Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three's Company!

Update: Here's the First Look at Jake in Love and Other Drugs

Great way to celebrate 3 years of OMG.

3 years are you kidding? It can't be but it is. Way back on that Sunday morning in 2007 we never would have imagined that three years later, it's still going, people still want to come, and that there would 1090 posts and thousands upon thousands of comments made.Must give thanks all those who have come to OMG, those started with us, those who found us along the way, and those who find there way back to us. Without you it wouldn't be the same.

We know that we don't all see eye to eye, we have differences of opinions, we bring perspectives from all different places we are in, in our lives, that's the lifeblood here. We're a mixed mash international group of people and friends coming together. We've made new friends and seen others go, some of us speak up, and others are more readers than writers, and plenty people in between the two, but that's what's special, that's community and that's what its all about, that unique blending of people that what makes three years possible.

And to those who have been there with support, encouragement, shared links, pictures, ideas, resources help create something new everyday, a mere thank you seems inadequate. But THANK YOU.

You know after all this time we think we've got the guys figured out, but nope they still give us the unexpected. (Who knew Austin was Dutch? And it's pronounced Yillenhoolahay? ; ) ) We've seen one fauxmance go poof and another one grow in its place. Both on the big screen, (and little one to for Mr. Longhorn). Award Season and Parties. Maggie and her men. Jake back on the red carpet and in interviews, still with all his charm. Ringing things round. Maybe not biking this year for pictures, but instead Riding in Cars with Boys (and beard). Both giving back to charities and busy working careers, all the while still together raising a family. And then, recently finding that this long love is even longer than we knew. What will next year bring?

And because it wouldn't be a birthday at looking at that first baby step.

Our very first post

"Jake seriously, I don't think that's what
they had in mind when they said beard."
Overheard in Chilmark

And Wicked, thanks again for starting this crazy ride with me.


destiny said...

Happy Birthday OMG. Thanks Special for all of your hard work and over a thousand posts!

Boy, reading that first post is sure a trip down memory lane. So many people no longer post. A sad reminder of some of the damage wrought by Reeke.

prairiegirl said...

Congrats, Special! Let's see, 365 x 3...neither rain nor Comcast shall stop...LOL.

Amazing seems such a twitter word but it's mindboggling to me the idea of coming up with a different, quality post every single day.

Thanks for putting up with all the you know what and providing/allowing such an open forum. Thanks to Wicked for starting it up with you and I sure wish I had been here during the very first year.

For such a little blog, it has had a big impact in unique ways. You should be so proud.

And yeah, alot of voices have come & gone, some come back, some pop in, some make very special re-appearances, one night only's, and some make an exit in a big ol' blaze of glory. lol.

One thing's for sure, while the regulars remain a small core, there are alot of lurkers and those who are either afraid to speak, nervous to speak, or just feel they don't have something worthwhile or unique to say.

And while that is a bunch of bunk, as someone who now writes in LJ, let me tell you, until I locked my journal, I had no idea how many other people were reading my story but never said anything.

It would be a very gracious thing if those who pop in today, think about thanking Special for providing a free service for all of us. And it is a service deserving of a verbal tip.

Something to remember: these blogs/journals can always be locked at any given time. They can be purged and gone forever with no warning. They can ban any particular person from ever commenting again.

So, with all that in mind, I'll get my thanks in while I can. LOLLL!

Thank you, Special. Sincerely.

prairiegirl said...

I know, always telling people what to do. I'll just save that person the time & breath.

Wouldn't it be funny to have an awards presentation?










ted said...

Are One Tree Hill Romances Cursed?

[Big Picture of Sophin]

Another celebrity marriage has failed. No surprises there, right?

One Tree Hill star Jana Kramer (all together now: who?) is splitting with husband Johnathon Schaech after only one month of wedded bliss. But the real subject here isn't about the divorce of the unknowns, but its implications for the future.

Could there be a curse dooming the cast's romances?

