Friday, March 29, 2013

Bunny Up

Why can't I wear it?

Because it's the Easter Bunny....not the Easter Dog.

Well Snoopy was the Easter Beagle.  

And he danced with the bunnies and gave out eggs. 

Sorry but he was beagle and you sir are a Dalmatian.

But Snoopy has spots.

One!  and Not a Dalmation!

Don't go away huffy .... I'll be your bunny

With the heels?

For you the ears, and the tail.

Hopping down the bunny trail.


Unknown said...

That was cute. I love the peanuts. Wow easter is right around the corner. Quess we are going to my nephew's house for dinner. Still not sure.

Its been hot here now we might rain late Sunday. We shall see. Since, it has been hot, kids have been playing in thr trampline with water hose. Tons of fun.

There not much to say about he whole Taylor thing. She put herself in that postion. The good girl next my a**.

the real m said...

Hi, all. Got super busy at work so did not have time to stop by the last day or two. One of my favorite pictures here. Austin and his favorite fella playing around.

Awfully quiet on the Jake front these days.

Florida Tom said...

Happy Easter everyone. Headed to the other side of the state tomorrow to spend Easter with my neice and her family. Absolutely beautiful weather in Florida today.

Special K said...

Out with friends celebrating East-Over (Easter and Passover) today. And it finally felt like spring! Hope it stays around.

And 2 days till Opening Day! Go Sox!