Friday, September 3, 2010

Wham Bam

So what do I have to do this week?
You have got to be kidding me.
Can I get one episode where I get to do it my way?

[fade to dream sequence]

Helllooooo ladies.


BrookeDavis(TM): Wham? Are you serious?
Haley: Guess you could be that other guy in it.

Andrew Ridgeley?

I didn't matter which one I was, I just wanted to do Wham.

Don't think you're going to get them to do a Wham episode.

Nice try big guy, but I'm the boss lady here. Now back to the script.

Well it's better than this:

I know somebody who likes it.


Special K said...

Looks like Schwahn thinks there's only 12 left.

One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn has admitted that he is unsure about the future of the series.

The show was picked up for an eighth season after a period of uncertainty but network The CW only ordered 12 episodes.

Speaking to Zap2It, Schwahn explained that he is treating the upcoming episodes as the end of the series.

"I'm not a fan of ending our series on a cliffhanger," he said. "I don't intend to do that. Do I think that this is our final season? Right now, my instinct says yes, but anything could happen. We still love making this show, and if the network wants us back, we'll keep going."

Schwahn also revealed that he has no idea if One Tree Hill will receive a full season order.

"Right now, we're already talking about episode 11 in the writers' room," he said. "We're trying not to let the 'will we get picked up?' question impact the way that we tell our stories, but it's coming down to the wire."

Digital Spy

Right now OTH filming 8.05-8.06

Methodical Muser said...

And, this is for the poster from the previous thread. YOU, are never fooling anyone with your vitriolic tirades and false allegations.

This is the first time I've been on here since my response to Seaweed this morning. So you need to stop your attempt to disparage and discourage others from commenting just because they disagree with you. You're probably the same one who was stealing everyone's name so we all had to get blogger accounts and now your accusing others who don't have an account of being someone else.

Desperately pathetic. Don't know how you can live on this site 24/7, but most of us have lives. I will repeat...when I have something to say I am not shy about it. I can see why you were so upset with the comment though. It just doesn't fit you agenda, does it?

Apologies to Methodical Muse said...

I wanted that jerk's head to explode in the previous thread, but I didn't know they would go after Methodical. Whoever you are who believes they know everything, that was not Methodical, it was me. You don't like it when other's change their names everytime they post, do you? Because that's your M.O., isn't it? Well, tough luck fella.

You naturally are trying to pick fights with the regulars. Or to persuade people you are always right. To put it plainly, your theory about Ryan is riddled with holes. Reese is obsessed with Jake and has been since the day she dumped him. That last article posted is just one more illustration of her meanness and need to always come up on top. You're probably related to her, come to think of it.

Special K said...

New still of Jake and Anne and the International Trailer of LaOD courtesy of HeyUGuys.


fyi said...

Reese's only obsession is herself and making herself look flawless, desirable, intelligent, in control of her relationships, maternal, fun, cute, rich, etc. The men are collateral damage.

leadville said...

We know Austin and Jake are friends so it makes sense that he would tweet about Leadville since Jake was recently there and they probably have talked about it. Doesn't mean he was there and it doesn't necessarily mean they are a "couple."

cw said...

OTH sucks !

partly true said...

I don't disagree fyi. I think your right about the collateral damage, but she's also obsessed with making the men in her life look as bad as possible. Jake is at the top of her list right now. Which means she gets off on taunting/mocking him. I believe there's really an element of harassment in what she's been doing to Jake and that's why I used the word obsessed.

Anonymous said...
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:)) said...

Oh you mean like how Ted used to taunt and mock Jake when he was with her? I guess that could have been considered harassment, too. According to you.

fyi said...

I would agree with that. According to US Weekly Matt McConaghy is Toth's client and they were at a party at his mansion. That taunts/mocks Jake who was Matt's friend and Ryan who's currently filming with him. She inserts herself in an attempt to make herself look popular and better than them. "Look at my family brunch with my boyfriend and then my hip Hollywood party with my powerful agent boyfriend".

mcsmall homes said...

