Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Move over Masters and Johnson.

It's the Gyllenhaal Sarsgaard's who are taking over with their cinematherapy approach to human sexual response.

First it's assessing the situation with Peter in Kinsey.

For men having trouble rising to the occasion It's the little blue pill and Jake's movie Love and Other Drugs.

For the ladies, who in the words of Glimmer Twins "Can't get no Satisfaction", it's the next movie Maggie's working on with Hugh Darcy and Rupert Everett. "Hysteria" is a rom com about the history of the vibrator.

And for those wishing further exploration there is

"Center of the World"

and "Secretary."


bp said...


blush said...

Great post - and what a picture!

Love both Marvin Gaye songs.

Julian said...

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really Austin? said...

Are there people that find @Julian amusing?

Special K said...

Jake's in the final four in Popsugar's Shirtless Bracket.

If you like Jake without a shirt, they've compiled a great set of pictures.


Special K said...

I'm not sure what Austin is doing with the Julian twitter.

Is it a chance to be able to say things or wouldn't ordinarily be able to sneak in under Austin?

Is it an opportunity to show how pathetic and what his character has become on the show?

Or is it just another marketing/pr marketing ploy with the start of OTH in less than a month?

norwegian girl said...

it seems to me austin really likes attention. he`s twittering all the time. i know he mostly does in things he really believes in(and something for a good sake), but that makes me think like destiny: that jake mostly takes care of their child.

you know i`m a NPH-fan, think he`s taking the best steps he can with the media in becoming a father.

when it comes to most parents, your kids ARE your life. you have chosen them, so they deserve it!
you never try to hide them! maybe from photos, yes. but NOT they`re excisting! that`s it! ...if you do, you don`t put the kids first. you put yourself!
many people here say jake is protecting his kid by hiding him/her.
you don`t hide youre child and pretend he/she doesn`t excist if you care mostly about him/her. not in the real world were people also work hard for being a good parent. only in hollywood...where money makes the rules, i guess.
well, he doesn`t seem to have the same protection when it comes to ramona. i guess. maybe he`s not that good of an uncle then?...

will there be pictures on jj said...

Road trippin to Charlotte to see some old friends play a gig. Ever heard of Maroon 5? 13 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Jersey Tom said...
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Special K said...

Two new pics of Jake at Leadville. Looks like the same day as the other picture with the couple.

Jake and Peter


Special K said...

Didn't know how many people heard that NPH picked up 2 Emmys at the Creative Arts awards part of the Emmy's that was held this past weekend. (The Emmy's are on this Sunday) He got an Emmy for hosting the Tony's and picked up one for his guest role on Glee.

Speaking of Glee. Any Gleeks out there, looks like Kurt will be dating the quarterback. Towleroad

norwegian girl said...

thank yoy for noticing sk:) didn`t want to post it myself;)he got twins;)!

prairiegirl said...

ng, I agree with practically everything you said.

I too am getting more & more of a vibe that Jake is likely the primary caregiver of the kids. Now I don't know this, of course - I'm not in their hip pocket. I'm saying this simply from watching what Austin says.

And I agree with you up to a certain point about the hiding of the kids. It's just a really tenuous situation, I think. I will wholeheartedly agree with you once BT reaches preschool age. Until then, I'm cutting the guys some slack and trying to be quiet about it. Because I do understand some of the obstacles they have been facing. But the thing is, once those kids are school age, it needs to change. And if it doesn't, then yeah, I would agree that it becomes for totally selfish reasons.

But for now, I am just trying to be a little supportive, albeit an unknown supporter.

prairiegirl said...

it seems to me austin really likes attention. he`s twittering all the time.

lol, ng. That one cracked me up. I know you said it very earnestly and because it's said so simply, it killed me.

Jersey Tom said...

NG well very well said.

Some good stuff from USA Today.

Writer/director Dustin Lance Black and David Hauslaib founder of the blog Big Queerty, say gay actors often are advised by agents and casting directors to be low-key about their sexuality, if not in the closet.

"It's very difficult for an actor to come out if all the signals from agents, directors, and studios say 'we will not put a gay man in a leading straight romantic role,'" Hauslaib says."They look at audiences and based on no hard evidence, they conclude that movie goers will not pay to see a gay man play straight"

There is too much money at stake, Sean Griffin says. "Big tent-pole pictures are really, really large investments, so the studios wants to be sure nothing detracts the box office."

Special K said...

Did you notice Austin calling Maroon 5 old friends? And that Austin and Adam have tweeted each other. And let's see Adam was hanging out with Jake before he went on tour. Jake's been friends with Adam since kindergarten. Now let's think who could have introduced Austin to Adam a long time ago?

prairiegirl said...

Oh boy! Austin & Sophia on Just Jared.

I need to find a smurf avatar for Austin. I need Teen Smurf.

Hard to let go of Papa Smurf, though.

? said...

Do you think Adam got left back in kindergarten? Since he's a year and a half older than Jake I can't imagine they were in kindergarten together.

