Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Safe text

First day of work on lol. Omg lmao rofl ttyl. Actors on this film need to be versed in text speak. I'm learning. be gentle.
August 18, 2010

But it doesn't look like Austin needs any help with what to text, especially when he's alone. And don't think he's all thumbs either.

Movies, hardware, groceries, Brazilians. There's a pattern. Do you see it?

Transformers 2. "Merge the matrix with his spark.". Hmmmm. Autobots turn me on.

Just left the hardware store. They were selling galvanized nipples and o-rings. What is this world coming to?

Haha!! I like messin with yall. That was a joke. I think about a Gabillion people saw it. Edward makes my heart flutter. # well #jacob and #bella also make my heart flutter. If I saw all three of them I would ask if i could rip their clothes off It would be the most outrageous #vampire #werewolf foursome the world has ever seen. And in the end, I would devour them all. HAHA!!!

Is it wrong to get aroused in whole foods?

Ok brazilenos. I'm rooting for you right now. You make futbol so damn sexy. I'm getting turned on. Can't wait to come visit your country!!

God knows what's going to do it Detroit.

Muscle cars? Motown? Bootleggers?

Any guesses?

And a gift from a very special friend of OMG to share here. You may have seen similar pics but these are a little different in either size or pose. Thank you so much for the find. Gold Star indeed.

Some times delayed gratification is more fun. Just ask Austin. ; )

Photo credit: Jim Wright


L said...

Did anyone read that Rita question in Ted's recent Bitchback from the previous thread? I mean really read it? By golly if that didn't sound exactly like our own SpecialK, full of misspellings and janky grammar.

Now whom do we know who's still obsessed with Miss Reesey???

Good catch, L !!!

Special K said...

Sorry to spoil your obsession with grammar bashing, but I didn't write to Ted. Too busy finding more ways that Jake and Austin are connected and have been over the past eight years. There are another people interested in Jake and Reese, besides me, just look at the comments on all the gossip sites.

Now whom do we know who's still obsessed with me?

Good catch, SK!!!

destiny said...

Now whom do we know who's still obsessed with me?

Good catch, SK!!!

LOL Special.

Someone is sure obsessed with trying to take us down this week.

LOL said...

No one wants to take you down, you take yourselves down with you silly posts!

w.l. said...

Special K, do you have thing worthwhile going on in your life other than keeping up this charade about Jake and Austin? Like a job, friends other than your blogger readers, or was the computer given to you in the facility where you leave as a way to keep you occupied and relatively harmless?

Stubborn TB said...

Focusing on grammar in lieu of having any actual arguments? Check
Personal insults? Check
Writing letters pretending to be someone you don't like in a pathetic attempt to taint them? Check

Yep, you've definitely reached the end of your ropes. Hey, maybe you should try being more "up".

Also, someone who is observing a blog they don't agree with 24/7 - even keeping a log of who posted what, word by word - telling anyone they don't have a life?
The irony, it hurts!

Reality Check said...

After all the crap that Reese has pulled, Jake and Reese now have trailers out at the same time.

Reese has worked and worked over the past two weeks for PR spin, dragging the kids to church with the BF, dragging them home to Nashville, taking Ava on a look alike walk, getting mentions on ET, and on name drops everywhere she can. And she isn't getting the "love" she expects. Jake just pops up after a summer away, kind of scruffy, but gets a haircut. His trailer is hot. And he gets attention that Reese is kicking and screaming to get.

Ms. W. this is karma calling.

Apparently Reese's "kicking and screaming for attention" amounts to walking around and going home, and the sound of "karma calling" is the sound of her bank account swelling by tens of millions of dollars as she continues to be one of the top 3 earning actresses in Hollywoood. You would think karma would be a little harder on her. On the other hand, the saintly Jake (with whom karma has no problems) has been blessed by having his headlining turn in Disney's tentpole action film of the summer crash and burn at the box office and soundly mocked by the critics. And let's not mention the self-destructing ongoing nightmare that is Nailed, or the fact that the buzz from his upcoming movie Love and Other Drugs is mostly being directed at Anne Hathaway.

Special K said...

Getting back to Austin who is the subject of today's post. This is something I think he would get excited, I mean upbeat, about - Solar Highways

How did I find it?

