Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Rainbow Connection

All kinds of things were contenders for today, more Leadville 100, Jake and Yoga, Arm candy that's all arms and no Bilson, Sensitive Julian's cooking klatch, Ms. Tweets too much taking one more thing that Austin was having fun with in "take it and make it mine" grab yet again(figuratively introducing his cajones to a desk drawer just one more time) All were contenders but this, this has won out over all of those and it is because of one simple question.

But a little background first. Jake did promos back in the spring for not only PoP the movie but PoP the DVD and here he is on Disney Channel's Leo Little's Big Show promoting the DVD coming out Sept 14th.

So what is the one question from Leo Little's Big Show that made this king of the hill for today?

Leo, Leo Can you ask Jake if he likes rainbows?

Yup rainbows.
Who said the scriptwriters at Disney can't slip one in?

And speaking of Rainbows (and in fact kid shows)

Here's Austin's tweet from yesterday in his pursuit to get LeVar Burton to follow him:

@levarburton I love the shit out of reading rainbow and Jordy LaForge! - Aug 27

A little snip of Reading Rainbow back in the day

And today's song? Would love to see Jake sit across from Jon Stewart and sing it to him and not the reason you think. A different version of this song was the theme for a kid's show in Philly (Captain Noah's Childrens Hour - one of my favs) that Stewart was on when he was little Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz. Want someone to sing it to him just to see Jon's reaction, and who better than Jake? Not sure if Jon would freak out, go off in a rant or slowly rock back in forth quietly in his anchor chair.


prairiegirl said...

Meg said...
Yikes, if Jake's resorting to having Rachel Bilson as his next beeard than things really are worse than we thought. Bilke (?)would make Reeke look like Bogey and Bacall.


Geordi said...

Yeah yeah Austin really loved GEORDI La Forge. I can hear a million STNGers cringing in disgust over that one, lol.

ted said...

Dear Ted:
Since we have not had any real clues on Toothy Tile's identity in ages I thought maybe you would be more forthcoming on clues concerning Grey Goose. Other than the time Toothy and Goose got caught getting frisky by the LAPD, has Goose had any other altercations with the law?

Dear LAPO'd:
Nothing worse than any other star, really.

Dear Ted:
In Hollywood are there more male or female beards? People seem to gossip more about male actors/performers being gay that the person that they are with is just a cover, but I don't really see that many women going through the same problem. So the bigger question is, are there more gay men in Hollywood than women? Is it equal? Or are there more gay women?

Dear Beard Count:
More men have beards, definitely. Not to say that the women don't partake in the fauxmance fun, but there are also more gay rumors surrounding the Hollywood hunks. Plus, there's all those double standards that women can go out one-on-one, hug in public, etc. and not be pegged as gay. Lame, huh?

Bitch Back

Special K said...

In the interview Austin had with Hollywood Gives Back (yesterday's post) he talked about them shooting in Asheville NC this weekend. And he sent out the twitpics a little bit ago.

I am being abducted. This is what the space ship uses for power?

Nor slept in a wooden ship!! V for Vanderbilt. The Biltmore Estate is gorgeous.

Never had a hotel room like this. Guess I'm movin up in the world!!

Jersey Tom said...

Ashville is an awesome little college town. I would love to live in an area like Ashville. Austin is correct Biltmore is beautiful and very very big.

Jersey Tom said...

How about that library Austin. I had to back a second time to check that baby out.

the real m said...

I listened to the radio interview this AM. Pretty tedious until they got to Austin but it was good to hear a recap of some of the old stories about his youth and how he landed in HW.

I am very surprised by that DVD promo. Wasn't the film rated PG13. They sure seem to be pitching it to kids younger than that. I'm guessing they wished they had gone for a PG rating in the first place.

Special K said...

Jake looks like he was having fun for the interview. All the stuff he did with kids looked like he was having a great time. Radio Disney, Movie Surfers, Leo Little's. Think it's just a different kind of energy than it is with reporters. He can but the guard down. But you gotta wonder what he thought when she asked if he like rainbows.

Do I think that Austin suddenly brings up Reading Rainbow out of nowhere around the same time Leo Little popped up was mere coincidence? .... ah no.

Even though Sophia has hijacked everything he does, he's still trying to have some fun with it.

Jake: dirty old man said...

That video is creepy. Why is Disney trying to pimp that Pop DVD to the elementary school set? That movie was rated PG-13, A lot of parents didn't take their kids to see it because of that.

Jake looks uncomfortable as he should be, some 12 year old girl gushing over a man pushing 30, ewwww. Justin Bieber is more her speed.

The creepy Leo Little bit was taped back in January and it was dumped on the net the other day , too bad because it should never have seen the light of day, but that won't stop clueles Disney who will no doubt ait it on the Disney channel.

Kids ain't going to buy that DVD.

I never thoight that I would view Jake as something icky, but he does in that video, they should have at least used an older girl

Special K said...

Hello Jack.

Cute said...

Awww, I thought the clip was adorable. It's always been promoted as a family movie; there's nothing about PoP that shouldn't be ok for younger kids.

fyi said...

a little 9 or 10 year old girl gushing over a grown man is creepy.

crushed said...

