Tuesday, August 3, 2010

PoP 'n Fresh

Austin's having his TwoWheel Tuesday but it's Jake's getting a twofer today.

First it's officially official
The Mouse House has announce PoP on DVD and Blu Ray
and it coming out on September 14th. Now why does the 14th sound familiar on yeah OTH is back that day. It's another TwoWheel Tuesday Miracle!

And here's the scoop on some of the extra:
-- An Unseen World:– A look behind the scenes on the set of the film (on all three releases)
-- Deleted Scene – The Banquet: Garsiv Presents Heads (on both Blu-ray releases)
-- CineExplore: The Sands of Time – Take control of the dagger and use it to unlock secrets behind your favorite scenes! Turn back time and uncover over 40 spellbinding segments – including "Walking Up Walls," "Filming in Morocco", and "Ostrich Jockey Tryouts" – with this exclusive interactive feature. (Blu-ray Combo Pack)

We're heard about Jake's busboy skills over the years, but here's a blast from the past that looks like he is perfecting his tableside table. A little dinner and a show? Talking about the last time he went Dutch?

It's a french tickler you just rub his ears like this.

No no his can't be bigger than mine. Are they?

Ding Ding Ding
The Gentleman from Texas wins the prize.


Or it could be: said...

Oh my god where'd I leave BT?
Damn I got spitup on my shirt again.
Oh there he is! In my duffle bag on the other table!

ted said...

Blab Blab Blab Beware Fruit Bearing Blondie

"Didn't that boy read the part in The Bible with Eve and the apple and the snake?"

—Jake Gyllenhaal chum, regarding the talk that Jake's ex, the crafty Reese Witherspoon, may or may not be behind recent nasty talk denigrating the handsome movie star.

Wow. That's all we have to say here. I mean, not even PR-finagler extraordinaire Angenlina Jolie's ever gotten the Eve analogy. Or has she?

Great White! said...

Oh Ted. I love that he's got a Shark Week on AT too. We had one spotted off our beach today as well. Hooray!!!! :)

learned the song in 2 days tell me another one said...

I've been watching that clip over and over this week. It's not only hilarious but so brave and so well performed too! It's a difficult song for a girl to sing, let alone a guy!

I read about that SNL skit that it was Jake's own idea to do the Dreamgirls song and that someone else gave him the idea to do it in drag. They came up with it just two days before the broadcast, can you imagine that! He should really do a musical once, would be lovely


prairiegirl said...

Hooray because a shark was spotted near the beach?

I don't think I get that one.

It's 97 degrees here! That's awesome. lol.

Hey Special, I'm using Mozilla now. Kicked IE to the curb. But I don't see how to open another browser page from the screen that I'm on. Is there a way to do that without going to my "Start" icon?

prairiegirl said...

I have music now!!!!! Can I rewind back to my birthday again and hear "I Think I Love You"?!! lol


Cool pictures. Where are these from? They look like they're taken inside a stadium club for some reason.

prairiegirl said...

Oh boy, I have been so remiss. I have to express my deepest sorrow over the loss of life in the Connecticut shooting tragedy today. What an awful, awful happening.

It scared me at first when my cubemate mentioned it this afternoon because I didn't hear her right and I knew that we had a plant in CT. In fact, one of our whse supers just transferred there to a sister plant.

I'm sure this will alert companies everywhere to review procedures on how and when employees are walked out. We have employees walked out as well upon suspension or dismissal. It's always a possibility and there's never a way to fully protect from something like this happening. I always say if someone wants to do something bad enough, they will find a way to do it.

Unbelievable to lose that many lives at work at once - it's awful. I cannot imagine trying to go back to work the next day. Those poor people.

Special K said...

Ted's still on Reese. She really crossed it with him.

Someone over on Ted's posted something that does make a lot of sense. It was about her dropping Jake for Pattinson. And it kinda makes sense if you think about it.

She got Water for Elephants in Oct. Things were already kind of rocky Reekewise after the yogurt thing in Sept. Once she got the part for WTE in Oct and knowing it was Summit she knew Pattinson was on the short list for the part. Pattison was announced for the part, but you know she already knew about it. That's another reason to break it off with Jake so abruptly, she wanted to move up the food chain of Hollywood. Totally her M.O. Remember Wahlberg she dated from Fear, than Ryan - Cruel Intentions, then Jake - Rendition. Now who is one of the hottest stars and the moment and a co-star - Pattinson.

