Saturday, March 16, 2013

Going Green

 Both Jake and Austin should be all set for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow and the wearing of the green.

They both have green tees.

And  Jake's always ready for St. Patrick's Day with his favorite green trousers
 And it looks like it has worn off on Austin too:

And they've both gone Green Globably


prairiegirl said...
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Anonymous said...
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sass said...
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prairiegirl said...

Okay so that will be the last on that subject.

Well, it's up in the air whether we will make it to Jimmy's Egg this am. Because it's so popular, you have to make it in early if you want a table for a party our size.

Everyone have a great Sunday morning! I'm off to see what else is shakin'.

Special K said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Special K said...

The reason the IHJ comment keeps getting deleted is there is a bad link warning on it.

Please check your link.

prairiegirl said...

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Just realized I didn't bring something green to wear. : (

prairiegirl said...

prairiegirl said...
Oh, baby gibberish now, eh? Meh. Hey - it's not shocking. It's not scary. It's rather frat boyish on a baby level, actually.

This is such a predictable tactic being used by a paid troll. Yes, the outside party is being paid to do this. Notice how they suddenly appear when the topic turns toward a subject that is taboo. I.E. Baby Tiles. Oh, and...Baby Tiles.

Just like the 100 ft barrier, the security guard at the Roundabout theater stage door, the accompanying publicist on the red carpet, the Paid Troll has been assigned to stop astute questions, insightful conversations and overall, any comments which point towards there being children in Jake's life.

This is how he is does it. He's always been around, scoffing and ridiculing, trying to discourage the administrator, trying to intimidate posters into quitting and leave the blog. When he saw that the diehard regulars of OMG were a tougher breed, like dried bubble gum under a table (lol), he began another tactic which was to infiltrate their Facebook and now Twitter accounts. Try to intimidate them by cyber bullying.

And what did you say? Oh that's not working either? Well, so the quickest thing he can think of is to resort to vile or childish nonsense that he is certain will cause the administrator to throw the blog on Moderation, see? No one can talk then.

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Unless you are paid to be online, unless that is your job. Oh, I see very clearly now.

He has overtaken and destroyed WFT2. That blog is officially DOA. But OMG? A lot tougher to do because OMG did something PR wasn't counting on. They became friends outside of the blog. Lives are a little interwoven because they did let the fences down, they took it to another level, and now there is a thread of strength that isn't going to let happen to OMG what happened next door. Some of us aren't as highly visible as used to be because well hey, the guys' lives are a bad diet to feed on, but as evident yesterday, very very much still around.

So you're busted, paid interrupter person. It has never been clearer.

Oops I had to redo that as I had a typeo.

Florida Tom said...

Happy St Patricks Day everyone. I hear ya Seaweed. Austy looks mighty fine in his wetsuit.

Florida Tom said...

Austin looks like he had been working out in that top pic. Very nice set of guns.