Monday, August 16, 2010

The Great Goose Detective

It's been a mystery of a weekend of Where's Goosey. And yes being the fella he is, he probably gotta a chuckle over the little wild goose chase.

Still don't know what happened with the whole award show thing. Maybe they did do a pretape when they did they're PSA. But it looks like from the comment someone posted here from an OTH board that he might have been out with Sophia Jana and his parents on Saturday in NC.

Well Jana and Sophia call each other roomie on their tweets to each other and it is assumed by a lot of OTH fans they live together. (Some worry if it will be hard on Jana right now with Austin and Sophia so in love... ahhh yeah.. alrighty then) So if Austin is "living with Sophia" and he "shares" the place too, wow it's like a modern day Three's Company
Come and knock on our door.....
We've been waiting for you......
Where the kisses are hers and hers and his,
Three's company too.

Of course in the original show Jack pretended to be gay to share a place with two women, and Austin..... it would be sharing a place with two women because... come on you can fill in the blank.

You know all those the zany antics, living close to the beach, the sweet cute one that had fun with Jack, and...uhhhh Janet... you can see the New New Three's Company.

But Austin's no Jack Tripper. He's no chef, that's for sure. But he's a heck of a lot better smoother operator than Mr. Tripper and his prat falls. But there are somethings alike.

Chrissy: Are you recycling yourself Jack?

He would like a bar like the Regal Beagle, covet all that seventies funky fashion, and Jack never sleep with his roommates either.

Seen this pose before.. but where?
On some hacked FB page?

Halloween this year:

3:1 odds Austin dresses like Mr. Furley

Too easy for a fashion plate like you big guy.

30:1 Goes Mrs. Roper.

See big guys can pull off the big print.

Here's Austin with fan on Friday in Wilmy.
What a great guy. He saves the good hair days for the fan pictures rather than the red carpet.
photo credit:Kaitlyn B (Thanks to the finder of such great pic for us)

And Jake gets The Yolk.

So here's the questions to ask? Why is Jake doing the pick up or drop off of Ramona? And not Mom or Dad? Who's party was it? Why wasn't Jake at the Farmers Market yesterday? Maybe because his pal Busy was busy? Like throwing a birthday party for her little chickadee Birdie? Who turned 2 on Saturday.


Stubborn TB said...

Aargh Special, I wanted to post this on the last thread! :P

LOL. It COMPLETELY changes the meaning. Anyone with even a limited amount of reading comprehension can understand that.

Actually, it doesn't. Ask anyone what "being up with the kid" means and you'll get exactly one answer, regardless of whether you add "all night" or not. Just like "up on the screen" is understood to mean a certain thing, so is "being up with a kid".

jfc, you can't be serious. I'm not making up new meanings for anything, lol. I can't believe I have to provide you with dictionary definitions:

I'll make it easy for you - look at No. 50 and 53.

Neither 50 nor 53 means engaging someone.
50 means being happy or cheerful.
And as you might have noticed No. 53 is used for the phrase "up for" not the phrase "up with". I might not be a native speaker, but even I know that different words after an adjective can change the whole meaning of the sentence.

There is one meaning of "up with" though: No. 41.
awake or out of bed: to be up with insomnia.

But you know what, I don't care if you think it means something different. We'll just have to agree to disagree.
Honestly, knock yourself out and tell all your friends what you think Jim meant, just don't make everybody else agree with your interpretation of it.

Stubborn TB said...

About the pics of Jake:

Appearantly the guy that was in a few pics of the set is Busy's husband.
And supposedly Maggie was also around somewhere when those pics where taken.

So it really does sound like Ramona was invited to the birthday party of Birdie.

read it different than OMG said...

I'm not either of those people from the last thread on Jim Sheridan's interpretation of "up", but I gotta say, I always took his meaning as being "upbeat" when referring to Jake. I guess I wasn't looking for the hidden message in that quote like y'all here did. *shrugs*

Thick as bricks said...

and you'll get exactly one answer

Ah, well herein lies the problem, doesn't it? No room for interpretation right? Everything is black and white in your world, lol (as long as it fits with what you want to believe).

Neither 50 nor 53 means engaging someone.

LOL. Now do I have to define "engage" or "engaging" for you? Lots of definitions for that, too, which fit. I'm not going to bother, though. You want to see what you want to see.

just don't make everybody else agree with your interpretation of it.

Oh, you mean the way you're doing? :)

Thank you said...

I always took his meaning as being "upbeat" when referring to Jake.

Yep, "upbeat" is an even better way to define it. And upbeat is a synonym for "happy" and "cheerful", which brings us back to one of the dictionary definitions for "up." No hidden meanings at all and no "oopsies."

Special K said...

The person who is splitting hairs over definitions is either Bill Clinton missing the Lewinski thing or it's Jack here to distract.