Duncan Jones (yep from Source Code) retweeted it.
RT @bobbyllew: Love this, need more inspired and determined people like this and things could really change.
about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck

Austin said he was looking at alternatives for cars.

Special K said...

Run along Jack, I'm sure you have more letters to write to Ted today. Let's see you've been Lana, Chica,and Rita already so here's some suggestions for those ladies' names you love to use to sign your letters with: Nina, Selena, Deena, and of course Katrina.

don't see it said...

Movies, hardware, groceries, Brazilians. There's a pattern. Do you see it?

No. What is the pattern?

Seaweed said...

It's not that hard to see why Jake fell so hard for Austin all those 8 years ago...

Loving all the LaOD trailers and looking forward to seeing it as well.

Stubborn TB said...

Austin definitely loves men and engines.

But remember Austin, don't think about having a robosexual marriage or horrible things will happen.

Special K said...

Shattered that was one hell of a homerun, that's why everyone I know takes the T. : D

But I gotta say seeing Dustin come back after being on the DL was the highlight for me.

Special K said...

Movies, hardware, groceries, Brazilians.

Oh Yeah Stubborn most them have a slant toward guys and guy things that turn him on. I wonder why. ; )

And also all connect to Jake.

Movies (easy), hardware (Jake is a handy man, he knows his wood ; ) ie building tables), Groceries/Whole Foods (how could you not, and Brazillians (World Cup and wa... well...let's just say World Cup)

Methodical Muser said...

Austin sure has voracious appetities. Turned on, aroused, heart fluttering. He definitely appreciates the sensual aspect of life. Rev up your engines for some action boys. Jake is a very, very lucky man.

Great pictures, Special. Thanks!

turned on said...

Subject of Austin's next tweet

Welcome Back Pedey said...

But I gotta say seeing Dustin come back after being on the DL was the highlight for me.

It was his birthday yesterday too! :)

Love today's post, btw. :)

Methodical Muser said...

I forgot to mention that I loved the double entendre meaning behind the Austin headine today. Wickedly clever, Special.

Safe text (sex)! LOL.

Jersey Tom said...

I love some of Austin tweets. Several are pretty risky. The one about the Brazilian hockey team is great.

I find it hard to believe anyone else in HW relys on PR advice more than Jake does. Personally I think they have done an awful job lately.
He sure is loyal though. After reeke he should have fired everyone who was involved in that fiasco. I am certain reeke convinced more people that Jake is Gay than anything else he has done.

It will be interesting to see how reese handles Jake's time in the spotlight when LOAD promotion begins.

Special K said...

Busy giving her 2 cents or 140 characters about parking meters.

What is this BS that you can get a parking ticket at a FAIL meter? NO! FAILED meters are like god's gift for being a good person!!!
about 2 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

You think she knows somebody who got a ticket recently?

wrong way said...

No wonder Jake was giving the officer his quarter! The meter wouldn't take it. IMO unless there's a big cover, chaine and sign over the meter saying "Do Not Use" then it's not the parker's problem. I know Jake can afford the ticket but in principle he should fight it and bring that crap to the public's attention and maybe get the rules changed.

prairiegirl said...

Love that first picture of Austin and the last one. I've always loved him in that navy/white striped shirt.

Thanks to whoever secured those first two and offered them to Special.

the real m said...

Poor troll. Plum out of logical arguments. I don't even know why they bother.

Austin looks gorgeous in those pictures. How could Jake ever leave that.

PG are you reading A Way with Words? She just announced she will resume posting on 9/1 after a long break. Its a complicated story with time shifts. Its been a while since I last read it and as I recall hardly any sex, but I am still hooked.

PR said...

Hai real m, have you heard if PR's budget to bring OMG to its knees, has run out yet? Please enlighten all and sundry.

prairiegirl said...

I haven't heard of that one, m, but I'll have to try and check it out. Still trying to finish up my Ch 5. Which is sort of done. But once again, I keep tinkering with it.

ted said...

Dear Ted:
So, Toothy Tile and Crotch Uh-Lastic. My two favorite gays. Ever bumped uglies or had the same beard?

Dear Beard and Weird:
What a pretty pic, but no. And Crotch doesn't do the beard thing, remember.

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