Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lil' J Big Watch

Remember this little guy ?

Wait not the Disney version

Or the Stuart Minkus one

The real life version

Well here's a few more to add to it

Rocking the prints

If that watch gets any bigger Jake would have had to wear it around his neck like Flavor Flav

That hair kinda looks familiar

A few years later it will be a slick back

Musical Jake  has the upright and locked position on that 'do. Here in the King and I

Since we know Jake loves musicals here's a Passover treat

What do you get when you combine Passover with Les Mis?

You get:

Jake Photos: IHJ


prairiegirl said...

That first school pic is just too cute for words. Both Jake and Austin were just a couple of the cutest little ones ever. Love all the new school pictures IHJ has. That King and I picture is awesome.

When I see these, it just kills me that we can't see their biggest, little creations ever. I could go on for a fortnight about what we've missed out on, don't even want to dwell on it.

And that little cartoon sprite guy is my favorite. No words.

Jersey Tom said...

Rooting for two underdogs in the NCAA tournament. Go LaSalle. Go FSGC.

prairiegirl said...

Hawks, Tom

You know who you are said...

Stay off our site

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

Those r cute pics of Jake. My oldest and I were watching "City Slickers" and she thought Jake wascute. I told her who he was and she didn't believe me. Said it wasnt the same guy that I like. Lol.,

I KNEW it ! said...

Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk of NBC's Weekend Today Show officially comes out as gay and are a couple. They are also expecting a child.

Jersey Tom said...

Spring Training in Florrida is over:-) Go Phillies..

Special K said...

Tom, Got my tickets for Sox Phillie Memorial Day at Fenway. And great seats too.