Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We all scream for ....

i have an addiction to ice cream. this is serious. i am pacing the room right now. trying not to eat it.
its all i want. its all i care about in life. without it, there is no reason to go on!!!!!! i need an intervention. i need rehab.

So Austin's an ice cream addict, the truth is out there.

But what kind? There are so many options for him to get his fix.

He's a Texan. So he could go with fellow Texan Willie Nelson's Country Peach Cobbler.

And he's Dutch. So it could be Dave Matthew's Magic Brownies for those munchies.

And after doing this

Yes Pecan! could be in the running.

Now what kind of quirky cinephile would he be if he didn't consider?

And after all of the stuff about helping The Gulf and Saving the Salty Waters, may one of these
Now of course one flavor that if he had it, would get leaked.

But we know it more this than any other the others.

And Jake licks that up with a spoon.

Two Wheel Tuesday
Get on You Bikes and Ride.


Yum said...

Delicious post - I'd go for the Hubby Hubby too. :)

Yum said...

My goodness, what a great song. ;)

destiny said...

(((EV)))). So good to hear from you, but so sorry to hear what you've been through. To lose your partner is heartbreaking, and doubly so while fighting cancer.

I can't really add anything to the wonderful posts written by our "writers" here, Special and PG, other than to say that I always felt a bit of a special connection to you since we both have Arizona in common, and I have often wondered how you were doing.

I am not a praying-kind of woman, but know that you are in my thoughts.


destiny said...

Can't think of Jake and ice cream without thinking of the ice cream truck in Bubble Boy.

Can't believe that story about Jana's one-month marriage. How can someone know so little about their partner that it only takes a month for it all to end??

Six-Armed Goddess said...

Can't think of Jake and ice cream without thinking of the ice cream truck in Bubble Boy.

That was my favorite part! :)

Special K said...

Remember Jake at the Oscar party pic? Behind Ang Lee, Texas Longhorn? Mouth = Gaping Fish?

That's Austin in these pictures x 5. To the 10th power.

Yeah he was "enjoying" a lot at the wedding, PG.

It makes me think of a couple things. Sometimes for introverted people situations like this can be really daunting. Some have something to drink to loose up, some adopt almost the extreme of their personality to fit into the situation at the moment, some do both. I can see Austin almost overindulging in both of those things.

Austin in his interview with Ocean Drive talks about going to this famous nightclub in South Beach with the producers of a independent movie he had done there in Miami. He talked about them going to sit by the pool and how he got "completely obliterated." "It was the only way I could deal. I'm not very good in those situations."

This is not the first time he's gone to a wedding with Sophia as her plus one, for her friends' weddings, and that was ok, it didn't bother him. But I think that Jana was HIS friend too and it was tough that he couldn't come with his hubby to his friend's wedding. When you go to weddings it's all about love celebrating it especially when your friends and find love like you have. Who wouldn't want to share that with the love of their life.

Austin had also been with his family in Michigan in the days before and bet thinking about Jake and the kids and all his has, I'm sure that also added to all the to some of the reasons for his party 'tude. Kind of pressing all of those feelings about who he really wanted to be there with, and just to go on make the best of it, and it all went sideways with a heck of a hangover.

Special K said...

Can't think of Jake and ice cream without thinking of the ice cream truck in Bubble Boy.

LOL Definitely.

At my old job a friend of mine who loved Bubble Boy would yell when she saw me walk by her office, Ice Cream! Ice Cream! and I would yell back Curry! Curry!

I'm still dreaming about ice cream that I got at Jose Andres restaurant Zaytinya in DC when I went to see Wicked. What kind of ice cream? Thyme. It was one of the most exquisite things I've ever tasted. It was an incredible combination of wonderfully rich creamy sweet and savory deliciousness.

reality check said...

Why do you have to make jaustin sound like some schoompy hollywood movie? Jake is the love of Austin's life and he had to get drunk to get through the pain of not being with him? Bullshit. Jake is a guy who has fucked around throughout his relationship with Austin, and you need your eyes testing if you think Austin looked ten times as wasted as Jake did at the oscar party. He looks like he's having a great time with his friends. Big deal.

oh boy said...

