Friday, March 1, 2013

Back to the Surface

It's another Flashback Austin Friday.   And today it's Surface

Surface was part undersea adventure part drama that centers on the appearance of mysterious sea creatures in the deep ocean appearing all over the world.  Austin played  Jackson Holden  who gets recruited to help them discover more about these sea creatures.

 This was the first series that took Austin to Wilmington to work, so going back to work there for OTH was old hat.

The one thing you might remember most about Austin in Surface, is his hair.  It was his natural auburn and full of those curls we don't get to see anymore.


prairiegirl said...

Whoa. Wait - Austin's a natural auburn? And he naturally has all those fantastic curls and waves? What the heck? Why's he straightening his hair for then? lol. **smh**

Great to see FIT again. I'm so thrilled to see someone who is as fascinated with the practices of social media as myself, particularly Twitter of which I have really taken to studying closely. And again, I stress that I am not saying at all that I believe everything I see. I don't swallow it all whole. When it comes to celebrities, there's all kinds of manipulation going on, especially when it comes to Jake and Austin. The education comes in the studying and watching for patterns and timing. And it is in the pattern and timing study that you begin to see the fishy stuff. And when you let some time pass, let the smoke clear and the dust settle sometimes, funny how things can come to light.

I know I'm looking at some garbo. I'm looking at some fake twitter accounts. But there is oh, some great stuff to learn from it.

For example, here's a stupid one. It's vanilla, it's pretty harmless, but it's annoying as hell. Remember when Jake did that Details magazine interview. Well, when was that, a little while ago, it's no longer current.

I bet this morning, I saw 3 tweets that said something to the effect of "Details magazine says that Jake Gyllenhaal is back. Well, I didn't know he was gone. Or I didn't know where he went." Nonsense to that effect.

Okay, one time by somebody is clever. It was kind of cute. But no one ever retweeted it, word for word. Nope, it was tweeted and disappeared. Then after awhile, someone else tweeted the same thing. Later again - someone tweeted about Details magazine, Jake is back, I don't know where he went, blah blah.

I bet I saw it 3 times this morning. All different accounts. Now come on. 25 people did not have this same thought and decide to tweet about it, especially after the magazine was out months and months ago.

No, my suspicion is this is Details magazine behind this. They're having some accounts throw this out there, a little cheap publicity for their magazine, gets their name out there, maybe a Jake fan to go look up the article. Maybe the fan will even take a shining to Details and take out a subscription, who knows.

**smh** Sorry, but I just see right through it. It's taken awhile. Sometimes it just takes time to watch a pattern be played out. But you learn through familiarity and paying attention.

And no, I'm not buying Details. Not checking it out, just stop it. You're annoying.

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

Hey there. How is everyone Hope everyone has a great weekend. We sure are. Tons of sun. Warm. Today is Kids workshop at Home Depot. Not sure what they are going to build but they like it.

I know one of those rings of Jake's were from his mom. Guess the others came from a great admirer. hehe Also, I love the pic of those girls. How cute.

Great points on how the lies are spread on the WWW. Sorry I really don't care. I don't believe most of it anyway and other site do it get for advertising. I have also stopped looking up the trends. I know I will see it when someones else re-tweets.

Well everyone have a great day. :D

prairiegirl said...

Good morning, Jess. Hope you and your kids enjoy Home Depot workshop. That's cute - I've never heard of that.

No need to apologize for not caring about lies on the www. You have a lot of company, I'm sure. This is a big wide canvas to express different kinds of opinions on Jake and/or Austin, for what we do or participate in (of course as long as you don't come here verbally lashing out at someone). We all bring something different to the table, we all have a gift to offer, news or opinions to share.

I do have a keen interest in the uses of social media and it's been a thrill to hear from a few others who have been watching like myself.

I don't feel pressure to be knowledgeable about movies, who this director is, what year this film was made, what do you think this movie was saying, etc. I leave that to the astute movie fans like Destiny, Tom, Special, m and M&M. Notice I don't participate in those kinds of discussions because I know it's not my interest and I'm out of my league. No biggie. There's other stuff I do like, am interested in, heck, even if it's just to talk about Jimmy's Egg!!!! Aw, my Jimmy's Egg withdrawal. We'll be trying to get back to the big W so we can celebrate my nephew's birthday which we missed because of the weather.

And I know that M&M is very much looking forward to see my mr. Jimmy's Egg avatar!!!!! lol

the real m said...

PG, Austin's hair in Surface is a product of Florida humidity. No action required to achieve it. Take it from someone who knows - I turn into Little Orphan Annie in that climate. Which is one of the major reasons why I live in low humidity California where my natural curls are naturally just waves and body. No action required for that either.

Glad to see those old photos. I actaually watched Surface back in the day - or maybe it was a course of reruns. Odd show but he looked phenomenal in it.

Atti, where for art thou said...

melOn Design ‏@melOnArtDesign

Jake Gyllenhaal deep in thought...:O) Whatever happened to Atticus?

1:45 p.m. - Mar 2, 2013 · Details


Jessica Faulkinbury said...

Glad to know PG. Not too many comments about movies from me. We don't go to many and I am very easily entertain. LOL It is strange how the weather affects ppl different. My hair will lighten up now that spring is, at least for us, here. Very low humidity as well. Also when I clicked on the link about Atticus it didn't work. :/

For those who have kids, Home Depot has a kids work shop. They build things on the first Saturday of each month. Since NASCAR is in full swing, it was a car again. Kids had a great time. :D

Special K said...

A close friend forward this to me. It is adorable.

This week a marriage equality bill was introduced in Minnesota and pediatrician Dr. Paul Melchert and his husband James and their two sons took the podium to speak on behalf of the legislation. Dr. Melchert demonstrated that gay dads can also be models of patience while at the same time learning that kids will upstage you every time.


Atticus, where for art thou Take 2 said...

melOn Design ‏@melOnArtDesign

Jake Gyllenhaal deep in thought...:O)
Jake and Atticus
1:45 p.m. - Mar 2, 2013 · Details