Saturday, March 23, 2013

Who's (to the) Right?

Who's Jake With - Round 2  Festival Edition

It's a twit pic from the premiere of Source Code March 11,2011 in Austin  at SXSW.

Jake was awful smiley that whole time and there was discussion that it just wasn't about the movie or location.

So who is the dark haired, taller long limb fella to Jake's right?

Who fits that description and happens to be from Austin?



Leadville said...

Mmm I don't know, David Modigliani?

Could be said...

Sure looks like Austin...the height and all

hi said...

There are other photos of Jake at the SXSW premiere. He's sitting next to his friend David, the filmmaker based in Austin, TX.

Jersey Tom said...

I wish we could see the picture the girl is taking with the camera in front amd to the right. That has all the features of Austin.

Jersey Tom said...

Could be also could be Austin. Whoever it is he has very long skinny legs. How tall is David?

prairiegirl said...

Leadville said...
Mmm I don't know, David Modigliani?

^^^ See? Why do you have to be like that? What's the big deal? Be civilized and just come to the blog and say, "There are other pictures online (would be greatly beneficial to provide a link address or site name of exactly where) which show this guy and it is David M., Jake's friend. It's not Austin."

Is that so hard? You bitch and moan about people being rude and one-minded here, but then one simple comment has to start with "Mmmm...?" as if to say, "Duh. you idiot."

This is why some commenters get treated the way they do. Classic example.

prairiegirl said...

That being said, I'm more convinced that the guy Jake is eating lunch with is Austin then the guy in the theater. The guy in the theater's hands are too slender to be Austin's. Austin's got big hands, thick fingers. That also doesn't look like the kind of jacket Austin has worn. Austin seems to have preppy, classic taste in clothes and that jacket is just kind of casual for a film festival for him. Plus the color is kind of loud. Austin doesn't seem to be a loud color kind of guy.

The other thing is I think it's one thing for Austin to sit with him outdoors in Decatur GA than to sit inside next to him inside a festival theater with the lights up where people can take pictures like that girl is doing across the aisle. In Austin TX, where Austin is more likely to be recognized. Maybe. lol, I don't know, Austin just isn't hardly recognized anywhere.

Will be interesting to hear what everyone else thinks and compare the two pictures.

destiny said...

Personally I don't think there is enough in either photo to tell who Jake is with, especially the one posted yesterday in which all you see is an arm.

Methodical Muser said...

Somehow I don't think Jake enthusiastically stated that he "loved" Austin, while at the SXSW Festival that year, because of David Modigliani being by his side, nor because of his GPS location.

Like so many of Jake's friends throughout the years (and he has used many of them in various ways to help hide the real love of his life) David has been rolled out whenever Jake is associated with Texas in a big way. Back in 2006, Jake could use Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey to provide cover for why he was in Austin, TX during the late summer and early Fall. But, for a variety of reasons, Jake needed a different male stand-in by 2010-2011, hence his splashy February 2010 Austin, TX observance of Modigliani's 30th birthday. This highly visible outing was the perfect set up for when Austin then turned the same age two months later, because then Jake could make sure to have no such parallel public celebration, even though both men were in Los Angeles at the same time.

Right after that, the dissemblers pointed to the lack of Jake’s birthday acknowledgement as indication of Austin’s banishment from his personal life. At the time, naysayers flooded WFT2 and OMG with comments about how they were no longer friends, and how Jake had moved on. That David was the new Texas “friend” in his life.

Jake knew he had to re-roll out Modigliani while at SXSW in 2011 too, hence the stories that he was at a screening of Source Code with Jake. At the same time, we were lead to believe that somehow, Austin Nichols, the acknowledged film buff, was not there to celebrate the event in his own hometown.

Simply put, there was no way Austin did not enjoy that special time with Jake, especially since Source Code, had the honor of opening SXSW. That was a big deal.

Methodical Muser said...

And don’t forget how Jake booked the entire large upper balcony section at The Paramount Theater for the premiere of Source Code, even though he was seen sitting, before the film started, in the 9th row. Somehow I don’t think he needed all those seats just for David Modigliani. Nor, do I think Jake stayed seated in the 9th row after those lights went down.

Lila said...

I think it's probably silly to conjecture that this photo was censored to obscure who Jake was with. There is real PR manipulation, which happens, and then there is attributing every little thing to PR manipulation, and personally I think that borders on paranoia.

I think it's far more likely that Jake said "camera's out" and Austin (or whoever that is) covered his face. Jake isn't going to cover up - he lets them get the shot they want. He's a celeb, that's kinda part of his gig. Probably happens at every single restaurant he goes to.