What I'm wondering is where SK came to the conclusion tha Austin is introverted. That story about Miami, sitting around the pool with the producers doesn't sound like he was/is introverted. No, it sounds like he was uncomfortable with the cliche; producers hanging around hotel pool.

two questions, same answer said...

Why do you have to make jaustin sound like some schoompy hollywood movie?

What I'm wondering is where SK came to the conclusion tha Austin is introverted.

Wish fulfillment.

prairiegirl said...

Reposted from this morning - only this reference to what is a very romantic sounding place that Jake is reported to have been:

Wow. This Tortuga Resort is paradise on earth. Fascinating reading. It's gorgeous looking; it's in the Dominican Republic and it is very exclusive. It's inaccessible once you're inside and it is luxurious to the T, okay? From the time you are escorted from the plane's tarmac to an awaiting transportation and taken directly to the check in. A golf cart comes with each room and you are catered to personally for anything you need. I took a virtual tour of a room and the view from the bedroom was beautiful. You have access to I forget how many different lagoons, pools, etc. Golf courses. Your baggage is handled; you don't have to touch it. Romantic, romantic, romantic. (the luggage non-touching isn't romantic, but I'm not moving that sentence now.)

So you know Jake isn't going alone to a place like this. And it is quoted that Jake Gyllenhaal has been there. An employee is quoted as saying that it's a very quiet, private resort; guests can be there and yet not be seen. This employee said he himself had no idea when Jake had been there.

I could see the 2 guys being there. Jake knows Austin loves water. What a wonderful place to take him to. And what an isolated, romantic place to build upon a foundation that is already laid. I don't know for sure if he went here with Austin but knowing Jake's PR people, had it been a person who is of the female persuasion, you know it would've been touted about in some manner.

Like I said - this place is total isolation, total privacy. No outsiders allowed in, it's discreet, it's quiet. Bedrooms with close views of the ocean and pampered, pampered, pampered.

Stubborn TB said...

Wish fulfillment.

Or maybe just reading comprehension, which she posesses while you clearly don't.

She even added the freaking quote to her post, but these many words are so hard to read, aren't they?

Stubborn TB said...

In other news, I have decided that Ben and Jerry are two very evil men.
And I think I need to go to NC and attend an ice-a-holic anonymous meeting with Austin.

prairiegirl said...

Sometimes for introverted people situations like this can be really daunting.

Ha! Yeah, you don't have to tell me that. Myself, who has turned down I don't how many parties, company dinners/socials, after work cocktails/happy hours because the thought of standing around making small talk while holding a glass of whatever that I really don't even want to drink to begin with, but hey, it's something to do (keep sipping, sipping, sipping) with the hands, is terrifying. This summer I chickened out on my little buddy's big birthday party because it started to sound like way too many people. Alot of people from work, who I know. Am friends with alot of. But in that kind of situation? No.

So I totally understand that. It just seemed like these particular pictures, you really don't want out there on the internet where potential employers can see them. Or where your kids might see them when they're older. Because once they're on the internet and someone saves them to their hard drive? That's it.

And there wasn't anything illegal. Not at all. But should maybe someone have cut him off?

Should someone maybe be looking out for that, thinking of those reasons I stated above.

This is what's dicey for celebs, I think, and they need to start thinking about when they go to parties & personal, social events.

Just kind of keep your wits about you or else make sure no one's taking pictures. You've got to be smart.

L said...

SK, The quote you posted could be interpreted several different ways - none of which scream INTROVERT SPEAKING HERE. :-)

Special K said...

Gotta wonder what would Jake or Austin do for a Klondike Bar

Old Klondike commercial

prairiegirl said...

someone = Sophia

I didn't look at the dates on these new wedding pictures. But for the longest time, the only ones I ever saw were ones of those 2 in the grassy area like they were arriving or something, and then the one of them sitting at a table of what looked to be the wedding reception.

But this is a whole new batch and it looks like a pretty rowdy time.

And as someone else pointed out, it looks like the only time we are seeing him like this is in Sophin situations. Remember that party when Reese looked quite inebriated and was hanging out of the car? And it looked like Jake was trying to just get her the heck out of there maybe before too many pictures were taken and she did or said something to embarrass herself?

Well, Sophia maybe needs to start thinking about doing the same thing. Or you know, if Austin was yelling alot, gee, could you ask your friend to not be taking pictures of him? Think of his profession? It's not like Austin is an obscure dentist from SmallTown, U.S.A.

There's too many websites where we Plain ol' Joe/Jane Public can put up pictures for free. Fanpop, Twitpic, Flickr, etc.

Am I overreacting again? Am I the only one who sees these pictures and thinks gee, why did this guy put these pictures up? And they're put up under Sophin so all the OTH fans have seen them. And well...on from there.

Special K said...

Let's look at Austin at for a second.

He tends to like many introverted activities, watching movies and tv and reading, writing, those things give him energy and spark his creativity. Who is that like? An introvert.

He has also said that he likes step back and observe people and places, and who does that? Introverts.

He also get very uncomfortable on the red carpet with all the focus and attention on him. An extrovert, like Jake eats it up, Austin is clearly not comfortable. But is engaging one on one. Just like an introvert.

That's not to say introverts can't be good actors, sometimes they are better because they use all they observe to put into their performance. An introvert can turn it on and make themselves extrovert, but slip back to their introverted ways.

prairiegirl said...

I'm sorry if I am putting a damper on the ice cream party.

I'm done now. Down in Wichita and I wanted to respond to Special K's comment so that I don't come across as sounding like I'm trying to start something. I'm not.

I believe in all the necessary criteria that is Jake & Austin. I praise them, too and I've been back behind Jake since Reeke was over. And I was behind Austin before Sophin started. LOLLLL! Nah, I still am. Just not as frequently, lol.

It's weird that I feel like I have to defend my comments and apologize for ruining a fun post but I do. It feels like I'm trying to smuggle something through the underground, lol. **sigh**. It's really not funny but oh well.
If it's not welcome, I guess I could start PG's Patter, huh? lol.

Special K said...

PG since you brought up the romantic getaway again, I'm going to mention this again about Austin's ring.

The blue stone in Austin's ring looks like it is Larimar more than turquoise, because the color has lightened over time and that is one of the characteristics of Larimar.

And where is the one place you can get Larimar? The Dominican Republic.

The Larimar Museum

I can see getting something special to commemorate such a romantic time together. They might not have gotten the ring there, but got the stone and had a ring made.

destiny said...

Austin would rather be seen as a hard drinking boy toy than a mature and responsible gay man.

And since jake has taken up frat boy humor as part of his POP image, also in lieu of responsible gay family man, the two are well-matched.

AUS10 said...

I can tell you that today's shooting involves some jeans, a tennis ball and a lot of sweat. about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I would reveal more about #onetreehill. But I would be fired, sued, and possibly rubbed out!! about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Shooting episode three of season GR8!! About to start the 4th. Its lookin good for all the fans. You will enjoy!!! about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

ew said...

Two One Tree Hill characters are about to pay an unexpected visit to Portland.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that new Tuesday companions One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected will stage a crossover this fall when OTH songbirds Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and Mia (Kate Voegele) guest-star on the Oct. 12 episode of LUX.

From a creative standpoint, the stunt actually makes sense. Haley and Mia will travel to Portland to perform at a music festival sponsored by Cate’s (Shiri Appleby) radio station. “Haley and Cate are surprised to learn that they share a similar back story [as] mothers,” teases an insider.

Business-wise, The CW is no doubt hoping some of OTH‘s 3 million viewers will check out LUX.

Ausiello Files

same answer said...

Or maybe just reading comprehension, which she posesses while you clearly don't.
She even added the freaking quote to her post, but these many words are so hard to read, aren't they?

My reading comprehension is fine, and no there weren't too many words at all. I read the entire quote :) As L pointed out, that quote could be interpreted a lot of ways. It didn't scream introvert to me either.

prairiegirl said...

"rubbed out"

That's a retro term, lol.

