Saturday, August 14, 2010

Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

Different takes on the newest sneak peek

I'm not a doctor but I play Doctor at home.

Gentleman, you'll thank me, your wives won't.

Why do the old dudes get the Viagra and I get the Xanax?
What are you trying to say?

How do I eat my 100% organic cereal?
Au natural of course.

'little spoon' so much better than with a 'spoon.

Is this right? It's been a while with a ....

What are you wearing? A Longhorns' shirt and....


Special K said...

So no tweets from Austin in almost 24 hours. He must be busy working on that Toothy smile.

You know, for the Crest thing tomorrow, of course. ; )

the real m said...

Cute, cute, cute. As for that picture with the tongue - I can't imagine any reason for that much tongue when kissing, but maybe they were going for movie exaggeration. It's nice to see Jake's clean shaven face.

can't make it up said...

Jake gets goosed Fashion Foie Gras

Jersey Tom said...

Wow NPH and his partner Dave are going to be proud Daddies in October. That is AWESOME!

Jersey Tom said...

Proud Daddies to be.

Special K said...

"So, get this: David and I are expecting twins this fall. We’re super excited/nervous/thrilled. Hoping the press can respect our privacy…" NPH tweet

Great news. And twins too. David has twins (by a surrogate) from a previous relationship. Talk about a full house

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, that is awesome news about NPH and his partner. Are they committed? Or are they BF/BF? I'm in the dark there.

How about that, NG?? I forgot to mention awhile ago that I was sorry to hear of the break up of your handball pair. While I'm not aware of who they are exactly, it's unfortunate to hear of their break up and causing you some heartache. Bummer.

lol, cute post. Yeah, I'm not sure why Jake's tongue looks like that in that scene. Are they about to make out? Why is he looking like the one being attacked? lol.

It's funny about the apparent great chemistry between him & Anne, though. I was talking with someone the other evening about chemistry. And it's funny how some actors have it way off the charts and then some don't. And some real life bf/gf have zero chemistry onscreen.

Like Austin/Sophia. They had chemistry before they began bearding. Now they have zilch on screen.

And Jake has had relatively little/none chemistry with female co-stars but he does with Anne H. Go figure.

Austin verrrrry quiet. lol. BTW, I love that last caption of Jake on the phone.

prairiegirl said...

Aw, I can't believe I didn't make note of the website on this comment. But I was perusing alot of websites this morning on reviews of the LAOD trailer and I saw this one:

I worked as an extra on this one. Jake Gyllenhaal seems like a funny guy. I saw him do a little dance in between takes to Michael Jackson one day. It was very amusing.

Jake up to his Lord of the Pants clogging again? LOL

Special K said...

Austin seems to be back tweeting. Sounds like from LA. And from the Mario Batali ref I would say dinner at Mozza.

Hmmmm who else likes Mozza? ; )

# Nevermind. They were goat cheese balls. Somebody call mario batali 4 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

# I am eating goat balls. Somebody call bear grylls 5 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

# GO I.B. #banthebag I love Imperial Beach. about 1 hour ago via web

# lindismith Over 80 people support @surfrider efforts to #banthebag in Imperial Beach today! about 4 hours ago via Twitterrific Retweeted by AUS10NICHOLS and 3 others

OMG said...

Cute post today. :)

the 1990s said...

LOL/amazed at LAOD looking like a Friends set, wardrobe and hair.

prairiegirl said...

Yup, leave it to Austin to say something like I'm eating goat balls.

lol. geez.

There's some cute pictures of NPH and his partner David on JJ at Disney World - they look really happy. It'll be interesting to see how things go with them as far as them being out and open with the surrogacy process. Maybe some magazine or something will do an article on it. And hopefully, it'll be a real positive experience as far as the high profile aspect of it because NPH is pretty well known now and very popular.

I hope it can be only encouraging for Jake and Austin, who went through the same thing but in complete secrecy.

