Monday, August 23, 2010

Just Julian!

It might not be the softer side of Sears, but the softer side of Austin instead. In a Three Faces of Eve kind of move (Could we call it the Two sides of Twitter?) Julian has broken free to let himself be heard.

Hey CW can we say spin off?

He's a sensitive guy.
Who likes to cry.
He's just Jul-ian!

He's a super sweet.
With nails like a candy treat.
He's just Jul-ian!

He's showing the side
They told him to hide
He's just Jul-ian!

It's Justtttt Ju---lian!

That's Me!

Episode One: Julian breaks free of the tyranny.

Mary Richards Julian Baker is a single woman fella who, at age 30, moves to Minneapolis after breaking off an engagement with her boyfriendBrookeDavis(TM) after two years. SheHe applies for a secretarial job at TV station WJM, but is offered the position of Associate Producer for the station's "Six O'Clock News." SheHe befriends her his tough but lovable boss Lou Grant (Edward Asner), newswriter Murray Slaughter (Gavin MacLeod), and buffoonish anchorman Ted BaxterRon Burgandy. Mary Julian later becomes the show's Producer. With a special guest appearance from Betty White as Susan Nivens.

'Cause Who can turn the world on with his smile?

Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?"
Well it's you Jules, and you should know it
With each glance and every little movement you show it

Love is all around, no need to waste it
You can have a town, why don't you take it
You're gonna make it after all
You're gonna make it after all

"You're gonna make it after all."

Now Toss the hat!

While reading Julian's tweets is like a twitter version of a Lifetime Television movie and a commercial for a feminine hygiene products,(In soft focus, walking along a beach with gentle waves) he does drop tons of hints, did you catch them?

Just waiting for Julian to tweet he's got that not so fresh feeling.


Julian said...

Can't wait to have my nails done and unwind tonight with the love of my life. :)
half a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Beautiful day in tree hill. I'm taking haley some flowers. Quick chat. Then off to talk to nathan about his problems. Tata
1 minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Seaweed said...

Somehow, somewhere, I do believe that Julian/Austin has inspired even more whimsy than ever in our Special blogger...

Not sure where all this stuff comes from but I'm still laughing to myself, and this will continue long into this evening.

love ya Special!

LOLz said...

Oh lord, I don't know how you do it Spesh - lmao here. ;) Cute post.

Special K said...

Well Julian has his own twitter account now

I just saw that julian hacked my twitter again. I'm forcing him to get his own account.
30 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I just made julian get his own twitter. @sensitivejulian
7 minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Sensitive Julian

Julian already has over 1000 followers.

Check him out. And what he retweets

Julian's tweets

There has been an incredible show of support for @sensitivejulian already. thank you all. my arms are open to you all for HUGGIES!!! 3 minutes ago via web

# Stay Sensitive, San Diego. Stay Sensitive, Planet Earth. 7 minutes ago via web

# She is a supportive, beautiful, perfect woman. And I am the luckiest man alive. But SensitiveJulian is here to listen to all of you. 8 minutes ago via web

# I also want everyone to know that even though I am in love with Brooke, I am here to be your SensitiveJulian. She supports us 100%. 10 minutes ago via web

# I will b here 2 comfort you in the hard times. You can lay ur head on my shoulder. You can cry into my chest. i will b your SensitiveJulian. 39 minutes ago via web

Special K said...

Some of the tweets to Julian include:

lillypauline: @SensitiveJulian omg you're a freak but I love you! Let's cry & eat ice-cream together to heal our broken hearts ;)

23OneTreeHill: @SensitiveJulian would make a great dad
2 minutes ago via web · Reply · View Tweet · Thread Show Conversation

KatieScarlet: I don't know who is better @AUS10NICHOLS or @SensitiveJulian. They are both so awesome!
2 minutes ago via web · Reply · View Tweet

lolll said...

Sensitive Julian follows Oprah.

OMG said...


OMG said...

SensitiveJulian omg you're a freak but I love you!

This is my favorite one. :)

Special K said...

Julian said:

probably Eat, Pray, Love. (for the third time) then take a shower. healthy dinner. and curl up on the couch for a little sex and city Aug 22nd via web

Jake Gyllenhaal: I am SEX and the City

Hmmmmm. ; )

another brother-in law coloboration said...

