Sunday, August 8, 2010

Out Spotlight

Today's Out Spotlight is a group of seven gay male writers, friends and rivals came together only 12 times between 1980 and 1981 to share, read and critique the work in progress of one another. But what this informal writer's union created was a snapshot of the years between Stonewall and beginning of the devastating AIDS pandemic and redefined modern day literature. Today's Out Spotlight is The Violet Quill.

At the time there were four classes of gay literature. Two were geared for straight audiences where the "gay characters are either minor to the main theme, or in which they live tragic lives and then died." The third was literature that inspired for high literary value and received critical praise. And finally gay pornography. The Violent Quill while brief, was influential enough to create "the post-Stonewall renaissance of American gay male writing", and creating a new category of gay literature.

According to Felice Picano the group started because "straight editors, agents, and fellow writers weren't being helpful with advice on gay themed writing. In addition to Picano, the group included Edmund White and Andrew Holleran, Robert Ferro (1941-1988), George Whitmore (1946-1989), Michael Grumley (1942-1988), and Christopher Cox (1949-1990).

The members came from all different viewpoints did not constitute a "school of thought" but did "collectively and individually they placed homosexuality at the very center of their literary visions."

"They "shared several impulses: a desire to write works that reflected their gay experiences, and specifically, autobiographical fiction; a desire to write for gay readers without having to explain their point of view to shocked and unknowing heterosexual readers; and finally, a desire to write . . . in a selection of the language really used by gay men."

The works set out to reflect the social revolution of post Stonewall gay community, headiness of the time and the beginning of the AIDS pandemic in their writing. Edmund White, Andrew Holleran, and Robert Ferro's work have had an enormous impact on the development of contemporary gay literature becoming some of the most important Post-Stonewall gay writers in America. Holleran's Dancer from the Dance (1978), Ferro's The Family of Max Desir (1983), and White's The Beautiful Room Is Empty (1988) "rank among the most influential accounts of American gay life yet written."

David Bergman's book, The Violet Quill Reader, is a collection of the writings of The Violet, and includes unpublished work such as some correspondence of Holleran and Ferro, excerpts from the journals of Picano and Grumley, stories by Cox and Picano, and a lecture on gay literature by Ferro.

The years of the Quill, were a crossroads between the heady days of early gay liberation and the coming AIDS pandemic. Unfortunately AIDS would not only devastate the gay community in losing so many of the community, it took more than half of the Quill, and forever changed gay literature. The Violet Quill help redefined gay literature, with gay writing becoming a literary movement. It continues to influence gay literature today.


twitter said...

Ladies, I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal hiking shirtless. #celebsighting #nohomo

BABY JANE said...

But he was Blanche he was touching her thigh (previous post) not only that, at closer inspection he grabbed some flesh!

OMG said...

Fascinating Spotlight.

destiny said...

I know all these writers, but I've never heard of the Lavender Quill. Interesting how they felt they needed someone other than mainstream editors.

So sad to be reminded of all the talented people lost to AIDS.

the real m said...

I am always amazed at how you find such interesting out spotlights.

I watched that clip of the 3some just once. A new level of hairiness for Jake. They did all seem awfully prickly. I don't know how many paps were there but they seemed harmless enough. If the PA was there it was likely a business meeting. I could not hear what was said to Jake that caused him to reply you must be kidding. Maybe it was rude and that's why they were in no mood for talking.

farmers market said...

chelseajoness: i walked past jake gyllenhaal at the farmers market today #swooooooooon
10 minutes ago via web ·chelseajoness

You're trying to hard said...

But he was Blanche he was touching her thigh (previous post) not only that, at closer inspection he grabbed some flesh!

I went back to see what comment you were referring to and you must be blind. The original poster is correct. Not only does Austin look drunk but, once again, it looks like Sophia is the aggressor and Austin is her prey.

here we go again said...

jake gyllenhaal at the farmers market today #swooooooooon

It's Sunday. Of course, Jake's at the Farmer's Market. There was already the Saturday morning sighting at LaMill. Next thing you know, we'll see him papped at the gym tomorrow. Maybe the Medical Center later in the week. Where's Adam Levine so we can see him hit those hetero hangouts and maybe get a video or still photo of him staring at another luscious female booty? The only variation on this theme is that sometimes Busy Phillips is seen with him at the Farmer's Market, sometime at LaMill. Come out already, Jake. We'll love you even more. (rolls eyes)

unlike you said...

What's wrong with the Farmers Market or Lamill or hanging with Adam and Busy?

At least he has a life

running my ass off said...

I ran so far today my eyelids hurt.
43 minutes ago

destiny said...

I agree that Austin looks drunk as a skunk, but I don't see how Sophia is the aggressor in that photo; sure looks like Austin putting his hand on her.