Then you've never been a 10yr old girl.

Special K said...

Michelle Monaghen talked about Source Code at the Saturn Awards.

You have an upcoming thriller that I think our audience is very excited about. Can you talk about it briefly?

Yes, I've got a film that's coming up that's called Source Code with Duncan Jones directing. Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright – incredible sort of sci-fi. It's a really incredible ride, and you kind of really don't know which direction it's taking you.

How would you describe your character?

She's kind of a girl that's a little bit lost, and she hasn't really found her path in life, and she's a little bit confused. She meets a random guy on the train, and he kind of helps her sort out her life and her future. He's very enlightening to her.


Beware the Stirrer said...

At that age, crushes are very innocent. Movie stars, pop stars. Boys do the same thing, you shouldn't stigmatize something innocent just because she's a female child.

creepy said...

It would be just as icky with a male child and an actress pushing 30

This was not some random girl Disney came across but a child actress on a Disney show and payroll pandering to an audience that for the most part didn't see Pop.

Disney made Pop pg-13 to appeal to the game dan boys and girls but when it wasn't tracking well they tried to sell it as a kid and family friendly film, too late.

This video just proves what a massive fail Disney did in marketing, at this rate the DVD will bomb as well

Special K said...

Jack, see you're back. Well it's time to be moving on and take your creepy with you.

lol said...

lol, every post with a hint of going against the choir's tune is labelled "jack".

maybe Jack is a figment of your imagination, like BT/z

double lol said...

Keram's back, bitches, for some Sunday fun!

"Keram knows that Jake Gyllenhaal and Henry Cavill had a spectacularly bad break-up earlier this summer after months of Jake making secret trips to Montreal while Henry was filming "Immortals." Seems the catalyst here was Stephen Dorff, Henry's co-star and the epitome of bi as well as the epitome of douche, but also a misunderstanding between Jake and Henry as to their level of exclusivity. Jake thought it "went without saying" that they were an exclusive couple; Henry thought it was still open and casual since they hadn't yet formally discussed the topic of exclusivity, and started a fling with Dorff. Jake discovered the affair via the most proletarian of methods: seeing a discarded condom wrapper in Henry's trash. As if his summer wasn't already bad enough, what with "Prince of Persia" tanking, it seems poor Jake had totally fallen for Henry."

DL 29 Aug 2010

Special K said...

Ahhh no. The one's labeled Jack are because Jack's arguments and writing style are so recognizable at this point. After seeing his handiwork for 5 years all over the place where there are discussions about Jake, we know who Jack is.

And Keram on Datalounge is still trying to pedal this? Please.

L7 said...

LOL ahhhh no you don't.

And LOL about Jake and Henry.

Stubborn TB said...

Why are you spending all your time here anyway, Jack (aka Lol, double lol, Jake: dirty old man, fyi, creepy, L7 and many others)?

Isn't there a new facebook post by Naomi to read or a new resaurant to stalk in hopes of seeing Chris?

What do your gazillions bosses think about you spending all your time on this blog instead of working, anyway?
And don't you think your colleagues Chris and Michael Gordon Levitt are annoyed that you are standing them up like this all the time and they have to do your work on top of theirs. Michael especially, what with him being a fellow waiter in your restaurant and all.

Adam makes me feel 21 again said...

And Keram on Datalounge is still trying to pedal this? Please.

With just a change of two words, your statement becomes

And Ted on E! is still trying to pedal this? Please.

After all Ted is just a glorified version of Keram - both gossip mongers

HMMMMMMMMMMM....You believe Ted but dismiss Keram.

Jack (aka Lol, double lol, Jake: dirty old man, fyi, creepy, L7 and many others) said...

Stubby TB has gone stark raving mad!

Special K said...

Bye bye Jack.

Stubborn TB said...

Yeah, it sucks when people remember your crazy stories, doesn't it Jack?

lol said...

Sorry stubble, not Jack. But you'll hit the target one of these days, so keep the hot air flowing.

L7 said...

Sorry Stubborn, I'm not Jack either.

destiny said...

I find it the height of irony that we're expected to believe the Karam story without a single picture or shred of evidence based on a site where ANYONE can start a thread and post, but then they turn around and say Jake and Austin could not possibly be together because we only see them together once a year, we don't have any sighings, etc.

No idea what Jake and Austin's relationship is now, but I am pretty sure the Karam
story is fanfic.

LOL said...

^^^This coming from a woman who regularly posts gossip from DL here and on WFT and claims to believe it. Ohhhh the irony!!!

minnie mouse said...

Real 10 year-olds do have crushes but not on big hairy beefy men who look 35. They crush on boy-men. Look at magazines geared to girl crushes. You won't find Jake Gyllenhaal it's all Zac, Shia, Glee boys, Justin Timberlake, Gossip Boys, WB guys who are marketed to that demographic. I agree with the diagnosis that this was another huge Disney marketing failure.

Wrong said...

then they turn around and say Jake and Austin could not possibly be together

Blogger must be chewing up posts again as none of the posts above mention J&A not being together...or are you just embellishing the truth??

jack sparrow said...

Real 10 year-olds do have crushes but not on big hairy beefy men who look 35.

You mean like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean?