Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Run Around the Turtle

Jake's got this multitasking thing down pat.
Holding a drink, got the flip cam, and at ease carrying a bag of gear (you think he's had practice juggling a bunch of little things at once?) Jake's looking fit as he waits to capture the start the first stage of the Leadville 100 on video last week. Looks like he is interested in maybe getting involved behind the scenes for a movie based on the Born to Run book. It's Brandon Fuller's blog again, that has more details of the day.

Check out Jake's nifty convertible pants, yup a quick zip zip and they're shorts. And Jake knows how to accessorize. (not just the hat - but there's another shout out for his newest give back efforts - the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon is Sept 10th)

Speaking of accessorizing and giving back. Austin is flirting with a matching web belt to go with the new tee that is giving bucks back to his Gulf efforts.

While the full version of this pic looks more like the Wonder Twins deactivating than people dating, Austin and friend Adam were trying to figure out which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle they were via twitter after the Maroon 5 show.

Adam to:

@AUS10NICHOLS it still doesn't even feel real. Drink some red bull and drive like a ninja...

VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: If you were a ninja turtle...which one would you be?

If I'm honest with myself..I'm michaelangelo. But the brooding soulfulness of raphael is undeniable. Plus he has the coolest weapons.

I spelled Michelangelo wrong. Oops.

Austin to: @adamlevine I drank so much red bull and I am a ninja. I would be Splinter or Shredder. about

@AUS10NICHOLS duuuuude. You can't just BE splinter! That's the unattainable! you are Leo or Don.

@adamlevine ok you're right you have to earn splinter status. I'm leonardo. Who's our Donatello?

Leonardo is depicted as the eldest brother and (along with Donatello) the calmest of the four. He is the one to usually take charge of the turtles when Master Splinter is not present. He is often at odds with his more hot-headed brother, Raphael.Leonardo is said outright to be the leader of the TMNT; his orders are usually followed, and he is a very serious do-gooder who hardly ever makes wise cracks.

Leonardo? Guess it's gotta be the blue.


skinny said...

Austin and Jake are thin but Jake's arms wow.

Jersey Tom said...

At first I thought Austin looked horrible in the new pic but when I enlarged it you can see that this guys features are hot. He certainly is dressing for the young girls who watch OTH.

I still think he looks best in a suit. All grown up and hot enough to burn down a room.

Whoever our little quest is sure is a fruitloop. I would love to understand the psychology that drives this person. Like it has the power to change opinions or embarrass us and we will go running away. Keep talking. Keep wasteing you time.

prairiegirl said...

All grown up and hot enough to burn down a room.


Wow, Tom!! I didn't know you could write slash. Yowsa. That was hot, buddy!

prairiegirl said...

I remember when my brother was into the Ninja Turtles. And now I also recall a former co-worker whose little boy was ridiculously into them.

So I wonder what Donatello does? I guess he's a calm one, too.

Enjoyed the exchange between Adam L and Austin. Pretty entertaining. Even though it was about turtles, lol.

Well, I need to remain motivated, maybe keep my mind off of my story which I am not happy about and wanting to kick to the curb and watch it go down the city drain. But the pressure to post is getting to me.
I'd rather concentrate on some friends we have coming over Friday night for taco salads. Got the fiesta colored glasses out. My little authentic maracas. Gotta get the brightly colored placemat for the centerpiece. Get the little maracas/donkey mexican confetti to throw on the table.

It's a birthday celebration for a couple of girls and another one whose was way back in Feb. but we never did anything. I need some kind of party favor for the place settings. Will have to think...think...think...

martha stewart said...

A little potted cactus would be a cute party favor.

prairiegirl said...

I love Martha.

My brother can't stand her but when I used to subscribe to her magazine when I had a kazillion dollars to throw out the window frivolously, I used to try and sneak them into the house to my sister-in-law w/o him knowing. She liked Martha, too. LOL. Contraband.

I heard the funniest saying this afternoon at work. Our whse mgr and another super were doing a safety audit on our office and my big buddy was chiming in about a solution to our unsafe printer cords. And he was asked if he was "poking the possum".

LOL. poking the possum. I thought that was funny. I guess that means something like are you trying to get a rise out of something? Or trying to stir up something, maybe. Poking the Possum.