To all of this discussion about being up all night with the baby comments.

I throw out this logic.

If it was Maggie's - Ramona was not a baby she was almost 15 months old when Brother's started. That's not a little baby who's up all night.

And secondly, why would a 15month old want their uncle over their own mother to comfort them

And why would a first time mom leave her brother who's working to take care of her child if she is not working.

longti said...

Haven't we read and hasn't Jim Sheridan himself said that he's known the Gyllenhaal clan for quite a long time? Would explain how he knows of the interaction between Jake and his niece.

AUS10 said...

I'm so sorry to all the fans who drove and flew many miles to wilmington. I am in detroit all week. I love you all. We shall meet again!!!
35 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Any french people out there? I'm headed 2 remake your wonderful film, LOL. I play the math teacher who has some girl students chasing him :)
about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Just left the set of OTH. Now I'm flying to the set of LOL.
about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

norwegian girl said...

pg:)i`m very happy for neil and david:) though i`ve been expecting it for a while. well, since the rumores last year. they both wear rings, have been together since april 2004, but not married.

sorry to hear about your dog. always sad when yoy have to see you`re loved ones go. animals are a big part of ones family. i have a cat named arwen. my husband thought liv tyler was so pretty so i agreed he could name the cat after her;)

when it comes to gro and katja, it seems gro was the one to leave. she found another norwegian team handboll-player. looks like katja, just a bit younger and fresher.
looks like gro found her when she was still with katja. gro gave their house to katja...think that`s the least she could do.

Special K said...

Great comments from MTV about LaOD

The trailer for the upcoming "Love and Other Drugs" surfaced over the weekend, and we've got to say that we are so glad we get to see Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal take another shot at onscreen love after their ill-fated go in "Brokeback Mountain" if this is what the product is.

Hollywood Crush MTV

prairiegirl said...

Hi ng! Great to see you. Thanks for your words. It's impossible to not get attached to the dogs that I watch. I did get awesome news today - I get to watch Curley the Sunday of Labor Day - for several hours. They're having a baby shower or something at his owner's house and since he can't be around kids, he's going to be taken to his aunt's house and it will be there that I will get to watch him.

lol. Poor Curley. Banished. I can't wait. I'll get to just love up on him.

It is great news on NPH. I would love to be a fly on their wall as they maneuver through those first few months.

My sister just read that this year is the 33rd anniversary of Elvis' death. Can you believe Elvis has been gone for 33 years??? That is just unbelievable.

Jersey Tom said...

It really bothers me that we see a pic of Jake holding his neice but not his own kid. If he has a kid he should absolutely be ashamed of himself. I have been trying to say little lately because I don't like what I see. This is so bad though if Jake is a Dad.

norwegian girl said...

i always judged jake too fast. like he was a famewhore and such. he does deserve it, just not that all! i think he likes the fame, maybe addicted to it,but quite cant handle it. if he`s a dad i`m sorry he feels he can`t be open about it like neil. hope he will see things differently
when his kids gets older. ecpesially for his kids sake(and his own)<3

i also see i judged austin too fast than i do now.thought he was a saint. not he`s fault, just mine! nobody is a saint!he`s proven to us by twitter he`s not a saint. he never was! we`ve just learned more about him.
he seems to be quite different from whom i thought he was, but much more interesting (after he removed the drunk-driving photo)
see i don`t like he`s bearding. why beard? why cant`t he just be "single" if he doesn`t want to come out?
and the one twitter i didn`t get is why is he supporting gay marriges while being one of those public persons that helps young people(OTH-FANS)believe it`s great for OTHERS, just not too close?
otherwise, it`s interesting to get to "know" him...while that will be for the most his everyday-steps with sophia that we all hear about. talk about private life and things that are important, austin???!

WTF? said...

If it was Maggie's - Ramona was not a baby she was almost 15 months old when Brother's started. That's not a little baby who's up all night.

Sheridan NEVER said anything about Jake or anyone else being up with ANYONE "all night." That's just OMG's desperate spin on what he said. Do you understand the meaning of CONTEXT at all? That's not what the interview was about or what Sheridan was referring to.

And secondly, why would a 15month old want their uncle over their own mother to comfort them

They wouldn't. But NO ONE said that that is what happened. No one even inferred it. Again, it's just your spin.

And why would a first time mom leave her brother who's working to take care of her child if she is not working.

WTF? I swear it's like some of you are brainwashed or something. Where are you getting that from? Again, she wouldn't and no one said that is what happened. Sheridan knows the Gyllenhaals and has seen Jake interact with Ramona and makes the connection with how he interacted with the youngest girl in Brothers. He's "up" with them. Upbeat. Lively. Interactive. Engaged. Happy Cheerful. Interested. How you took any of that and twisted it into Jake being up all night with the phantom BT is both laughable and a little scary.

