Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Master Class

Either Austin spent a lot of time watching the sun down on the water or he watched the Matrix more than a few times because the fella was getting deep (or Piled High & Deep) on his Twitter.

AUS10:  Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power. -Lao Tzu

And what would you call mastering a bike Austy?

Two Wheel Tuesday?

Hey mister it's been a while, maybe it's time to hop back in the saddle.

Something think about it. 


the real m said...

Boy, we caught a real grump yesterday. Glad I missed it all. I've no idea what happened to Jake's dog. Having had many pets myself, lots of things happen. Accidents, illness, old age, so maybe its just too painful for him to talk about it. But whatever the reason, there is no reason to criticize speculation or discussion about it. It's certainly a valid question and easy to see why we'd be curious to know what happened. Especially since Jake was so fond of Boo.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

Ha, I went to bed too early last night, I guess. Eyes popped right open.

Mind is rolling along a mile a minute. Work is busy crazy, especially this week with very high profile guests coming at the end. Having high ranking, powerful visitors means stuff gets picked up, shined up, shook out, spit on and buffed. Plus we have our new hire finally. That's stressful too although in a good way. Never enough time, never enough time.

Special issuing her own spanking, I see. LOL!

Special K said...

Oh that wasn't me PG. That was the author who decided to delete what they wrote.

We are waiting for the storm from Chicago to roll in tonight and staying through Fri. Maybe 6 inches. Washington DC is already shut down and looking for a foot. Look out Tom you guys are going to get more than us. Stay safe.

BTW - When is Spring coming?

ho hum said...

A real melt down yesterday I see. I love those. Often means that someone doesn't like the direction the discussion is going. Interesting points though. Particularly, about Boo. There are already so many clues pointing to Jake and Austin having a child back in October 2007 that it boggles the mind that people continue to get angry about the topic. It is what it is.

I've known people to give a pet away because of the arrival of a baby for a variety of reasons. Least of which is the amount of time and commitment a newborn poses. Especially, if that baby is your first child. When considering all of Jake's other challenges (like the child remaining a secret and his oh so public bearding obligations with Witherspoon), the likelihood of this happening increases even more, I would think.

Funny how people don't get upset about Jake's machinations, open rudeness to fans, which we hear about in tweets far too often these days, hist actively wanting to portray himself as a "real man", instead of one of those kind of men, hiding his boyfriend, husband or whatever Austin is to him and yet some people discussing what might have happened to his two adorable dogs is considered an outrage. Really, this is way too funny.

prairiegirl said...

Well said, ho hum.

Well, we are finally, finally beginning to see the ground. This snow is just taking forever to go away. And the melt-off, it freezes overnight and so you have mini ice skating rinks everywhere when you're walking on parking lots or sidewalks.

Willy Wonka is on TV right now. And you know that I have to say, "Violet, you're turning violet, Violet!!! lol

Jersey Tom said...

Stay safe everyone.

Jersey Tom said...

Sorry I got into the conversation late but people do give away or even take their dog to a kennel because the dog did not handle. a newborn or child. I know got a dog from a kennel because she bit a baby. Miss was an incredible joy in my life. As for Atticus German Sheppards normally only live 8 to 10 years. Atticus has been around for a while. Jake had him when he was bearding with Kiki.

Nearesat Kennel said...

^^^ And, people get rid of dogs because, they can no longer afford them (I don't think this applies to Jake), they are traveling often and no longer have the time, or "family" to take care of the dog, they no longer have the committment needed when having an animal, the dog dies, they can no longer handle the dog, or the interest in the pet/dog was only fleeting until they got tired of the animal, etc, etc, etc...... There are a whole host of reasons a person no longer has a dog Jersey Tom.

Why must ever angle insinuate that Jake and Austin's faux family (wink) and invisible ((child)) or "children" is the meaning. Goodness......

prairiegirl said...

Uh, because it does.

Still smarting from the dog discussion, 23:25? Your extreme defensiveness is impossible to miss.