If PR were planting this photo to place Jake in Atlanta last Sunday, then they wouldn't have him sitting across from Austin, right? It just doesn't make sense.

Whoever took this picture was being sneaky, pretending to take a photo of her friend so Jake wouldn't get pissed off. I tried to take a pic of Patrick Dempsey the other day and I did the same thing - it's like 90% my sister's big head with this little Patrick Dempsey face barely recognizable in the margin. And he's so nice I probably just could have asked him for a photo. But I'm shy.

prairiegirl said...

I don't see anyone throwing down the gavel on this. I haven't seen anyone say "definitely", "without a doubt", or "it is or else".

Special is wondering. She's asking. She's putting it out there as are the rest of us.

We don't know 100%, no one has said any such thing. I think it makes for good discussion and so what if we all rule out the possibility.

You don't know unless you study and ask questions of others, get their opinions and thoughts.

I will say this. I find it extraordinary that so many pictures of Jake with people are "from behind", "from the side", obscured by strategically placed poles, big hair, a restaurant glass and other people, in the dark, fuzzy, grainy, etc. It's amazing, to use one of his words. So much clouded mystery over who he is with every single time. Except when it is a Mystery Chick or a set-up ass leer at a Laker game. Then we have no doubt, lol.

SXSW Trivia said...

And Mark Gordon who worked with Jake on TDAT was at SXSW in 2011 too. Interesting that he's now connected to Ray Donovan as one of the executive producers for the show.

Then there's naivete said...

I think it's far more likely that Jake said "camera's out" and Austin (or whoever that is) covered his face.

So why does the person cover their face if they're not going to be in the shot? I don't recall seeing anyone in pictures of Jake out and about covering their face in that obvious manner.

hate jake too said...

I hate david

prairiegirl said...

I have to tell you guys this story because I think this is creepy. My sister, mom and I were sitting in Mom's living room yesterday talking about things like wills and other financial issues, mostly pertaining to my aunt who recently passed away from lung cancer. (You would think dying is so simple, but man, it is not. It's totally, totally complicated and involved.)

Anyway, we were kind of talking about her reluctance to travel, she never went anywhere, preferring to stay at home, canning and cooking, etc. She just didn't spend her money but for her numerous, copious amounts of pajamas and underwear. And we kind of chuckled, okay we laughed, and do you know that all of a sudden, this little travel alarm in a back bedroom began sounding its alarm.

We couldn't figure out where the alarm was coming from - no, not our phones, not Mom's bedside clock. I got up and went to a distant bedroom where this little battery operated digital clock was going off.

And I had to shut it off. My mom had not set or messed with that clock. I asked her if she had been back there dusting or something, maybe accidentally set the alarm. Nope.

And so then her next question was will an alarm clock go off on its own? Have you guys seen or heard an alarm clock eventually go off by itself? I haven't. Those things will just keep going and going until you turn the switch off.

There was no explainable reason for that little clock to go off. Mom hadn't even been back in that room at all for several days. So I told my mom and sister that I thought my aunt was telling us to quit laughing.


Creepyyyy!!!! ;o

prairiegirl said...

And I am not kidding. True story yesterday.

The sense of hearing is the last sense to go. I know that my dad heard me when he was in his stroke coma during his last hours because I was kind of chuckling about his flopping head while he was being turned over and he started making all kinds of irritated growling kinds of noises. And I told him I was sorry, didn't mean to laugh about it.

So anyway, just remember that. They can hear you. They might not be able to respond, even open their eyes, but they can still hear.

Talk about learning the hard way, lol.

An Enemy said...

The Guy with Jake in GA looks like Denis V. The director.

Austin at SXSW said...

I don't recall seeing anyone in pictures of Jake out and about covering their face in that obvious manner.

That's the point, that is being made. Austin would have a reason to cover the side of his face if Jake saw someone with a camera taking their picture. I think the man could be Austin. Not sure about the one at SXSW though. Too public. However, I do definitely think that he was there with Jake. Just maybe not in that photo.

Methodical Muser said...

So I told my mom and sister that I thought my aunt was telling us to quit laughing.

Maybe she was laughing with you, PG?

Clairol calling said...

The Guy with Jake in GA looks like Denis V. The director.

That's what I first thought. But Denis Villeneuve has gray threaded throughout his hair. When I blew up the photo, the guy has brown hair similar to Austin's. There was an Instagram pic of Jake and D.V. at the Stonewall's Lounge on January 9. You can see how his hair has a lighter grayish tint to it. Unlike Jake's.

Jersey Tom said...

It is fun to speculate PG. Yes No Could be. Both of those pics could be Austin until proved differently.