Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mild on Spring Break

 It 's that time of year.  Spring break.  And Austin well he had an on screen moment.

While it's no Springbreakers, and he's not Franco he did star with two tween stars and another hottie who later made a name for herself.

Oh yeah it is..... Holiday in the Sun

Holiday had everything you need for a Spring Break movie.

The Beach

 Awkward Running

The clueless guy

Mediocre storyline

Too small hats


Stealing Yatchs

Comically sized pairings






and getting hauled to the pokey!

And the brunette in the cast?  That's Meghan Fox.

Austin behind the scenes while making the movie.


prairiegirl said...

Gorgeous pictures. Austin, water and Sun look like a natural to me.

Just asking said...
An open secret for too long before he was persueded to stay in the closet. And then came the kids,

Jake has kids? How many?

Why haven't anyone in the press talked about this? How old are his chilren? Who is their mama?

Have you seen the kids?......
Where have you seen Jake with the children out and about?
How many boys does he have and how many girls.
I want to know.
I've never seen them.

Anybody here seen Jake's kids???

Yes. He and Austin have kids.


Enough said.

suzy said...

Yes let's not discuss it

prairiegirl said...

It's rather interesting to compare Twitter searches on Jake and Hugh Jackman.

Hugh is said to just be signing on to a new movie. That's all over his search right now plus Wolverine. Everything is about Wolverine right now with Hugh. No Prisoners any longer.

Jake's search is full of Taylor Swift, EOW and FB is full of EOW and Prisoners filming.

Also interesting that Hugh is on Just Jared this morning from being in NYC on Monday. I realize that he may not have been needed right away for Prisoners filming early this week but I still say this is the strangest film shoot.

There have been so many weeks and days off, it isn't funny. Hugh has been off virtually every weekend plus the entire weeks of Berlinale/BAFTAS and Oscar week. What kind of huge budget do they have anyway that you would keep employees hanging around waiting for the stars to return to filming? I don't know, but how does that work? Do they use local people and they're like "on call" and at the crew's disposal?

Isn't filming these days like any business and it's about being cost effective? You can't be paying people to stand around waiting. That's a huge no-no.

I'm just asking from a business standpoint and this film shoot doesn't seem at all to be worried about costs.

Filmmaking 101 said...

There are other actors in the film, Paul Dano for instance. There is also second unit filming. I don't think there's much downtime in the filming as you might believe.

Florida Tom said...

May 25th Phillies vs Nats. May 29th Phillies vs Red Sox. Can't wait:-)

prairiegirl said...

Filmmaking 101 said...

There are other actors in the film, Paul Dano for instance. There is also second unit filming. I don't think there's much downtime in the filming as you might believe.


Yet it's funny how I can be on here talking to myself most of the time but the minute something is kind of pondered out loud and questioned why, there's someone up bright eyed & bushy tailed in the morning to offer up an answer.

prairiegirl said...

So I guess I can watch for quite a few scenes w/o the 2 leads or the 2 leads together.

I also expect to see quite a few scenes with just the other cast members. That's what I'm going to expect to see when this movie comes out.

prairiegirl said...

lol, I think scenes with just the other cast members would be scenes w/o the 2 leads.

LOLLLL!!!! **slaps forehead**

Alright, back to work.

Florida Tom said...

Austin certainly has good dna. What a good looking kid he was. All American guy. He certainly would produce good looking kids.

Florida Tom said...

You would think the studios that are producing movies today would want to be financially effecient but.this movie sure has a star studded cast. Actors who are pretty busy. They might have to work aroumd their schedules a bit. I am also sure with stars like this family issues and concerns are an issue.

Just asking said...

Anybody here seen Jake's kids???

Yes. He and Austin have kids.

Prairiegirl you've seen Jake's kids? Great. Where can I find a picture of his kids? Do you know how many boys or girls he has? Thanks

101 said...

Yet it's funny how I can be on here talking to myself most of the time but the minute something is kind of pondered out loud and questioned why, there's someone up bright eyed & bushy tailed in the morning to offer up an answer.

You're welcome. :-)

Unknown said...

Hey there. I am getting use to a new toy. It is a tablet. It took me a bit to find the site. Also, I didn't know that I can view it two different was. Yes, sometimes I am challenged by the tect world. Lol

One note, it is possible for someone to find this site for the first time. I didn't know about untill I met PG on another site. So, that guy might not be a troll.

As for the kids, I am still not sure. I would think more pics and ppl would all over it but that is just me.

OH, happy spring day. Hope you all will have warmness coming. Sorry PG about not eatting at the egg place. Sorry forgot the name. Happy day everyone :-)

NOT said...

It's also possible (um probable) that there are tons of people who lurk and don't post because when new people post they are attacked (yes, they are), yet PrairieGirl you DID ask a question and therefore someone (not me, but someone) thought it was okay to give an answer but there you go, attacked again!

SO welcoming here.

prairiegirl said...

Blah, blah, blah, set it to music. Rewind. Play. Rewind. Play. Rewind. Play.

