Monday, March 11, 2013

Texas Sized Grin

Since it is SXSW,  how about a little Texas flashback for Jake.

A little SXSW, and a little bit more.  But all Austin.


 There's something about Austin that makes him grin. : )


prairiegirl said...

Great collection of pictures, Special. And I just get such a kick out of that one with the two young girls giggling in front of the restaurant window. LOL! Don't they look ornery. I remember when that one came out - it's one of my favorites. You just gotta love our young people. They crack me up.

Hannah said...

So where is this "stinkin buttload of kids" ? And sorry to say this , IF there are children then Jake lost every ounce of goodwill because this behaviour is not funny or cute or the pressure of the closet. It's child abuse .

Just stop it, would you? Just stop it. We have given so many clues over the past several years, it isn't funny. No more going back over things. No more recaps. No more story hour. Either you've paid attention or you haven't. Sorry if you don't see it or get it.

There's plenty of us who do and plenty of lurkers on OMG who are keeping close tabs because they see something that keeps bringing them here. They don't comment but they're here.

I know I have no more patience anymore for comments like these. You're lost back in the pack, that's all there is to it. Sorry.

Sometime follower said...

You're lost back in the pack


Just by chance, "Just by Chance", maybe you're lost in the pack?
Or maybe you're leading the pack the "WRONG" way?

Maybe you see what YOU want to see and "Nothing Else"? Huh?

I'm one who follows now and then and I do believe Jake and Austin Were an item in the past and I think they're very close now, even closer than close. But not once do I believe that Jake and Austin are hiding 5+ kids from the publics eye. Not even 1..
Not a chance.
It's fantasy. But if you want to believe it, be my guess, but don't attack others who ask
"Rational" questions or act as if you know it all about these hidden children that you haven't even seen.
My rant may upset you, but you know what, you need to ask yourself why does it upset you!
This is something only "You" can work out. And, maybe you need to.

Sure you've done your homework, came to your conclusions, but nothing you have is fact and you know this. So again, stop acting if it Is as you chastise, because it's Not!

no worries said...
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Special K said...

This is one blog were discussion about Jake and Austin can and does take place and that includes them having a family. There are plenty of other places that are just about Jake. There are enough Jake sites for all difference aspects of him for everyone. There is no need to come here and tell us to stop discussing something.

And to 11:02. If there are only 5 people here then 1) Why are you here? 2) Why are hanging on every word? 3) And what are you so scared that your are going to miss?

Jersey Tom said...

I agree SK. I. know I am afraid to miss something. I love checking in. Need some new pics of Jake and Austin:-)

Seaweed said...

I'll always be a Toothy Believer, and there's plenty of stuff that goes along with that!

There might not be any 'solid' evidence of children in any number from 1 to 5, but there are the observations, timelines, and circumstance that lead people to believe what they do.

Impossible to distill all of this past five or six years of watching into definitive statements, yet the beliefs are still there, so let be, let be.


Sometime follower said...

I'm 11:02 SK. Sorry, that was not me who posted that there was only 5 or so many people who post here. It was the commenter after me who you deleted.

As I stated, I check in from time to time but very seldom post. I respect you and your blog and your opinions although I don't agree with most ot them anymore. I'm No longer a ToothyTile believer.
Well let me put it this way, I believe Ted considered Jake as TT and I believed some of on-goings Ted posted years ago, but I believed he went on the (deep end) with far-out things as it pretained to Jake and Austin just for fun.

I really like your Out Spotlights.

prairiegirl said...

There is something more than the Out Spotlights that keeps bringing you here, 1413, you are not fooling me one bit.

You repeatedly come on here under a different name every time and make the big statement about everything you don't believe and never was, but boy, for someone who only comes here for the Out Spotlights, lol, boy you sure are passionate about the children.

Capping and carrying on. If you think you're going to "embarrass me" or shame me for what I believe, it's going to be a long night for you.

Quit coming on here under the guise of a new poster or longtime whatever in the heck you want to call it.. You're the same old, same old, tooting the same song and dance. Seen it, heard it, tired of it.

