Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tucker'd Out

As Gomer would say... Sur-prise!  Sur-prise!

Pictures from the set of Prisoners in Tucker, GA from Tuesday showed up on Patch and there were two pictures of Jake included in the set.

Just a few observations:

That location really doesn't look like Boston at all, it does look like it could stand in for somewhere on the South Shore of Boston, like  Bridgewater or Middleboro but not Boston.

And Jake's got himself one heck of a haircut there. It seems even shorter on the sides that the pictures of him that popped up on twitter the last week or so.

 So which came first, the twitter or the cut? 


prairiegirl said...

The twitpic of Jake with a female fan when he was on location looked very current. I remember being surprised by the closely cropped cut of his hair in that set picture. With that picture being a straight ahead shot plus he was wearing that big bulky green coat, you could see that he had some kind of buzz cut going on but boy, you sure didn't see just how buzzed it was on the sides, lol. This Tucker set picture shows scalp and look at the shaping around his ear. It's like a helmet cut.

**smh**. I seriously, seriously doubt the real time status of the restaurant Instagram picture and the one of him kneeling or sitting with two female fans, both pictures used on twitter to place him in NYC. No telling when exactly they were taken but there's no way they were taken this close to the time frame of the Tucker photos.

Unless. lol. Unless, there's some kind of side plot where his Chief Inspector character gets a buzz cut in the movie. Which could be, I suppose. Now there's something they can now add to the story to make those planted photos work. **wink**

prairiegirl said...

Interesting to see Peter mentioned in alleged NYC tweets yesterday, Monday, even one on Sunday.

The Killing was to have started filming in Vancouver on Monday the 25th.

Do you know? said...

When exactly was Peter due on set? Any idea?

Jersey Tom said...

I am just happy to see that beard off his face. He is a good looking guy. This movie has a chance to do really well. Amazing cast.

I agree said...

**smh**. I seriously, seriously doubt the real time status of the restaurant Instagram picture and the one of him kneeling or sitting with two female fans, both pictures used on twitter to place him in NYC. No telling when exactly they were taken but there's no way they were taken this close to the time frame of the Tucker photos.

You are right. I remember seeing that photo and going that's not a current pic of Jake. I see how this works. There is not much that is honest about Jake these days. Which tells me he's hiding something big. More and more I am believing he does have a family that he's hiding because this kind of deception is not being done to hide his orientation.

FIT AGAIN said...

The pic of Jake in the NYC restaurant "on a date" the other day was posted by a Fashion Institute student.

So this is the 7th, 8th, 9th (20th?) time that a Jake/NYCsighting/hetero-hint tweet has come from an FIT or other NYC fashion student in the past year. Remember the Jake buying condoms tweet. There were many others. I wish I'd have tracked them - maybe you all have?

FIT AGAIN said...

PR companies own / manage thousands of their own fake social media accounts / not just for celeb PR but for corporate PR as well. I know this first-hand. Social media has been a godsend to PR and advertising / it's cheap and inexplicably trusted (even though it is far easier to manipulate that advert or press, which is somewhat regulated). The next best thing since planting fake reviews on YELP / TripAdvisor / or what they call counter-comments on blogs.

You can often tell which twitter accounts are fake because 90% of them are good looking young women in major cities/ these accounts are often friends with each other/ and they post shallow tweets all day about what they're eating and how they are late for something or how bored they are and pictures of their coffee. If you look closely you'll see identical tweets like this on multiple accounts.

I am curious, from a PR perspective, what the deal is with the FIT students. Are these all fake accounts? Does FIT share PR contractors with some celeb PR firms? Are there students that are being paid to post things? From FIT's perspective, they surely have a bunch of their own fake accounts from "students" that are used to drum up publicity around events/ launches, etc. My hunch is that there is some shared PR going on with Hollywood PR.

Some fascinating shit!

prairiegirl said...

Thank you so much for coming here and sharing your thoughts and insight, 1107 and also 0937. We know there are sharp, observant people like yourselves who are hands on out there looking at what's going on. I know there are more of you out there because Special's hits tell us there are. It's just getting some to please not be shy or intimidated, to think you don't have anything to bring to the table.

This observance about FIT students is fascinating. I'll tell you something, Austin has had an influx of model types appearing suddenly out of nowhere making inane comments like they just discovered him and wow where has he been. Then they start retweeting a bunch of his old tweets, late to the party of course. Then they start tweeting as though he is talking to them via DM yet he won't follow them and they'll tweet about not being to respond because he's not following them, blah blah blah. Can't tell you how many times this happens. Just hit the Repeat button.

Cannot tell you what I have learned by studying Twitter, particularly when you search Jake and Austin.

prairiegirl said...

Please come back again, you guys.

lol I had to go back and re-find my Harold and the Purple Crayon avatar pic because he's so cute and Jake's helmet head cut reminds me of little cute Harold.

Well there goes my lunch hour because I have to use my phone to comment. Stinks to not be able to listen to Pandora on my desktop. I'm sure I'm missing out on all kinds of great new music.

prairiegirl said...

One last observance. That restaurant Instagram is so much a plant. When I went back to look at it this morning, there was a comment from the originator as she was replying to someone who had asked her if Jake was with somebody and she replied he was on a date followed by a little crying face. Come on, you could have had the big scoop and fed it to US Weekly or Lamey. Lamey would have loved to see Jake on a date. But no, the person didn't see fit to play Scoop, did she?

lol. That sealed the deal for me.

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

WHAT???? Ppl put fake tweets about the boys on the internet. Please dear God NNNOOOO!!!! K I done. XD

Well, I dont follow many tweets to begin with. I really dont care too much about when and where they saw them. As stated before it is hard to tell when they actually saw them. so no big deal. Also I dont believe ppl if they are hinting about DOING something with the stars because we know how, at least for Jake, how he works hard to keep his private life private.

Methodical Muser said...

Very astute observation FIT. Yes, there is a huge bread crumb twitter trail traced back to the Fashion Institute of Technology when it comes to Jake. It started back in September 2011 when he made his very public "semi-move" to New York for all to see. In fact, the high octane/ in-your-face visibility of it all was the tale tale sign that he began to pay his publicists and image team big bucks to falsify his whereabouts and present himself as a "Manhattan Man" who seemingly never changes his clothes and, until recently, evidently never shaved.

I'm sure this was all formalized in his deal with WME back in January 2012. More so than CAA who used a bearding strategy, WME is definitely charged with hiding Jake and making believe he is in one city when he really is in another. Or, spreading "dating" rumors with actresses like Minka Kelly or Katie Holmes. This whole dueling twitter strategy with Jake and Austin is all about active deception and creating a false heterosexual image for both guys as well as to hide those pesky kids he refuses to acknowledge. He doesn't want to beard in the same way in did with Reese Witherspoon. So he uses twitter and Taylor Swift songs to keep his name out there and make sure that it's associated with his fake dating history. In other words, this whole bogus twitter account nonsense is not merely about helping these two guys stay under the radar and live quiet lives.

One of Jake's main connections with the fashion industry traces back to Sophie Buhia who grew up across the street from Jake when they were children. She has a significant tie to FIT in that she sits are the Council of Fashion Designers awards competitive scholarships. She also attended the Parsons School of Design.