Friday, August 6, 2010

Run A Way

A lot of people think this guy

looks like this guy
Stuart Minkus

but what does this guy

have to do with this guy on Austin Friday?

Well this

Who'da thunk.

Austin's newest endeavor for Gulf Relief


I am running a half marathon in November to benefit the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. I am looking for donations, sponsors, corporate sponsorship. I am going to run my ass off. I am going to run so hard and so fast. My feet are going to bleed for the gulf and my eyes are going to cry. I also want to inspire others to get in shape and live a healthier life. How can we help the planet get healthier if we can't even get off the couch?? (Austin's aiming high with goal of $150,000 for the run.)

Maybe a little combination of Running Man meets Logan's Run

Guess Half Marathon Man, Project Run(a)way and Run Goosey Run weren't allowed by the Project Leader.

To inspire you, we leave you this.

It covers a lot of ground Austin.


merriam said...

...and Run Goosey Run weren't aloud...

Aloud?? ALOUD????

Come on, fix that shit. At least pretend you proofread your posts.

Special K said...

Hello to you too.

Stubborn TB said...

There are 175 words in the post, and you found one of them spelled wrong.
Well, that certainly proves Special doesn't proofread, cause when you do, one single word would never escape you...

And even if it's going to cause you to be all pouty and say that it's unfair to tell you to leave: If you have such a problem with there being an occasional spelling error in the posts, how about just starting your own blog with daily new posts where you can proofread to your hearts desire?

Or if that's too harsh for you: How about just pointing it out nicely instead of being a bitch about it?

prairiegirl said...

Well said, Stubborn.

Merriam, you act like this blog is for Rhodes Scholars or only Summa Cumma Cumma Chameleons. Would you just relax, good grief. It's Friday and you're sounding like we've skipped right into Monday morning.

You know, I bet I've heard that at least 10 times today from co-workers. Everyone's in a chipper mood because "It's Friday!". Friday's have that extra little ooomph to them, don't they? There's no other feeling like it.

wow he's grown up said...

Jake Moonlight Mile interview

prairiegirl said...

I forgot to say I love Austin's campaign slogan for his run. You know, I think Sophia said that marathon is in October? Or is it September? I know it's coming up pretty quick.

And you just don't set out and do even a 1/2 marathon **snap** just like that. They both better seriously train and yet not overdue in the beginning or they'll strain something. But it's a great goal to do and what an accomplishment to do it.

I don't have the ability to do those. 5K walks aren't even in my yearly activities anymore. But I wish they were. So good luck to Austin!! It's a great goal and cause.

Run my ass off. LOL. He kills me sometimes.

destiny said...

Not that he had any scenes with Jake, but I always find it amusing that Minkus was the first victim in Zodiac

So Soapy and Mr. Dish are going to run a half marathon together. I guess it's better than coffee runs.

destiny said...

Totally OT, but ROFLMAO

Reindeer Steals Wife

Special K said...

Well there is a half marathon in Wilmy November 7. I think Sophia mentioned a half marathon in November.

Battleship NC Half Marathon

But there's a lot of half marathons in NC this fall.

October 2010
Sunday, Oct. 3
Run for the Booty Half Marathon & 5K
Greenville, NC

Saturday, Oct. 9
Bethel Half Marathon & 5K Canton, NC

Saturday, Oct. 16
Cannonball Run Half Marathon & 5K
Greensboro, NC

Saturday, Oct. 16
Neuse River Bridge Run Half Marathon, 10K & 5K
New Bern, NC

November 2010
Sunday, Nov. 7
City of Oaks Marathon & Half Marathon
Raleigh, NC

Sunday, Nov. 7
Battleship Half Marathon & 5K Wilmington, NC

Sunday, Nov. 14
OBX Marathon, Half Marathon
& Group Fun Run
Kitty Hawk, NC

Thursday, Nov. 25
Lake Norman Turkey Trot Half Marathon
Huntersville, NC

December 2010
Saturday, Dec. 11
Thunder Road Marathon,
Half Marathon, 10K & Relay Charlotte, NC

Sunday, Dec. 12
Run to Victory Half Marathon
& 5-Mile Run/Walk
Randleman, NC

no personal space said...