Unfortunately, we aren't Miss Cleo or anything, but we can smell some troublemaking in the air!

Y'see, first there was Chad Michael Murray's 2005 marriage to Sophia Bush, which was all the ‘bloids could talk about when it ended after five months. Then James Lafferty tried his luck with Bush...and that went down faster than Oprah Winfrey on a ski lift.

So with the news of Jana and Johnathon putting the kibosh on their couplehood, we can't help but be a little worried that the marriage bug just isn't something that works out for One Tree alums. Chad's been engaged for, what, how many years now?

This doesn't bode well for our beloved Danneel Harris, who married stud Jensen Ackles earlier this year. And we're also worried about darling Sophia Bush and her BF, Austin Nichols, whom we're big fans of. You probably don't remember, but Jana told us way back in May that "we shall see" if Soph and Aust tie the knot anytime soon! Back then, we urged S and A to take notice of their costar's matrimonial predictions.

Ummm, babygirl Bush, you might want to just, um, forget all that.


What makes these people think they're fooling anybody??

Really. Austin and Jensen...hmmm, what could they possibly have in common? Add Jared to the list, he married someone from his own show too. Nice and convenient.

Of course they are cursed if one of them is a beard!!

Thanks for the laugh, Ted. Funny item about these couples. Let's hope they're laughing at the silliness, too. I think you meant faster than Oprah on a ski slope, though.

Stubborn TB said...

Wow, I completely forgot it's been three years already.

Happy birthday OMG! Here's to many more years of funny and clever posts and good conversations.

NASA said...

:) Happy 3rd Birthday to OMG!

PG, great idea - the OMG Awards

Also, for those of us interested in stargazing in addition to J&A, per NASA:

"You know it's a good night when a beautiful alignment of planets is the second best thing that's going to happen.

Thursday, August 12 is such a night.

The show begins at sundown when Venus, Saturn, Mars and the crescent Moon pop out of the western twilight in tight conjunction. All four heavenly objects will fit within a circle about 10 degrees in diameter, beaming together through the dusky colors of sunset. No telescope required to enjoy this naked-eye event.

The planets will hang together in the western sky until 10 pm or so. When they leave, following the sun below the horizon, you should stay, because that's when the Perseid meteor shower begins. From 10 pm until dawn, meteors will flit across the starry sky in a display that's even more exciting than a planetary get-together." :) Enjoy!

in the running said...

Ryan Reynolds, Shia LaBeouf, Taylor Kitsch, Chris Pine, Sam Worthington, Garrett Hedlund, Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Chris Hemsworth and Jake Gyllenhaal are all in contention to star in "Safe House," a thriller based on a spec script by US magazine editor David Guggenheim that was a subject of bidding war that was won by Universal earlier this year.

The reason why every young actor wants to come aboard comes down to two simple reasons: director Daniel Espinosa who made the highly buzzed about "Snabba Cash" and Denzel Washington, who is signed on for the lead role. The film itself has been described as a mix between "Collateral" and "Three Days of the Condor" and "follows a young U.S. intelligence agent who must go on the run with a newly arrived prisoner after his titular safe house comes under attack" and is slated to begin production next year with South Africa and Argentina being scouted as potential locations. Yes, money is going to be spent hard on this thing.

The Playlist

Methodical Muser said...

REPOST: I guessed I jumped the gun by posting this last night, right before the tickety tock of midnight!

8/12/07 By the way...Happy Third Anniversary to OMG! What an amaaaaazing milestone. A post every day for three years.

Thank you to (((Spesh))) for your overall sense of fun, unwavering passion, and critical eye to detail. And, most of all for still daring to believe in a love story that continues to defy the odds and warm the heart.

destiny said...

Woo hoo, stay on marriage in California has been lifted.

PG, I think you'd win half those categories you put up in your "contest" lol.

destiny said...

Slight correction,the stay will not officially be lifted until Aug. 18, to give the proponents of Prop. 8 a chance to appeal to the higher court.

prairiegirl said...

