Friday, September 10, 2010

Jock -u l(i)ar-ity

We know that Austin was seen at the batting cages filming in a scene with Julian and Jamie. Looking over Julian's activities, it doesn't look like he was a close to being head of the gym class.

But Austin that's a different story. He might have some game.

Then again he might have said that he could play when he got hired for Full Count.

He seems to have habit for doing that.

Are you saying I lie?

Ok give you that.
It's not like I lied about a breaking anything...
ok well, fine.

Austin seems to be able to pick up any sport thrown at him.

And course mastering cycling on:

2 wheels

1 wheel

and no wheels

Pictures: kaitlyn, ANJ, IHJ, OMG

Programming note:
Stand Up 2 Cancer will be on all the major networks in the U.S. 8:00pm Eastern/Pacific Time.

Good Luck to Austin as he participates in Surfrider's Celebrity Expression tomorrow in Malibu.


big bird said...

"The scariest days of shooting this movie were the days the ostriches worked - they are some mean birds, they are really, really dangerous," he admitted.

"I am literally running for my life with eight ostriches chasing me. After the first take of that scene I was like, 'Phew! That must have looked amazing!' And the crew was like, 'We rolled and you ran. We let the ostriches out after you finished running'," he recalled.

Special K said...

Sensitive Julian has been quiet since making that breakfast yesterday. It might be a good thing if Austin is going to watch Eastbound & Down. Austin will love Kenny Powers as the down and out ball player who ends up back home and teaching middle school PE. For a guy like Sensitive Julian Kenny could just be too much, and he could end up getting the vapors.

About to crack open the first season of Eastbound and Down. Any fans???
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

En route from the carolinas to malibu for the surfrider celebrity expression session. Come out and curse at me or throw things. about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

trike said...

LOL Just got the bicycle with no wheels. What were Jake and Austin thinking? It looks sooooo bad.

catching up said...

Interview with Mike Newell

QUESTION: Why did you film in Morocco at a time of the year that everyone advised against going there?

MIKE NEWELL: I’m afraid that is simply how the movies work. If you are going to do a film about the South Pole, the chances are that you will film it in Hawaii! Whatever is most difficult, you will get to do. That is just when everything happened. It was very hot! Some days it was 135 degrees! But it is very dry and so, you lose a lot of weight, which is good. Wet heat is what is exhausting and so I was fine. Also, it must be said, sometimes up in the mountains, we had absolutely torrential rain. Really serious rain, where we had to watch out for water courses getting washed away.

QUESTION: You never used rain in the movie. So did you stop when the weather got bad?

MIKE NEWELL: Yes, we stopped. And we stopped in vast confusion and disorganization – because nobody said it was going to rain! We simply weren’t prepared for it.

QUESTION: The casting of Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton was crucial?

MIKE NEWELL: Yes. Jerry was very generous about that. He asked who I wanted and I told him very clearly that I had always thought about Jake. I wanted him to be American because this was a huge budget movie and the Americans deserve to see their own. At the same time I was encouraged to cast English. I was thinking about going to Bollywood for the girl. I saw a lot of Bollywood actresses. I saw a couple of sensational Iranian actress, an Israeli actress or two. I wanted a kind of exotic look. Then up pops Gemma Arterton from Gravesend, England and she was the one I settled on. I felt very strongly about both leads. Jerry saw them and agreed.

Special K said...

They crammed a whole lot of people into the 60 minutes of Stand Up 2 Cancer, Jake didn't have a speaking part tonight but could have been part of the phone bank that was made up of all celebs and just didn't see him.

Did anyone else watch? What did you think of the whole thing?

destiny said...

I didn't watch, but somehow I don't think he was really there. He wasn't on any of the lists. And with the exception of the POP opening weekend photos, Jake and Austin are pathological about not being perceived as being even in the same state at the same time.

the real m said...

I did not watch, but I think Jake just did some promo for the event but did not actually participate this evening. His name was not on any lists that showed up over the last few days. It would not be the first time his name came up in early promo, but he was not there and never planned to be.

don't get it said...

Jake and Austin are pathological about not being perceived as being even in the same state at the same time.

Yet they show up together out of nowhere in May. In the same state, the same gym and departing in the same vehicle. Actually, wanting to be photographed together. The beard tagging along almost as an afterthought. Hide and seek crap resumed the next day.

Special K said...

I watched. Cancer has touched my family's life, and I'm familiar with few of the research centers that benefit from the Stand Up 2 Cancer funding.

M, you could be right that he did the PSA and was done, but the impression from the way it was worded in the press release when the PSA came out was that he was going to be involved in the event.

destiny said...

That's how it seemed to me too Special, don't know if it was poor wording or if he changed his mind for some reason.

Don't get it, my guess is that Austin and Sophia were doing Jake a "favor" to try and get him some attention from the OTH and Sophin fans for POP, and then they scurried back into the closet.

Special K said...

Don't think that was the reason at all why you saw them together.

Jake was clearly in charge of that gym thing. He was in driver's seat figuratively and literally.

Why did they do it?

It was a clear message who he was still with after all the time had passed, he had to wait for the movie obligations to be finished before he could. And he did the day after the movie opened. That was no coincidence.

He knew the cameras where, you could see him holding back the grin. And it was clear that making Sophia sit in the back seat was also a message. He's no dumb bunny he knows what he was doing.

Why they aren't seen anymore together? Don't think it Jake this time. Think it was for Austin.

Remember he is the one who's work is starting up before Jake's movie comes out in Nov.

