Saturday, September 11, 2010

Even at the same place...

There seems to be a concerted effort for Jake and Austin not to be in the same place at the same time, it's not new and it even happened when they were mere feet from each other, and promoting the same movie to boot.

It is the great mystery of TDAT.

How through all the hundreds of pictures of the event not one with Jake and Austin. Well intentionally. Now some have seen Austin in the background behind Jake. But recently ran across one where it looks like Jake's in one of Austin's pictures. And what did Sela Ward ever do to get cropped out all the pictures?

Here's Jake with Arjay.

And Jake with Emmy and Dennis.

But wait. Why is this picture is cropped? Why would you crop Sela out of it? (see the cherry print skirt next to Dennis) She was Jake's mom, come on is that any way to treat your movie mom? And who is Jake looking at and grinning ? If it was just Sela, why not include her in the picture? Seems like there was someone else in the picture at the other end. Maybe who was making Jake grin so much?

So here's Austin and Emmy on the press line.

See Roland over Emmy's shoulder. Notice the guy to the left of Austin in the press line holding the umbrella?

Now Roland joins them at the end of the press line for a picture.

Now look over Austin's shoulder see who's holding the umbrella talking to the press with PR people behind him?

Who was working the umbrella for this event?

And here you tell that Jake followed Emmy and Austin in the press line. How? Because in this lightened up picture you can see Austin, (and Matt and Claire) on the stairs, and you can also see that Austin watching what Jake was up to.

They are mere steps from each other the whole time. They were interacting with each other as they did press. The snow, that Jake used to throw a snowball at Austin is only in the press area. So again ask yourself why are pictures cropped so oddly, why are they pictures with their other co-stars but not them? If they're just friends what's the big deal?

Just some more to think about.

9 years ago The World changed forever. Today we remember those who lost their lives in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC. We think of their families and friends left behind, and the survivors who continue healing and moving forward. While we will never forget let us look toward seeking understanding and peace.

UPDATE: Pictures from today's Surfrider's Celebrity Session. Thanks PG for the find.
Pictures: Surfrider twitpic

Sunday morning update: More pictures from Surfrider event


nypl said...

I don't think I'll ever understand why this partik photo op movie premiere is such a big deal to you.

Maybe Jake didn't want Austi in any pics with him because he (Austi) looked so hideous that day? Just something to think about.

love story said...

Maybe Jake didn't want Austi in any pics with him because he (Austi) looked so hideous that day?

Don't think Jake would ever consider Austin hideous. Quite the contrary. These two were inseparable from the start. Although publicly, they were often times each other's persona non grata.

Peace said...

Nice post today, Special. :)

Sam Hall's real main squeeze said...

I think it has been pretty much proven that Jake and Austin had been together long before The Day After Tomorrow began filming. So as someone mentioned yesterday it is more than strange that 8 years later they still can't be seen in the same state, never mind the same city. Heck they couldn't even be seen in the same friggin' picture at a premiere for a movie they had spent over six months of their lives filming. Close friends, yet no pictures. Let's see, did Austin run away every time there was a camera nearby, or did Jake? Yeah that would have been subtle. No need to run, when PR is cropping or buying up all the J & A photos in sight.

prairiegirl said...

Wow, very good work there. Yeah, that would be Jake standing right behind Austin in that one picture. You can see the sleeve of his little blue velvet suit jacket. And the press is talking to him. LOL, yeah, if that is Austin on the other side of Sela Ward, that would be who Jakey is smiling at.

And poor Emmy Rossum. She's such a cute lil' gal and those 2 boys were kind of oblivious, weren't they?

The folks are off to the store and Blockbuster. I think we may be watching Girl with the something poison Tattoo or Dragon Tattoo or something like that. It's a Swedish film that is supposed to be very, very good.

prairiegirl said...

Hey, there are two pictures of Austin from the Surfrider's event. I saw them on Sophia's twitter page and they're on Twitpic. One's of him with other surfers showing off his fantastic looking abs and the other one is of him in civvies, showing off......well....