Both camps said...

The Emily / Jake pairing was not a his camp or her camp plant. These PR hookups happen with mutual consent when they make it to the level of an US Weekly exclusive. Mutual consent and mutual benefit.

And if Jake's star is not bright enough for some swimsuit model to attach her name to it, why did every major gossip outlet cover the story?

Jake's online fandom has dissipated, in part because he looks like a bearded recluse much of the time and rarely self-promotes via the paps and gossip mags, and also because people move on to the younger, hotter actor. Jake can, and will, continue to have an A-list career with strong male leads. Just watch. He has plenty of fans and plenty of talent.

And this "bearding lite" via US Weekly twice a year is just enough to keep him hetero.

Special K said...

Sometime follower- I was trying to do a couple of things between meetings. I didn't mean that you were 11:02. I just put two messages in one comment.

I know there are people here who don't think they have kids, but many do. OMG is the only place for that discussion to happen. You don't have agree but you have to realize people will continue to talk about it here.

Special K said...

One more thing. Glad that you enjoy the Out Spotlights.

Special K said...

I agree there is mutual benefit for both camps in this latest bearding light.

She gets her name out there even more that just a photo credit, and Jake doesn't have to spend any time away from his family and gets press.

Jake is very talented and I agree he has a long career ahead of him. I think WME has found his niche as a lead in solid medium sized movies where he can bring it a great return in terms of the box office vs. the budget. I think we have already seen him transition to type of roles he is taking on as well. He will continue to evolve in his work.

prairiegirl said...

I can see your points, Both camps and Special. I'm still not leaning that way but you guys may know something more about how it works than I do.

All I know is what I saw that first day of the rollout. Jake's name was front and center, she was mostly called "swimsuit model". I think that talked big time - it told me who was writing the check.

Jake's roles in Brokeback and October Sky were enough for me to enjoy him as an actor. I thought LAOD started out so promisingly and then it went so quickly downhill. And everyone knows that I quite enjoyed Prince of Persia. I didn't take it seriously like a lot of people seemed to want to and I thought it was a beautiful looking film.

But the nonsense that he has spilled and the way he has used his last several films to push that he is "single" and "kid-less" has got to stop in his promo work. I have no idea why he feels he needs to do that. He's hell-bent on being "one of the guys" and he wants so badly to be a "badass", it's aggravating as hell, really. It's like he's still in high school, trying to be something he isn't. Like he doesn't like himself and what God created him as.
He can be tough. He can be authoritative. You shouldn't have to sell it. You just are. Let it come out naturally.

grrrr. drives me nuts, can you tell?

Anonymous said...

Then why would gossip cop say it is not true if both parties agree to this arrangement? I guess I do not understand Hollywood. Also thank you for the welcome on the last post.

prairiegirl said...

I have to tell some of you, I received the most wonderful email today from one of my fanfiction readers. This guy went through a very, very tough time not too long ago. Very tough. And I would keep an eye out for him - once in awhile, he would manage to get to a computer and he'd catch up on my story. Gradually, he's been around pretty faithfully and it's been wonderful to see his comments on the chapters.

And today, he emails me to thank me for what my crazy story has given him and to say thanks for a Happy Birthday post I put up for him at one time, that it meant so much to him during a time when he was really struggling and he counted me as a friend. Anyway, long story short, he has two fantastic projects on the very near horizon and he has pulled himself up by the boot straps and he is so well on his way again.

I mean, wow. Isn't that inspiring? This guy was just really down and out and he survived, went from having nothing to rising above the ashes. Just incredible.

What a nice person. I'm just blown away. There are just some really wonderful stories out there - people who are struggling day in and day out. And boy, they just keep punching the clock and keeping at it.

I think everyone here has had/is going through daily struggles to some degree. We all put up with crap at work or put up with the nuts on the road, that family member that makes things tough, trying to make ends meet, health issues, losses, aches and aggravations.

