Friday, March 15, 2013

Double Set

Notes: Technology can be a real pain in the butt.  - Sorry for the delay.

Austin must have done some dancing because a week ago, he and Liev were able to catch a set in Malibu,

And he must have done another dance, under the radar one,  because it took a week before it really got noticed he got snapped.

And he is looking good! Very good!

Just Jared had the story and the pics, but Austin never got a mention.
The question is, with tongue firmly in cheek, did Jared not get his check to make sure to include him or did Jared get a check to make sure he didn't?

But the pictures and the story make you ask some more questions. Like:

If they surfed on the 7th (Thursday) why did it take to the 9th (Saturday) to post it?

Why would it run on the 9th - the day of the viewing party at SXSW but never mentioned the show and focused more on Naomi?

Liev brought his son five year old Samuel with him. But if how do you leave a child alone on the beach and be able to watch him to keep him safe while you surf?  What mom would let you?  And why are the pictures of Samuel so cropped you don't see anyone around him?

Could there have been a nanny or another five year old and their nanny hanging out with them?

And did you notice that Austin and Liev were standing in front of the Austin's truck?

And check out back passenger door. Now who is stuffing papers in the back passenger door?  I know Austin arms are long but not that long.

 If he's a bachelor who is he chauffeuring around that needs to ride behind the front seats?

So many questions so little surf.


sass said...
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prairiegirl said...

Ohhh not so happy now, are you 06:46? Now we know who brought over that made up whatever in the heck it was yesterday morning, using sass's name.

Great questions about that whole set of photos, Special and I know I appreciate the frustration and time it probably took to put the post together. As someone who frequently would love to strangle Live Journal, I know how much time and work it can take to post something. So thanks for your diligence.

LOL, love the unhappy response it is garnering already.

Boy oh boy, does Austin look fabulous there or what? I mean, I'll have whatever it is he's drinking. In the ladies version, of course, lol.

prairiegirl said...

Coming to you LIIIIIIIIIVVE from the big Windy W, the city of Spangles, Dog n Shake and the crown jewel, Jimmy's Egg!!!!!!!

And so verrrry interesting these photos and Austin was very nearly missed. You know, I saw this post too on JJ but I didn't open it up to look all the photos because I didn't care about Liev. Now sorry, but who looks more delicious in that wetsuit - Austy or Mr. Schrieber? And it ain't Mr Scrieber, I'm sorry. Austin? Get that darn board out of the stinkin' way. LOLLL! Look, we could've had another JFC wetsuit side view picture. I bet he hasn't hardly changed a bit - could've done a Then & Now.

Why wasn't Austin mentioned? He's in the show, too. And like Special pointed out, Ray Donovan was being premiered at SXSW that very weekend. That in itself is pretty weird.

Now I guess Naomi Watts wasn't there because according to Jared Eng, she was arriving at LAX the next day, but yeah, who was watching little Samuel (and he is still a mite little one) while the guys were surfing? Did one of the guys stay behind at all times to watch the little guy because you can't leave a little one like that alone on the beach.

Those pictures are awwwwwwfully cropped when the subjects of Austin and Samuel are in them. And isn't it interesting how Jake and Austin keep making friends with co stars who have kids, particularly kids around the same age as one of their brood??? Because how old is Samuel Schreiber anyway? Shall we have a look see.

Oh look at that, he was born in December of 2008. Wow, right there with BT1.

Anonymous said...
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Special K said...

Naomi and Liev have an older child Sasha who was born July 2007 too. Just months before BT1.

? said...

When was BT38 born?

prairiegirl said...

This is what humans do. This is what young parents do. Soccer, Pee Wee football, and Little League parents across the nation gravitate to one another because of their kids. Why? Because they have their kids in common. Single people for the most part do not hang with married people except on a one on one basis, when the married one is "without the kids" for a few hours. Single people do not want to sit and listen endlessly about little Johnny's traumatic trip to the dentist, lost Wubby, what brand of formula do you like to buy. They don't, sorry parents, but they are just listening to childbirth stories to be polite. But you get young parents together and they will talk forever about this stuff.

