Monday, February 25, 2013

Think, Thank, Thunk

I'm thinking of you!! - AUS10

Wow Austin! Thanks!

 Don't know if you meant OMG, but we'll  take it and of course we're  thinking about you.

Can't you tell?


the real m said...

I watched the Oscars for the first time since Brokeback lost - a day late so I could speed through the boring acceptance speeches, but I did watch. I thought Seth did a decent job. The whole thing was sort of a throw back to older times so a tad boring, but he is talented and charming. Great smile. He can be totally off color, so he reigned it in a lot for the show. Daniel Day Lewis was surprisingly moved for having won in prior years. Travolta's wig was a real hoot. So obivous - a real toupe. As for Jennifer, yes I dont see why they cant have attendants to help people up and down the stairs. They had them to escort people off, so why not there too. I'm surprised that the insurance company does not insist. Lets see what happens next year.

Sad that jake is out of the loop these days. He has not been to any significant parties or events in a while. Playing politics is just as important as doing a good job. Of course not everyone is willing to do it - myself included. But it sure makes a difference in the degree of success that can be achieved if you are wiling to play the game and kiss the right toads.

Did anyone catch Jimmy Kimmels show after the Oscars with Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum. Hilarious. It's on you tube in 4 parts and well worth watching. Jamie Foxx is loaded with talent.

the real m said...

I forgot to mention - whats with Iheartjake posting all those ancient photos all of a sudden. It feels like the site has changed hands and they are posting anything and everything that's been laying around for years.

Special K said...

I don't think there are many recent pictures of Jake out there right now. Despite all the people who have seen him filming there are no more pictures from the set since the first day or so of filming. Although yesterday there were several twitpics of Jake that popped up.

It does seem odd that there are so few new pictures of Jake around anywhere. Not just at IHJ.

prairiegirl said...

I think that's by his choice. I think he doesn't want a lot of real time photos out there so that details can be seen like the length of his hair, the length of his beard (when he had it), any grooming detail which could give away whether a picture is current or not.

It's why he wears the same clothes all the time. It's so that you can't tell whether a picture which appears on Twitter is real time or not.

All images of him begin to blur together and he and his people's wish/plan is that fans don't look too closely but just take all pictures at casual face value.

Habitual Observer said...

Despite all the people who have seen him filming there are no more pictures from the set since the first day or so of filming.

It seems obvious the Prisoners set is closely shut off. There have been many claims of seeing filming sites but no pictures of any of the actors. There haven't been quality leaks from behind the scene workers like there were in the beginning stages of Enemy filming either, the claim of "handwarmers on set" was a fluff mention. With two highly closeted actors like Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, is it any surprise though? Not to myself. Jake has evolved into a very tightly contained celebrity.

Repost said...

From last night's comment thread:

about Ted Casablanca said...

Ted wasn't fired over Jeremy Renner, the slip of Jeremy's name wasn't a slip at all, it was intentional, and a sendoff. It was an F-you to Jeremy Renner who was a friend but turned into an ass and a liar. Ted already knew he was leaving at that point and E already knew he was leaving. His departure happened the same day as E's major web redesign and online content re-structuring because it was a logical, convenient way to go out with the old in with the new. Ted wasn't the only E writer to leave the staff that weekend either.

I don't see how Ted's last post on Toothy and Grey in a tiff over Toothy's cheating were in any different of a vein than Ted's previous posts about the up-and-down couple. Whoever Toothy Tile is, he regularly cheats (sometimes in alleys and sometimes even with women/strippers) and his partner, Grey, knowingly puts up with a lot of cheating. That's in the blind items, not my interpretation. It's all here of course:

February 25, 2013 at 10:54 PM

prairiegirl said...

For one thing, we don't need to look at blind items exposed because we have posted these blinds here on OMG. People have voiced their opinions on them, with varying beliefs.

Whoever Toothy Tile is




lol. No sale at all.

prairiegirl said...

Boy, somebody reallllly wants to paint a different picture on Ted, don't they?

They also made it sound like Toothy and Grey Goose were up and down all the time. That's balderdash. The last couple of years of Tooth/Grey Goose posts were not about shakiness at all. They were filled with mentions of the "babes" and how in love the two men were. How they were staying in the closet.

If it smells like. Sounds like. Looks like. PR. It probably is.

Jake and Austin want Toothy Tile/Grey Goose gone. Ted went from talking about "hubby" and "babes" to his last post telling Goose that he should leave Tooth.

It was a total 180, 100% out of character for Ted.

Boy, there is a heckuva campaign going on right now, has been going on for awhile now, to re-do Jake's image. To wipe out, clean up, scrub away Jake's past. Do away with the Toothy Tile. Do away with Grey Goose. Do away with Brokeback Mountain.

Do away with the Toothy blogs, i.e. our neighbors next door. Notice they have practically succeeded in taking that one down.

But Oh My Godot is still standing strong and a real thorn in the side of Jake and his People. Still acknowledging and celebrating this relationship of Jake, Austin and their family. Still pointing out what some of us believe to be the Truth and not the forcefed agenda that Jake's people want to paint over everything with, with his and Austin's full knowledge and execution of.

prairiegirl said...

Wonderful pictures of Austin. Hard to pick out a favorite. I don't believe I've seen the piano picture before, though. Special, is that from OTH or where is that from? I like the b/w Detroit T Shirt picture. Also like the anchor pic, of course. And the phone chat in bed pic is devastating. The OTH French convention pic was a time when he never looked better. I don't know that I've seen the blue suit pic before either. And the coffee cake picture. I never did watch that episode but I saw the trailer for that, I think because I did see him talking with his mouthful and that was hilarious.

