Friday, March 22, 2013

Girlfriend's a Boyfriend

Back in the beginning of Austin's stint on OTH, he joined friend Hilarie on her project from Southern Gothic the short The True-Love Tale of Boyfriend & Girlfriend.

Austin well he was name Girlfriend....  and grrrrl..... he is one great Girlfriend

Sweet,  quirky and out of the box, it fit Austin perfectly

 While his newest role of Tommy isn't that, it does have that twist to it that Austin sees to gravitate towards.

And thank goodness for that.


Jessica Faulkinbury said...

Jake should be done filming soon but he should be filming his next movie in May. That is not much timeto film with Portman.

Wish Austin the best on his show. I will not be viewing due to I do not get showtime but sounds like it will be a good show.
Wishing everyone a great weekend. :-)

sass said...
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Jersey Tom said...

Must be frusratimg to people when they see that we are sticking with it. Jake and Aistin are foolimg those who dont follow or care but they ate not fooling everyone. A group of us feel they ate deceitful and we and waiting for the truth to prevail. I feel.that they and others that do what they do are wrong. Iis not worth the money. I am hanging around.

? said...


;) said...

Why are you sensitive about "Wanda"...who is she?

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Wish Austin the best on his show. I will not be viewing due to I do not get showtime but sounds like it will be a good show.
Wishing everyone a great weekend. :-)

Thanks, Jess!!! Luckily I do have Showtime so I will be checking it out since I'm already paying for cable anyway, lol.

I think it looks like a cool role and will be very curious to see how Austin does.

And who can resist Jon Voight? I can't ever since Seinfeld. That pencil/Jon Voight's car episode is a classic.

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

Hi PG. Jon Voight is a good actor. Hope that Austin will learn a lot from him. Glad you get to see Austin new show. We have Direct TV but dont pay for Showtime. We do get free weekends so hope to see some of the show. :D

prairiegirl said...

And now James Woods is on there, too. I thought James Woods was so attractive in the movie Straight Talk with Dolly Parton. I liked that movie. And wow, James Woods was oh so handsome.

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

Another great actor. Austin is surrounding by some great actors. James was a good looking man in the day. K, PG how old r you really?? HAHAH..

EnchAlada said...

I would be careful how often you voice this on here knowing how some of us feel and knowing how long we have been researching this.

prairiegirl said...

It is extremely interesting that the filming of Prisoners has been so weird with all kinds of breaks and secrecy. The only mentions seen on Twitter has been what's been promoted by PeachyScoop and maybe a couple of behind the scenes workers indirectly tweeting about the movie. What has been visible online about Prisoners has been on Facebook. And even then, it's all been pretty vague stuff about filming locations, with the exception of this Pastor Paul.

This Pastor Paul, who heads an LGBT Metropolitan church, has been granted extraordinary access to details about the movie because they've been filming at his house this past week.

But you should see all of the posts this guy has done. He's been spilling pictures left and right and details about the movie itself. Interesting, isn't it?

This guy has been given access clearly within 100', which I find ironic that it comes following the comment from that civilian who posted on the Atlanta newspaper site about there being a 100' ban on coming close to Jake.

And now today comes a tweet from someone who says they're an extra. First tweet I've seen from anyone who's an extra on this movie since Prisoners began filming.

Jenna Vento ‏@jvento 18h
heading out to go be an extra. can't have our phones on set so i'll be back online tomorrow afternoon.
2:54 PM - 22 Mar 13 · Details

Carianne S ‏@00Cari 9h
@jvento ooh an extra for what? :)
12:43 AM - 23 Mar 13 · Details

Jenna Vento ‏@jvento 1h
@00Cari prisoners.did a scene w/jake gyllenhaal in it
8:11 AM - 23 Mar 13 · Details

This filming has been tight as a drum. The most you have been able to see online is mentions of where the filming is taking place.

After our discussion on the blog about how closed off this set is, where is Jake, "I think filming is done", and the 100' radius disclosure by the Atlanta civilian, this week sees us hit with all kinds of mentions about filming.

The dam has burst.
; )

prairiegirl said...