So is a surfboard bought according to size? Do they come in different sizes? Because how come Austin's looks so huge compared to Liev's? I don't know anything about surfing so I was just curious. And that thing has to be heavy. They're probably made out of what, fiberglass? Or wood? They must be heavy?

And how come they're pouring that jug of water over themselves? To get the salt out of their eyes, I guess? And why isn't Liev holding the jug for Austin? LOL. What is wrong with that picture? What a nice guy Austin must be.

prairiegirl said...

BWAHH well, you can tell this post hit pay dirt, can't you?

Very well done, Special, way to go. See, it takes close study and not just always taking photos at face value, Especially when it comes to Jake and Austin.

prairiegirl said...

And where has Jake been all this time for the last couple of weeks? No one really knows, do they?

There is squat out there and everyone in the Jake online fandom knows it.

Methodical Muser said...

Liev and Naomi’s eldest child, Alexander (Sasha), came into the world on July 25, 2007 and was the first celebrity baby Ted associated with Toothy and Goose’s first born who, as has been mentioned many times before, was rumored to have been dropped off by the stork on October 17, 2007. From the archive of Toothy Tile, March 2007:

Will all this familial frolicking happen in time to share B-days with Naomi Watt's toddler-to-be? Too much fun in the crib-side sun!

It’s also interesting that Liev and Naomi’s second son, Samuel(b. December 13, 2008), does not go by his given name, but by his middle name of Kai. Let’s see. Where did the character of Kai play such a prominent role in an Austin Nichols television show? Oh, yeah. That’s right. John From Cincinnati which aired from June 10, 2007 – August 12, 2007. And let’s not forget that Sunday in LA, last year, when Jake and some other "unnamed" male cuties were enjoying that brunch:

Jake Gyllenhall, Liev Schreiber, and some other cuties all enjoying a boys brunch! Nice view to start my morning...
2:30 PM - 25 Mar 12 via web • Details

In summation, within this close orbital context, Austin ending up on Ray Donovan, as his first small screen recurring role after three years on OTH, makes a lot of sense. It seems like he and Liev have much in common in terms of both the men and the boys in their lives.

prairiegirl said...

That's right, 09:58, pitch your little tantrum right in the middle of the store. Show how upset you really are by the post and what is being pointed out.

Boy, am I a duncehead, lol. Yes, surfboards come in different sizes but they're mostly made out of foam! LOLLLL!!! That would be why Austin looks like he's carrying a boogie board. lol. **slaps forehead**

Florida Tom said...

Good pick up Jake having lunch with Liev. Jake and Austin do have a lot of mutual friends. Austin is such a toothpick compared to Liev:-)

Methodical Muser said...

Eek! I just noticed that Jimmy's Egg is back. I wonder if the moderator can do something to ban any avatar that has a maniacal elliptical-shaped quality. Particularly, one that brandishes sharpened eating utensils. :-)

posted on gb said...

"So Jake Gyllenhaal has a requirement that no one be within 100 foot radius of him. So due to this rule the staff put the fans way the heck away from the shooting to respect this rule. They won't tell this to your face and just lie saying 'Oh you'll be in the shot.' I was actually a very well behaved fan and was there to just witness the movie. I had no interest in yelling or running after the stars. I can't do that anyway because I'm too sick from a rare disease to do that! I wasn't even there to see Jake anyway! Jake Gyllenhaal you obviously have a lot to learn. 1. It's the fans that pay your salary. We can turn on you quickly. 2. You act like you are an elite actor, you're not. You weren't even in the leading role. No one knows movies you have been in except 'Brokeback Mountain' and that wasn't a leading role either. 3. It is not wise to upset those that have debilitating diseases that can kill someone quicker than your career. I hate to have a flare up and the last thing I remember about you is how much of a jerk you are. Luckily you aren't worth my thoughts. If I survive long enough I expect to see you on some low list reality show where you beg to be important. I only support actors that show love and support to the people that pay to see their movies."

Seaweed said...


Have you cooled down yet from all that Austin loveliness standing there with his wetsuit suitably pulled down to the top of those cheeky orbs ????