But the Rpat didn't go with the plan. Reese thought all ready they would meet on the set yada yada yada, but he was seen with Kristen twice before shooting started basically cutting Reese off at the knees. She had to go with Toth.

Did you notice how there were pictures from the set of WTE and the story about him meeting Ava. Funny how he did his movie Bel Ami and there were not paps pictures from the set but somehow on WTE there were. Hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmm

Special K said...

The pictures of Jake giving his best act as waitstaff is from the Eden Roc Hotel in Cannes back in 2007.

PG most straight forward way, click on file and you can add a new window or a new tab in Firefox.

Shark Week said...

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm indeed. ;)

the real m said...

PG, on my Firefox there is a little + next to the last tab. Just hit it and a new tab appears.

Glad to hear POP will be out soon. I added it to my netflix q a while back so I'd get it early.

Yeah, Reese crossed the line this time. Glad to see Ted is calling her out on it. I hope he keeps leaking info about what really happened. You can just tell he wants to.

Bree said...

John Barrowman is Desperate for Jake


CRAP said...

SK, Robert Patterson is rumored to be at least BI and his "GF" K. Stewert is gay, gay, gay,!!!

Reese is well aware that Robert and Kristen are bearding for each other like everyone in HW is.

PS: She ain't dating Toth either.

Special K said...

But it could make sense that Reese wanted another bearding relationship, after all the gossip about Shafterella and ladies. She doesn't want a real relationship. It is all about moving up the food chain of men in HW stay relavent and out in front in the press. She is like a shark in a sense always moving forward.

Vanity Fair said...

Nobody said they thought Reese was looking for a real relationship with RP. Always jumping to conclusions so you can slam OMG.

landshark said...

She is like a shark in a sense always moving forward.

If that's your definition of a shark then this world is full of them, including me. Who the he'll moves "backwards"?

K. Stewart pings so loud she pongs said...

Reese started "seeing " Toth in February supposedly, a few weeks before Ryan and Abbie brake up was announced (Even though according to Ryan they had already broke up a few months earlier, around Dec., something i'm sure Reese was aware of)

Filming of WFE didn't start until May, the set stories of Reese and Robert started even before during pre filming meetings.

The Reese and Jim "romance" complete with pics were well on their way, even Easter pics in April with her kids.

So how could Reese have gone to Toth after Robert cut her off at the knees? She was already with Toth, if she had really plan to beard eith Robert, she wouldn't have bothered with Toth, someone she and Ryan and her kids have known for years.

Ted knows Robert and Kristen are BS, he just pushes that garbage because it gets him hits.

Also, Reese would I think no better than to interupt that bearding relationship.

shark watch said...

Jack's jumping in the shark tank.

Cancer the Crab said...

I move sideways? :)

AUS10 said...

RT @NOH8Campaign: Tommorrow is Day of Decision in the #PROP8 trial. Meet us in the West Hollywood Park at 6PM to celebrate or protest! # ...
35 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Wrong said...

Nobody said they thought Reese was looking for a real relationship with RP. Always jumping to conclusions so you can slam OMG.

Chillax for once. People are alowed to disagree FFS.

Methodical Muser said...

Actually, around two dozen species of sharks do continually move forward because that's how they keep breathing. I would consider Reeky a Hammerhead (with a very pointy chin) because that particular group is known to eat their own young.

Do Sharks Die If They Stop Swimming?

"Some species of shark, such as great whites and hammerheads, do need to keep moving in order to breathe and thus live. These sharks are called obligate ram ventilators and need to constantly swim forward in order to ‘ram’ oxygen-containing water through their mouths and over their gills."

Swimming Forward

destiny said...


Nice of Austin to RT about Prop. 8.

Anonymous said...
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Methodical Muser said...