I wonder how long Jake and Peter will be in Co? According to tweets/FB sightings theyare still there, sounds like they are seriously interested in the McDougall story

Special K said...

I haven't seen any tweets today about them being there. I did see one tweet that Jake was a relief station but that was either a day or so ago.

So if you have other links about them being there after Friday. Would love if you share.

another brother in law coloboration said...

Jake and Peter in Co. Sat:

And here:

jscejka: I ran 12 miles, almost 5000 ft elevation gain, and descent, got John to aid station before cutoff. Saw Jake Gyllenhaal there...very surreal about 24 hours ago via TweetDeck

There were a few FB sightings in Sunday as well with Peter, and one today of them at the airport, have to track those down.

another brother in law coloboration said...

As i'm lookng for the FB sightings from Sunday, I have to point out that the race took place on Saturday morning and Jake and Peter were spotted shopping on Saturday night.

So the 2 sightings above are after Friday.

Special K said...

Thanks for the links.

I saw the one about the aid station, like I mention. Hadn't seen the FB sighting of them at Sawatch Backcountry.

the real m said...

Cute, cute post today. And another winning picture of Austin.

Re your comment Special, Ted has been giving more straightforward answers lately, so it would not hurt to ask a direct question about the number of kids they have. I've had no luck with him and questions. I've sent him a few but they have never been chosen.

Me myself and I said...

Ahhhh, poor M. Send him more, I'm sure he will turn one of them into a "juicy" story, a "real bombshell".

Special K said...

One of our previous Out Spotlights, Art Smith married his partner Jesus Salgueiro this past weekend in Washington, DC.

Check out how they tied the knot

Special K said...

Sad news Martin Short's Wife Nancy Dolman, passed away. CNN

The Gyllenhaals were neighbors of the Shorts when Jake and Maggie were growing up, and Martin as Jiminy Glick interviewed Jake in a cameo for the movie Jiminy Glick in Lalawood.

On the Letterman show Dave, Paul and Jake talked about Jake being neighbors with the Shorts. (But not in the 'Bu like Paul thought)

prairiegirl said...

Sad to hear regarding Martin Short's wife. I haven't seen too much of him for quite awhile it does seem.

Interesting to hear more regarding Jake & Peter being in Colorado. Hey, well, this Leadville 100 appears to be quite the major event. I would love to see Jake in a movie like this - see how well he does on a bike. Or if he decides to also dabble behind the camera as well - that would be cool.

So helpful of people to let us know about this, too. Unasked for, too. Just awesome.

Well, I'll have to do some further research on this Leadville 100 and whatnot when I get home. See if I can tell just what is so extraordinary about it. I don't even know where Leadville is. Reckon I can educate myself that way as well.

prairiegirl said...

And I can honestly say I am finally done with Chapter 5!!!!!!! Woohoooo! Just finished the final read through. I don't know if my beta is going to get to look at it - I think she's getting ready for vacay. But if so, it will go up un-beta'd. It's been long enough as it is. I really struggled again with this one - but I think I'm past the difficult part now. It's supposed to be a Christmas mini thing-y and I was just thinking today that it's about September. LOLLLL! It will be Christmas before I finish this thing.

Well, back to the salt mines, I guess.

prairiegirl said...

OH, wait a minute!! This is hilarious.

I'm on my way into work this morning; grousing at all the slow people coming into the business park because I had an important 7am meeting and due to my own fault, was going to make it but still.

Anyway, what hits me all of a sudden but my avatar.

Papa Smurf. I searched & searched for the perfect silhouetted, bearded profile. You know why. lol. And I had to give that up and just google search big beards.

Well, there's Papa Smurf. And I thought 'hey, that looks alot like Jake's beard. He's not blue, but you know...that's alright. (If Austin's gone too long, guess he could be blue. LOLLLL!!! Couldn't resist that one either!! Oh man, I killed myself on that one.)

Anyway. lol. Where was I.

Oh yeah, so I ended up using Papa Smurf. Then I happened to think this morning on my way in - that Jake is a dad. And a couple of us have called him Papa.

Papa Smurf!!!! How appropriate can you get? And I didn't even think of that when I clicked & saved. LOLLLL!!!!

Alright, I'm gone. Just a little avatar humor there.