Monday, September 20, 2010

It's a Livin'

Duncan tweeted this:

Harrison Ford was 39 years old when he played Indiana Jones for the first time. 39! Leading men need to look like they have LIVED.

Fed up of leading men in their early 20s. Its ridiculous. they look like kids "acting" grown up. Rant over.

Is he has saying Jake looks like he's lived?

September 2001

September 2002

September 2003

September 2004

September 2005

September 2006

September 2007

October 2008

September 2009

What's your definition?

Programming Note: Austin on Blog Talk Radio - TONIGHT

At 9 PM Artists on Demand host Vicky Gorman talk to with Austin. He's scheduled to talk about new season, his movie "Beautiful Boy" and his fundraising for the Gulf. And as the description of the show sayss: "This hottie will chat about his role in next year’s big-screen flick LOL: Laughing Out Loud, featuring Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore and Gina Gershon."

Artist On Demand Radio - 9PM Tonight


The Lady rules said...

Lady Gaga is taking her "Don't ask, don't tell" repeal message to Maine on Monday and there are two people in particular she wants to hear it: Republican Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe. The flamboyant and outspoken singers will urge the lawmakers to support the defense authorization bill that also repeals the Pentagon policy on gays serving in the military.

Lady Gaga announced the event, which takes place at 4 p.m. in Portland, over Twitter to her 6.3 million followers on the social networking site.

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) responded directly to Lady Gaga over Twitter, informing her of his planned cloture vote on Tuesday to cut off debate on the bill.

Reid lacks the 60 votes necessary to get cloture, and neither Snowe nor Collins has said how she will vote.

At Monday's rally, Gaga will be joined by representatives of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, a legal group assisting troops impacted by the law. At the MTV Video Awards earlier this month, Gaga walked the red carpet with several former members of the military whose status was affected by DADT, a policy that's been in effect since 1993. Defense Department has said he supports repeal, and the Pentagon is currently conducting a survey to determine how repeal would influence military morale and readiness.

Miss Sakamoto said...

Amen, brotha. ;)

Special K said...

Lady Gaga reaches so many people, and it's a great opportunity that she has used to make a difference. Not many people can ever make such an impact. Her coming to Portland is all over the news here in Boston.

congratulations beautiful boy said...

The Prize of the International Critics for the Discovery program went to director Shawn Ku for Beautiful Boy, a searing drama that stars Michael Sheen and Maria Bello as estranged parents of a college student who goes on a murderous campus rampage before committing suicide. The parents go through stages of guilt and denial as they attempt to process an unimaginable tragedy. Said the jury: “This film shows its audience that in a world of chaos and insanity, humanity is the only key to life.”

Anchor Bay Films paid seven-figures for distribution rights in English-speaking territories last Wednesday following the film’s premiere. A P&A commitment is also part of the deal.


Special K said...

Duncan tweeted

“Have a bloody fantastic bit of Source Code news. Super star Clint Mansell WILL be scoring the film. You have no idea how relieved I am.”

Mansell also scored Duncan's first movie Moon. If any have been following Duncan he said a bit a go that he would love Mansell to score SC too.

It sounds like Source Code is going to be really good.

prairiegirl said...

I think Lady Gaga is making a difference. She's creating talk and waves in a positive way. Good for her!

prairiegirl said...

And someone who isn't creating talk and waves in a positive way is Sophia.

Her tweeting exchange with OTH fans has created some dissension in the ranks I'm observing. Just like there are Jaustin, Jeath & Gyllenfischer shippers with scorn between some of the ranks, there's now backbiting between the Sophin and the Blucas shippers.

You know, I'm all for recycling. Taking care of the earth. Conserving energy (LOL - when I don't have all the lights on in the apartment).

But first we had the big trumpet blowing for the stoppage of plastic by Austin. I guess that's now been extended to plastic bottles which Sophia (I haven't checked if Austin is pushing this yet) is really drum beating.

"don't buy anything that comes in plastic" for a week.

Man. Hmmm. So what does that leave? What manufacturer packages their shampoo, ketchup, kitchen cleansers, medications, soft drinks, bottled water, yogurt, Smart Ones, Lean Cuisines, car fuel additives, shower gels in glass? Paper? Foil? Cans?

But then, if plastic is "bad" even though it is recyclable, then paper and aluminum must be too. If you're going to call plastic "bad", then let's just call it all bad.

So glass is it? That's the good thing?

Man, don't even get me started on this deal. I hope she's doing nothing but drinking organic milk in glass and water from the tap this week. Because that's about all that's left. Let's see, Coke can come in bottles, I've seen that. Liquor. You could make Kool-Aid and Crystal Lite in a glass pitcher and keep it on the sidelines to drink from while you're filming.

