Sunday, June 30, 2013

Out Spotlight

Today's Out Spotlight is  short and sweet but no less inspiring.

Celebrating the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling at the Stonewall Inn, were Don Russell, 84, and his 100-year-old partner, Charles Schaeffer.

The couple has been together for 62 years, and began dating when when Harry Truman was President of the United States. 

Back then "it was an entirely different world for gay men, to put it mildly. 'You couldn’t walk around like this,' said Don, looking down. Their hands were clasped tightly together."


the real m said...

62 years! Now that is incredible. I was in San Fransisco this weekend. We missed most of the pride events as they were in a different part of the city. But we saw tons of couples celebrating. Very touching.

destiny said...

62 years, and one of them is 100--amazing, and wonderful that they lived to see these changes.

Did anyone watch Ray Donovan? I don't have Showtime, so was curious if anyone here caught it. The reviews I saw weren't so hot.

Seaweed said...

It really is just all about Love, plain and simple.


Kismet said...

Destiny you can watch the pilot episode for free here

I read Vulture for TV reviews and the review was mixed buy very promising.

Austin is great in it.

destiny said...

Thanks Kismet!

AUS10 said...

RAY DONOVAN delivered the highest-rated series premiere ever last night besting all other SHOWTIME freshman comedy and dramas.

Hollywood Reporter said...

Ray Donovan brought Showtime its biggest premiere to date on Sunday, averaging 1.35 million viewers during its first airing. The series followed another record for Dexter, which returned for its final season to a premiere high of 2.5 million viewers.

Compared to Homeland, Ray Donovan's opener was up 25 percent from the Showtime darling's 2011 premiere (1.08 million). Ray Donovan delivered 2.22 million viewers with an encore, eclipsing Homeland by 61 percent.

As has become something of a tradition for Showtime, the network offered wide sampling of the Ray Donovan premiere in the ramp-up to Sunday's premiere. The network estimates 816,000 subscribers sampled the series On Demand and on Showtime Anytime -- and those numbers do not include additional online sampling for non-subscribers.

TV Ratings: 'Ray Donovan' Premiere Tops 'Homeland' With Showtime Record

Jersey Tom said...

Making the big move. Moving to Florida in 2 weeks. Work to do;-)

the real m said...

I think Donovan has legs. The acting was first rate and they have lots of options for story lines to pursue with the characters they have introduced. I am glad Austin tweeted that he will be in 3 episodes. His character could have gone either way. A one time appearance or continuing.

prairiegirl said...

Huh, isn't that kind of interesting? In the latest IHJ pictures which are labeled as being from June 29 2013, does Jake have some fish rolled up in that newspaper or is he really reading day-old news?

Fresh Fish! Fresh Fish!

^^^ I believe was published in the NY Times on Fri, June 28, casting yet just another doubt onto why I don't always buy what someone is trying to establish, especially when it comes to calendar dates.

4 down said...

Maybe he hadn't yet done the crossword puzzle from that paper.

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

How great. 62 yrs and still going. Wonderful. Umm How can u tell how old the newpaper is? U must have super eyes. Which would be cool to have.

Well, I am training for the Post Office. I have my foot in the door for hopefully a good career. Chat with u all later...:D:D