Just found out that Amber Heard is openly bisexual, and there are a lot of pictures out there of her with her girlfriend. Not too often you find out about bisexual celebs while they're actually in a relationship with someone of the same sex.

She's also out there apparently trying to get people to take on Target for it's donations to that homophobe running for governor in Minnesota.

Wonder what goes through Austin's mind when he sees and hears about people like his former co-star Amber.

prairiegirl said...

What's wrong with the Farmers Market or Lamill or hanging with Adam and Busy?

At least he has a life

^^^ Hey, looks like Jake's PR lackeys might be back. It's Back to School, Back from Vacay for them, too, I guess.

At least he has a life

No. He doesn't.

It shows what a fabricated alternative life he is living because he feels that he is not okay the way he is, has been forcefed hate-pablum ever since he hooked up with his management team, and is surrounded by some very loyal, well-meaning, loving people but they are no longer helping. They are enabling and they might be contributing to the decline of a once very very bright star.

A very bright star that is dimming. I thought there was reason to hope after Reeke was over. He was looking great for the most part and although he made some very poor choices in behavior & things said in interviews during that whole PoP promotion, there were also a lot of good things.

But I'm worried, I'll be blunt. Who in the heck is that in that x17 video? And this is the very first time I'm seeing this clip. I'm sorry, but this is about as bad as he looked that first year of Reeke.

I may rattle off a record number of comments in a row tonight. I've got some things bustin' here.

answer said...

Who in the heck is that in that x17 video?

One of his assistants.

prairiegirl said...

I don't even know where to start, I have so many things to say. And I'll say right now that I've got some serious laundry to do so it could be a long night on here for me, lol. I'm just givin' ya a warning, that's all I'm sayin'.

I probably should start with the foundation of what some of this fear is coming from about Jake. And that is I watched an incredible, mind blowing documentary on HBO this morning at my dog person's house.

It's called Outrage. I did miss about the first 20-25 min, I think. I came in when it was talking about the Reagan years and the AIDS epidemic had just really hit. But it's about the double lives of closeted gay politicians and what they are doing to the GLBT community, of which they actually belong to, by voting against laws that deny basic rights that are enjoyed by everyone else.

If anyone has HBO, I cannot say enough about this thing. It blew my mind. And it's Hollywood. But it's in Washington D.C.

This documentary blows the lid on politicians like former NYC mayor Ed Koch and how he railroaded a former lover out of the entire state of New York once their relationship was over. The guy couldn't get a job in New York and he had to move. They talk to former governor Jim McGreevey and his former wife.

And more importantly, they show the voting records of these politicians and how they are voting on anti-gay laws.

Now some of the politicians they talk about are not confirmed to be gay but when you listen to a lot of the journalists who are interviewed, I swear it sounds just like Hollywood. These politicians are known to be closeted but they marry women to hide their sexuality and their voting is compromised.

It's aptly named. It is an outrage.

prairiegirl said...

Who in the heck is that in that x17 video?

One of his assistants.

I know that. I was referring to Jake.

prairiegirl said...

A valid point has to be made, as it was done on the documentary, that our media helps to perpetuate this entire situation.

Just like People magazine, US Weekly, Just Jared, and x17 with their stupid, uninformed headlines are themselves furthering the environment which makes people like Jake & Austin feel like there's no way they can come out as a couple with kids and live like everyone else. And have their careers.

I think watching this documentary enforces why I do "get" the anger that Destiny & Tom feel and display about what the whole bearding thing does. Or when Jake says what he did in that People interview, that "the perfect date starts first with the perfect woman". This documentary, by talking to so many members of the gay journalist/Washington political community, show how these kinds of acts affect the very human community to which they actually belong. It's mind blowing.

prairiegirl said...

Now, on the other hand. I think what it also shows is how it can and must feel for Jake and Austin.

These politicians, once they are outed? Advancements up the political ladder are withdrawn and never to be. How unfair is that?

I think we all see some of the problems lie in lack of education. It lies in an old mentality in groups like the Academy of Motion Picture Arts (I don't think that's the right name but you know, the Voting Academy for the Oscars) who were too stinkin' afraid to let a movie like Brokeback Mountain win Best Picture when it was so obvious it deserved & should have gotten it. It lies in the bullies of our world but frankly, those people are always going to exist in our society, I'm sorry. There's no getting rid of them.

Fault falls on people like Jake's management team and PR Handlers everywhere who tell these actors that they "can't" and "better not". It falls on rags & blogsites like JustJared who promote the lying and enable it.

And probably the saddest? The saddest is to see family members get involved or dragged into the lying. What kind of message does that send to Jake when his own mother sits right next to him & Ice Maiden in Italy, trying to give validity to a relationship that she knows is false. What message does this give to her son?

