Friday, August 27, 2010

Talk, TIFF, and Trailers

Lots of Austin for an Austin Friday.

Last Sunday Austin called into the radio show Hollywood Gives Back on LA Talk Radio.

Check it out here.

Hollywood Gives Back

It's near the end, Austin is the last interview. They chat about Surfrider, his family, getting discovered at Sundance, touched briefly on that his involvement with Global Green started before the Gulf Spill, his current involvement in the Gulf Relief and ask about the movie Prayers for Bobby.

Speaking of movies. More about Beautiful Boy.

We know that Beautiful Boy will be at TIFF, but Austin won't be.

With the Surfrider event in Malibu on Sept.11th, and the premiere of Beautiful Boy on the 12th, it looks like Austin won't be joining his co-stars from tweets last night.

Come join us in Toronto for BEAUTIFUL BOY. Sep 12 @ 6:30pm. If you don't like really great actors and strong performances, STAY HOME!!

I meant Maria Bello and Michael Sheen. Not me!!

Austin earlier in the day had tweeted about the movie and how he was proud to be part of the film. The article that he linked didn't have any pictures of him but OMG found 2 more to add to our first peek of him in the movie we saw earlier this year.
Beautiful Boy is a powerful story that looks at the aftermath of a school shooting through the lives of the parents of the killer who took his own life in the process. How while estranged and getting ready to divorce find themselves turning to the other to get through, as they struggle with their loss as well as dealing the public reaction and press over what their son did.

Check out the trailer for the movie.

And Friday pop quiz. Name this Beautiful Boy co-star.


Dashboard Light said...

Could it be Michael Lee Aday, otherwise known as Meatloaf? ;)

Great stuff for Austin Friday! :)

Special K said...

Could it be Michael Lee Aday, otherwise known as Meatloaf? ;)

Got it in one.

Special K said...

Tnis is coming out from a celebrity blogger in Canada.

Take with grain/shaker/lick of salt.

Rachel Bilson is not so sad anymore... It seems she is "rebounding" with actor Jake Gyllenhaal!!

Rumours are going around that the two have been "secretly" seeing and talking to each other over the past few weeks, and that Rachel has "found comfort in talking to Jake about her ex [Hayden Christensen]."

Good luck kiddos!!

Is it just me or does something seem off about this?

ummm said...

Dear Ted:
I'd love to know if Baby Tile is ready to be called Tile Tot and if it's a girl or a boy?
-Pitter Patter

Dear Tile Offspring:
What's with this huge interest in Baby Tile-who didn't ask to be brought into this PR web, mind you.


the real m said...

I doubt Jake would let himself get linked with Rachel. It's been well know she was Haydn Cristensen's(sp?) beard for years. Ent lawyer had a funny post about when she and Haydn "broke up" because they were seldom even seen together in the 3 years they were supposedly dating. I don't think they even lived in the same state or country. Being beard #2, or is it #3 if we have ruled on Kirsten, would be just too obvious and fodder for jokes.

I don't have time to listen to the interview now, but will catch it later tonight. The movie sounds good though. It would be nice for Austin to have a successful film for a change. Not counting DAT as that was quite some time ago.

Destiny, there are some great Bomer pics on ONTD. Around the 12:30 mark. The link is easy to miss. He is dressed in a policeman's uniform and looks breathtaking. There is just something about a man in a uniform. Delicious.

Ted is in a testy mood. He must have been inundated with emails about Baby Tile. He brought it up but now he does not want to talk about him.

Testy Ted said...

He brought it up but now he does not want to talk about him.

Why do you think that is?

Ted said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Just Can't Escape Being Arm Candy

Before you freak out that our fave Hollywood hunk, Jake Gyllenhaal, is stepping out with a new babe, trust, we don't mean that arm candy. The candy we're referring to is how oh-so-delicious and totally mouthwatering his biceps are.

Seems after Prince of Persia (or as we like to call it: Sucked, Needed More Shirtless Scenes) Jakey-poo's muscles may be more recognizable than his adorable puss. At least, that's how the bearded boy is getting spotted lately:

'Cause while the facial hair might throw some off, those arms are unmistakable.

Jake hit up a beginner's yoga class at Yoga Works in Los Angeles last week and left his fellow classmates sweating from more than just Downward Facing Dog.

Wearing shorts and a tank-top—and of course the signature full beard (which we think he can pull off in a way Brad Pitt never could)—Jake tried to hide out in the back of the class. Uh, no chance there!

"His arms looked amazing," a swooning stretcher reveals, dishing that the dude was in "incredible physical shape."