We have taken a break from Creationary, a new Lego game that my mom bought the kids. It's sort of like charades but with Legos. I had to build a bridge which was a disaster. We had a small crying incident and a bit of the usual, "But, you touched my car like that first..."

**sigh**. lol. All in an afternoon's game.


Special K said...

Austin and Sophia's New PSA

Save The Gulf

Special K said...

Just checking out Austin's Crowdrise page for Protect Our Salty waters, and some names of people who donated caught my eye. Austin's former fiancee Claire and one of his former co-star from Luz Del Mundo, Will Estes, donated to help him out.

Jake said...

Lick me

oh hell to the no said...

Reese gets Peggy Lee biopic

Methodical Muser said...

Ouch, Destiny! I think that blow left a scar or two. *wink*

Thanks PG and Spesh for reminding me about this exclusive vacation spot. I remember back in the Brokeback days, (late 2005/early 2006) when Jake was always being mentioned as part of some story, about one thing or another, and one of those shout outs came on a segment about where the beautiful people liked to go to get away from it all. One of those places was the Tortuga Resort in the Dominican Republic, and I distinctly recall the narrator indicating that Jake Gyllenhaal recently took some time off from his grueling schedule to relax in the ultra seclusion of this exclusive and expensive romantic getaway. And, you're right, PG. The other folks they mentioned were all star couples of the heterosexual persuasion, but when it came to Jake they said something ambiguous like his special date.

I know these guys can be frustrating when they perform their abracadabra attics and make their status quo choices, but they obviously have forged a foundation based on good old fashion corny romance. For all my love of philosophy and the higher pursuits of learning, I've got to say that the moments in my life that have pushed me through the challenging times have been those simple, iridescent connections: holding hands along a secluded beach, listening to the waves tickle the shore or just sharing the quiet beauty of a golden sunset or sunrise. Two people sharing laughter and the tranquilness of intimacy. Creating memories.

These two have got themselves into a complex and muddled mess that I'm sure both thought would be a whole lot easier to control, but alas has turned out not to be so tractable. They are probably so busy trying to navigate the latest murky and treacherous waters, they don't even stop and try to figure out why life may seem a whole lot harder than they ever imagined. The latest surprise being that sharp-edged stab at Jake with the ridiculous allegation about his borderline child endangerment ways. Sure most folks may not believe it, but the planted story was written to make sure to get the word "gay" in the title/caption. Anyone who is familiar with how the Internet indexes citations, knows this meant that for a good week, the search, "Jake Gyllenhaal and Gay," transported them to this reminder about those rumors that just won't seem to go away.

I'm not saying I feel sorry for these two, but I try my best to not be too harsh, all of the time, regarding the choices they've made in the past. Mostly, because I do believe they are fathers, which makes them so much more vulnerable and unprotected. In some ways, I'm sure Hollywood is not so different from situations many of us have found ourselves in sometime in our lives. Feeling trapped, with limited options to select from, others get us to compromise on things we know are wrong. Then, once these forces have pulled you so far into their world, it seems like there's no way to put the darn thing in reverse. I think that's what PG is talking about when she expresses concern about Austin's drinking habits when he's in a social situation with Soapy, or the turbulent way Jake looks coming out of a restaurant. These definitely are not the same joyous guys from their pre-bearding days. They've fallen into the trappings of homophobic Hollywood and the strain is most certainly showing.

I guess the only question now is whether they have the creativity and bravery to make a different choice. A more honest one. Take control back and create their own reality where their love is not something to hide away from the world. And, it doesn't matter if that choice is a glass closet. At least, they would be able to take back some of that power they have given away to others while allowing some lightness to push back the shadows that seem to be looming larger over them every day.

Dusty Springfield said...

I'm still waiting for my biopic - where is it?

I may have to see the Peggy Lee biopic, I loved Reese in Walk the Line as June Carter - interested to see how she will do in this one. ***braces self for incoming***

prairiegirl said...

I never saw Walk the Line. I did see Sweet Dreams with Jessica Lange. I have to say I'll never watch another RW film again. Nor a Mel Gibson film either, for that matter.

Excellent signal here. Great to have a connection; a good connection. But don't think I'm going to last much longer; I'm fallin' asleep already.

the real m said...