Oh yeah, but watch that ice. Make sure it came from steel ice trays. No crushed ice, Sophia! That comes in plastic bags. No straws either. Those are plastic, too. No lids. No cans. No plastic cups. Gotta be glass.

And who is going to wash allllll those glasses from a day's work? Some poor minion like myself is going to have to strap on the Playtex gloves, (OOOOPS, no Playtex gloves - plastic!! Oh, the chapped hands!), pour Palmolive from....HA! From what? well, I guess the dirty glasses are going to have to sit in the sink for a week until the ban is over.

Do you see what a tiny corner you paint yourself into when you preach like she does? It is going to come back and bite you right in the meat of your butt big time.

prairiegirl said...

And if one is going to campaign to do away with plastics and plastic bottles, I would also suggest coming up with an alternative packaging plan for all the manufacturers of our food industry, personal home & hygiene care, the pharmaceutical field, and automotive supplies.

In addition to an alternative job recovery plan for all the workers in the plastics industries here in the States for when the demand plummets.

Thank you. For allowing me to vent that off of my chest.

Special K said...

Eliminating all plastics is something that not everyone can do. Making people having to choose all or nothing really isn't a solution.

You know what is more practical? Being an informed consumer, picking something with no plastic if you can, if you can't do that, one with the least amount packaging and plastic, or picking the one that if it does have plastic, it's the type that is recycled where you live.

Special K said...

Austin sending a pic from the set.

Who does that? Oh this guy

prairiegirl said...

LOLLLLL - that "cobble" picture just killed me. It killed me.

He killed me with that. That shoe. And his dark sock showing under his jeans. LOLLLLLLL. And using the word "cobble". I cobbled it myself.

snicker. That was excellent. You know, when he's like that, I just think he'd be a hoot to have in a good conversation with friends in the ol' living room. You know, that after dinner big roundtable you have with the fam or friends. When you just yak and yak and laugh. Then you bring out the pie and coffee around 20:00, and then yak & laugh some more. He'd be a hoot.

No booze, no mf words, just good humor like that.

prairiegirl said...

Well, that's what I mean, Special. This big campaign to totally do away with something. And especially something like plastic bottles. Not until you can also come up with a Plan B alternative.

And it's just irrational. You can't have glass in the shower. What are you going to put your shower gel and shampoo in? That also means getting rid of disposable razors. Gonna have to do the wax or depilatory thing or undergo electrolysis for both legs. Noooooooo thank you. Who has that kind of time or money.

If she has a great alternative, I'd love to hear it.

Sorry, but that preachy campaign is just really in my craw. It's no secret I work in the manufacturing industry so I'm just trying to see the practicality of the whole idea. My plant and my company as a whole is spending big bucks to be green, to minimize our environmental footprint. We recycle not only all of our paper output, toner cartridges, batteries, plastic bottles & cans, but our packaging/cardboard. Even got stickers by all the switch plates throughout the building to turn the lights off if not in use. And it's like that's not enough. It's really irritating.

There has to be a better way to encourage everyone to conserve. Her way just makes me want to rebel.

LOL. I could just stop looking at her twitter.


prairiegirl said...

Oh-oh, Colombo is moving in for the kill.

I have several new box sets of Colombo. Never watched it before but now that it's 20 or 30 yrs old, I'm watching them for the first time. Best Buy had them for $15 per season a short while back, what a great deal. He was awesome, wasn't he?

A very young Blythe Danner is on this episode. Gwyneth looks so much like her. Myrna Loy is also in this one.

Oh-oh, Colombo's got 'im! Just love it. Love that guy.

Special K said...

Just had a lovely chat with Lisa and Danny from @artistsondemand. Thanks lovelies!!! Yall are great!!AUS10

Austin had nice interview. Charming as ever. And he did a tag for the show as "This is Austin Nichols also known as Sensitive Julian and you're listening to Artist on Demand." (made me laugh)

You should be able to check out the podcast of it from the link in the post.

More about after I get a chance listen to it again.

prairiegirl said...

I saw his twitter on it so I'll have to check it out. I was taking a break from everything tonight and I just sat and watched TV. I haven't done that for ions and ions. Colombo kills me. I love the way he just gets on the criminal's nerves.

Very interesting post today, Special. I liked it. Everyone wears their battle scars, so to speak, right? It's too bad though that Jake had to get some of his the way that he did. Ah well, no use going there; what's done is done.