New pics on IHJ of Jake working out in stadium/field with a friend, I think that Katz guy. Interesting to say the least.

destiny said...

Run for the Booty is the one they should sign up for.

Special K said...

They are part of a set, and guess who else was there during that work out?


Those ears and the skinny legs don't lie.

Special K said...

Run for the Booty is what Austin does when he heads "home" for the weekend.

destiny said...

Pictures appear to be from March 2006.

lol said...

merriam sounds just like someone else on this blog

destiny said...

That's Austin for sure in that photo you linked to Special.

uncle dogwalker said...

Yeah who was taking care of Boo.

ted's back said...

Truth Lies & Ted: Grumpy Reese Bitterspoon?

generic guy said...

Idk if that's Austin. He isn't the only guy who's skinny with short hair and large ears. Believe me I see guys who look like that guy all the time. IMO the guy could easily be a stranger, who recognized Jake at that moment and maybe asked him who he was, if he was an actor, which would explain the slightly annoyed "don't bother me" look on his face. In respects to the existing pics, unless there's a definitive mark (like a mole or scar) that matches up to Austin then really the guy could be anyone.

Special K said...

Sorry this has been discussed several times on the original WFT, WFT2 and here on OMG and that's Austin in the picture I posted. There were several guys at the track working out that day with Jake. Austin was one of those guys. Austin had worked out with Jake before at that track. Look at the picture I put in the post today, that was another time they worked out together.

That is Austin.

Vanity Fair said...

LOL, someone was awfully quick to run here with what they thought was recent evidence of Jake getting too friendly with a guy other than Austin. Too bad they ignored the dates and the full set of photos.

Karma Chameleon said...

Merriam, you act like this blog is for Rhodes Scholars or only Summa Cumma Cumma Chameleons. Would you just relax, good grief. It's Friday and you're sounding like we've skipped right into Monday morning.

PG, you had me ROTFLMAO with this one. :) Thanks for the laugh!

question said...

Special is today's song Austin's "unofficial" theme song for the run?

little douche coop said...

Austin's theme song for the run is "Running With The Devil" and his theme song for the route is "Highway To Hell".

norwegian girl said...

i`m very happy with the desicion against proposition 8, but i`m also sad because it`s over for my favorite couple in norway. handboll-players gro and katja:( why can`t my favorites stay together? well, it`s not my life so i just have to wish them the best:)

Special K said...

The silver vs black Audi question comes back. Sometimes seen in a black Audi sometimes in a silver one.


Question by ddddddddddpoop: Does Jake Gyllenhaal drive a black Audi car?
I was recently in LA and I think that I saw him driving a black audi. It could have been some hottie who looked like him, but I dunno. I know this is a really stupid and pointless question, but I was just wondering. I doubt anybody would really know! Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Chad D
I think he has an A8, but I may be thinking of someone else.

9to6 blog

Special K said...

Hi NG. Hope things are going well. Sad to hear about Gro and Katja. I remember when you shared that with us here at OMG.

And the song of the day.... well....

AUS10 said...

Correction. Blood, bile, and tears.
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Go to to support my blood, sweat, and tears!!
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I am running a half marathon for the gulf. I'm going to bleed and probably vomit and cry.
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

the real m said...

We went to see Inception for the 2nd time today. I can not begin to tell you how much more I got out if it this time through vs the first time. It's just too much to take in the first time. The theater was packed - a full house at the 1:10 PM showing this many days since it first opened. The audience was rapt, no coughing, fidgeting or rustling. That says a lot itself. I don't know how many were repeat viewers, but I had to laugh when at least 3 times people literally ran out of the theater and ran back in (obviously newbies that had not peed before hand)so as not to miss too much. I need to see it one more time though, but will probably wait for dvd.

dream said...

is the plot to complex for you or what, real m?

misspell? said...

stabborn tb, I would agree with you if it was an occasional misspell, but instead also find it rather irritating and this is definitely not the first time it happens constantly. it is also not just misspelling, more like using words in the wrong places, which seem to indicate poor knowledge of the language

Stubborn TB said...

misspell? said...
stabborn tb,(... run-on sentences with no punctuation follow ...)