This is outstanding. Aug 18 is just around the corner. The walls can continue to crumble down.

prairiegirl said...

Probably someone will fight it. But you know, it's just a matter of time.

Well, it's looking like we're going to be packin' up soon and movin' on out tonight. Back to the cooler mid-90 degree's. Aaaaah, I can just feel it now, lol.
The one good thing is I'll have one good day to write. Gotta say that being with my niece & nephew like this just does not encourage writing flow. It's not that there hasn't been time or opportunity? It's just's impossible to get in that frame of mind. It comes out more like The Lil Rascals or something. LOLLL!

Boy, you look at these pictures and you realize how much Austin has trimmed down. I've seen some other pictures of him from Wilmington and he's looking like Lean Larry.

prairiegirl said...

How funny. I've never looked back at the very beginning of the archives nor the very first "real" post. Wicked still trying to set up the music player. The back & forth decision making about Anon posting or no Anon posting. Tom's first letter to Ted being put on line.

Destiny, Tom, Stubborn, Blue Velvet here since the very beginning and still around. The first names on that first real post and all 4 still around. That's cool.

There's some movie that Ryan Reynolds is in the finals about to ink his name on. But I guess he's beat out a bunch of guys and listed amongst the "also being considered were", was Jake.

Special K said...

Thanks!!!! so much for all the kind wishes and helping celebrate year 3 here at OMG. I appreciate it so much

Special K said...

It is tough to see it within reach and yet have to wait another week for all those in CA waiting to be married. While the week wait gives those who want to file an appeal to do so, it doesn't seem that it won't have much bearing on it, and all people in CA will be able to marry this time next week.

AUS10 said...

My mom surfing huge north carolina waves
6 minutes ago

Special K said...

The trailer for LaOD looks great. Jake is perfect for the part, and looks like the casting is great too.

Looking for the clip to link. Is anyone else having trouble to get into IHJ Community?

Here are the screencaps to the trailer in the meantime.

IHJ: Love and Other Drugs First Look

Quiet Reader said...

Happy Anniversary OMG! I read religiously everyday, comment very occasionally, but always love (and admire the hard work) on every new post. While I may not agree with everything, doesn't stop me from finding OMG interesting. Here's hoping the boys come out, but if not (which I seriously doubt they ever will), I'm wishing OMG continued success.

Special K said...

So Jared put up another picture of Sophia with sporting a charity tee shirt in support of the movement, which finds help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self injury and suicide.

Which is a cool thing to do.

Just Jared


Somehow just somehow she is standing in front a group of pictures, that JUST HAPPEN to be of her and Austin in them.

Of course there is one of the pictures of them that was "hacked"(cough cough)from Facebook. But the even more hysterical thing, the picture at the bottom right is a paparazzi pic of them.

Who they hell would frame a pap picture of themselves?

Who would just conveniently stand in front of such a group of pictures?

Support the charity. But to use the opportunity to play make it look like you are legit and living together. Sorry that's a low, really low.

Jersey Tom said...

Happy 3rd Birthday OMG. Much thanks Special for keeping things together and your hard work. I wonder what is in store for us in the year to come? Hopefully some things that will make us smile.

the real m said...

Special, thanks so much for your dedication and hard work. I cant believe it's been 3 years. I appreciate the work, time, persistence and imagination it takes to keep this site as terrific as it is. Life would be pretty boring without it. You keep Jake and Austin's pr staff on their toes for sure. Here's to many more. Someday the post will be all about Jake coming out.

the real m said...

I just caught the clip on ET a minute ago thanks to PST and then replayed it for my husband to get a 2nd opinion. Jake and Anne both look good. The movie looks cute. They did an especially good job lighting them to highlight their good looks. I hope this one is a winner for Jake.

Special K said...

Here is the clip for LaOD. Enjoy!

ET:'Love and Other Drugs' First Look

OMG said...

I think Jake looks good. Real good. ;) He's such a cad you do kinda want to smack him.