Twins. LOL - man, can you imagine? This will be NPH's first experience. His first initiation is going to be straight to the deep end of the pool. LOL.

shit alert said...

"I hope it can be only encouraging for Jake and Austin, who went through the same thing but in complete secrecy."

please stop your bullshit now, it's getting embarassing. NPH and David are the real thing, Austy and Jake are just pure fantasy made up for danielle steel fans version gay!

prairiegirl said...

Uh, nooooo, it's your potty mouth that's embarrassing you.

I don't feel embarrassed at all, actually. I feel pretty confident.

You got a problem? Take it up with a rocking chair. I hear those can be pretty soothing.

prairiegirl said...


poor people. It just really upsets some.

gray hair brigade said...

Okay Grandma Prairie Girl. Honestly, you age this place. It's not a blog for the geriatric set.

Or is it?

destiny said...

Great news about NPH and Burkah. Their kids are blessed to have parents that are confident and proud of who they are and of being parents. Parents who won't let the closet keep them apart and won't think twice about going out of the house with their own kids.

prairiegirl said...

Actually, I think Jake is busting at the seams over being a parent. Austin? I have absolutely no idea - it's impossible to tell how he feels about fatherhood since he reveals nothing. Not even in his "exclusive" interview that he gave that girl who runs that everythingaustin blog, or whatever it's called, sorry I forget for sure its exact name.

I think Jake's non-stop chatter about fatherhood during the PoP press tour which included word drops like baby crib and his appearance on Radio Disney revealed an obssessive train of mental preoccupation. (lol - see, M&M, I've been practicing!)

Unfortunately, he was also denying the same in the same breath which is pretty heartbreaking.

But...I also don't know everything that's going on behind the scenes. This presence of the same bodyguard for several years is kind of worrisome. Why is that?

Alot of things seem to have a way of being revealed as time goes along so for right now, I'm trying to be patient, something that's definitely not a strength of mine, unfortunately.

agree in part said...

I have absolutely no idea
I also don't know everything that's going on behind the scenes


This presence of the same bodyguard for several years is kind of worrisome.

Why? Lots of celebs use bodyguards on occasion. Why wouldn't you use the same one if you could?

revealed an obssessive train of mental preoccupation

It revealed nothing except the fact that he was promoting a movie aimed at kids. I guarantee you that this "mental preoccupation" you think he has won't be present when he's promoting LAOD.

prairiegirl said...

Patience. Something I ran out of at Whole Foods this morning.

1st of all, I certainly was geriatric this morning, LOL! It's the 3rd Sunday, so it's my turn to usher at my old church in K.C. So off I go, making perfect time. Soon as I get there, parking lot is empty. Dangit! I forgot. Only 1 service in August. lol. I called my usher partner and told her I was going back home; I can't hang around til 10.

And I missed my other church service which was at 8. So, since I'm sort of in the area, I go to Whole Foods. Breakfast Pizza is calling!!!

And as usual, I stand there and wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. Now, this is the only thing that has irritated me there. Everytime I go, I have to wait forever to be waited on. And there can be white jacketed personnel standing right there! working and they won't say anything. Because they're Bakery.

And every time, I'm the only one over there! I counted nine (9) white jacketed workers behind that counter/in the kitchen this morning at 9 o'clock, 3 of which were "Bakery", standing right in front of me. I finally walked down the length of the showcase and asked a young gal who could help. She did, acting like Oh! I didn't see you!. And I wasn't rude nor abusive, but I gave her a pretty good earful, one that those Bakery dudes heard every word.

What's the procedure here? She explained that the workers were all broken up into sections: Bakery, Hot Foods, Deli or whatever that was down there. Okay. But Bakery Dudes couldn't holler that there was a customer who needed help? Good grief, I virtually had my entire face pressed up against the glass, salivating over that Veggie Brkfst Pizza!! No one can see that?