I have to confess my glasses are still a little bit steamed up.... not to mention I keep going back for another look from time to time.

Perhaps I should just check the thermostat, as it does still seem rather hot in here..... phew.

Cheers !

Secretive Jake said...

For Jake to demand a 100 foot radius to separate himself from other people while he's filming tells me he doesn't want anyone close enough to ask potentially uncomfortable questions. This is another big change in Jake. He used to be approachable, even on set.

Remember during his theatrical debut with the play, If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet, the scuttlebutt was that Jake didn't come out to sign autographs at all. Only when tweets and blog entries began to appear which criticized him for his self-imposed separation, did he suddenly get ushered down the queue line in lightning speed time after the matinee or evening's performance. His bodyguard making sure to whisk him away as fast as can be.

So why would Jake not want to be engaged in casual conversation with harmless fans all of a sudden? Perhaps the answer has to do not just with his closeted ways, but about those who is closeting with him. Rumors abound about Jake. Seems like he doesn't want to be placed in an awkward situation.

Secretive Jake said...

^...but about those who he is closeting with him.

london tb said...

Fantastic detective work, SK :)

destiny said...

Great post and photos.

prairiegirl said...

Quiet fam time right now. Dinner is over and we're all spread out between kitchen & dining room. Some are reading. 2 are visiting. 2 on IPads, 1 on ITouch. lol. We're individual and yet we're all kind of together, it's weird.

My brother cooked corned beef, cabbage, parsnips and carrots in their latest toy, the pressure cooker. He's fallen in love with the pressure cooker because it cooks way faster than a crockpot. Boy, those parsnips were good. And he didn't even put anything on them, no seasoning or anything. They were delicious plain and steamed.

We were all over town today, hitting some of our favorite places. Tomorrow we'll celebrate nephew's birthday as he has had to wait awhile. Last night was the guitar concert as both kids are learning guitar, she on a regular string guitar, he on an electric.

Very interesting and yet sad to read that comment from the Conyers website. But it's becoming way too commonplace now when reading about Jake. I think it has everything to do with his secret life.

What a situation. Those guys want their careers. They need the money to support their family. They love to act and they are making all kinds of friends, enjoying all kinds of experiences. But yet at the same time, it is painful to watch what it is doing to Jake. It's painful to watch what happened with Austin's twitter account and to see how stressed he was during some of those weddings and other events he attended with Sophia.

I don't know. I know I'm not close to being in their shoes but man. Life shouldn't have to be so hard. And I just think how unnecessary a lot of the pain is. It does not have to be this way. It's a helpless feeling to watch.

prairiegirl said...

Maniacal?! Jimmy the Egg is not maniacal! lol.

Hey, at least I change my avatar once in awhile. ;D Haven't we been staring at Harry with his hand on Larry's knee for like - two years? Let's update that, M&M!!

Oh oh, time for the kids to get ready for bed. You know, to this day, these kids generally have to be told just once when it's time for jammers. Just once. And they go. There's never been crying or fit throwing over going to bed.

Well, time to sign off. Pretty quiet day. Not a whole lot to say when every day, there just keeps being more and more that points towards these guys hiding what Ted said all along was going on.

the real m said...

There was another touching story posted on Gawker, about a father overhearing his son talking about coming out. So he left his son a note. "Nate,
I overheard your phone conversation with Mike last night about your plans to come out to me. The only thing I need you to plan is to bring home OJ and bread after class. We are out, like you now.
I've known you were gay since you were six, I've loved you since you were born.

- Dad

P.S. Your mom and I think you and Mike make a cute couple."

That brought tears to my eyes. What a great Dad.

Special K said...

I saw that M. It was wonderful wasn't it?

M&M sorry I have no control of the invasion of the egg avatar.

Methodical Muser said...

Haven't we been staring at Harry with his hand on Larry's knee for like - two years? Let's update that, M&M!!

Obviously, YOU have not seen that avatar enough because that would be Harry's hand on LOUIS' knee! ;-)

prairiegirl said...

LOL! I can't believe I said Larry instead of Louis.


That letter in Gawker is wonderful. Incredibly touching.