Monday, March 4, 2013

Austin X Austin

Austin, TX - dayum y'all - AUS10

Austin showing off his Austin and from the looks of it the view is from his Mom & Dad's.  Austin's talked about his parents living on the lake and the ridge/canyon during interviews back when he was guest staring on Friday Night Lights.

Austin has had the opportunity to work in his hometown twice.  First with Friday Night Lights and then on Parkland. Wanna bet he wants to work there as much as he can?

Now the question is this gorgeous picture of the Texas sky real (as in real time) or Memorex (ie taken when he was working on Parkland)?

Either way it shows off the beauty and one of the things Austin loves about his hometown.

And for sure we all know by now he is one proud Texan and Austinite.


Methodical Muser said...

Was the last time we saw Boo just prior to or maybe just after BT1 was born? Because maybe that's why Boo disappeared. Maybe Boo wasn't baby friendly.

Boo was mentioned in articles throughout the summer of 2007 and then about a month and half before BT1 was born, suddenly he disappeared. Never to be seen again. And, Atti's disappearance is probably related to the new storyline that Jake gave up his family style home, with the garden, in the Hollywood Hills, for an apartment in NY. That lifestyle shift would mean that Jake would have had to be seen constantly walking his dog. How inconvenient would that be? So much easier to just plant photos of Manhattan Jake roaming around aimlessly without a time/date stamp of when the pic was actually taken. He could get rid of his pooper scooper too. Therefore, I think it's no coincidence that the last time we see Jake with Atticus is in September 2011, right before he set sail for NY after completing the filming of EoW.

prairiegirl said...

It's all in the timing, isn't it?

Very strange the timing of the mysterious disappearance of Atticus.

And a big Yawn to Austin. He needs to put himself in his picture with the day's newspaper before I'll ever believe a whosaywhatchasay from him.

Another day yesterday, another bunch of crap from these guys. What else is new.

Okay gotta go, off to work!

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

Great spotlight. Wonderful to read what those boys are doing. Many would not even attempt it. Good for them.

Not sure about the whole 'getting rid of dog for kid thing' but Jake said that he had to let Boo go because he was working and he couldn't take care of a puppy. I can tell you they are work. Finally got ours potty trained. NOW, he chews up paper...Don't leave paper towels on coffee table. I know, don't believe everything but there ya go. Also, sadly, I think Atticus might have pass away. One, I heard that he was an older dog when Jake adopted him but I am not sure. If that is not the case, I do hope his dad is taken care of him cause I wouldn't want to be cramped in an apt.

Finally, What a great pic from Austin. So pretty and spring is pretty much here...:D

destiny said...

Puggles supposedly have a lot of behavior issues. I remember reading articles when they became trendy about how people were getting them without realizing what was involved with the breed. So I do think Boo was probably given away because he was difficult or didn't get along with other dogs and people.

Methodical Muser said...

I'm thinking Boo wasn't given away because he was too difficult. Why? Because Jake got his trendy canine in the Fall of 2005. One of the busiest times of his entire life. For that matter so was the first half of 2006. As everyone knows, puppies require a lot of attention and training, yet Jake didn't wilt under the demands/pressure on his time back then, and that was during his non-stop press for Brokeback Mountain and his subsequent award season appearances.

Puggles are nothing more than a cross between a beagle and a pug, both breeds that can be trained with a little know how and patience at an early age. If Boo had been too demanding, Jake would have shed his furry pooch in the first year of ownership, like most people do when they realize they are in over their heads. On the positive side, the breed is both stranger and pet-friendly (adaptable to changing circumstances)and has an average amount of grooming requirements. Puggles also do not require a lot of space.

In short, Jake kept that dog for nearly two years so unless his lifestyle changed dramatically all of a sudden...oh right. Let's see. If Jake had a baby in October 2007 that would have been a significant change that might have introduced an uncontrollable variable into the mix. Pugs are attention craving and need a lot of exercise. And maybe Jake needed to focus his full attention on a more infantile demand on his time. And, I don't mean Reese Witherspoon. LOL!

whoosh said...

Good god you're exhausting. What is this need you have to be perceived as the smartest kid in class?

what little boys are made of said...

I see someone is trolling around again whenever someone makes a great point. And, I have to say, besides the Reese Witherspoon aside giving me a chuckle, the point made about Boo is a perceptive one. I never thought much about it before, but when you put a chronology together of when Jake got the puggle and when the dog vanished into thin air, an argument can be made that can be traced back to the birth of Baby Tile in 2007. I, for one, always believed that Jake and Austin had a child back in October 2007 and that's why Austin disappeared as well and Reese W. suddenly arrived on the scene. After having followed this blog on and off for sometime, I really do believe that these two guys have had a lot more kids since Ted's original Blind Item. If people don't get that both Jake and Austin have some pretty bizarre behaviors for two footloose, single guys, then there's no point in trying to persuade anyone of the obvious.

prairiegirl said...

Your pain is oh so obvious, 16:04. lol

Point well made, M&M, about how busy Jake was at the time that he got little Boo. Jake was the IT guy around that time, wasn't he? There are pictures up the wazoo of him on IHJ during those Brokeback years.

My point really is why all the mystery around Jake's dogs? They both just went POOF!, never to be heard or seen from again. I just find it sad.

And Boo, yeah, he was only around for a couple of years. But come on, Atticus was featured in tons of pictures with Jake. And not just Jake, but when he was with his family. With his beards. With his buds, a la Gene Hong. Man and his best friend - lounging together poolside, at the park, faithfully at Jake's feet while he dined outdoors, following him to movie sets, i.e. in Canada for Source Code. Everyone recognized and knew who Atticus was.

We're just discussing dogs and ol' 16:04 for whatever reason, seems to be bellowing about some sort of psychological trauma.

Doggie Dearest said...

Jake said that he had to let Boo go because he was working and he couldn't take care of a puppy. I can tell you they are work.

At the risk of being called exhausting, I don't think that point makes much sense. Jake was filming in the Middle East, the first part of 2007 and he still managed to take care of Boo. He was seen in Texas with the dog back in the Fall of 2006 and in Brooklyn in 2005. That means Boo was pretty darn portable if you ask me. That kind of translates to easy to handle.

prairiegirl said...

That picture of Jake holding little Boo in Texas at the Longhorn game is one of the happiest, most joyful looking public pictures I know I've seen of Jake. I love that picture. Jake looks so happy.

Dammit. Now I'm getting misty.

Special, maybe sometime soon you can resurrect that orange Hook 'em Horns pic of Jake holding Boo????

Not again said...

^^ Ok!

He said he had to let him go... For whatever reason....
It was his dog. It was his reason and nobody elses.
Speculation about why he don't have boo anymore will take you in circles, in the deep blue a harb ouring far fetched reasoning. The man explained why he no longer has the dog. That should be it.

Doggie Dearest said...

Hey, 7:33 p.m. Do you not know the purpose of a blog? The format may baffle you, but it's about people commenting and speculating about a variety of topics. It doesn't matter how uncomfortable this one subject apparently is for you.

It was his dog. It was his reason and nobody elses.... The man explained why he no longer has the dog. That should be it.

Nope, it's not. First off, Jake never really ever explain why he no longer had Boo and he certainly has never explained where Atticus is. Don't know about you, but I wouldn't believe anything Jake says these days. He has been caught in far too many lies and deceptions about his personal life. I would rather think for myself and somehow find the truth somewhere hidden in the prickly brambles that he erects all around him to keep the real world at bay.

prairiegirl said...

Wow, who would've thought......geez! Someone certainly is wound up about the discussion, aren't they?

They must not like the valid points being brought up. I can see the bristling hairs from way over here.

Beneful said...

He said he had to let him go.

When did Jake say that? The way I understand it, Jake just mumbled something about not having Boo anymore.

Can you share what you know, which apparently is more than the rest of us have read or heard.

prairiegirl said...

So anyway, I tweeted the other day about a Christmas movie that is being filmed right now and Susan Boyle is going to have her acting debut in it. I'm excited about it because the movie takes place in old England. I cannot wait to see it! I just love that Dickens era.

Anyway, so after I tweeted about the movie A Christmas Candle, all of a sudden, I had Santa Claus following me!!!!!!!! The man himself!! lol

And today, he tweeted at me because I tweeted at him yesterday, to say hi and ask what was kickin'?

And he tweeted at me to tell me that he's still checking his list and I better watch out. LOLLLL!!!

I better behave because Santa is watching me.

Oh Well said...

Nope, it's not. First off, Jake never really ever explain why he no longer had Boo and he certainly has never explained where Atticus is. Don't know about you,

So WHAT? Now that the world has ended for you with this new revelation about Jake's used to be dog, How about you call the humane society and then the cops. Will this make you feel better?
Get over it!
The dog is gone, period!
"His", "Jake's" Dog is GONE.

I have an idea, how about you get a puggle all of your own.
Will this satisfy you discontent?
Hope so. Bye