And it's one thing for Sophia & Austin to go to a few events together. But Sophia took waaaay more heaping shares than necessary when that bowl got passed around.

There's "helping" and then there's this helping when it becomes a flat out endorsement and a way to serve a self-purpose. What are you telling your friend? You're not helping anymore. You're taking advantage.

And maybe Sophia has spoken out for gay rights for awhile and she is helping out her friends.

But is that the way you want to continue to help a gay friend? By lying? That kind of undoes all of that good activist work in one sweep, seems to me. With friends like know how that saying goes.

And as a closeted gay person, do you really want to ask a friend to lie for you? Not just once. That's bad enough. But daily? On TV? On the internet? In written media?

At what point do you maybe start to buy your own dreamworld? At what point do you become like some of these politicians and you turn against one of your own? You deny one of your own, just like some do on the playgrounds of our world.
"No, he's not a friend of mine. I don't know that guy/girl." Just in order to hang with the cool crowd. Just in order to have that career or job that's going to solve all of your problems and bring that happily ever after.

prairiegirl said...

Okay, gettin' close to the end here, lol.

I'm on vacay, too. But I'm still getting up @ 4 to go walk. I know - crazy.

I don't like this version at all of Careless Whisper, I'm sorry to say. lol. Love the piano playing, though.

Special K said...

Now that Sox Yankees game is over I went over to look at the picture of Austin and Sophia. He does look like he's had a couple but also that he's trying to get the other guy to crack up. Or maybe Austin realizes he's sitting on a badminton racket. (see the handle)

Did notice a couple of things. Don't know if Austin was expecting Sophia to sit there I think that his hands are that way to keep her from "scooting too far back" (see how far his legs are astride) Seems like he wants to keep a little distance of her back and his front. He did that a the Black Eye Peas concert too. Also she is sitting on the from of that chair, see how the front is pitching forward? With bother of them sitting more forward than the other it can give the sensation that the back of the chair is coming out of the sand that could also be another reason for the tipsy Texans's expression.

One thing about Sophia she always makes sure she has her pose down, just like she's doing red carpet shots. She knows how to turn her head just enough, have her chin down, and have that look right into the camera. Always knows where the cameras are and is always "on" for a picture. Look through the other casual "snaps" of them and she does the same thing. It's never a real candid with her.

prairiegirl said...

Why does Jake look so rough in that x17 video? He's been on vacation all summer. He's had likely alot of time with his guy. He's had his family with him, lots of bonding time. No paparazzi on MV, right? No hassle there.

This is the first validated sighting of him since that Lakers Ass game besides that health food store thing and who knows when that was really taken.

So how can it be that the paps could be irritating him into this mood he seems to be in? And why does he look like Festus on Gunsmoke? Grizzly Adams?

I have my Bose speakers now and I can tell you that I'm not hearing anything irritating in the paps' voices as they ask what Jake or Maggie think about Prop. 8. They're asking very nicely.

And on this entire green earth, what could possibly be wrong or implicating by just answering that question?

"I think it's great."

Tell me, because frankly I'm not seeing it here. What is Jake (or Maggie too for that reason) afraid of happening if he answers that question? It doesn't seem likely that a medical emergency is going on. That someone is suffering food poisoning.

I think it only draws more attention if you don't answer the question.

Not that anyone ever has to answer a pap question. I'm just not seeing the reason for the big Greta Garbo act.

And frankly, I think Austin talks entirely too much about liquor and being drunk. And it scares me to see his eyes the way they get when it is apparent he's had too much to drink. Why is it that he looks this way so often when he's having to function in a social setting with Sophia?

Is it to just get through the event? Does he have to do this all the time when they go out in a social setting/event? Because I'll tell you what. If that's the case, it's not long before you're taking a drink just to get through the day. To celebrate something. After you have a fight to calm down. And before you even know it, you're in trouble.

I'm sorry but I don't understand why Jake is looking like Cabo Jake ever since Austin started bearding. Why is Austin happier than a lark while his husband is looking like he's the one who's having to beard again?

And when you have two little, little ones, why on earth do you grow such a scraggly looking full on beard? Good grief, you're going to abrasion their skin.

Methodical Muser said...

I agree, PG. I saw the documentary this morning because of the recommendation of a good friend, and it is incredibly well done and disturbing. Here’s a short list of just some of the politicians, media and business leaders covered in the film:

Larry Craig (R) Idaho
Mark Foley (R) Florida
Ed Koch (D) NY
Charlie Crist (R) Florida
David Dreier (R) California
Jim McGreevey (D) New Jersey
Ron Mehlman RNC Chair
Ed Schrock (R) Virginia
Media: Shepard Smith (Fox News)
Businessman: Malcolm Forbes

The point is hit home how these closeted lawmakers and political leaders vote no on gays in the military. No on gay marriage and domestic partnerships. No on hate crime legislation. No on HIV/Aids funding. No on gay adoption (Florida is the only state in the Union that bans gays from adopting children, which is fully supported by Crist.)