K, PG how old r you really?? HAHAH..

lol. you'll never know, Jess!!!

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

@pg...Hahaha. U so funny..

It is strange about this film site. Wondering if some of it can be due to Canada shoot. ppl were ALL over that one. Must have bugged someone. Haha. Also, the ones who have tw might not have signed anything not to or just didn't care and posted anyway. Maybe they let the pastor post because maybe someone has something to say. Please feel free to fill in the rest. LOL.

some more thoughts said...

Or, maybe the film was on hiatus for awhile.

It's pretty clear this pastor is being allowed to flood the internet with all this sudden extraordinary access. Could be Jake's people didn't like the way their client was being portrayed (100 feet radius), especially in comparison to the other actors on set. That woman's comment made it sound like Jake is a slug and/or hiding something. Since part of PR's job is to make sure people don't start thinking in that direction, they may have tried some damage control.

Interesting, that the pastor is LGBT too. Maybe Jake knows him?

Jersey Tom said...

I am so feared up right now. So scared:-)

Just might be said...

From last Sunday:

Looks like Austin Nichols having lunch with Jake in Atlanta

Special K said...

That soft smile on Jake's face makes me think it's Austin.

He always seems to look like he lets go and exhales when Austin is near.

Methodical Muser said...

The brunet could be Austin. What catches my eye (besides the resemblance) is how the guy is kind of awkwardly covering up the side of his face with his left hand so if someone is taking a photo in the distance they would not be able to get a clear shot of him.

Tip tap said...

Sure LMAO!

Methodical Muser said...


I see the troll is predictably providing thoughtful input again. I don't know how they come up with such consistently pithy and profound remarks. Must take him/her all day to decide on just the right sentence structure.

huh? said...

What catches my eye (besides the resemblance) is how the guy is kind of awkwardly covering up the side of his face with his left hand

What resemblance? The person's head is totally obscured by the girl in the foreground. All I see is a disembodied arm, unless you are looking at a different picture?

huh? said...

OK, I enlarged the image and you can a bit of a head...YES! must be Austin !

lol said...

Looks like wicked Wanda to me

have to smile said...

I don't know why it's so hard to believe that could be Austin having lunch with Jake? Weren't there, what? Maybe 3-4 instances of them being photographed together last year and as recently as a few months ago in November. We know they are at the very least still socializing with one another. Still good friends. This shows how there's someone here constantly who just cannot stand reality. Who desperately wants to knock down anything that suggests there is a relationship between Austin and Jake. A couple of people just pointed out they needed photographic evidence. Then when evidence is supplied, including the Levine pics in California, Berlinale and last year in NY, then all of a sudden it means nothing. Can't have it both ways, I'm afraid.

Dining Out said...

Did the troll have a stroke and start talking gibberish or something. Obviously they are trying to taunt about something, but whatever it is, all I can say is, "Who the heck cares?"

Looking at that photo of Jake having lunch, and the way that hand is positioned, it does look like the man is trying to conceal his face. Huh. That is an odd way of sitting at a table.

the real m said...

And of course we know that just because we dont see Austin in photos frequently does not mean he isn't there. He was cut out of the photos with Jake and an alleged girlfriend just a couple weeks ago. His being there to see Jake would be good reason to keep a lid on picutres on the set.

Jersey Tom said...

First gottta say I smell trailer trash. I cant see a thing in that pic but a hand. Maybe because I am only using the phone. Only see a hand. Damn lady should get out the way:-)

true colors said...

Are Amy and Wanda doing the dirty?

So the troll is stupid and a homophobe. Says a lot about any pretense at credibility.

prairiegirl said...

I would agree. If the person was wanting to rest their head in their hand, their fingers wouldn't be slightly curled like that. They're not resting the side of their head in their hand - they're hiding the side of their face with their hand.

Reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry and George were hiding their lips from guest star Marlee Matlin so she couldn't lip read what they were saying. LOLLLL!!! Jerry used several tactics to hide his mouth, like holding his napkin in front of his face, etc. So stupid, lol. But yeah, no one sits like that, really.

I have to blow up the picture a bit, but yeah. It does kind of look like Austin.

Awwww, and I like Jake in that picture. He looks cute.

