Thursday, March 21, 2013

Working for the Law again?

Jake's had lots of roles that involve the law.  But could he be stepping into Jude Law's recently abandoned role?

Let's just say it's been a very bad week for Jake's friend Natalie Portman.  And it's about her-starring western Jane Got A Gun.

On Tuesday the director Lynn Ramsay didn't show on the first day of shooting, leaving the whole cast and crew wondering what's going on. In steps in Warriors' director Gavin O'Connor the very next day to take on the job, but then it happened again when lead Jude Law, who just joined the cast last week, decided he wasn't doing it either and dropped out. So now the new director and the producers  are scrambling a bit now to find a replacement  for Jude and the buzz coming out of Hollywood is that  there is a short list of three names that they are looking at:

 The Los Angeles Times has revealed the shortlist of actors being considered and the variety might surprise you. Theirs sources say that at the moment they are looking at Jake, Tobey Maguire and Jeff Bridges as possible options.  Jake and Tobey have both worked with Natalie and Jeff's Oscars are enticing. All all have Western experience with BBM, Ride with The Devil and True Grit respectively.

Based on a 2011 Black List screenplay written by Brian Duffield, the  film is about a woman (Portman) whose outlaw husband (Joel Edgerton)has run into trouble with a local gang. Realizing that their lives are in danger, the woman is forced to reach out to a former lover for help. It is the former lover part they are scrambling to fill.

The buzz is that Tobey is in the lead and many are confident he could pull it off.   Jeff , older than the other two guys, could change the direction of the movie a bit.

 But the biggest question is how could Jake step in the role? Isn't he still filming Prisoners?  Would Jane start shoot and work around his schedule until he's done?   And finally could he squeeze it in between Prisoner's and Mississippi Grind?


prairiegirl said...

Man, that picture of Jake as Jack Twist is one of the most beautiful ever, isn't it?

All I have to do is look at that picture and the pain of that time in the movie comes rushing back.

Cloud 9 said...

Sounds very good - yes, I love those pics of Jack Twist. He could definitely play the former lover!

It said...

I have to smile at those who say they need photographic evidence. Really? You mean the only way you measure reality, or the truth, is if you think you have seen it with your own two eyes? Imagine going through life that way. I wonder if you believe in God? Or, that atoms exist? What about molecular structure. Or, someone who is alleged to have committed a crime, with massive amounts of extenuating evidence. No picture? Nope can't convict him.

Sorry, your comment does not apply to speculations of two men who claim they are single having and raising 5+ children. Somebody knows this, and you can't silence everyone. Sorry you can't hide 5 children. YOU CAN'T!
Now two gay or bi men claiming they are staight, well that's another story. We can talk then.

to poster 2:07 said...

No, I don't hang around here. I check out this site on occassions. Hardly post anything. Knew about TT when 1st TT blog went up years ago.
I'm gay also. Even though you didn't, I wont accept the "I'm gay and for the cause" attitude when it comes to Jake and Austin ie gay, BT stuff.
I'm in the mindset of live and let live. When those people are ready, they will do what they need to do for themselves, as we all should do.

It's all and well that you deal with the entertainment field and may know somethings the average person don't, but you can't tell me that story is true if you have not seen any children or nobody creditable in the entertainment feild has substantiated it besides Ted's blind. A blind Item is just that, a blind item.

No one's talking said...

And by the way, there have been plenty of sightings with Jake and children, but it's brushed aside as being Maggie's kids or maybe someone else who is just tagging along.

That's BS and wishful thinking.

That's what I call that.
Nothing Confirmed by anyone!
Not a neighbor, Teacher, grocery store clerk, etc. Nothing

norewgian girl said...

i know i will get my head cut off are too negative here. i love to be able to speak my mind, but this place is just too negative. its like you have all given up hope and just continue because you have to, but dont reslly like it. thats why i dont come here that often anymore. jake is an actor. sometimes we like his choices, sometimes we dont. hes choice, we choose to continue following him or stop. but one thing is certain, popularity is here and now. the rest of the future is uncertain, like for the rest of us. of course we shall follow jake, but maybe we should pay more to the positive things around us also, while we are waiting. i dont know what that should be. just a seggustion for our regulars. idont mind discussions at all, just miss some positives one too :)