I just finished off a pint of Vanilla Caramel Fudge myself. Not in one sitting, of course. But I've been trying to lose some weight and have been walking every day for the last month, so went off my diet a bit.

Peggy Lee? Can't see that being a big box office draw. You wont find me giving Reese a dime anytime - past, present or future. She can barely act in my book.

We had a bit of Jake overload post POP, but I'm ready for some daily shots of Jake walking, drinking coffee, and buying groceries again. Come out Jake. Both ways.

Special K said...

Two people sharing laughter and the tranquilness of intimacy. Creating memories.

Think this is something that they have done from the beginning. Think they value each other, their time together and what they have so much, that even what would be mundane to others becomes cherished memories to them. Think it that kind of thing that has sustained their relationship for so long.

While not the biggest fan of their choice, I do understand why they felt that had to do it at the time. The hope is this whole thing was not for naught and they learn from it and that there are other options for them.

And when the time comes again, they use their knowledge and creativity to explore options that allow to them to have the life they want without compromising who they truly are.

Pistachio said...

One of your best posts ever, Spesh.

Guh, I love Tom Waits. I like this version of this song; it's not so cavalier and "predatory" sounding, it has a sweetness and a longing to it. Must be the piano key. :)

prairiegirl said...

Agree, m. I'd take a few Whole Foods exits, much as I did grumble a few times about the monotony of it. LOLLL. I mean, is there not a Price Chopper in L.A.? An Aldi? (yeah, like he would ever go near an Aldi. LOLLLLL again) Hen House? Apple Market? local Hy Vee? Dillons?

Never forget my first experience at Aldi - I went in totally unschooled. And as I walked up towards the store, this male senior is walking toward the cart corral with his empty cart. And I said, "I'll take that," meaning I needed a cart and I'll save you the trouble of putting it away. And he looked at me with a slight bit of dismay and said something to the effect of "I don't think so!" and then promptly chained the cart behind the line of others.

LOLLLL! Heck, I didn't know you had to pay a quarter for that cart! If I'd known that, I would've given him the darn quarter. If that wasn't embarrassing.

There is a grocery cart protocol and etiquette at Aldi's, for any of you who are unaware. I can school you further on how to shop at Aldi's if you need assistance.

prairiegirl said...

It is certainly encouraging to have seen the playful picture of Austin surfing the grocery cart (not to mention his recently rehabbed, admirable Classic side profile display), as hopefully that did not look like a Whole Foods cart. Hopefully, their kids will be exposed to the simple cultural things in life like riding in one of those yacht-sized kiddie grocery carts that take up an entire aisle in the store and appear as if they drive like a car without power steering. But in this post-millenium era, it would seem to be a staple page in a toddler's scrapbook.

And I would dare to say they stand a better chance of having this with Daddy Austin than Papa Jake.

prairiegirl said...

Darn old man. Acting like that lost quarter was going to just send him to the soup line. And acting like I was trying to get a free ride of an Aldi cart.

I still harbor a bit of bitterness about that experience as you can tell.

Doggone it, I pay my way. I can cough up a quarter for a cart.


prairiegirl said...

Don't mind me right now. I'm buying time until the kids get up. Guess I'll go hit the shower. Can't believe it was ten til seven when I got up. I'm sleeping in my niece's room with the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling (of which I forgot to look up at before I closed my eyes so I did not get to experience), stuffed Webkinz animals everywhere and posters of cute puppies on the wall. lol.

Yesterday, both kids were giving Mom & I the tour of their recently "remodeled" rooms (furniture just moved around) and selling us on the individual amenities and so which room would each of us like to choose to sleep in? It came down to my taking my niece's room because she has the firmer bed for Aunt PG's 100 year old back.


Very eloquent, well-said comment at 21:34. Couldn't say it better, certainly not in my crass, abrasive style.

C'mon M&M!! Up & at 'em. Hit that pavement. lol.

Ok, I'll leave you guys alone now.

ted said...