I can definitely believe that by September/October 2009, Reese had come to the conclusion that the fauxmance with Jake had become a huge liability to her sweet but desirable, family first, squeaky clean image. In addition to Jake not dutifully going along with the lovey dovey plan she had plotted out for them (e.g. those yogurt photos from early September 2009, not showing up for a family day for Deacon’s birthday in October). I remember Ted was also putting pressure on the whole charade by running some pretty explicit columns, including a contest to eliminate those who weren’t T2.

When Reese got the role in Water for Elephants (announced in mid-October) I can see her thinking she would be able to pull off another coup with a “Rob the Patterson cradle” and move up within the Hollywood hunk hierarchy. Once again, with the hottest young male star around. It doesn’t matter that her transparent plan didn’t come to fruition. Remember, she’s pretty much a megalomaniac when it comes to wielding power and control. She already had Jim Toth in the wings just in case she wasn’t able to pull it off when the filming schedule started up in the late spring. Don’t forget, this bottom feeder plans way ahead and wanted to immediately distance herself from all the showmance rumors that no matter how many “dates” “kiss cams” or lingerie shopping interludes took place, too many people just weren’t buying.

That’s also why she quickly planted stories about Jake trying to woo her back with $75,000 worth of dinnerware. Oh, yeah and then there was the early January story that Jake was going to go back to school because he needed a break from acting. Three weeks later the stories appear that Hammerhead Shark is having a “flirtatious” dinner with Toth and they were “totally” into each other. Pretty quick hook up for someone who’s PR releases indicated in mid-December that there were no other people involved in the breakup for either one. They simply grew a part and wanted different things. Jake, of course, wanted her to marry him, but she wasn’t ready to walk down the aisle again because Jake was so immature. Riiight. Keep spinning that cobweb, Reesey.

tweet said...

ohzoya: @AUS10NICHOLS i had a dream you were cycling past my house with JakeG, and you stopped to take a pic :') could you cycle to london maybe ;)?

Anonymous said...
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Methodical Muser said...

Odd that Witherspoon would be #2 on the list at $32 million dollars even though she hasn't appeared in a movie since “Four Christmases,” which was released in 2008. Evidently, according to Forbes, the reason for this anomaly is because RW has been "paid up front" for two of her upcoming movies “How Do You Know” and “Water for Elephants.” In other words, sight unseen.

Even she knows her career is on the wane so why not negotiate up front salaries based on her past performance at the box office. Which, frankly, hasn't been that good (Rendition, Penelope, Four Christmases, and Monsters and Aliens (voice). And, even though MaA may have made money, it cost about $175 million to make and actually only made $198 million in domestic box office receipts. Like PoP, it took foreign gross to help the bottom line. If one looks closely regarding Reesey's track record, she actually hasn't done all that well at the box office over the past three years either. The fact that she's still getting paid about $15 million per movie only shows why the movie business is doing so poorly over the past few years. Talk about poor decision making.

I wouldn't worry about Jake. PoP did amazingly well overseas and respectably from a domestic standpoint. It's not his fault that Disney spent so much to promote the flick ($300 million). They should have just relied on Jake who is one of the best natural promoters in the business. I think LaOD is going to do very well, as will Source Code. Jake will bounce back. Besides talent and over the top charisma, he also has something Reesey will never have: likeability

Stubborn TB said...

Did they count the never-to-be-made movie "Bunny Lake" or whatever the name was into this list again?

Because when she made it to the highest paid actress spot a few years back, she only managed that by having that movie, that she is producing, be counted in her salaries.
Back then, just before the highest paid actress list was drawn up, she decided to report an incredibly high salary for herself to star in it and that catapulted her into the top spot.
Of course at that time the movie had been "in developement" for years and AFAIK still is.

Methodical Muser said...

[Reese] is draw enough and hooking up with a man doesn't help or hurt her, so it's not required.

Actually, her desperate need to be with a Hollywood Hottie would prove just the oppositie. How about this time warp speed hook up?:

By the end of September 2006, Jake and Reesey were set to star in Rendition together. End of October 2006 - RW and RP separated. November 8 2006, divorce papers filed and by November 15, 2006 articles were already appearing in the tabloids about Reese chatting with her girlfriends about getting together with her co-star hunk and later getting flirty on the set with a possible romance brewing with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Don't kid yourself. Reese did not hook up with Jake in 2006/07 as an altruisic endeavor, but to further her desirability/popularity and continue to sell her image in the tabloids. Bearding with Jake has hurt her, as has her inexplicable arrangement with Jim Toth. People understand, even though they may not approve, why Jake involves himself in fake relationships. But, there are plenty of folks who have learned to view Reesey in a completely different light, lately. A discernible pattern has begun to emerge which does not paint her as the aggreived, angelic innocent any longer. Going after Jake now with viscious rumors about his borderline child endangerment habits has just damaged her little squeaky clean image more.

