Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Art meets Life

Ray Donovan is all about a fixer in Hollywood so the Hollywood scene will be predominate part of the show. 

So here's a suggestion for the Donovan crew.  Why not do a little art meets life with the young hot A-lister Tommy Wheeler running into some other A-list actors.

Hmm..... who could he run into?

Now who would Executive Producer Mark Gordon know who might be considered a contemporary of Tommy Wheeler?

Who was the guy who played the lead in the movie Gordon made with Duncan Jones?  Source something?

Ohhh yeah.

Hmmm  you wonder what they would talk about? Working with sand?  And how to get it out of all those nooks and crannies?   How to look good on a surf board even when you're not surfing? 

 How to pose with a bike? 

 What to do when the sheriff knocks on the car window?

Or maybe the best parking garage spots?  You know for parking. And Ray's number on speed dial of course.


Both camps said...

Actually, there was suprisingly little mention of Jake's latest alleged girlfriend on most sites. I looked around and was surpised at how little reaction there was. The lack of any photo evidence or even a twitter claiming to have ever seen them even once likely to blame for that. A one line mention with little to no comments other than a general consensus that no one believed it and the story died away almost immediately. Like M&M said, denied before it got any traction. Some of the commenters also named her real boyfriend so that helped put the kabosh on things.

It was covered enough to do the job - Lainey, Perez, Celebitchy, HuffPo, Eonline, USA Today, OK!, The Daily News, and a bunch of gossip columns in newspapers.

I agree with what Destiny said, the Gossip Cop denial lets him have his cake and eat it too. It's also more of the "obfuscation" technique - put stuff out there and create confusion with conflicting info so know one knows what is, in fact, the real story.

Notice that on Jake's Who's Dated Who page, almost all of these women he's dated are "rumors" - no evidence except for planted stories, from Minka Kelly to Isabel Lucas. Almost all of them. Jake has not actually participated in any actual 'bearding' since Taylor Swift.

Guess it remains to be seen how long this technique will work for him. I assume it will work fine until / if Jake does another romantic role like Love and Other Drugs, where a more substantiated PR hookup might actually be of benefit to promote the movie.

prairiegirl said...

I have to say that I just love that bike outfit Austin has on in that last picture, the green/black one. Man, that thing is sharp. Heh, so is that bike seat. LOLLLL!!! Now come on, what is that? Really? You cannot sit on that. Is it like a cattle prod and as soon as you start to kinda relax and sit down, OW!!! You jolt back up and keep pedaling?

That thing is an impaler. Look at it. Geez!

And yes, yes, yes!! It's Jimmy's Egg time!!! I hope we go to breakfast at Jimmy's Egg on Sunday - I'm going to start throwing out hints as soon as we arrive on Friday. Jimmy says hola.