I love how Austin loves to dress up for Halloween. I love how he has tried so many different sports and is so talented. That he can be loud around those he is comfortable with. He also looks like he could be a little moody at times, not positive about that one but just judging by how his Twitter has always gone in spurts and stops, changes in tones when it is actually probably him doing the tweeting kind of points towards that possibility.

I was looking at the old Casanova premiere picture of Jake and Austin last night with someone and we were looking at it. I noticed that the sleeves of Austin's coat had been sliced at the cuff. All the way around. Both cuffs. Now that's intriguing. Why did he do that? I mean, the strings were hanging and everything, LOLLLLL. Who does that to their coat? Were there unattractive big cuffs on the end? Why did he do that? And that's how he went to that premiere with a nice, long houndstooth coat that had cut off sleeves. LOLLLL.

Jake is one very lucky, lucky, lucky man.

Special K said...

The sleeves weren't sliced off the hems were let out to try and make the sleeves long enough for his. He's done it with his trousers before too.

prairiegirl said...

Oh. BWAHHH anyway!! Awww, that's kind of sad. Well, he can afford now to buy himself all kinds of nice Big & Tall coats or tailor made, can't he?

prairiegirl said...

It's snowing again. It had stopped and now it's snowing again. We got dumped on again although I'm not sure how much we got. It's kind of hard to tell because we still had quite a bit on the ground.

Anyway, if you want to see a picture, check it out. This is from my blog, which I hardly use, lol.

Check It Out

Now if you click on the bluish snow picture, it'll zoom bigger and you can see the big pile of snow which is in my front "yard".

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

Love the snow pics PG. *sending you warmth and sun* :D Also LA area is much warmer than me and I live in the desert. LOL

Maybe Jake has the 'Albert Einstein' thing. Albert wore the same clothes all the time and forgot where he lived. Either that or Jake is becoming VERY paranoid.I really don't see way one should worry about when pics are taken. Sad to say but that is what happens when you are a celebrity. Some ppl step right into you private life and don't care.

Note to self, Must read the Toothy/grey thing...lost.

prairiegirl said...

Albert Einstein. lol. I did not know that about him.

Folks, I am introducing Jess to the Toothy saga so don't worry. Of course, I'm terrible at Ted speak but we are starting off with a dose of the ol' Archives as appetizer.

The Fear said...

But Oh My Godot is still standing strong and a real thorn in the side of Jake and his People.

No it isn't. I understand that as a fan of Jake you enjoy the thought of something that you do has some kind of impact on him...but it doesn't. This blog has been around for the better part of six years and all that it's managed to achieve in that time is lose most of its members, with the ones that remain barely managing 1 comment a day (except for one member who posts more per day then everyone else combined).

Seriously, what could Jake or his "people" have to fear from this place?

"Dammit guys, there are six people on a blog who think that our client is gay and married to Austin and that they have five kids together...well, actually one of those people doesn't think there's more than one kid and she isn't even sure about that one, and one of the people seems to boomerang between believing in one kid, six kids and no kids at all BUT ANYWAY we have to shut them up otherwise they might...errr...well, they I don't know."

Nothing that you do has damaged Jake's life. You aren't stopping him from getting movie roles or award nominations and you'd have to be insane to believe that Jake's people have the worldwide power to silence every newspaper and magazine on the planet from reporting the existence of Jake's "children" but is somehow simultaneously powerless to shut down this place.

This blog is never going to be shut down by Jake's people because Jake's people couldn't care less about this place. The thing that is going to shut this place down is the slow erosion of time, the friction between your fanciful beliefs and the tide of reality. Good luck explaining the non-appearance of Jake's five (six?) children in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017...etc. I'm sure your rationalizations will be hysterical.

The Steer said...

^^^^ lol

just a thought said...

Fear is so unconcern about this blog that they sit on it night and day and just wrote nearly a 300 word response to something they consider unbelievable. Try to be more consistent with your professed lack of interest. Actions speak louder than words you know.

prairiegirl said...

Wow. Check out 20:07. For somebody who laughs at what is going on here, notice how they describe several regular posters here and I'm not talking about myself. I could care less what they think about me. It's what they have observed about others. And that does not come from a casual observer, an infrequent checker.

No, that comes from someone who has been visiting steadily and for quite awhile.

Me thinketh the poster doth protest waaaay too much, wearing their fear all over both sleeves.

the real m said...

8:47 is dead on, If they did not care they would not have even made a comment. They hang on every word and read every comment every hour of every day. A full time employee is allocated to monitor the site. No way they think this site has no impact. Victory again.

WOW said...

Wow Fear Person,
whooo, just WOW!

hey, I'm with you on this also. I'm just a Jake fan and will always be. I believed most of the Ted talk years ago, but now just check in to read the goings on. Don't comment anymore and let the J/A babytile believers have there say. To each his own.

prairiegirl said...

You are not alone, 22:31. There are tons just like you. Yes, there are just a handful of us actually doing the talking. For probably a variety of reasons, people just don't wish to join in.

OMG has a following that is nothing to laugh about. It's a tribute to Jake and Austin that there are so many out there still following their story. I'm sure OMG has a wide variety of readers, trolls next door, OTH fans (they have a vested interest in Austin), old former OMG alumni who do still read but no longer post, other Jake fans from other blogs and apparently just a wide variety of other fans. That was evident in the Comment section of that BlindGossip item about Jake and Katie Holmes. We are not alone here.