Methodical Muser said...

Did they count the never-to-be-made movie "Bunny Lake" or whatever the name was into this list again? Because when she made it to the highest paid actress spot a few years back, she only managed that by having that movie, that she is producing, be counted in her salaries.

LOL! Good point, Stubborn. I remember that. Here's your answer from March 8, 2007, TV Guide:

"Reese Witherspoon is missing... from Bunny Lake Is Missing, of which she is producer and star, says Variety. With production set to start in five weeks, Witherspoon has abruptly dropped out of the remake, leaving the studio to scramble for a replacement....

MsA's droopy draws said...


Love the internets said...

Predictable. I'm always amused when posters start making some incredibly powerful arguments how someone always seems to come on the blog with either "zzzzzz" or "yawn." The Internet is an uncontrollable beast, isn't it? PR's worse nightmare.

Somehow, I don't think Reese is snoozing over the public ridicule she has been receiving over the past few years. She use to be able to control the message, now she has to suffer through the knowledge that people can think for themselves. Welcome to the 21st century, Hollywood!

Anonymous said...
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$$ said...

It's not his fault that Disney spent so much to promote the flick ($300 million)

They didn't spend $300 mill to promote. The $300 million figure is what the movie cost to make and promote combined, $200 mill to produce and $100 mill to promote. It looked like they did rely on Jake heavily to promote. He was EVERYWHERE promoting his ass off, but that's not going to make up for a very expensive mediocre movie.

The truth said...

Reese's career is on the way down and she uses tricks and manipulations as was mentioned previously about "Bunny Lake" to bolster the image of her mass market appeal. Sorta of like her fake relationships to inflate her desirability.

slow said...

Anon will never learn.

Methodical Muser said...

They didn't spend $300 mill to promote. The $300 million figure is what the movie cost to make and promote combined, $200 mill to produce and $100 mill to promote.

Sorry, with so many zeros I got carried away. Production & Marketing budgets were $300,000,000 combined. In any event, $100,000,000 is a ridiculous amount of money to expend for promotional purposes. Jake did market his ass off, and no doubt the film was mediocre. But Bruckheimer/Disney dugged themselves a hole even a good movie would find it hard to survive.

The whole truth and nothing but.. said...

"Reese's career is on the way down...."

As much as i dislike Ms Reesey - this is pure nonsense.

She has finished the next James L. Brooks film and is now working on the highly anticipated "Water for Elephants" with Pattinson and Waltz. The film is already creating buzz.

And her next project will be the yet unnamed Paul Thomas Anderson film, his follow-up to "There will be blood". Male leading role Philip Seymour Hofman.

Sorry, but this is not what I would call "way down"... In contrary I think one of these films will get her an Oscar nomination.

She may be a manipulating bitch but she has made some good film choices lately.

destiny said...

I think they count money earned promoting products, etc. in that list, so it would include Avon. MVA was considered a hit, and I seem to recall reading she got points in the movie and got a big check on top of her salary for it.

POV said...

She may be a manipulating bitch but she has made some good film choices lately.

Certainly, this is debatable (I'm talking about the good film choices. Not the manipulating bitch part). Nevertheless, most friends and acquaintances I know wouldn't walk across the street to see her. They don't even grasp why she won an Academy Award. We all know actors who somehow get press for awhile and then, "Poof!" they disappear into the ethersphere. Particularly, if that person has a rep for being a jerk. A few losses at the box office and she's on the "Has-been" list. Maybe even faster than most because she is such a sleeze.

We live in a disposible society and this person is definitely worthy of being taken out to the trash. Not only as an actress, but as a human being. IA with those who believe this recent marijuana crap is beyond the pale. She deserves a little karma. Big time.