Here’s the introduction to the film: “There exists a brilliantly orchestrated conspiracy to keep gay and lesbian politicians as closeted as possible. This conspiracy is so powerful, the media will not cover it, even though it harms many Americans. This film is about politicians who live in the closet, those who have escaped it, and the people who work to end its tyranny.”

Of interest to all of us here at OMG is how the media plays an instrumental role in the perpetuation of this outrage. For instance, Crist’s opponent for Governor in Florida, Max Linn, tells news outlets that Charlie Crist twice told him he was gay. Crist simply responds that Linn is “misinformed.” And, the mainstream media drops the subject. Much is made how the gossip world glamorizes everything heterosexual and how any celebrity who is secretly gay is willingly depicted in a false light. Adding that the coverage of celebrities and public figures was the one area where the media doesn’t demand the truth and actually proactively helps to create the lie.

Barney Frank has some of the best lines in the film like, “There’s a right to privacy, but not hypocrisy. It’s a simple principle. That the people who make the law be subject to the law. People who are not subject to the law, will make harsh laws because they don’t have to live with them….Gay people who support homophobia are violating this fundamental [principle]."

It's pretty powerful stuff.

Special K said...

I do wonder if Jake is trying to use less help with the littles himself since he has been off for this stretch. Look at around and parent of really youngs and you will see some similarities.

And If Jake is doing most of the work with two little ones under 3, don't know if he has the time to shave, some days getting a shower is a victory for stay at home parents. As cute and little as little ones are they are need machines, and it is run run run until they drop off. Not to mention you end up being their towel, kleenex, napkin, for the drools, runny noses, sticky fingers, and messy faces.

Jake has had the beard or variation of it for much of the time since the kids were born, maybe they more use to it than him clean shaven. Just a thought.

prairiegirl said...

lol. I told you I had a lot to say.

And I just transferred the sheets/towels to the drier so I can't get into bed until the sheets are dry, at least. Here I am.

Now on the other hand, these last several OMG posts have been incredible. I think it's awesome that the guys have formed such an apparently strong bond for such a long time. Great detective work and research done by all.

And the reason I bring back up some of this stuff is because when I saw this Outrage doc., some of these politicians' behaviors were so familiar to what these 2 guys have been doing. It's scary.

And maybe the next time we see Jake, he'll look totally different. Maybe they had really bad service. Or maybe something he ate gave him gas. Who knows - I guess I can only hope that was the case. Something tells me it's not.

And that fanpop pic? I see it for how they wanted it to look. Austin's got his hand on her thigh to make it look like they're intimate and he does look a little rough. Other than that, it looks like all of their other phony pictures.

And when I see that even way back then in this club Lotus pic, Jake is sitting so close to Austin. It's sweet.

If touching is that important to Jake, how it must bother him to see Austin touching Sophia like he is in that fanpop picture. I don't care if it is fake and Jake knows it's just a show.

That's still his husband. And that's someone else pretending they belong to and are intimate with Austin and it's not him. For someone as sensitive as Jake, maybe it's not so surprising that it's he who may be the one showing the emotional damage of what Austin's bearding is doing. He may as well be doing the bearding himself and let Austin be Mr. Mom again.

So Very Bitter said...

Don't know if Austin was expecting Sophia to sit there I think that his hands are that way to keep her from "scooting too far back"

Austin's hand isn't keeping Sophia from scooting back; it's the complete opposite. His hand is curled inwards, he is making a pulling motion rather than a pushing one. Sophia is sat at the front of the chair, so if Austin wanted to maintain a distance he could have sat further back. Instead he is sitting more forward then he needs to. With his arms circling her torso and being sat so far forwards he is the one making an effort to be closer to her.

She knows how to turn her head just enough, have her chin down, and have that look right into the camera. Always knows where the cameras are and is always "on" for a picture. Look through the other casual "snaps" of them and she does the same thing.

Why do you say such patently false things when you know anyone here can just click a link and see for themselves that you're lying?

Yeah, that sure looks like the same chin down, head turned pose. And look at this picture:

One of the women in that picture obviously isn't concerned with taking the perfect picture because she has her head turned at an unflattering angle which makes her neck disappear whilst the second woman is posing in the exact way you say shows that she is "on". Unfortunately for your argument, the second woman isn't Sophia.

But don't let the facts get in the way of your argument.

prairiegirl said...