Special K said...

You know Austin will be tweeting soon about needing this for his deep V sweaters.

Special K said...

He's "up" with them. Upbeat. Lively. Interactive. Engaged. Happy Cheerful. Interested.

It sounds like you've spent too much time listening to Up with People albums

norwegian girl said...

by the way, love your avatar tom. i really love neil and david, and i know you you do! i know the never will be jake and austin but, i love them more! so excited to see their kids:) see... you have enough out people to look up to! just try to see them! love you:)

prairiegirl said...

Up With People!

LOLLLLL!!! That's good, Special.

Slash Alert! Slash Alert!!
Attn: Readers, Attn: Readers

lol. New chapter of In Plain Sight by Vic is up!!! Sorry, I'm off to read. Won't be long though because she says it's short.

prairiegirl said...

Upbeat. Lively.

Man, give. me. a. break.

LOLLL!! Yeah, I talk about family friends all the time, saying they're "up with the kid all night". They're upbeat all night with their kid. yeah. Man, my friend sure is lively with their kid.

I'm trying. I'm trying to make it work.

dayum said...

Perhaps if you spoke it in an Irish brogue it would make more sense to you, PG. smh

prairiegirl said...

Perhaps if someone used my real name, I would try. Those whom I don't know but think they know me and call me by my nickname are sadly mistaken about their familiarity.

prairiegirl said...

You know, I have to say that ol' Austin sure looks like Joe College in that fan picture, doesn't he?

Let's give that young man a letter sweater!! lol.

Lookit that fresh face. The classic barber cut. lol.

How deceiving is that All-American look? lol.

This song. Three's Company. Mr. Furley. What was the name of that bar they always hung out at? The Beagle or something Beagle.

ruff said...

Special mentioned it. It's the Regal Beagle.

prairiegirl said...

Well, I will say I'm not always the best at reading every word all the time. Yup, I see it!

You know, when you think about it; this show made do with the barest of scenery. They were always at that apartment. Or the Beagle bar. Or the Ropers' place. Talk about low expenses. Maybe that was because Chrissy asked for so much money.

lol said...

Well PG, shows filmed before a live studio audience don't usually employ more than two sets. Didn't reallly have anything to do with salaries and contract negotiations. The Suzanne Somers thing didn't happen until season 5 of the show.

destiny said...

Hi NG, glad you dropped by to help celebrate the good news about NPH and his family.

prairiegirl said...

lol, me and my little shadow. Me and my little friend. Me and my little pony. He just follows me around and follows me around because he loves me so. And he calls me PG because he has the audacity to think he's been granted immunity.

And who is that in the big print picture?? That's not Austin, is it?? Tell me that's not Austin.

Special K said...

Busy made the cake for her daughter's party. She's talked about how she loves to make and decorate cakes on some talk shows she's been on. She is really talented.

Here's the birthday cake, it's
James and Giant Peach.

Here's another cake Busy made for friends it's a birthday cake with a
BP Oil Spill theme.

Special K said...

And who is that in the big print picture?? That's not Austin, is it?? Tell me that's not Austin.

No that's not Austin, but just a pic to show him he could pull it off he went Roper.

prairiegirl said...

Wow, wonder how she made that peach?? I wonder if she used half-moon containers? Because you can bake breads in cans. And remember the Barbie doll cakes? Although I don't know what they used for those hoop dresses.

Special K said...

I made a very special Barbie cake for a very special guy once.

My old boss, moved down to Charleston and we told him we knew he'd appreciate a Southern Belle. So I borrowed a Barbie dress cake pan (you can make them in a heavy duty Pryex glass handled mixing bowl too) to make the cake, and put in a very hot muscled Max Steel doll, and then decorated it exactly like Scarlett O'Hara's dress from the BBQ at Twelve Oaks. Complete with parasol and hat.

It was a hit. He loved it, and the hot hunk of a Southern Belle. He said that he kept searching for guy that looked like Max while he live in SC.

To make the peach you can use bowl shaped pans or just stacks of cake layer and then shape it by cutting and carving it down with a big knife.

Special K said...

Another new trailer for LoAD over on IMDB.

Love and Other Drugs Trailer 2

And Jake? - only one word DAMN!

prairiegirl said...

Oh yeah, I never thought about a glass Pyrex bowl. I guess it would be heat resistant enough to bake in??

That cake sounds like a hoot.

That scene where Jake gets up from the couch in the new trailer? I'm thinking I saw a bit of snow white hiney. lol

That trailer is even better than the other 2. I hope they use this one on TV.

austin's fb said...

Austin Nichols - Official Page the other austin nichols on facebook with 4,215 followers is not me!!! report that son of a gun. and join me here!!!!
2 hours ago

Austin's Facebook

Methodical Muser said...

