Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is that with an a or an o?

Is Season 8 Clothes over Bro's or Clothes over Bra?

Because it seems the better name for Julian would be Bra, with all the support his gives to BrookeDavis(TM). You wonder if he gets to do anything else this season.
He talks more about being supportive than a WonderBra, or maybe he's Victoria's Secret? (Would the writers have Julian leave Brooke at the altar for her mother? Oh the drama!! Throw in a killer bunny. Now that's an episode!)

If BrookeDavis(TM) is the entrepreneur she claims to be you'd think she would come up with a line of bras named after her ever supportive man. "Julian B" for most supportive bra ever created. The "J Bra" for the sports bra line, and for those times when you need heavy duty support and still want to feel pretty, The Sensitive Julian, in dozens of soft shades.

The real question is this about the part or about how the pecking order is on set.

Even though a regular on the show, there is a sneaking suspicion that Austin has heard more than once that he is there as supporting player in the scene, just like other actors that have proceeded him and made clear on who's show it is.

Just a thought.

Now OTH news.

OTH Season 8 debuts two weeks from today Sept 14, moving from Mondays at 8 to Tuesdays at 8.

They are currently filming Episode 5. There still seems to be some discussion on exactly how many episodes there are going to be for the season. Locked in for 13, after that, the number varies.

The rumors are that the early episodes are heavy on Clay and Quinn. Both because of their story and a rumor that they are the new fav couple of Schwahn. Looks like Brooke and Jbra are going to be the B story for a few weeks.

The trip to The Biltmore? That was part of the storyline where BrookeDavis(TM) and supportive JBra are scouting locations for their wedding.

The Biltmore? Seriously? You really gonna need a castle to go with that horrible concoction of a dress that will be too short in the front with a giant marshmallow poof of a train. If it didn't work in GNR's November Rain, it's not going to work for OTH.

Come on just have it out back of the Waffle House, and upcycle milk crates into seating for the guests. It will work for your Vegas Drive Thru (I'm not a Ho) Wedding Mini Dress with platform shoes too.

One more thing.

Julian has a mama! Sharon Lawrence has been cast to play Mama Baker, according to a tweet from Brett Benner, a casting agent for OTH and Cougar Town.

Sharon Lawrence to guest on One Tree Hill as Austin Nichols mom. Lucky to get her. She's awesome and will be great!!

Remember when Julian had to be there to support and save Alex? He explained that it was tied to the fact he had tried to do that for his mom. Now with Mama coming to town, can BrookeDavis(TM) handle Julian splitting his support between her and Mama B. And don't forget BrookeDavis'(TM) her own mother issues. Can you say one hell of a Mama Drama?

Oh Bridezilla thy name is BrookeDavis(TM). Julian you might want to invest in getting a underwire, you're gonna need it.


ted said...

This one's gonna be short and not terribly sweet. Sad as hell is more like it.

Butch Casablanca, who passed away last year, is now purring in heaven with her beloved sister, Cleopatra, who succumbed to kidney failure this past weekend. She was 18-year-olds, and yes, her namesake was who you think it is...

Elizabeth Taylor, duh!

But there's a reason: Cleo was a gift from a friend of mine named Chen Sam. Chen was Taylor's publicist for many years (and was Taylor's rep when I interviewed the fab broad in the early '90s). Sadly, Chen died several years ago from cancer.

It's been a tough a few days, and there's not much more you can say at a time like this. Since I've written about Cleo from time to time, I felt it important to let you all know the bad news. I miss her so. She was sassy and beautiful and really cool when her latest doggie sister, Charlie Casablanca, would try to play with her. She never really let it show that she didn't want to.

She was a good cat.

Good-bye Cleo

tell austin said...

Jake Gyllenhaal is an Eco-Friendly Driver

Seen visiting a friend’s cabin, Jake Gyllenhaal made sure the world knows about his goodwill by placing a TDI CLEAN DIESEL sticker on the back of his Audi Q7. He’s talented and cares for the environment, way to go Jake!

demi-tasse said...

Special, where do you find these things. Love the orange demi-bra. lol

Good for Jake for going clean diesel.

So sorry for Ted's loss of his beloved Cleo Casablanca.

Sounds fishy to me said...

tell austin said...
Jake Gyllenhaal is an Eco-Friendly Driver

Seen visiting a friend’s cabin, Jake Gyllenhaal made sure the world knows about his goodwill by placing a TDI CLEAN DIESEL sticker on the back of his Audi Q7. He’s talented and cares for the environment, way to go Jake!

Why did Jake have both Audis he has been seen driving at his friend's house. I think PR is behind this little news.

Special K said...

He didn't drive the Silver Audi there at all.

Those pictures of the silver Audi were taken about a month ago.

destiny said...

Jbra, lol. And lol M and M's posts too.

destiny said...


Special K said...

Hurricane Earl is headed toward the NC coast as a category 4. Haven't seen anything about OTH shutting down production. Wonder if they will let everyone go because of the weather and the long Labor Day weekend.

Jersey Tom said...
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Jersey Tom said...

((((Ted))) Sorry to hear you lost your Cleo.

Methodical Muser said...

(((Ted and Cleo)))

You're a good man, Ted. Please hug the rest of the family a little tighter for me tonight.

Special K said...

"Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms" - George Eliot


hollywood.com said...

Summer 2010: The Winners and Losers

LOSER: The Not-Ready-for-Primetime

Zac Efron, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Cera give new meaning to the term usually reserved for SNL cast members. This was supposed to be the summer that all three proved they could “open” a movie; instead it proved that they’re not quite ready. Efron is still the prettiest thesp around, male or female, and his career likely won’t be derailed by the laughable melodramatic disaster that was Charlie St. Cloud; Gyllenhaal, too, will ultimately be fine despite his performance in Prince of Persia and the movie’s performance at the box office. Cera, however, might not be entrusted with the lead role of a big-budget production for the foreseeable future, following the commercial -- even if not critical -- letdown of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (refreshingly, though, Cera probably cares very little about his commercial appeal). Bottom line: None of the three had the summer they’d hoped for, and their star power took a hit.

Special K said...

Austin's getting ready for the hurricane.

Getting my surfboard and my resolve prepared to face Hurricane Earl. Come and get me, EARL!!!

Earl is not a scary name. How about Hurricane Edward Scissorhands. That would make some mother fuckers evacuate.

Guess he'll be tapping some Dutch Courage

does that sound like something a father would do? said...

Hmmm since he's prepping his surfboard and resolve does that mean he's one of those "mother fuckers" with no plans to evacuate? What an idiot.

the real m said...

So sorry to hear about Ted's loss. And 18 years is a long time to be friends. No wonder he has been distracted lately.

They can't possibly be serious about that wedding dress in the photo. That has to be the worst concoction I've ever seen.

That report that mentions Jake's failure re POP is not good. I sure hope LAOD wipes out the bad juju.

Special K said...

No M, that dress is actually from the Guns N Roses' video November Rain, but knowing BrookeDavis'(TM) penchant for super short dresses you can imagine it being pretty darn close. LOL