I totally get the time crunch when you're a parent of two toddlers so I don't rule that out. In fact, I'll totally buy it when I see that picture that we had of him coming out of that health food store.

But not this one. He's in L.A. and I doubt the kids are even there. He's either "on business" or, heaven forbid his people could be this stupid, a "straight photo op" with the new GF. Criminetley's, tell me his people could not be this stupid to use someone who's on his mgmt team. Or is she the female equivalent to Toth? HA! Maybe it's a shoutout to Reese. In which case, Jake's "new girl" should've worn dark socks with tennis shoes.

But frankly, my first look at him in this video? He scared me. And I'm not kidding.

I think something's not right. He has no reason in L.A. to look so unkempt while out on a dinner engagement.

And you know what? If you don't want the paps' attention and you don't want to have to listen to them? Go eat somewhere else.

You know? Why do you go to a trendy place where the paps are? I'm sorry but there's no sympathy here. You go to the dive down the street and you're guaranteed your privacy. Simple. As that.

Special K said...

Many might remember Michael Jeter from his role on Evening Shade. He had career playing character roles on TV and movies, including The Green Mile, Sister Act 2, and Polar Express.

Jeter was openly gay in HW when many were not.

He was diagnosed as HIV+ in the mid-1990s. He spoke publicly of his condition at an HIV/AIDS symposium at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in April 1997 and discussed it again a few months later on Entertainment Tonight.

He also had a " win over homophobic minds." His own parents were slow to accept him. They had never met any of his partners until 1999, when Jeter introduced them to Sean Blue, his lover of four years. He called the occasion "really quite momentous in my life."

This is what I really find most interesting:

"Jeter noted that photos of him at movie premieres were rarely published because he and Blue routinely held hands as they walked down the red carpet. He found, however, that most fans were accepting when they met the pair.."

When was that? Less that 10 years ago.

Jeter passed away of in 2003 of an epileptic seizure.

Special K said...

Look at how many times she works her angles and her poses in casual pictures and she should. Her parents are in the photography business. She has long learned what are her best looks. And she does know where the cameras are and she uses them just like someone else who had to watch the angles to deemphasize her large chin.

If he wanted her in his lap he wouldn't be sitting so awkwardly, with his legs that far astride. She doesn't need that much room to sit. and between them

Let's just call it exactly what is it and was meant to be. Another "causal" picture of a fauxmance that oops got leaked. AGAIN.

Methodical Muser said...

Frankly, all I see in that picture of Soapy and Suds is posturing and posing by the two of them. Neither looks good to me.

And, I agree with PG. When you see how contentedly Jake slumps down in that Lotus Club booth or leans into Austin in those Lakers pics where even their shoes are touching, I just shake my head at what they've been doing for years. When you have that kind of connection, it's a shame to sully it with mendacity and deception.

I don't know why Jake could not have done a thumbs up sign or said something affirmative when the pap asked him about Prop. 8. But, he seems to be on a short leash when it comes to expressing anything positive that might make people think he's gay. Kinda of ironic when you consider that more people today probably question his heterosexuality than they did when he was much more gay friendly.

prairiegirl said...

Well, anyway, hopefully things will look better.

Holy cow, I just looked at the time. Why did I do my sheets last? lol. What a dipwad.

Good news! Ch 4 - officially finis!! As in done. As in I really ought to get it to my beta, lol. Ch 5 about 1/2 done. Fun, fun, fun writing.

Tomorrow comes the big drive to the big W. Wichita. Well, better sign off. Hopefully my sheets are dry now.

prairiegirl said...

Ahhh, and this little Sophin pic was put up by Team Brooke, that umbrella name. You know, so that one of the pep squad members doesn't have to commit their name up there.

Kind of like Proctor & Gamble taking a hit for a team member, like Gillette.

So do Soapy & Suds have a traveling photographer? Or do they have to always make a pit stop at Walgreens on the way to their beach parties, dances, weddings, concerts, etc etc. to pick up several Kodak disposables? And who is the mystery person who's always catching these impromptu, spontaneous, casual moments????

Who's always along on all of these events?

And who keeps emailing them by mistake to members of Soapy's Pep Club Squad? Darn that Outlook!

Methodical Muser said...

And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

Friedrich Nietzsche

So Very Bitter said...

Special K, I just posted two links to pictures which show she isn't doing the pose that you said she does in every picture. Stop shifting the goalposts.

If he wanted her in his lap he wouldn't be sitting so awkwardly, with his legs that far astride. She doesn't need that much room to sit. and between them

No, really, stop shifting the goalposts. You said that he was trying to stop her from "scooting too far back" when the picture shows that he is pulling her towards him rather than pushing her away, and that he could easily maintain distance between himself and her by not sitting so close to her, particularly as she is sat at the front of the chair. And opening his legs wider further ensures that he can get closer to her. Literally everything in that picture runs counter to your argument that he is trying to maintain a distance between them.