Another new trailer for LoAD over on IMDB.

Double damn!

the real m said...

Man, I sat down on the couch and dozed off forever. Missed the whole evening. I did not even feel that tired but I guess I needed the zs.

I like the 2nd LOAD trailer much more than the first one. Jake looks great, though I still think his chemistry with women looks off.

Glad to hear Austin has another film in the works. I guess we will see that one next year.

Homophobia is not nice said...

though I still think his chemistry with women looks off.

I will start off with I do not believe for a second that Jake is gay and in a relationship with anyone let alone Austin Nichols, some of the things that are written on this blog is just plain homophobic, if there are any actors that are gay and want to come out, it's statements like that that stops them.

BTW Jakes chemistry with Anne Hathaway is off the charts, perhaps thats what scares the real m that she/he thought she/he would make the above comment.

prairiegirl said...

I will start off with I do not believe for a second that Jake is gay and in a relationship with anyone let alone Austin Nichols

Then hon, what in the heck are you even doing on here? Why are you even looking? You know very well what the scoop is here - stop playing like Aunt Bea.

Homophobia is not nice said...

I think this is great fanfic and I like a good laugh, is that a crime. I see you never replied re the real m comment.

prairiegirl said...

Oh, calm the heck down. Look at the time, will you? I was already late for my walk. My walk schedule stops for no one.

prairiegirl said...

Geez. Mr. Whiney Pants.

I disagree on the chemistry Jake has with Anne. Just from the 3 trailers I've seen now, it looks really good to me. Not only that, but those looks he gives to the girls in the bars? Darned sultry. The scenes with Anne lying on his chest? As beautiful & convincing as him & Heath lying together in bed on BBM.
The scene of him tickling/playing with Anne on the couch? Not bad either from the short snippet that they show of that.

But it's just a movie. I can separate it from who I think he's intimate with & committed to in real life, who I believe is Austin. He is an actor. He's supposed to get inside the heads of his characters. Who hasn't thought Anthony Perkins was looney in Psycho? That Dennis Hopper wasn't cruel & psychotic in Speed? But no one ever said they're like that in real life. So what is so different from that and Jake showing love & lust towards a woman in a movie?

But maybe some don't see the chemistry in LAOD. Who am I to say "Oh yes, you do!!" LOL. Good grief. These are opinions and those aren't something that you're going to get in a chokehold about.

prairiegirl said...

Man, I just made a heckuva argument.

Matlock, take that, buddy!! No one else is around, so I lick my own finger and ssssssssss.

lol. Love these mornings when it's just me and the keys.

And unfortunately, Mr. Whiney Pants today, anyways.

prairiegirl said...

Well, I was going to address something that's irritating me but we'll save it for a rainy day. Time's running out - Lever 2000 and Head & Shoulders (I mean, I mean Nexus! Nexus! LOLLL!) are calling.

Who's bigger than the BB? Bigger even than the BBB?? The BBC? The Big Big Cheese? Because that's who visiting us today. So all the supes will be super stressed all day today. I can't wait.

IHJ said...

So Jake DOES ride a motorcycle.

meter said...

Love how he's showing the parking control officer his quarter. "I went in to get change for the meter! Here it is, really!"

Special K said...

Love how he's showing the parking control officer his quarter. "I went in to get change for the meter! Here it is, really!"

And following it up with See! See! Come on .. Please! My Dad's gonna kill me if I get a ticket.

Special K said...

Austin might be getting his but kicked in how much money he's raised compared to his co-star, but he wins in getting his tweets mentioned by press.

Another mention from MTV for one pf his tweets. MTV

Sophia might need to outsource her tweets if she wants to beat him in getting her tweets picked up. ( please note: that is up not upbeat)

destiny said...

I liked Kal Penn's tweet:

Filled up the gas tank for the first time in 3 weeks b/c gas mileage on a hybrid = rad. That & I force my assistant to carry me everywhere

Methodical Muser said...

Love the motorcycle. With the promotion of LaOD just around the corner, he needs to rev it up (and I don't mean upbeat) when it comes to that sexy bachelor image. This means, of course, we probably won't be seeing him in that Audi Q7 family caravan for a while. Of course, that kind of sensible traveling choice does project its own kind of charm too. The fact he has two, only cubes the preciousness.

Jake's chemistry with everyone looks fine to me. He's sizzlin' in that second clip, which I agree is much more touching and fun than the first trailer. Finally, he seems comfortable in his own skin on the screen again. Charmingly cocky, engaged and exuding a seductive energy. I'm glad he will be able to also remind everyone that he has excellent comedic timing and a physical presence on screen that draws your eyes in his direction. With that come-hither smile that lights him up from within and makes you want to smile right back at him. Can't wait until November.

Jake gets me moist & Adam makes me feel 21 again said...
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