Dear Ted:
So sorry if you've heard this question a zillion times: I know you've said Toothy Tile is aware of his Toothy-ness, but are any of the other B.V.s aware, and if so, are they defensive about it? Do they try to get you to stop writing about them, or is that too much of an admission of "guilt"? If you are able to share, I am wondering which B.V.s are the most skittish about people finding out about them?

Dear Not So Blind:
Oh yes. I've had at least a couple celebs, or their people, natch, call me up and demand I cease and desist. And the kicker is a lot of time the handlers are wrong! Just makes me want to write about them more!

Bitch Back

ted said...

After one of you little Katy Perry fans 'fessed in yesterday's Bitch-Back that you totally heart the plucky pop star and wondered if she was enough of a bad girl to earn a Blind Vice, we got to thinking.

This request definitely wasn't a first, obviously: Our inboxes are flooded with emails from peeps pleading to know if their fave celeb is one of those nasty Vice stars, usually crying that it would break their heart to find out a famous gal or guy were up to no good.

And while we are totally head over six-inch heels in love with K.P. as well, we wondered what vice in particular would make you end your love affair with the buxom babe—or with any famous femme or fella for that matter.

The way we see it, there are a handful of vice categories that the monikered minions fit into: drugs (à la methy Morgan Mayhem or toked-up Teddy O'Bong); alcohol (boozehounds Buddy Rib-Toast and Buck Me-Good); closet cases (Toothy leading his hordes of in-the-closet men and women); sexaholics (like cheater Chubster Hunkster or Secretia Ohio and her swinger hubby, Chester Shorts-Off); and divas (Cruella St. Shackles and greedy Polly Lucious-Locks come to mind).

Clearly, each particular vice is different (and no doubt some are far worse than others), which is why we tried to list a spectrum of troublemakers within each selection, ranging from the merely naughty to the absolutely awful.

But which dubious deeds do you find to be the worst—maybe even enough to break your fan-loving heart and swear of that star forever? Sound off below!

Which Vice Vexes You Most?

destiny said...

I can't believe you have to pay to get a cart PG. I guess you get it back at the end, but still.

destiny said...

And I can't believe RW is playing Pegggy Lee. All kinds of wrong, starting with the fact that RW can't do sexy and sultry.

OMG said...

OMG! Ted's BV names crack me up. LOL!

prairiegirl said...

You haven't heard of that, Destiny? At Aldi's you do, but you get it back, yes. This is how they keep costs down to us, the customer.

They're chained to each other and when you stick your quarter in the slot, the chain pops loose and you pull your cart out. Then on your way out, when you're done with it, you shove your cart back in line and close enough so that the chain from the cart in front of it will reach far enough that you can put it back into your cart and the quarter pops out.

lol. Pretty ingenius, huh? You bring your own bags. You can buy them from Aldi's for a few cents (I forget what they cost now). Sometimes if you take the last bottle or box of whatever in a case, you can take that box and use it to put some of your groceries in.

They usually only have one checker working and they do not bag your stuff. They throw everything into another cart, take your $$$ and then you take that cart over to a long shelf and bag it yourself. The cart that you left behind becomes the cart for the person behind you. This way, it doesn't take them long to ring people up. They are fast. But unfortunately they do tend to throw alot of your produce and you have to keep an eye on that. Hey! Watch it! Easy on the bananas!

They're not glamorous or pretty; everything is still in their boxes and on pallets. They carry mostly their own private label but sometimes there are special deals on name brands. And they are considerably cheaper than any other grocery store around.

prairiegirl said...

We're watching Willie Wonka right now. "Violet, you're turning violet, Violet!" lol

Remember in City Slickers and they had the two guys who were supposed to be like Ben & Jerry?

There are some great ice cream place names. Around here we have Maggie Moo's, Stone Cold Creamery and Silas & Maddy's. There are still a few Baskin Robbins but they're getting fewer. And thank goodness, there are still Dairy Queen's. Frozen Custard is real big. There's Custard's Last Stand down at Osage Beach. Shakes in Johnson County. Sheridan's.

Custard's Last Stand. LOL.

destiny said...

No, never heard of Aldi's. Costco makes you pack up your own stuff too, but they don't have a system like that for the carts.