Thursday, March 28, 2013

Well done you

 Yup Mr. Nichols,  we've noticed

You are the good Southern gentleman  your mama raised to be

We've always known you are respect women from the way you've spoken about them, and the way you have treated your female friends and colleagues.

It looks like you are making sure those tweets are too.

 Keep it up.

There's never enough good guys.


Jersey Tom said...

The owner of the record company that handles Talyor Swift just admitted that her dating stories are bogus. He made a statement "you haveto sell records". I got a feeling it is now hurting her populatity a bit.

prairiegirl said...

Thanks for a nice post, Special. I have been the first one on here ragging about Austin's twitter account goings on's but I'll also stand in line to be among the first and say I'm very proud to be a fan of Austin's and seeing how hopefully he has assumed back control of his account. I speak a little reservedly because there have been many times it has reverted back but I will have hope.
He's been very quiet and I miss him on Twitter but you know, I'd rather there be quiet than seeing nonsense.

Way to go, Austin.

publicity said...

I may be wrong, but I thought he said people have to sell magazines.

I've always thought the lies would someday hurt her image back when I didn't know if it was true or not and did'nt care. The pretty little America's Sweetheart begins to look like a whore, or ho, dating every Tom Dick and Harry at such and young age, and then dishing on them when she brakes up with them as if it's all their fault.

Her people thought it was cute. It would have been if only done 1 or 2 times, but they took the lies to far. Now they're walking it back because of the backlash when in the past they would just leave it out there for publicity.

destiny said...

There was a story in the NYT last Sunday (or maybe 2 Sundays ago) about Taylor Swift's Q rating dropping, and how there has been a backlash with all the dating. It said magazines with her on the cover don't sell well, and that she has lost a few endorsements. However the article pointed out that her latest record still sold over a million copies.

Context said...

Context is key, Tom. He didn't say "you have to sell records". What he said, and this is a direct quote:

Speaking of the negative publicity surrounding the country star and her love life, which she often writes songs about, Borchetta said, "Well, you've got to sell newspapers, right? So a lot of it is bogus. ... When you see the show ... you'll look around and go, 'Yeah, I don't see any of that.'"

Jersey Tom said...

Sorry about that. Honest mistake.

Jersey Tom said...

Selling newspapers or selling records its all about PR. Talyorr was never involved with Jake or Harry.