Methodical Muser said...

Let's just call it exactly what is it and was meant to be. Another "causal" picture of a fauxmance that oops got leaked. AGAIN.

Enough said.

prairiegirl said...


And I went through "The way I danced with you-ou-ou-ouuuuuuu." one more time just so I could say "lol."


Dr Phil said...

Dear Jake: Don't go out to dinner with your family because people will say you don't have a life. Don't go anywhere with female friends or female members of your management team because when a gossip site like X17 wants to capitalize on it and feign a story about a hot romance going on so they will have a headline and get attention, the public will assume you're bearding to show you're straight. Don't go to any of your favorite spots like LA Mill or Farmer's Market because people will say it's all PR to show you're like everyone else. In fact don't go out anywhere because fans will think you're neglecting your duties at home. On the other hand don't stay home all the time because people will say you're sad and depressed. And if/when you do go out, always smile and wave and chat with all the paps and strangers simultaneously and nonstop. Also, always go out in public with your face shaved because people think you look too serious/homeless/aloof when you have a beard. Finally, when you go out, don't be yourself. People don't like it.

Judge Judy said...
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What a creepy blog said...

You took the words right out of my mouth 2:41 and 2:58.

prairiegirl said...

2:41, 2:58, 4:37 = same poster

And your comment under Judge Judy is offensive and it's filled with hate.

And thank you for letting me know I hit not one but several nerves.

different poster said...

2:41AM is exactly right and it looks like they're the one who hit some nerves. If you want to talk about offensive - it's a shame some of you can't read your own posts with an objective eye to see how offensive they are, not to mention embarrassing. The talk about Sophia is just plain misogynistic. Jake can't shave because he's too busy taking care of phantom toddlers and doesn't have the time? Please. He has the time to fly from one coast to the other, run errands, shop, go out with family and friends, but he doesn't have time to shave? Someone must be taking care of these phantom kids while he's doing all these things, right? So I'm sure he could squeeze in shaving time if he needed to, lol.

Anonymous said...
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Jersey Tom said...
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Jersey Tom said...

I think some folk didn't like Saturday's pics of the young lovers.
Great work again Spesh.

What a creepy blog said...

Tom you just don't get it do you?.

This blog is strictly for entertainment purposes. Its writers make no serious claims about the sexuality of either Jake Gyllenhaal or Austin Nichols.

Don't you think this should be taken off the disclaimer as you lot are deadly serious and not entertaining at all.

Missed said...

Many might remember Michael Jeter from his role on Evening Shade.

Oh yes - he was a wonderful actor. I loved him in Evening Shade and the Green Mile. He is very missed!

Special K said...

Austin, so proud of his mama! :)

my mom, kay nichols, just won her 16th national water ski championship. way to go mom!!! future hall of famer!!

Special K said...

It's not only the pictures confirming Jake and Austin being together since meeting at auditions for TDAT, it's also saying that pictures confirm Sophin is a fauxmance, that added fuel to the fire.

prairiegirl said...


Oh, you better believe some people are upset. And I bet Jake and Austin's people are probably the most upset. I'm sure Jake & Austin themselves aren't thrilled.

Missed said...

Awwww, I have always loved this song. I'm a piano person (mostly)and I love it in this, the notes have such a sharp, sad quality. I had to switch to Firefox to hear it.

Just a couple of thoughts: Jake may have had the kids for most of the summer, so decided to make the best of it and grow a full beard. Spesh is right; little kids need constant attention, and some say they are lucky just be be clean and presentable on some days. I think he looks good, love the sweater and Jake is lucky that he has luxurious facial hair. It looks well groomed to me.

I also feel that movie stars owe no obligation to the paps. Who the hell are they to demand? What they do is at their own risk - you win some, you lose some, and you're more likely to win some if you're polite, friendly and lose the sense of entitlement. That said, a thumbs up about Prop 8 would have been nice. Maggie looks uncomfortable around the paps, almost like she anticipates something negative from them, from her own experiences. :)

different poster said...

Don't you think this should be taken off the disclaimer as you lot are deadly serious and not entertaining at all.

I wonder if someone started a blog dissecting some of these posters lives, and talked about how "scared" they are at their "unkempt" appearance and scolded them for having the audacity to go out to eat where they wanted, or for daring to grow facial hair, or for having the nerve to have dinner with family and a friend they'd find it entertaining or if they'd find it creepy.

prairiegirl said...

Wow, that's incredible. I wouldn't have thought she was still skiing. That is really impressive.

M&M, wake up!!!! Up & at 'em. Let's go.