That's bullcrap, sorry. I wish I could try an experiment and send a test-customer to that counter in that same situation, same time, same level of busyness (as in absolutely none). I'm beginning to wonder if there isn't some kind of selective customer assistance going on there.

**sigh**. Shouldn't be that way but that's really irritating. 9 workers. That's the part that really gets ya.

Adam makes me feel 21 again said...

It's not a blog for the geriatric set.

Or is it?

Got it in one.

prairiegirl said...

Of course it won't because the subject matter is going to be totally different, 11:10. I'm sure Jake is probably going to be talking non-stop about being nekkid, his merkin, sex, being nekkid, sex, oh yeah, and his merkin. Probably slip in some talk about sex. And being nekkid.

What do baby cribs have to do with sex anyway other than that's how that baby crib got to be there in the first place?

Because while LAOD has a serious underlying theme, judging from the word that Anne has her top off through alot of the beginning of the movie and that's how they're selling it, then I think it's safe to say that sex is what's going to be pushed.

So, yeah. I think Jake is probably going to be talking sex during the press tour, and not families. What would be strange about that? Absolutely nothing.

Whole Foods said...

Patience is on aisle 5.

do it yourself said...

What do baby cribs have to do with sex anyway other than that's how that baby crib got to be there in the first place?

Wait....babies are made at Ikea?

prairiegirl said...

Now before I go, I'm going to say this.

Ask me if I care how upset you are over talk involving Jake, Jake & Austin, Jake & Austin being fathers through surrogacy, Jake & Austin probably having diaper changing experience, Blues Clues on their television, and onesies in their laundry?

As you can see from this past Thurs, the 12th, we have a very, very, very, very tiny few participators on this blog.

Very tiny. As in......tiny. As in......a handful.

Very obscure. We're minding our own business here. No one's quoting from here. No one's using OMG as a quote machine and reference for Jake & Austin history. Did you hear David Letterman, Regis & Kelly, or any of those 1000 other interviewers asking Jake about what OMGers are speculating about? And what does he have to say about it? Do you see OMG mentioned on Quoted on Huffington Post?

Do you hear Jake or Austin issuing a press release telling OMG to pipe down? No? You know why? They're too busy tweeting and going to Whole Foods to give a flip.

So I suggest you ask yourself why this is raising your blood pressure. If no one else is paying any attention, is not even aware and/or could care less about what a measley few are saying on here, why are you taking it so personally hard?

Sounds like a totally, isolated personal problem to me. You need to get over it or go find yourself a rocking chair. Listen to some David Lanz. Drink some hot tea and maybe cut back on that Mountain Dew.

I'm gone. I've wasted too much energy already on ya.

let's try this again said...

What would be strange about that?

Nothing will be strange about that. Who said it would be strange? But you miss the point. Jake wasn't talking about kids during PoP promotion because he has a "mental preoccupation" with them. He was talking about kids because that was part of the job of promoting that movie.

Special K said...

Jack see stopped by this morning.

While not many write as before the number of people who come to OMG has remained pretty consistent on a daily basis, over the past 3 years. And it is not just one reason (like Reeke) that made more people become more readers than writers, think it was a combination of a different things.

Jack said...

I see that you are here too. meh

Family is the most important thing said...

Nothing will be strange about that. Who said it would be strange? But you miss the point. Jake wasn't talking about kids during PoP promotion because he has a "mental preoccupation" with them. He was talking about kids because that was part of the job of promoting that movie.

Beginning in December 2009, long before the promotion of PoP, Jake was quoted time and time again talking about family. He even said that's why he took the part in BROTHERS. There are so many clues that lead to Jake having children, (including the jump start of Reeke), it isn't even debatable to me. Then, of course, there's the Q7 Audi dream machine tailored made for a bachelor on the prowl.

I join everyone else in congratulating NPH and his partner David Burtka on the great news regarding the expansion of their family. Good for them.