AUS10 said...

# My old bros are rockstars!!! http://twitpic.com/2hwz96
less than a minute ago via Twitpic

# Nothin better than drinkin a warm beer in the rock n roll parking lot before the rock n roll show.
about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Special K said...

Gyllenhaal's most notable relationship has been with actress Kirsten Dunst. He is friends with Maroon 5 front-man Adam Levine, having known him since kindergarten. He is close with his sister's boyfriend and Jarhead (2005) co-star, actor Peter Sarsgaard. Jake has two dogs: a German Shepherd named "Atticus" and a Puggle named "Boo Radley" after the characters of his favorite book, "To Kill A Mockingbird".

Levine is good friends with Jake Gyllenhaal, whom he has known since kindergarten, Billie Joe Armstrong, and actress Natalie Portman. He is friends with Adam Brody. Superiorpics.com

Adam went to the same high school as Jake Gyllenhaal and has known him since kindergarten. TV.com

One thought is that might have know each other since kindergarten but not in the same class, but maybe at school,living in the same neighborhood, sports, synagogue/Hebrew school, or other activities.

the real m said...

Learn something new every day. Jake went to school with Adam Brody. Not that I really care, but it always surprises me what tidbits surface.

destiny said...

Great news about NPH.

Totally agree with your post NG.

Not sure what I think of Julian's tweets.

How many times is the media going to trot out that old story about actors?

lmao said...
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wft2 - is this true?? said...

I remember when Wicked wrote a question asking about the significance of Austin's blue ring using a fill-in name and posters at OMG called her a troll and a babbler and told her to go back to babble. She phrased the question the same way she would if she was using her Wicked name - she wouldn't have gotten that poor treatment if she posted it under Wicked. It disgusted her so much that she left the blog.

Special K said...

Yes that did happen but was not that one incident that caused her to leave. I would know because we started this together. Everyone has their own reasons why they come and go, that is their decision. I respect Wicked and her reasons and choices for why she chose to move on. Wicked and I are friends to this day.

I find no other reason that you bring this up 2 years after she stopped being actively involved in the blog, than a futile attempt to create discord and disharmony here.

lurker said...

At least you are honest SK, but I'm afraid to say that although it was 2 years ago, behaviours have not changed :\

Alma maters said...

I've read that Adam Levine graduated high school from The Brentwod School. Jake graduated from to Harvard-Westlake.

Special K said...

What I said was that they have known each other since kindergarten. I did not say they went to high school together.

Jake did graduate from Harvard Westlake just like his sister did. In fact there was a post here on OMG how Jake went back to Harvard Westlake to be the guest speaker at the school's first student film festival.

It must be that Austin considers Adam and the band as old friends, and that it looks like Jake is the connection to him knowing them, that is so unsettling.

Just like Jake was friends with Matthew Katz Frost first (Matt was Jake's assistant on several movies before TDAT) and that Austin is now a long time friend with him as well.

except for online "friends"and they don't count baby! said...

Matthew/Adam/Austin= OMG, the same circle of friends, imagine that, people hanging around in the same circles having the same friends, LOL!!

Just like ordinary folks, except for folks who have no friends....

Special K said...

Again you ignore how Austin got to be friends with all of them, because you will not admit it was through Jake.

snoozeville said...

Not ignoring anything SK, I and others already figured it out it's just not a big deal like you make it out to be because it's normal.

Normal as in behaviour that is no big deal, except to you or rather you pretend it'a a big deal.

I'm sure there are other friends of Jake's that have become friends of Adam and Matt over the years and visa versa, big deal.

PS: Speaking of ignoring, you sure do your share of cherry picking info don't cha???

don't get the big deal said...

I'm not 10:23AM, but, even though Jake introduced Austin to some of his friends and they are now all mutual friends, I don't get the big deal either. That happens all the time with people and it's not remarkable. It doesn't tell you anything about what kind of relationship J&A have presently.

Stubborn TB said...

You are the only ones trying to make a big deal out of it.
Special simply said that Austin probably got to know Adam and the rest of the Maroon 5 as well as Matt Katz-Frost through Jake. You're claiming to agree with that, so why try to create a discussion out of it?

If you read anything more out of Special pointing out a connection, then maybe that is because you thought that it meant more.

simpletons said...

No big deal. It's just called love. It obviously bothers you guys immensely. Keep chattering on. You really are entertaining with your relentless protests of togetherness at a Jake and Austin Blog. If you don't believe move along. It's apparent you have a mission to disrupt and ridicule. I wish you trolls would get a new script. Maybe a life too because you hang out here 24/7.

don't get the big deal said...

If you read anything more out of Special pointing out a connection

I thought the way Special worded it as a question did indicate she thought it was significant. And maybe you should tell 11:11AM that it's no big deal because they think that introducing friends to each other indicates "love."

And, btw, 11:11AM, I'm not protesting "togetherness," I just don't see how introducing friends to each other years ago gives any indication of togetherness. No need to be so defensive.