There's always hope. Always. We're never given more than we can handle and I don't know why it seems some are given more to deal with than others. None of us knows why. But we all gotta hang together, encourage each other. Be there for someone.

And we can do it. We are not alone. We're not. We can get through the tough parts of life somehow together.

: )

prairiegirl said...

Anonymous said...

Then why would gossip cop say it is not true if both parties agree to this arrangement? I guess I do not understand Hollywood. Also thank you for the welcome on the last post.

March 12, 2013 at 7:16 PM

lol - Anon, you did it again, LOL. Bless your heart. Give yourself a name. Even if you call yourself "Can't Think of a Name". lol.

Great to see you!

I'll let someone else offer to answer your question. I've blabbed enough for now.

welcome to you !!! It's cool to have you here.

Jersey Tom said...

I think Jake had to do very little work in this bearding litely routine. I think it is mostly done by others for him. Reeke was created to bring Jake out of the Brokehack era into Disneys POP era. Like I said a few days agp he wont do it again unless the money is huge.

Special K said...

That's awesome PG about your fan fic. Sometimes we never know how what we do affects people. What a great gift was him sharing that with you. And what a great thing you've done.

Special K said...

Don't think that just because I think I know what Jake is doing with these this bearding light thing means that I condone it.

destiny said...

That's great PG to have that impact with your stories.

I doubt many people read or pay attention to Gossip Cop, so it's a case of having your cake and eating it too. Most people will never know there was a denial.

prairiegirl said...

I love when Special gets sassy!!!

And I was just looking again at the Jake/Boo Hook 'em Horns picture and it is so cute. Jake in his Texas shirt because that is where his guy is from and oh, he was/is so proud. I have to look at those pictures to make me forget some of the stuff we get now.

Someone on here made a great point, too, about Gossip Cop and that was the purpose of Gossip Cop which was to slam down the hammer on rumors, to be the "official word". I thought that was a great comment too; I had not thought of that.

And I also agree with Destiny; that only so many people are going to pay attention to Gossip Cop, certainly not that huge of a percentage.

Well, spring training has started for all the baseball fans. Mets. Phillies. Those Bosox. And that guy with the long - oops, now it's buzzed, what's his name...hmmmmmm...I forget.....Tommy Linoleum. lol. Noooooo!!! Timmy Linoleum!! Is it fall yet???!!!!!!!!!!

prairiegirl said...

I said, is it fall yet?!!!

Let's throw the Royals in there! Maybe the Royals will surprise everyone and become a Cinderella team this season. Looking forward to a few T Shirt Tuesday games and replenishing my supply of Royals T Shirts.

Hope springs eternal and here's to the spirit of Harry Carey. Play Ball!!!

Methodical Muser said...

Are you talkin' smack about my boy, PG? And, yes he is stylin' with a new doo. Like his team mate Vogelsong said, now Timmy looks ten years old, instead of fourteen.

Then why would gossip cop say it is not true if both parties agree to this arrangement? I guess I do not understand Hollywood

Because Jake wants something out there that protects him from the allegation that he's a liar when he eventually comes out. Notice that he never talks about these women that are associated with him. Remember, he wants to have his cake and eat it too. His PR team promotes Jake as straight by rolling out the rumor, but then Jake always has a source like Gossip Cop immediately shoot down the story. If the public is silly enough to buy it, that's not Jake's fault. Or that's, at least, how he rationalizes his continued pursuit of heteronormative cover. I also think he follows this cookie cutter pattern so his children know that he never went on the record to confirm these "romances." That there was always a denial issued the moment the rumor hit.

the real m said...

Actually, there was suprisingly little mention of Jake's latest alleged girlfriend on most sites. I looked around and was surpised at how little reaction there was. The lack of any photo evidence or even a twitter claiming to have ever seen them even once likely to blame for that. A one line mention with little to no comments other than a general consensus that no one believed it and the story died away almost immediately. Like M&M said, denied before it got any traction. Some of the commenters also named her real boyfriend so that helped put the kabosh on things.