The "OMG" part was mortifyingly funny.

prairiegirl said...

Wow, that was a great clip. Jake looks slick, slick, slick. Anne looks great! I'm surprised - I usually just don't get excited about her at all - even in Brokeback - but I like the looks of her character in this one.

Dang, Jake looks great. And I hear "Beautiful Girl" by INXS in the background. LOVE that song. Why did Samantha Harris have to do this piece? Does she ask every time for exclusive coverage of any Jake story? That woman drives me nuts.

Oh well, the trailer looked good, I thought.

prairiegirl said...

Man, my room and Laptop Central are just Trashed! This is chaos. Total disarray. And only one day left of vacay. It just went Poooofffft!! Gone. Just like that. I don't know what happened.

Next vacay isn't until September around Labor Day.

Speaking of which, I take it we're going to have to postpone our long-ago discussed OMG get together? Because there seems to be no movement on that front, lol.

I hereby move that the proposed get together be tabled for 2011??? Do I hear a second???

Unless I hear any rumblings, I'm moving forward with plans for my scheduled vacation time around that Labor Day.

prairiegirl said...

la la la la la, just talking to myself again.

I came home, threw everything inside the door, hooked up the laptop and opened my email and found devastating news.

Barks, one of my wiener dog watches was put down tonight. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

She said he stopped eating Mon and they did discover he had gotten into some mulch. He's gotten into stuff before & always made it through all right. But he never bounced back and they took him in for tests and found he had lymphoma. I didn't know dogs could get lymphoma. Barkley was 15 yrs old.

But I tell you what, you never would have known it. He was still very active. She's now lost all 3 of her original dogs that I started dogwatching probably over 10 yrs ago. It's so sad - I never dreamed I'd never see that lil guy again. Ol' Barks.

And we left the House of School in Wichita. lol. With 2 teachers in the household, it becomes like a military camp. Man. Tomorrow @ 6am starts the big Back to School Drill. They all left tonight for my niece's Open House. Since when do you have open house before the first day of school??? She had her backpack full & that thing looked bigger than her. The neph stews about being able to open his first locker successfully tomorrow. Big move to go from 5th grade to Middle School, you know. Aww, they're getting so big now. Not little anymore.

And then.....(and then...and thennnn... lolll), we have.....

the boys. All this stuff going on, school....fresh Wichita garden cucumbers & tomatoes, blistering 100+ degree heat....I come back online tonight and...

and still no change with The Guys. It's like time has stood still and we're still in June 2010.

What the hell?!!! Same ol', same ol', same ol'.

I dunnooooooo....I don't think I can take it much longer. We've about run out of stuff to talk about. Recycle. Regurgitate. Relive. Reminisce about. Try to Revive.

Maybe someone started that twitter rumor about Jake because the guy has virtually disappeared off the face of the earth. Heck, maybe he's become a lighthouse watchman on Martha's Vineyard. Or now he's holed up with the fam in L.A. - the moat is filling up with water as I write. The entrance gate has clicked shut. The blinds pulled down. And there's a note on the outside of the gate for the Papa John's Pizza delivery boy to leave the cheese pizzas on the ground, money is under the big rock.

prairiegirl said...

Nawww....wait a minute. Wait one stinkin' minute.

Austin's in Wilmington.

Jake is not going to be ordering in pizza from no Papa John's. Where in the heck is my head.

Maybe Acme Organic, 100% Natural, Tofu & Bean Sprout Pizza delivery.
With a free 2-litre of Mineral Spring Water. And as part of the kid's meal, 2 packages of 100% real fruit juice, totally organic fruit snacks.


OMG said...

Ohhh, I'm sorry to hear about Barks, PG. Those little dogs are very cute. I don't know what I'd do if I lost my little hunny (a cat). She's going on 14 years old now.

Special K said...