Trying to decide whether or not to make these banana bars. One of the b-day girls really loves those and they are easy to make. Sort of like banana cake with cream cheese frosting. They are a guaranteed hit - I would guarantee it. They are so moist and with that cream cheese frosting? But I don't know.

Methodical Muser said...

This woman surely is about as desperate as they come. First, the - Jake Gyllenhaal’s not gay, but smokes too much pot story -, now the half undressed, “don’t you think I’m sexy” photo op, then the conveniently placed factual faux pas about Jake being her husband. Somehow I just don’t think Selfish Reese will be hooking up with Sensitive Julian anytime soon. Do I hear, “Cat fight,” anyone? LOL!!!!!

“Reese split from husband Jake Gyllenhaal in January and almost immediately began dating hunky talent agent Jim Toth.”

Desperately Seeking Jake

Special K said...

Teen Mutant Ninja Turtles hit it big on TV when Jake and Austin were 7. You they know they were into all of that like every other 7yr old boy was and had all the stuff or wanted it all.

Cracked up that Austin wanted to be Splinter (The TMNT'sThe sensei) or Shredder (the archenemy of the TMNT)) and Adam shot him down, and then Austin just went along with it and picked someone else. It's just like two boys would do when they were on the playground but these are guys who are 30something and it's on twitter. Somethings never change.

Special K said...

And going way way back. To 2005.

Here's Jake watching Maroon 5's set from backstage at the Now and Zen Fest in San Francisco.


Special K said...

Looks like Austin is scheduled to be in California on Sat. Sept 11th for the Surfrider 5th Annual Celebrity Expression Session.

The 5th Annual Surfrider Foundation Celebrity Expression Session brings together celebrities from music, film and television to raise awareness and funds for the Surfrider Foundation. Part of the Malibu Surfing Association's MSA Classic, the Celebrity Expression Session is a great opportunity for fans to watch their favorite celebrities show off their surfing skills in a 45-minute free surf.

Pacific Coast Highway, North of Malibu Pier; Malibu, CA


the real m said...

I have no clue who is who re the mutant turtles so have no comment. I do find it hilarious that the trolls get upset at any hint of the depth of Jake and Austin's relationship. Of course he met Adam through Jake. And they are friends still because Austin and Jake are a couple.

It's hotter than blazes here today. I worked from home but stayed in my air conditioned house all day.

PG, I admire your persistence. A lot of authors simply abandon their stories. Its great that you are committed to it. After having my heart broken when some stories simply stopped without warning, or worse yet, a journal was deleted, I try not to get too invested in any one, just in case.

sounds like Julian said...

Erin312MSW: Set for the night: clean house, piece of dark chocolate, candle lit, dog on lap, drink in hand, Jake Gyllenhaal in the DVD player #fb

dina said...

"I do find it hilarious that the trolls get upset at any hint of the depth of Jake and Austin's relationship"

LOL! If those two posters (who said that Austin's friendship with Jake's friends was no big deal) are what you call trolls, then I can see why no-one comes here anymore. Were you one of the ones who called Wicked a "troll"?

BTW, any more "bombshells" recently from Ted? You're so in the know.

Special K said...

Jack see you were here late this time. Still looking for someone to talk to you?

Really? said...

And they are friends still because Austin and Jake are a couple.

Really? You mean Adam Levine, etc. are so shallow that they only maintain a friendship with Austin because of Jake? Austin isn't good enough to be considered a friend in his own right and not as part of a "couple"? And you know this how? What an odd view of friendship you have. And no, I am not a troll. I am just someone who likes to use logic.

Special K said...

Seems someone else has notice that Julian lost his balls somewhere along the way on OTH. Personally I think they were taken in a hostile takeover by BrookeDavis (TM)

Just to clarify to @jamiehaize. balls don't make the man. A real man isn't bothered by all that "macho male broohaha." about 16 hours ago via web

RTjamiehaize @SensitiveJulian I think you left your balls in season 6. ;) but its cute. about 17 hours ago via ƜberTwitter in reply to SensitiveJulian Retweeted by SensitiveJulian and 6 others

The question is why would Sensitive Julian retweet something like. Hmmm maybe the person who writes Sensitive Julian knows it's true about Julian too.