The 2001 picture is pretty awkward & cute. I love that 2002 picture; I've not seen that one. 2003, like that paparrazzi watchful eye, don't you? Oh, he sees them alright - he always has. That 2006 is one of my all-time favorites. He was the picture of sensual youth then. Nothing fancy on. No big Nike label or Livestrong on anything. Simple white v-neck T and stone colored chinos. That's it. Shades. Sweater (well, okay, he didn't have to sling it over the shoulder like that, lol).

OH NOOOOO!!! LOLLLLL!! I see the ol' Livestrong yellow bracelet. I spoke too soon!! LOLLLLLL. Gosh dangit. Dagnabit! Ruined it for me.

**sigh**. Aw well.

2008 - I don't mind it now.
2009 - gorgeous. He looks good and he knows it.

Very good post today, Special. It was a thought-provoker. Very nice work!

destiny said...

In the past couple of years I've thought Jake looks older than his age. I'm not sure that's a good thing, as he's probably still too young to play many of the meatier roles.

Haven't listened to Austin's interview, we were out.

I agree PG about plastic being impossible to avoid, especially if you eat a lot of dairy products. What annoys me is that at least in NY dairy containers can't be recycled. And even all those environmentally friendly cleaning products come in plastic, not glass. Personally I think it would be better to work on recycling, not avoiding certain materials.

destiny said...

What Lady Gaga is doing is great. I've seen some videos of students who took her message to heart and called their Senators and worked to get everyone they knew to do the same thing--this was in Colorado. And the Senator in Colorado even made a video thanking them and telling them he supports repeal of DADT.

For better and for worse, celebrities can make a big difference.

prairiegirl said...

Well, m, you may have seen my big mini-collapse on my LJ page yesterday morning. I was a mess.
But if you'll still hang with me, after a chewing out by my beta who just got back from vacay and a "snap out of it" from someone who I thought I had lost but I didn't and they message'd me today, shocked the he** right out of me, I'll be back on it. The whole thing's very embarrassing but oh well. Wasn't the first time I've mortified myself, won't be the last. Tonight I deleted that last entry I did. **sigh**.

Well, off to bed. Today was a very nice day of big V. But now tomorrow I return to the land of...FUN! lol. A full inbox, full email inbox, office supplies to open (yea!! I just love office supplies), I'm sure more office/safety/lab supplies to order. See how my big buddy's allergies are doing.

prairiegirl said...

I would agree, Destiny; both you & Special make good points. I can try to buy things that don't have much pkg. but what I do use, try to recycle it or see if the pkg the product is in comes from some recycled material. Because even recycled, hopefully some of this stuff gets recreated into useable items. Recycled glass becomes insulation (I think that's what LD's mama said), paper becomes all kinds of other paper products.

Okay, I'm all talked out on recycling. Off to bed!

the real m said...

PG, I did see your comment about not finishing the story. Glad to hear it was temporary.

Did no one try for tickets to see Jake. My husband agreed that if I got tickets, we'd go. We've been looking for an excuse to visit NYC again anyway. So I was online at 9:00AM PST and sure enough scored tickets. I also got a phenomenal deal on the airfare. I'm sure the seats will be right next to the toilets but it will get us there and back. Actually, I checked the website around 5:00 PM today, just out of curiosity, and tickets were still available. Not sure why. It looks like another interview had been scheduled initially but was canceled and then Jake's interview was put in its place.

the real m said...

Interesting to see how Jake has grown over the years. He can look very young depending on how his hair is done. He looks great in the last picture, with no facial hair and a flattering haircut.

Special K said...

We know that Mark has said Brulian are getting married. And that Julian had his boyish dreams of a Grease 2 wedding dreamed dashed. But Brooke might not have a say in her wedding either.

This from Watch with Kristen

"We love our fans, so hopefully this year we'll be able to have them participate in Brooke's wedding," Joe (Davola) reveals. "Maybe picking the cake and possibly picking the wedding dress out, the song she's going to dance to, and if we can convince the network, hopefully get a couple of fans to the wedding reception." Can we get a big ol' squee?!

Watch with Kristen"

It sounds like a cross between The Bride's Game board game that little girls play here in the U.S. and a TV contest. What do you want to bet that Sensitive Julian will be hitting the phone, text and computer to get what he wants for the wedding? You might still get that pineapple orange torte of your dreams.

Julian: I’ve been planning my dream wedding since I was nine. Pink and Black color scheme, first dance “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” Peonies for the flowers, and a pineapple and orange tort cake. Did I mention I love Grease 2?

Totally with you on the peonies. But Jules "Hopelessly Devoted to You" is from Grease, not Grease 2.

AUS10 said...

Today is #twowheeltuesday. Ride your bike somewhere/anywhere. Tone your ass Tuesday!!! Haha. RT. Tell the world.