Whose mansion? McBongo's? Or Toth's? Neither of them live in a mansion.

Special K said...

Grease 2 for wacky roleplaying mishagos? For a movie director? There are so many better movies to use. Come on at least pick the original over that mess of a sequel.

Greased lightening? Maybe Austin did get to add little something to the script. That's all I'm saying about that one. ; )

fyi said...

According to US. McBongo. I thought he lived in a trailer on the beach. The whole thing could be fiction.

real estate said...

Work continues on Matthew McConaughey's 10m dollar house

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA - February 5, 2007. Work continues on Matthew McConaughey's 10 million dollar beachside home in Malibu. The often-shirtless actor purchased a home that was not even on the market for 10 million dollars, the Los Angeles Times is reported back in November of 2007 that McConaughey apparently hammered out a deal with the owner after he personally knocked on the door of a house that he wanted to buy.

OMG said...

I like this new International trailer. :)

Jersey Tom said...

No Tweets from Austin. I thought he be out surfing today. Maybe he went back to LA to be with his hubby.

tweeter said...

2 of Austins 1 Julian

Also, mark your calendars. OTH starts up strong on Sep 14. Get ready to swoon, kiss, and cry. Courtesy of Julian.

Somebody just told me I have a great tweeter. #LanguageBarrier

sensitive Julian
I hope everyone spends the weekend with someone they love, giving massages, and talking about their feelings.

elle said...

Whats up with Toth also sporting the Livestrong uniform is that a Reese's boyfriend uniform or what?

the real m said...

Well Austin sure looks great in that leather jacket. Remember when Jake was wearing his nonstop. They are always on the same page, even if we do not see photographic evidence of it.

The troll undermines their own credibility with their constant sniping and negativity.

the real m said...

I forgot to mention that I saw an interview a couple weeks ago. I can't even recall who it was with. Not one of the actors. It was a costumer or someone who deals with the OTH set and they said 12 episodes in the interview. They had already lined up a new gig. Sounds like the CW could add more but I think they would be insane to do so. My guess is they want to see what kind of viewer count this season draws. If the first few episodes tank, that will settle it. That will be a blessing in disguise for Austin. He can't very well come out and say he hopes this is the last season.

the real m said...

The infamous photoshopped picture of Jake with Austin hidden among a horde of people with disconnected arms and detached dress parts was on McConoughy's(sp?) deck. The house is not a mansion. It is in Malibu. Hence the price tag.

Methodical Muser said...

I guess my post the other day about Reese really got one of our trolls revved up like one of those sleek motorcycles owned by Jake and Austin. Thanks for the apologies, but it's not your fault the troll went after me when it was your post. Probably the same person who was stealing everyone's names awhile back, which caused "m" and me to get blogger accounts. Their latest tactic is now accusing others they disagree with of being a regular blogger in disguise. That truly is funny when they continue to hide behind different names everytime they comment.

Interesting about OTH maybe filming only 12 episodes. I'm sure it's never fun having to look for a new job, but this show needs to be taken off life support. Where's Kevorkian when you need him? I enjoyed the "dream sequence" Special. Have to say, both Jake and Austin look terrific in those leather jackets.

Adam makes me feel 21 again said...


destiny said...

There was a story in the Wall Street Journal this week about how networks are realizing that younger women want shows with strong women characters and action, ala Covert Affairs, and that more shows like Nikita are going to go that route. They mentioned the dropping ratings for traditional "women's" shows shows like Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy. Since CW's numbers have plunged, and USA and TNT are going strong, I bet CW is looking at a change in the type of shows they do.

fyi said...

I hope everyone spends the weekend with someone they love, giving massages, and talking about their feelings.

Thanks Methodical. Just wanted to set the record straight about trollie. I like that Sensitive Julian knows how important weekends are. Seems like Austin's alter ego may be sharing some more "inner truths".

Methodical Muser said...

I read the same article, Destiny. Maybe the CW could develop a new program about Hollywood beards. They could call the show, "Ball Crushers," and Soapy wouldn't even need to audition.

destiny said...

LOL, I'd watch that show M & M.