LOL. Let's just say he's showing off. Maybe unintentionally. LOLLLL. Dang, Austin.

I'm thinking he grew that scruff in anticipation of some sizzlin' sandpaper scintillation this weekend.

I'm surprised there haven't been any twitters though, of Jake being at the U.S. Open. They've had that on the TV a few times today and it made me think of last year. Wasn't Jake there last year? I thought it would have been a very opportune time for someone to "spot" Jake there.

Here's the two pics. Check it out, m&m!! No Fisher Price!

Austin in civies

Check out the 6-pack

Peace said...

Wow, Austin looks gooooood. :)

Who's the guy in The Joker makeup? He looks like Flea from the RHCPs. :)

LOL said...

That's Flea from RHCP!

Austin's looking real good!!! Dayum!

LOL said...

That's Flea from RHCP!

Austin's looking real good!!! Dayum!

Methodical Muser said...

Round of applause for PG. There's nothing Fisher Price about those links, or the magnificent creature they take us too. Woohoooooooo. Nearer to Adult Fare, I would say. Austin looks stunningly beautiful and seems to be having a great time. Good for him. Hey, Special, I wonder how many PR staff are working around the clock to cut Jake out of this event too?

LOL about the reference to the U.S. Open. Yeah they've got to place Jake somewhere far, far away. The U.S. Open would be the perfect hangout. That or maybe some risque tryst with Rachel Bilson!:

Jake at U.S. Open 2009

Methodical Muser said...

Awwww. I just noticed adorable Curley on your avatar, PG. What a cutie he is.

prairiegirl said...

Isn't he cute? I got to watch him the other night - not overnight but for about 5 hrs while his owners had a baby shower at their house with about 40 guests. We had a great time. He came trotting out to greet me; it was the best sight ever. I just love Curley to death.

Special K said...

Great job PG. It was nice surprise to come home and see those pic.

Mr Nichols, looking mighty mighty.
It could make the mind wander.

And if the he is looking that good from the front one can only imagine how the round the way must be. Because baby got back.

Have fun Jake.

amazing said...

They don't even need hump day as an excuse. Do they?

AUS10 said...

Now I got my horns up to watch Texas beat the hell outa Wyoming!!
20 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I just surfed with Flea and Anthony Keidis. Thanks @Surfrider for a great day!!!
about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

prairiegirl said...

Found some more pictures of Mr. Austin. Note the ol' Hook 'em Horns.

He has an incredible physique, you know that? He looks really muscular and yet lean. And tall. And boyish. There's two sets of pictures of him.

Austin on the sand carpet

Special K said...

Does any one else notice how much of a beard Austin has?

Now they let him film with a carefully controlled bit of scruff on OTH. But this looks like he hasn't shaved in a few days. And don't think they would let him be that scruffy in a scene.

Flew in Friday night my ass. Not by the look of that beard.

So you think he hasn't have a shaved since Hump Day, I mean Wednesday?

And who exactly did Julian make that breakfast for on Thursday morning?

Special K said...

Thanks PG! Great work.

And here are similar pics on Getty that you can click and enlarge for another peek.

Austin Surfrider Getty Images

Special K said...

Hey PG, I just noticed it the same pics you can just see them bigger on Getty. And Austin is doing a little hip action there. Wonder who he picked that up from? ; )

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, that was the thing with the pictures from the site I found them on. I couldn't enlarge them. I'll check Getty's out.

I was thinking the exact same thing re: his scruff. That's some heavy scruff and he's been practically cleanshaven for OTH filming it appears to me.

Hey, I'm glad to see belts making a comeback with some of our male population.

I think Austin looks harder & leaner than nails in these pictures.

I wonder how he did. I'm not sure exactly what they had to do to raise $100, was it "Catch a Wave"?

Catch a wave and you're swimmin' on top of the world

Is that how that song goes? By the Beach Boys?

Or is it sittin' on top of the world? lol.

Special K said...

LA Woman Photography captured some great shots of the Surfrider event.