Jersey Tom said...

I agree dining out and she says she doesnt care either.

prairiegirl said...

I think it really does help to blow the picture up. I can't imagine trying to look at it with my phone. Tom, you should have your laptop, buddy!

Methodical Muser said...

I cant see a thing in that pic but a hand. Maybe because I am only using the phone.

There is a brown-haired guy, sitting across from Jake, Tom. You wouldn't be able to see it on a phone screen though.

Btw: All good points, "have to smile."

Jersey Tom said...

Oh ok could be but not definetely. That is a male brunette. I think he could be on the phone.

prairiegirl said...

The other thing is looking again at the Liev Schreiber/Austin surf pictures, Austin's hair is along that color and why does that girl have so much hair and is hiding who Jake is sitting with?

But then again, isn't this the way it always is? We're always getting bits & pieces.

What if the guys wanted this picture floated? What are the odds of this girl totally obscuring the other party? Why is it you can't see that guy's legs at all? Because if they were Austin's legs, they would be a dead giveaway. Yet in this picture, you can't see them whatsoever. Isn't that a little odd?

I'm just sayin'.

Jersey Tom said...

Will have to head to Dunkin tomorrow morning woth tje laptop.

prairiegirl said...

Nah, I don't think the guy is on the phone at all, his hand is up by his temple/forehead, not by his cheek/mouth. Hand is a little too high.

Methodical Muser said...

He was cut out of the photos with Jake and an alleged girlfriend just a couple weeks ago.

Good points, m. Remember the floating shoes back in late January, 2006 at the dog park with Soapy Bush? And then the Matthew McConaughey 4th of July pics that same year? And, you know he was at that brunch table in March 2011 when Jake was dining with those cute guys and Liev Schreiber.

Methodical Muser said...

Austin wasn't supposed to be seen in Leadville either. That was a huge mistake back in August 2010.

Is it Austin? said...

has it come to this??

The blog lites up becuase Jake sitting with a person, maybe a man eating lunch, and the crowd goes wild.
"Its' Austin"! LOL
Not a soul here can tell the person is Austin from that picture.

WTF Just calm down. If it's Austin good, but why are you all stretching this. It's like children before christmas. gessh.
And you wonder why some laugh at the bunch here.

prairiegirl said...

Let's raise a glass to Brandon Fuller, y'all.

I tip my Fresca.

Hey, I saw my old 2nd grade science teacher today at the meal following my close childhood friend's father's funeral. Oh. My. Dog. I couldn't believe it.

And she asked me my name and when I told her, she remembered me!!!!! Ack!!!! What does that mean?

lol. And she came over to stand beside me and I had to be on my best behavior, you know. Had to sit up straight and not slouch. And you know, no matter how old our teachers get, they just have this way about them. They put their arm around your shoulder or their hand on the back of your chair and bend their head down.

BWAHHHHAHHH!!! And my mom was sitting right there, too. How embarrassing!!

Saw several former school mates, former teachers and old town locals. Funerals have a way of bringing everyone together and they're great for that kind of format, it's just always unfortunate the circumstances.

But wow. My old 2nd grade science teacher. That was shocking!!! And you know, you can't call them by their first name. Neverrrrr!!! They will forever be Mr. or Mrs. whatever.

prairiegirl said...

Is it Austin? I think it very well could be. Impossible to say for sure but exciting nonetheless.

I'll be excited if I damned well want to, 21:11.

No one is saying it is him. Some are saying it could be him. It looks like him and it "is" him are two entirely different things. But we're having an enjoyable discussion here. Some people just hate that, you know? lol

Meh. too bad.

a troll is a troll said...

Notice the troll completely ignores all the photographic evidence of Jake and Austin together as well as the purposely censored pics that are also part of the discussion. Once again, the troll wants everyone to believe they just don't care, yet still has to interject their snark. Desperate in all kinds of ways.

;) said...

Any photo where the person is obscured, the dumb spinsters get moist and scream "AUSTIN". Talk about pathetic and desperate LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

nervous, eh? said...

^Trolly has a different kind of wetness flowing from their pores. It's called, flop sweat.