It was Jimmy's Egg, Jess!!!! Oh, don't remind me. It makes me rather sad. I was so looking forward to Jimmy's Egg.

Well, a longtime childhood friend of mine lost her daddy and I am off to go spend the evening with her & her brother & SIL to offer emotional support. She is now parent-less and well, some of us are either there or about there. I have my mom still and am not sure what it's like to not have both parents. It must be very lonely at first for awhile, no doubt about it. I saw her at lunch time today and listening to the story of how wonderful Hospice was brings back memories for myself.

You guys, one can't say enough about Hospice. Those people are just awesome. They are not only about the person living their last days, they are also there for the surviving family/friends. You can't put a value on their service. I'm so thankful to them for helping my girlfriend and her brother. They tried to take him home but it just didn't work out. It sounds like the Hospice House was perhaps the next best place to go, outside of a church, maybe. She said there was a place where you could put up pictures or whatever to make it homey. There was a big window with a nice view and you could even open the window and breathe fresh air if you wanted. There was a rollaway bed for someone to sleep on if you wanted to stay.

Sounds pretty darn nice.

norwegian girl said...

i will always belive jakes firstborn saw the new day in october, november, december 2007. and i will never believe he hasnt at least one child. i also know im boring and want to introduce you to something else. i hope you will enjoy this one, if i get it right. sean bean, boromir, won a price today for his brilliant (i think so) role as a transkim.sorli@hotmail.comvistiate, tracy. i hope i managed to show you a clip..

norwegian girl said...

im sorry, it march 19th, and just search for teacies story, hes brilliant, and totally decerved this price.

norwegian girl said...

tracy Image of Sean Bean, view more Sean Bean pictures

Picture of Sean Bean,

verdt å se

Special K said...

Hi NG good to see you again. :)

Just got back from celebrating my niece's birthday.

norwegian girl said...

happy birthay to your niece, sk :) enjouy them while they are young. im turning 35 in october, and all my three kids are getting big. my youngest is soon eight. but she will always be my baby ;will always be beside you in your believing in jake, at least in majority. the reason i copy these photos of sean to you, s because what he did is truly tuching to me. thats it <3

Old timer said...

Do you know how many boys or girls he has?

The first birth - Gender: Boy

Second birth - Gender: Girl (maybe twins)

Third birth - Gender: Boy

Fourth birth - Gender: Girl

prairiegirl said...

Great to see you, ng.

enjoy them while they are young

Boy, isn't that the truth. My niece & nephew are as close as I'll come to having kids but it's close enough. I was there for both their births and have celebrated all their birthdays and Christmas's. They were all over us aunts.

And yeah, we still get a great hug when we first see them but after that, they're like - buried in their I Touch's. LOLLLL!!! Geez - can't get them away from those things. When my niece asked if we wanted to play a board game, I said, "YES!!" lol. And my nephew who used to absolutely adore the color green, now he likes black and red. Now what in the heck is that all about? And he wants to paint his room red and black now instead of green, the way it is now. Green is no longer his favorite color and it made me so sad because he used to love everything green.

At least we still get hugs goodnight. Pretty soon they'll be too old for that, too. *heavy sigh*

It's terrible when they're not little anymore. I want them holding onto my hand forever.

prairiegirl said...

Ohhhh very good, Old Timer. I'm in positive agreement with you on the 1st, next to the last and the last born.

Not as sure on the 2nd (possibly twins).

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

The reason for the possibility of twins on the second birth is because of Ted's clues and also as M and M realized, that the guys did two photo ops together.

She's the one who pointed out to me that the guys have done photo ops together for every single birth and that is actually why Jake and Austin have done photo ops together. They were and have always been about the birth of their kids.

And the timing of the photo ops really does point to that.

the real m said...

What a cutie Austin was. He' s still quite handsome but has lost some of that boyish look he had . I bet he had a ball filming that.

I do feel sorry for newbies to the site. All this info about Jake accumulated over years of painstaking attention to evidence that leaked out slowly- but leak it did. I don't have the patience to recap it for someone. They have to read the archives themselves. They have to study the photos and the photoshopped photos themselves. But it's all there to be seen if you do the work. Too bad the Toothy Tile archives are gone.

Methodical Muser said...

If ever there was a doubt that PR is monitoring OMG night and day, here's a hilarious article about Jake and you will never believe who he is being paired with again? You got it. Not just Atticus, but little Boo! And, this article came after our discussion about how Atticus and Boo suddenly vanished into thin air. Coincidence? I think not.

Boo has been found!

Methodical Muser said...

In case you don't want to click on the link, here is the relevant paragraph. Apparently Emily DiDonato shares a love of dogs with Jake. A publicist's wet dream. Funny how her Instagram is loaded with pics of her doggie friends, but not one of her furry boyfriend. Wonder why? Ha!

3. She's an Animal Lover: Emily's Instagram feed is filled with photos of dogs—her friends' and her own. This is a good thing considering how often Jake is spotted with his dogs, Atticus and Boo.