Aside from his rock-hard bod, which we're relieved to know he hasn't ditched post-Persia, our pelvic-thrusting talker says that J.G. was way chill. As if we ever had doubts about his personality. It's why we love him!

And who better to work off all that unlucky-in-love stress, alongside Jakey, than the recently single...

Rachel Bilson, who was also in attendance. Our spy wasn't positive if they were together (as in together in the class, mind you) but revealed that Rach looked "extremely beautiful" and "perfect."

Um, where the hell do we sign up for this yoga class?


Meg said...

Yikes, if Jake's resorting to having Rachel Bilson as his next beeard than things really are worse than we thought. Bilke (?)would make Reeke look like Bogey and Bacall.

Special K said...

Before you freak out that our fave Hollywood hunk, Jake Gyllenhaal, is stepping out with a new babe, trust, we don't mean that arm candy.

Don't think Ted is saying that he is bearding up with Bilson at all. It seems to me that he is knocking down rumors (like the one from ZachTaylor) before they get a start.

And funny how Sensitive Julian talked about yoga over the weekend.

Jersey Tom said...

Jake and Rachel. No way. They can't be that stupid.

Special K said...

Ok, Now I get why Ted did it. Perez was taunting an "exclusive" about Jake and Rachel coupling up.

Gossip Cop has knocked it down as well and contacted Jake's reps.

When Perez Hilton can’t even find another terrible outlet whose bogus rumor he can “borrow,” and instead promises that his “exclusive” comes from good “sources,” you know you’re in for a doozy.

To wit, today’s “New Couple Alert” about Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel Bilson.

“Very good sources reveal exclusively to that Jake GyllenHO and Rachel Bilson have been ’spending a lot of time together’ – on the down low!” writes the blogger.

If Hilton took just 10% of the time he likely spends brainstorming juvenile nicknames and used it to develop actual sources, maybe he wouldn’t be so dreadful at his job.

This latest “couple alert” for Gyllenhaal and Bilson is — surprise! — a figment of Hilton’s imagination.

“Not true!” a rep for Gyllenhaal laughed to Gossip Cop when we asked about the rumored pair.

Gossip Cop

Jersey Tom said...

Yeah good move PR. That one would have been like putting a posty note on Jake's forehead saying I love being Gay:-)

Methodical Muser said...

I see that I’m late to the “let’s make Jake even more gay than he already is” party! I could not have said it better, Tom. Talk about ludicrous. Rachel Bilson???? Being paired up with Adam Lambert would be more subtle. Couple alert? More like, Couple Not Happening.

Special K said...

Well Gossip Cop knocked it down really quick, as did Ted, so yeah Not Happening.

much ado said...

Who do some of you get so effing heated over something completely untrue? I don't get it.

Frivolous Friday said...

No one is getting "effing heated" about anything. Can't you tell when people are having some fun with an absurd situation. Maybe you should losen up a little. Chill a little and enjoy the ride.

Special K said...

So who do you think Julian got the recipe to whip up this dish? Can't be Austin because that boy can't even make a milkshake. Who could have helped him?

# @BDavis_Baker How about a nice healthy salad with pistachio crusted goat cheese, pine nuts, and heirloom tomatoes from the farmers market?
about 4 hours ago via web

# And then I can grill up that Halibut I caught a few weeks ago up in the pacific northwest. A soy/ginger glaze. Some nice Asian flair.
about 4 hours ago via web

So you think Julian runs into Jake at the farmers market?

And yeah BDavis Baker is yes Sophia who suddenly decided Brooke needed a twitter account. The best part is that she asked for Brooke quotes from her fans. BAHAHAA

Send @BDavis_Baker all of your favorite Brooke quotes to welcome her to Twitter :)

Just don't know why Brooke didn't go with something like: Ballbuster_Brooke

Methodical Muser said...

Surely Aus10 and Sensitive Jake can understand the primal need to "light" another's "campfire." Cook up a little spicy magic, while waxing poetic about their mutually delicious catch of the day. *wink*

Sheep said...

And yeah BDavis Baker is yes Sophia who suddenly decided Brooke needed a twitter account.

Oh good lord.

destiny said...

Thanks M for the info on the Bomer pix-- but darn, seeing them will have to wait until next week. Right now I am on vacation and only have my phone, some sites like ontd are too hard to

Just what the world needs, Brooke Davis tweeting.

simple said...

"Jake and Rachel. No way. They can't be that stupid."

she is dark hair, he is looking for a blond hair.

Kel said...

I think Jake preferes cute little blonde beards. Rachel rumor is BS as Jake's rep. confirmed.