Thursday, March 7, 2013

SXSW Austin

Two years ago Jake was hit at SXSW

  but this weekend it looks like it's Austin's turn to make a splash in his hometown.

SHOWTIME has created a unique brand experience  at SXSW and is having a special watch party to show off their newest show Ray Donovan this first weekend of the festival.

SHOWTIME has created a multi-platform SXSW GO app for attendees to  share their schedule, network with others, and navigate the convention for the event and have  network-branded film buses shuttling throughout the city, including a Ray Donovan bus along with ones for Homeland, Shameless, Dexter,  an exclusive, invite-only lounge at the W Hotel Austin for this weekend, and a special, invitation only first-ever watch party of the highly-anticipated new drama series Ray Donovan on Saturday night followed by an after party.

Do you think Austin's going to miss that?  In his beloved Austin?

What a role to debut in your hometown.  An A-listed actors who likes ladies with a little more under their skirts.

Is Austin ready for this Austin? 

Ray Donovan will premiere on SHOWTIME on June 30th at 10 p.m. ET/PT.


Cloud 9 said...

Looks good!

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

It is raining here. Witch we need.

Sadly, I will not be seeing the new show. I don't have Showtime. For those who do, Hope you enjoy it.

mmm, Do you think it is ok to cut down a tree in the rain? Worrying about hubby.

Special K said...

Spring. Where's spring? We had around a foot and half of snow. The forecasters blew it I think they called for like 4 inches.

I hope that Austin is with the crew from Ray Donovan at SXSW, can imagine him being the ambassador of Austin with them.

For those in the US. It's spring ahead Daylight Savings Time tomorrow night. Get ready to move those clock forward an hour.

the real m said...

Ray Donovan is looking good so far. I hope this role works out well for Austin.

I think I've said this before but I suspect Jake's PR sends out trial balloon tweets about he and some woman to see if anyone is buying it yet. I checked the comments on a few of the sites where the latest girlfriend was mentioned and it was no cigar. Most said come out already Jake, you are not fooling anyone.

Jersey Tom said...

I love that people arent falling for it m. Must frustrate PR.