The role in LaOD is perfect. Jake can use his charm, his sex appeal, that lil' ornery boy thing he has. He looks amazing it, honestly I think he looks the best he's looked on screen in the last 4 movies. There's something different about the look in LaOD. Don't know if it's the tan they have him sporting for it but think he really needs to send the lightening guys and director of photography giant muffin baskets!

Special K said...

PG - So sorry to hear about Barks too.

prairiegirl said...

Thank you. I'm still in shock over Barks. And it wouldn't be so bad but last Thursday, I had also found out my Curley boy has been diagnosed with Cushings disease. I have really tried pushing that one out of my mind because that one really hurts - can't stand to think about my guy Curley not being around or even sick.

So I won't.
Anyway, I agree - LAOD looks fascinating. A totally different look for Jake. He looks like a great cars salesman, doesn't he? lol.

And I loved it when Anne hit him over the head with her purse. That was probably just about everyone here several times during Reeke, was it not? LOLLLL! Anne did that for all Jake's fans during Reeke.

That guy can really rock that sultry eye look, though, can't he? Did you see that shot of him as he was sitting at some table and he was eyeballing some gal? Jake knows how to use his eyes with alot more than just that well-known woeful look.

Austin never stood a chance.

prairiegirl said...

Man, I just love Jennifer Anniston sometimes. I guess Bill O'Reilly gave her a verbal lashing after a quote she made about single motherhood. She clarified what she said with that class she always has and this time with a slight hint of snark.

The 41-year-old former Friends actress told People, “Of course, the ideal scenario for parenting is obviously two parents of a mature age. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on earth. And, of course, many women dream of finding Prince Charming (with fatherly instincts), but for those who’ve not yet found their Bill O’Reilly, I’m just glad science has provided a few other options.”

from Just Jared.

"for those who've not yet found their Bill O'Reilly." lol. Way to go, Jen. Now that is just good PR. What a great comeback statement. How can he argue that one? lol. She's great - just class all the way as far as her public persona goes. I'm not talking about her appearances in the tabloids. Just that she maintains her cool and the way she handles her statements to the press should be on a PR pamphlet to all up & coming celebs.

ted said...

Dear Ted:
Which B.V. have readers guessed the quickest since you first posted it? And are you glad that Toothy continues to baffle and intrigue the masses, or do you wish everyone would figure him out and move on?
—Detective Without a Clue

Dear Clueless:
Darling, if I told you who's been guessed correctly, it's a reveal! And for Toothy's sake, I wish he would just figure himself out and lead a much happier public life. Actually, I think he will.

prairiegirl said...

I just watched Austin & Sophia's PSA. That's very good. I'm glad I watched that - it's much, much more appealing than their twitters about it.

That situation is just heartbreaking. I have no doubt both have been greatly impacted what they saw down there.

Toothy's much happier public life as opposed to his private life???? For those who say Ted never just spits out a straight answer, that's how I interpret that last statement.

Seaweed said...

Absolutely love the on screen chemistry between Anne and Jake. He's such a crowd pleaser and has such a good look going on. Don't you just wish he and Austin would fess up and deal with their union all up front. Between the two of them they could charm the pants off the ladies and many of the men also.

Thanks for posting the trailer Special and for all your sweet labours over the past three years. You and the rest of this community are a part of my day from dawn till dusk.

Methodical Muser said...

Toothy's much happier public life as opposed to his private life????

I had a completely different take on Ted's statement, PG.

There's no implied, or explicit comparative framework when he states, "I wish [Toothy] would just figure himself out and lead a much happier public, life." In fact, I read Ted's observation as a simple straight-forward comment. That the problem Jake is still struggling with has nothing to do with his private life (he figured that out a long time ago), but how he wants to continue to present himself to the public (i.e. straight Jake image). Stop the cloak and dagger stuff, the Rob-look-a-like-guy and PR escorts, the planted stories about his next girlfriend, the silly and hurtful behavior shipping heterosexuality everywhere he goes, etc.

In other words, Ted's words are carefully focused (chosen), with no hint of invidious distinction about his private life, ending with what appears to be an upbeat note: Actually, I think he will [figure it all out].