Check out the pics here:
LA Woman Photography - 5th Annual Surfrider Creative Expression Session

the real m said...

Austin looks great in those photos. So happy that you guys found them. The surf ones, I mean. I am still hoping that some youtube video shows up. Cute that both he and Jake are sporting (facial)beards now. I meant to mention yesterday re Austin's comment about running 11 miles, which we know Jake also does, that I know a couple with dual treadmills that walk or run on theirs side by side. I can picture Jake and Austin doing the same.

As for the DAT photos, there was one, I cant recall now where I saw it. But Austin is standing on some steps with one or two people, and Jake is being interviewed in the forefront of where they are. But you can see by the following the eye-line that Austin's eyes are totally on Jake.

Alert Shit said...

stop your BS, it's disgusting.

prairiegirl said...

I know the picture you're talking about, m. I like that one.

Holy Coppertone! Those pictures on LA Woman Photography are incredible. I dunno - I might have to invest in a couple of those.

This LAWP seemed to have a lens fixation on that Flea & Anthony Kriedis (sp?) but I am sorry. Neither of those guys could hold a tealight candle to Austin in his wetsuit. Especially in the pictures where they've got the suits halfway up. I think my laptop just about burned up to a crisp on those. lol. I'm not kidding.

I really think I'm going to need to buy a couple of those. I wonder if they come with that logo smeared across the middle though? That would be a downer. I wonder how that works. I hope she's not asking an arm & a leg for those. After all, I'm just a lowly minion admin from the Kansas 'burbs.

I did have to google who this Anthony K. guy was. He was in so many of the pictures, I was like - what the heck? He's the one who actually formed the band, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

And I see where Gregory Harrison was at the gala event on Friday night. Wow. That guy looks incredible. I think he looks a ton better now than he did back when he was on Dallas.

prairiegirl said...

Just an observation I can't help making.

This is where the Reese = Sophia comparison comes into mind for me.

I can't help noticing that Mr. Unjust Jared can't seem to find the GB space to mention this worthy green cause. It couldn't be because Sophia wasn't involved, could it?

Oh, and kudos to you, Special, on the incredible picture of Austin on his surfboard. That one is one of the best. Check that man out. How do they do that?

And check out those shoulders.

Sorry! Sorry! Salivation Saturation warning for all laptop users.

Special K said...

They are more pictures of Austin from the event popping up. I'm sure we will see more over the next couple days.

I thought he was on Falcon Crest. Maybe I mixing up the "rich family we got problems" dramas. But every time I see him on OTH, I think of Gonzo Gates living in the RV in the hospital parking lot on Trapper John. Wish they would slip in a little scene of him coming out of RV in a little nod to Gonzo on OTH. But then no one would get it but a handful and Schwahn and Davola.

LOL said...

@Special K

Where are the other pics at?

destiny said...

Wow, Austin looks incredible in these pictures. And he looks like he had a really good time. It's so nice to see him doing something like this, as opposed to something like the Sophin Fashion week photos in which he looked like Sophia's doormat flunkie.

destiny said...

Thanks PG for finding the photos.

Special K said...

Austin tweeted:

AUS10NICHOLS: Yo I just kicked a lot of ass in pub shuffle board. I'm like world champion good!!
about 6 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Well it makes a lot of sense, for a fella who wears "slacks" and white shoes.

Next stop Del Boca Vista!

Methodical Muser said...

Pretty early for a pub to be open (especially on a Sunday), even in Los Angeles. Perhaps a certain someone has a state of the art Home Game Room for two. Crossing my fingers that there's a strip version of Pub Shuffle Board. "World Champion" would have a whole different meaning now wouldn't it?

Jersey Tom said...

My goodness that belt is just begging to be undone:-)

damental said...

Pretty early for a pub to be open (especially on a Sunday.

Dude, he tweeted that last night. Like maybe just after closing the pub. Reading is fun.

london tb said...

I might have to come out of lurk just to comment on the latest Austin pictures. Flipping heck!