AND also the length of the season for his show was (and still kind of is) up in the air. There was going along because it was part of the whole deal for the show. Now that it looks like the show is soon going to be over, that changes things again.

tweet said...

AUS10NICHOLS: Just landed back in LA. The only city in the world where the cabbie asks the passenger for the best route.
21 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® ·

Special K said...

Who's takes a cab at LAX?

Are really cabs in LA?


don't get out much do you said...

Yes doll, there really are cabs at LAX and even less surprising, all over the place.

Special K said...

Yes doll, there really are cabs at LAX and even less surprising, all over the place.

I'm familiar with cabs sweetie, even in other countries. It was a joke (here's a tip: LOL means Laugh Out Loud). And obviously you've never tried find a cab in LA when you need one.

But let's put the thinking cap on for a second.

Why would you say you're taking a cab when you've lived in LA 13 years? Surely you have friends. Some (and not just Jake) with more eco-conscious cars, that could come and pick you up. Even a round trip for them would be better for the environment than a gas guzzling cab.

No friends? You've got an agent you been giving 10% for 13 year. You've paid for the airport pickup favor more than a few times. Or at least them setting up a ride home.

And it's LA. There's got to be eco-friendly car service.

And sorry why if you are so private about your private life would you have a random cab driver you know nothing about take you to your place of residence?

One thing saying taking a cab does say. Sophia wasn't with him. You think she'd take a cab in LA? As if!

prairiegirl said...

Well, now that I look back at alot of the press releases regarding Jake and the SU2C, I don't really see where it said he was actually going to be on the telethon. Unless I missed it which is very, very possible & likely. But I'm mostly seeing just the releases about him doing the PSA and backing the telethon. What "backing" means, I'm not sure. Probably his promotional support by doing the PSA.

And if he was supposed to be on the telethon, maybe he wasn't because his beard was feared to be a health hazard by the California Health Department what with the phones and all. lol. "We're sorry, Mr. Gyllenhaal, but the F1N1 innoculations do not cover follicles of that density. We cannot risk the safety of the other celebrity call takers."

Who knows with this guy. He's a total mystery, isn't he? Nothing's ever simple and clear cut with him, I have to say. Everything's controversial. Foggy. Mysterious. Subject to argument and opinion. Misinterpreted. Blown out of proportion. Undisclosed.

Can you imagine if Jake were President of the U.S.? His press secretary would be deserving of a double salary, I think. He'd be up at that podium in front of flashing lightbulbs every single day, explaining something.

"Uh, yes, well, what the President actually meant was..."

"Mr. President cannot take your questions right now."

"The President would like to make it clear that he did not ever say he was actually going to..."

"The President will not address questions concerning..."

"What the President meant by that particular statement was..."

"While it was an unfortunate choice of words..."

"While it was the omission of this detail that led to the assumption that..."

prairiegirl said...

Yes, that is my Curley boy.

I am in Table Rock Lake, MO. Well, I'm not actually in it but I'm at it. Staying at Little Dog's mama's Mama & Stepdad's condo. We pulled in very late last night and are here until Tuesday. I believe the agenda today calls for the ollllll' pontoon boat ride. Pontoon boats are right about my speed, no faster. I've already told L.D.'s mama that no, I'm not getting on the jet ski rentals. Nor am I getting on the Branson segways. If there is a trip to the Branson outlet mall, I am there!

If there is to be noodle-floating in the lake, I'm there, too. But PG does not do anything daring, dangerous, fast, adventurous, risky, or that which involves running, jumping, getting my head under water, feet leaving the ground, or any other kind of bodily physical challenge.

lol. I'm serious, too. You think I'm joking but I'm not! Amusement park log rides are within the small circle of can-do's.

The boats are out already and these people are all just barely getting up. I finally got up @ 6 because my sister snores. And for crying out loud, that drives me nuts. Who can sleep with all that racket.

Best wishes to Austin today on his surf riding. I hope he's careful. He has tiny Texans to be worried about now and shouldn't be doing all kinds of daredevil stunts. But I wish I could see it. I have no idea how these people stand on a board like that and stay on top of the water. I've never known how that works. It looks kind of fun. But you have to crash into the water and that kind of blows that deal, lol.

Well, signing off. I hear voices and I'm getting kind of hungry.

TAXI !! said...

LOL, my experiences with cabs in LA area is they usually aren't yellow and they usually aren't cars, they're really nice, usually white with stripes, higher-class minivans.

hahaha said...

And sorry why if you are so private about your private life would you have a random cab driver you know nothing about take you to your place of residence?

LOL do you really think the Latino and middle-eastern cab drivers out of LAX know who Austin Nichols is? You're having delusions of grandeur on his behalf! LOL

destiny said...

Jake really does seem to be hiding out.

Amusement park log rides are within the small circle of can-do's.

LOL, I'm pretty much the same PG, especially when it comes to amusement park rides.

I still can't believe I actually worked up the nerve last summer to go river-rafting, and I was sorry the water conditions were not right for doing it this year.

the real m said...

Saw mention of Jake and Rachel on ONTD. I thought Jake's PR jumped on that denial pronto. And here is just a sample of why they don't want him linked with a well known beard. Comment from ONTD - "It's nice that he's willing to be a professional gay boyfriend for all the recently-single actresses he knows, but...Rachel Bilson? I thought she just broke up with a gay boyfriend." This comment was typical of the bunch. Lots of references to he's gay, they are bearding, as would be expected.