Isn't it awesome to be on vacation? Which reminds me, I need to go email my big buddy & super on stuff.

Special K said...

RIP Actress Patricia Neal

Ms. Neal died at her home in Edgartown MA, on Martha's Vineyard at the age of 84.

She best known for her roles in The Fountainhead, The Day Earth Stood Still and Breakfast at Tiffany's.

prairiegirl said...

She was also the original Olivia Walton in the Thanksgiving movie.

sophin said...

HollySBlue3: Am having sushi @ the same restaurant as sophia bush & austin nichols,they're sitting @ the table next to me
about 12 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Missed said...

RIP Patricia Neal

I'm thinking I like this version of Careless Whispers, because it's a simpler arrangement, and the piano has more of a sharp, "ouch", quality.

tweet said...

chelseajonessi walked past jake gyllenhaal at the farmers market today #swooooooooon
about 14 hours ago via web

traceybn@chelseajoness I saw Jake Gyllenhaal too. I wanted to say hi and take a pic but he was with his niece, so I didn't bother him. No on did

Jersey Tom said...

I think the paps know Jake is Gay. Why the heck else would they be asking him that question. Jake wouldn't make a staement about Prop 8 if God asked him too right now. At least Austin had something to say.

Oh by the way I bet Austin was in that restaurant with Jake, Maggie and Peter. I am sure they had a private place to eat.

prairiegirl said...

Let me try and put it this way. Because I'm not disagreeing on the effort & patience it takes to care for two kids that are the ages theirs are. I was on here several months ago giving the exact same argument. Same viewpoint.

So Jake looks good in this video. Okay. So he looks happy? He looks relaxed and non-stressed?

He looks like the hot, single, & available guy that his people are wanting him to project when he's seen out and about now.

No, he's not? Because he's a father now, right? There's no time to shave. Well then, why didn't he look like this at that Lakers game with RobLookAlikeGuy? He was a father then, too.

I would like to see a show of hands on who would still be checking out this blog on a daily or semi-daily basis if Jake looked in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 the way he does on x17 from this past weekend. And I'm not talking for a few weeks, a vacation summer, or for a role. I'm talking permanently.

And let's be truthful.

pathetic said...

Look at Sophin at 9:38 Tom, Austin was and still is in NC.

Jake looks like shit in that video. Both Jake and Maggie avoided the question and Peter would have too if asked.

I don't think the paps asked him/them that based on rumors they have heard or what they actually think IMO, rather a number of celebs spoke out on Prop 8 it just happened. Who knows if the X17 paps asked other celebs they stalked the same thing.

prairiegirl said...

lol, you can tell Austin is training.

He's now following Gatorade, Power Bar and Clif bars. I think that's funny. My brother speaks very well of those Clif bars. I tried one because he went on so much about them. Power Bars are packed with nutrients. They also have alot of sugar and calories, though. Most of these energy & snack bars do, though.

You have to wonder what kinds of things Jake would say if he did twitter. I'd be curious. Maybe he'd tell us what's on sale at Whole Foods.

Stubborn TB said...

The talk about Sophia is just plain misogynistic.

Actually, it's not misogynistic to criticise someone based on their actions depite the fact that they own a set of boobs.
It is however misogynistic to demand that no one point out what they notice in a person just because she's a weak little woman.

Just as much as I don't want to be criticised just for the fact that I'm female, similarly I don't want to be not criticised just because I might make me have to clutch my bosom and faint unless the .
And frankly, I find the second option to be a lot more misogynistic and condenscending than the first.

I would like to see a show of hands on who would still be checking out this blog on a daily or semi-daily basis if Jake looked in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 the way he does on x17 from this past weekend. And I'm not talking for a few weeks, a vacation summer, or for a role. I'm talking permanently.

And let's be truthful.

I haven't been around before 2005, 2006 so I guess I'd have to answer no to the first few years. I have however been around the other time that Jake had the strong beard and I stuck with it too. I have also been around for the bearding and I never thought about leaving.
I don't really get the idea that a beard somehow makes Jake another person, so I don't really get the question. There are millions of good-looking guys out there, Heath himself wasn't bad-looking during the BBM era either. But that's not what made me become a fan of Jakes. I became a fan because he's a great actor, he seems different than a lot of the HW guys and because he gives hilarious interviews.
And then there's also him managing to have such a long-standing relationship in an environment like HW despite all the hardships that have been thrown at them.
Sure, he's not hard on the eyes (and while I don't like the beard, it doesn't exactly make him hideous), but that's not what makes you ultimately interested in a person.

But apart from all of that, yes I would be here and stay here either way, because I love reading Specials posts.
She is funny, she is clever and she's a great friend.

talk about scary said...

