stuff now but it's still irritating nonetheless.

Anywayyyyyy..... Hope their weekend was all kinds of fun and frolic. Austin came back with a bit of spunk in his written word, didn't he. LOL.

prairiegirl said...

Man oh man, would you look at Josh Duhamel on Just Jared this morning? THUD. As in passed out cold. Is that guy gorgeous or what. He looks better than ever? Why does he have to be in that movie with beard Julianne Hough.

Austin should have encountered another favorite of mine, mr. Zac Efron during filming of Parkside. There was that pool hall pic of the two guys back in Wilmington, couple of years ago, remember that? Why didn't Austin give mr. Zac a shoutout on Twitter? That would have been awesome. **sigh** Darnit.

Oh my lord, Josh Duhamel is just incredible. Even at this hour. Hello!

Special K said...

Have you recovered from your Josh Duhamel moment PG?

I will say he does look good.

Speaking of beads, a friend of mind got himself some beads last night. And it wasn't flash the boobs that him those. Oh no! He had to flash the goods. He did say it was worth it. ; )