Monday, September 6, 2010

Beauty marks the spot

There's something about that little mole above Jake's lip. Some would say it's a mole and other would call it a beauty mark, but most agree, there is something about it that makes Jake Jake, and without it he wouldn't be the same.

A beauty spot is usually located on the face, somewhere on the cheek, or around the lips. Usually the marks appear on the face before the age of 20. If a beauty mark protrudes out then it is referred to as a mole.

A Greek myth says the Gods were jealous of those who looked too perfect and hence created a small dark mark on their faces, just to disturb their perfection.

During the 18th century, creating a faux beauty mark became a common fashion statement. Creating them not only as dot, but in fanciful shapes such as hearts, crescent moons or stars, and at certain times women also wore them in the shapes of birds, flowers--even horse-drawn carriages.

Initially, they served two purposes: to highlight a well-shaped mouth or eye or to cover a blemish and not just for the ladies, men, dandies and fops, would also wore the faux marks or patches. Later on, placement of patches became significant and could signify ones's political alliance, marital status or sexual availability.

The created beauty marks were known in France as mouches (French for fly) The mouches were considered to be the height of fashion. One reason they were worn was to prevent toothaches and headaches but they had become stylish for their optical effect, to make the skin appear whiter. The French and English were main wearer's of the beauty marks, but the Russian court wore them and called them mushka after the French mouche. People wore as little as one to three at a time, and there are others who wore as many as ten at a time. Some were placed to direct attention to dimple or smile.

If it be a lover's part you are to act,
take a black spot or two;
twill make your face more amorous,
and appear more gracious in your mistress's eyes.
Glapthorne 1640

The usage of the mouches was already known to the 17th century, and was the object of a well precise language, much like the language of fans or flowers.

Women used their mouche/beauty marks to convey a secret message. Madame Du Barry, the courtesan of Louis XV, apparently defined the meaning of the placement as so:

* Close to the eye, she names herself provocative or fascinated.
* On the corner mouth, this is the lover and kissable.
* Above the lip, she is flirty.
* Under the lip, she becomes mischievous or flirty.
* On the nose, sassy, impudent or strapping.
* On the forehead, the majestic or haughty
* On the cheek, this is the gallant or flirty one.
* On a wrinkle or laugh line, she is cheerful and playful
* On the chest, this is the generous one.
* On a button, the receiver.
* Or well on the chin, would not at all this be the discreet one?

Seems like Gods were right about where they put Jake's.

Thanks PG for the post idea.


OMG said...

What a nice idea for a post. Always have liked the first pic. And love the song. :)

AUS10 said...

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the real m said...

Fabulous post. Not just the pictures and text, but that song knocked my socks off. First time I heard it. I can hear John in his son's voice. I will listen to this one about 50 more times.

destiny said...

Great song today. And great post too Special--and PG for the idea.

I love Jake's beauty mark; it's one of the reasons why I really hate to see him with a beard.

Special K said...

Must admit, when I watched that bubble video that AUS10 tweeted was very moving. Why I don't know. Was it the beauty in watching a bubble float in the air, capturing the light and air, the fragility of it, the fleetingness of it coupled with the music? I couldn't tell you. But there is something about it.

And watching it I wondered if Richard Kelly got the idea of the time spears coming out people in Donnie Darko by looking at big bubbles.

Special K said...

While Jake's beauty mark is distinctive his love of scruff makes it tough to find a lot pictures of it in all it's glory.

Of course he would have one that according to Madame Du Barry means flirty. (above the lip)

But the one on his cheek can also be considered a beauty mark too, which means gallant or flirty.

Funny how all things connect, isn't it?

the real m said...

Everyone still on holiday I see. Too quiet. I just watched the bubble video. Had idea they could be that large. Beautiful. Something I'd love to see in person.

AUS10 said...

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OMG said...

I liked Austin's bubble tweet too. One of the first piano songs we ever learned. :)

I had forgotten about Jake's beautiful beauty marks. The one above his lip is especially beautiful. Makes me wish he'd never grow a beard again, scruff is nice tho. :)

The jogging duo said...

Well Well. Jake spotted jogging. Austin tweeting about jogging. These two seem to have much in common.

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