Oh by the way I bet Austin was in that restaurant with Jake, Maggie and Peter. I am sure they had a private place to eat.

I hope this is a joke. If not, it's seriously delusional.

judgmental know-it-alls said...

You have to wonder what kinds of things Jake would say if he did twitter. I'd be curious. Maybe he'd tell us what's on sale at Whole Foods.

or maybe he'd tweet about judgmental biddies who watch a four second pap video and then make sweeping statements on his appearance, his emotional health and his motives.

creepy blog is still creepy said...


Missed said...

I'd be here for the duration too - I'm first and foremost a fan of Jake's since Brokeback, and the role of Jack Twist made such an impression on me that it doesn't matter what Jake looks like, I'll always be a fan. While I certainly notice the physically appealing features of my favorite actors, and it varies according to the each individual one, what's attractive on them (I'm not blind, after all), for the most part it is the actor's talent that makes me take notice, watch them and continue watching them. I'd also be a fan of SpecialK's posts and writing too. :)

So Very Bitter said...

it's also saying that pictures confirm Sophin is a fauxmance, that added fuel to the fire.

Where are those pictures Special K? I remember there were some pictures that you said showed Austin stopping Sophia from getting closer to him, which was clearly not the case, and that they showed Sophia doing the same pose in each of them, which was clearly a lie. I even posted the links that proved you were lying. I think it's hard to rewrite history when the posts are on the same page as the lies.

prairiegirl said...

Hey Stubborn -
Okay, so I'll explain myself a little further and maybe it won't sound so shallow.

Yeah, alot of men have beards. Moustaches. Scruff. Ponytails. Long hair. Buzz cuts. Handlebar moustaches. Nose rings. Eyebrow rings. All of that. Heck, that'll never change. It's all a matter of fashion, personal preference, one's occupation, maybe trying to remain incognito, a movie role, etc.

I'm not saying I'm no longer a fan just because he's going to grow a heavy beard for a summer.
He has, after all, grown beards lots of times as I have seen on IHJ when I've gone through the archives.

And it has been referred to more than once that during the time period when Jake & Austin had their big break up and Jake retreated to NYC, that he looked like he was grieving and part of the reason given for being able to tell this was because he looked alot like how he looks on this x17 video.

ted for the hundreth time said...

Toothy and Goose are together.

Judge Judy said...

Jake, don't go out with straight male(s) because people will say you're hunting for women. Don't go out with gay male(s) because people will say you're trying to show how straight you are by being gay-tolerant and hanging with the gays.

lol said...

that he looked like he was grieving and part of the reason given for being able to tell this was because he looked alot like how he looks on this x17 video.

earlier this morning he had a beard because he's busy taking care of the kiddies and doesn't have a moment to spare! also earlier this morning you were sure Jake recently spent a lot of time with "his guy!" but now he has a beard because he's "grieving."

prairiegirl said...

Special, I know Ted has said it 100 times and I'm ecstatic about it. I'm not saying there's trouble between them. The fact that they have been together for so long is incredible. I have no doubt they've been together this summer.

And I'm not saying that I am looking for there to be trouble. And for the 100th time, I don't want there to be trouble. I want those 2 guys to be happy and to be able to have this family life that they have sacrificed and fought for and that has come at such a high price.

All I'm saying is I'm concerned. And it is not a bad thing to be concerned and wonder why something doesn't look right. I don't think it's bad to speculate.
Who hasn't seen someone at a family reunion or seen someone on TV that they haven't seen for a good while and wondered why that person doesn't look "good". And by that I mean, doesn't look in good health, whether it be emotional or physical good health.

Even if you're totally wrong or jumping to conclusions and it is proven that there really is nothing bad going on, wouldn't you rather speak up and ask than to not say anything and regret it later on down the road? I'd rather be told "PG, you're jumping to conclusions & you're totally stupid" because I'm wrong than to have been right in my suspicions but regretful because there was something going on and no one, including myself, wondered. No one asked. No one wanted to know.

But you know what? I'm done with this. It's pointless. I'm wrong. Jake is the picture of bliss.

Must've been the food that night.

it's ok ted, the saved e-mails are embarassing not illegal, you can stop now, they are few and nutty! said...

Ted is full of shit among other things and you know it.

prairiegirl said...

Oh, way to clean up your comment, Jack. I mean, Judge Judy. Oh yeah, that's alot better now.

And I'm not even responding to your clueless comment at 11:09. What in the heck was in your cereal this morning. That comment is so jumbled up, you had no clue that I was talking about two entirely different instances, two entirely different time periods. That's how entirely clueless that comment is.

Why don't you just hang it up and call yourself Jack on these two blogs. You're not fooling anyone. You could call yourself Dudley Do-Right or Ramona Quimby and we'd still know that you're Jack.