'Nuff said.

qwerty said...

It's easy to criticize people's spelling and grammar errors on a website but we all need to remember that the internet is worldwide and not everyone is fluent in English or whatever language the blog might originate from. Also please have compassion and patience: all people are better at some things and lacking in others. Maybe Special is a visual or artistic person or great with numbers or musically inclined or physically disabled or has five kids interrupting her or she is caring for an elderly or ill family member. You just don't know what other people may be dealing with. So relax.. misspellings here on the internet are no big deal. And enjoy the potential surprise: sometimes an inadvertent misspelling or grammar error can invent a new word or phrase and have a whole different but hilarious meaning!

throwing your stone back at you said...

which seem

LOL at the misspelling ("stabborn"), non-capitalization ("stabborn" and "it"), grammar error ("which seem" should be "which seems") and missing period at the end of the sentence (after "language"). People in glass houses....

Methodical Muser said...

Beautifully said, qwerty.

“The best thing to give to your enemy is forgiveness; to an opponent, tolerance; to a friend, your heart; to your child, a good example; to a father, deference; to your mother, conduct that will make her proud of you; to yourself, respect; to all men, charity.”

Benjamin Franklin

Adam makes me feel 21 again said...

Beautifully said, qwerty.

Weren't you the one criticizing Austin for his spelling on Twitter?

Special K said...

Say goodnight Jack. You're done for the night.

Arnie and Jerry said...

Top officials in California urge judge to allow same-sex marriage

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger asked a federal judge Friday to allow same-sex marriages while an appeal over the struck-down law that banned them makes its way through the courts.


Methodical Muser said...

Teasing a celebrity who is trying to be clever and portray himself as one half of the tweeting twins, is a world of difference from an individual lambasting someone's entire grammatical approach and literary style. Particularly, when that same ranter, needs to hire their own proofreader before posting. Critiquing and setting forth opinions is something we all do. But, personal attacks, seething with venom are more than just a form of expression or entertainment. They are meant to be hurtful and are mean-spirited.

And, I can tell you secretly love Adam. Remember, denial will only make you bitter. I mean more bitter than you already are.

Sister Mary Magda said...

OMG you had an extra comma in there, MM. Go stand in the corner. Now.

Methodical Muser said...

LOL. Ummmm, that comma was optional. ;-)

Atticus said...

Everyone: for each spelling or grammar error you have to buy me a steak.

Detroit said...

Does anyone remember this tweet from some days ago:

" saw 200 brazilians boarding a jet to rio. I tried to gatecrash and get on the flight. "No mr. Nichols. I'm sorry, you're going to detroit. 5:23 AM Jul 30th via Twitter for BlackBerry®"

Someone (Destiny?) said he was probably joking but he now it looks like he was not:


Filming location: Detroit, Michigan

Austin really loves to give little hints.

prairiegirl said...

Good lookout, Detroit. Thanks!

Great news on Austin!

LOL re: Schoolhouse Rock volleyball discussion last night.

prairiegirl said...

Gotta keep it short. No patience for textstyle blogging.


Special K said...

Great catch about the Detroit tweet. He does love to give hints. Gotta say I was thrown with the time stamp on the tweet at first, then realized it comes up in the time zone you read them. So here on the East Coast the time date stamp was this:

"saw 200 brazilians boarding a jet to rio. I tried to gatecrash and get on the flight. "No mr. Nichols. I'm sorry, you're going to detroit.

11:23 PM Jul 29th via Twitter for BlackBerry®