OMG said...

That's very good news. :)

Special K said...

M&M - I had the same impression that you did reading Ted today. And did take his last comment as another nod to something positive.

destiny said...

PG, I'm so sorry about Barks and Curley (I'm in love with Curley just from all your descriptions of him). Cancer is pretty common in dogs unfortunately, and to a lesser extent, in cats.

I hadn't seen any chatter about meeting up Labor Day since you first threw it out there, so it wasn't on mind in terms of making plans, so not going to make it this Labor Day. But I would still love to come out sometime.

I really get tired of Ted and the double talk. He knows darn well nothing is going to change anytime soon. With Austin bearding I don't think Jake will figure it out until he's an old man and nobody cares anymore. By then there will be will probably be plenty of actors who've had a career while being out pretty early on.

prairiegirl said...

M&M's comment at 11:10


lol! I'm sorry - I just kind of got lost along the way. Around the 3rd word Milemarker. lol.

I know, my poor Curley. When I go back to work, I need to go up and talk to her, see how it looks for him but I already read enough on line and it's depressing.

Well, it's impossible to tell with Jake how it's going to go. The guy has virtually gone underground like a mole. Like a prairie dog. Like an earthworm. But I hope for the best.

Whereas Austin seems to just be basking in the glow of beardingville. He's doing just fabulous, hanging out with Sophia 24/7 in Wilmington, pretending to be straight. He's got a huge, patio-sized shade pulled over the eyes of those OTH very young girls and he has to know it. They honestly believe that he moved all the way to North Carolina to be on OTH all because of Sophia because of what she said.

Where's Anne Hathaway's bag?

Talk about someone needing a good thump on the head and a bit of their conscience back.

prairiegirl said...

put it to use said...

PrairieGirl now that you have Firefox/Mozilla go to their site and get the Adblock Plus, Web of Trust and Better Privacy addons. There's a lot of addons (all free) that will make browsing so much easier. (no, I don't work for Mozilla lol)
August 12, 2010 12:39 AM

Hey, I didn't forget this. Thanks very much to Put it To Use! I definitely am checking this out today.

AUS10 said...

Movie idea. Snakes on a plane meets air force one meets jet blue steven slater emergency exit at 30,000 feet
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

My mom surfing huge north carolina waves
about 17 hours ago via Twitpic

AUS10 said...

Movie idea. Snakes on a plane meets air force one meets jet blue steven slater emergency exit at 30,000 feet
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

My mom surfing huge north carolina waves
about 17 hours ago via Twitpic

tweet said...

Movie idea. Snakes on a plane meets air force one meets jet blue steven slater emergency exit at 30,000 feet
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

My mom surfing huge north carolina waves
about 17 hours ago via Twitpic

destiny said...

LAOD looks promising, although it looks like a traditional romcom and not an Oscar-worthy film. That's fine, as long as it's smart and fun.

Special K said...

The Playlist has the first stills from LaOD and also reports that the full length trailer will hit theaters this week. (Other blogs say the trailer will be showing before Eat Pray Live)

The Playlist

same ol' same ol' said...

I really get tired of Ted and the double talk. He knows darn well nothing is going to change anytime soon.


prairiegirl said...

The Playlist has the first stills from LaOD

holy crap.



final expletive

That's just the first picture. I haven't even checked to see if there's anymore.

I'm sure glad I'm not at work.


prairiegirl said...

Okay, just the first picture caused a temporary energy blackout.

For all the people crying that there was hardly any bare-chesty Jake in PoP, there ya go.

I'd call that picture right there of Anne laying on his chest a Grand Slam pic.


Special K said...

The stills that are on The Playlist come from a reader who scanned Entertainment Weekly Magazine's New Fall Movie Preview.

prairiegirl said...


Doggone it, can you still work that picture in to today's Austin Friday post?

We'll wait.

prairiegirl said...

Wow, good scan!

Guess that first one can't be scanned then, huh?