Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grate Eight and Great Eight

It's back.

Yup the Crazy Tree is back and bring back the crazy in whole new way. And it looks like it will be a baker's dozen. Too bad it's not just this Baker's dozen.

But here to help you get up to speed and give you a guide to the crazy train that is pulling in here you go.

“Asleep At Heaven’s Gate” (more like Wide Awake at the Gate's of Hell)

Feats of Clay and Quinn's lives hang in the balance after being shot by "I Look Like Your Long Dead Wife" stalker Katie and left for dead. But enough of that downer.

BrookeDavis(TM) is getting married! And that's all it should be about, this whole season.

To who? Ohhh....does it matter? She's getting marrrrrrrrried! And by God she deserves it.

Ok, well it's to sensitive Julian. You know ever supportive JBra, who's stones, whatever he's got left of them are on a 13 week plan to slowly shrink to the size of aquarium rocks. Of course can't forget tonight their sexy fun role playing which is actually quite disturbing --seriously Grease 2? And who's the one who's going to suggest keeping the singing and dancing in? Sing out LouiseJulian!

Of course your dress will be better than anything Vera Wang can make.
(JBra's job is never done)

The Real Housewife of Tree Hill learns that she is pregnant as hubby Nathan leaves for training camp(way to avoid those morning sickness and mood swing months) leaving their son Jamie to deal with pregnant lady crazy. Schwahn wrote and directed the episode, so it should be a good indication of who's he's going to invest his focus on this season.

Oh just one more things, the cops show up to take BrookeDavis(TM) in. For what? Being stupid.

About what? That you got find out yourself.

Let's say Schwahn might not have been too thrilled about Sophia looking for another job as he was fighting to save this mess, and is working through it in his writing.

OTH isn't just bringing back its crazy, it's bringing back their theme song. Gavin DeGraw’s “I Don’t Want to Be” hasn’t opened the show in three seasons, but it's back with tonight’s season eight premiere. It's going to be a little bit different which of course always means "better" to ad exec.(Yeah that's it) During the season the theme will be covered a different artist. They include Aimee Mann, Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, Tegan & Sara, Matthew Ryan, Laura Izibor and OTH’s own Mia, (Kate Voegele). Wonder if it's really band tryouts for BrookeDavis'(TM) wedding reception.

Life is all about balance, so the you need the good too. This might do it.


Special K said...

NY Times critic's pick has a new video review of Donnie Darko.

NY Times Arts Beat

A nice reminder of a great performance.

destiny said...

You know ever supportive JBra, who's stones, whatever he's got left of them are on a 13 week plan to slowly shrink to the size of aquarium rocks.

ROFLMAO at aquarium rocks.

Methodical Muser said...

Life is all about balance, so the you need the good too. This might do it.

Yeah, those pictures of Austin do a lot of things, Special. Some of them not so pure of heart! I believe Jake said recently that he is a perfectionist. I definitely see what he means. *smile*

Special K said...

Congrats to Surfrider

San Clemente, CA (September 13, 2010) – With help from a cadre of surfing celebrities, the Surfrider Foundation was able to raise $29,600 – a 500% increase in funds raised from last year - at their 5th annual Celebrity Expression Session this past weekend, to help the Foundation continue its efforts towards protecting our world’s oceans, waves and beaches.

Transworld Surf

Special K said...

For those down under.

Love and Other Drugs will be in cinemas in Australia on December 30.

NineMSN AU says it's Jake Gyllenhaal's sexiest role ever.

Agree? Disagree? Need to see LaOD more than a few times before you can say for sure one way or the other?

Jersey Tom said...

prairiegirl said...
Well, I care.


If I didn't care, I wouldn't be here, frankly.

Frankly my dear after seeing those recent pics of Austy I keep thinking what a lucky lucky guy Jake is. I bet he has seen that wet suit go even lower. What more could a guy ask for. How in the world could he let him go wondering back to NC without him.

Jersey Tom said...

Tough year for the Red Sox but God bless those red and white pinstripes. GO PHILLLIES!

tweet said...

Austin's live tweeting during the show. Here's some of them.

While the masses of Americans chat about OTH, I'm gonna sit back and watch a bit of JFC. It's still got @AUS10NICHOLS in it :)
6 minutes ago via web

@ashtondowney. I love you for that!!
1 minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®


RTMelissaB2189 #onetreehill @AUS10NICHOLS Will your character be interacting with more of the other characters this season?
7 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

@melissab2189. Haha. Please ask my writers that!!!
4 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®


RT UCFgirl87 RT @UCFgirl87: Where can I find a guy like Julian?? @AUS10NICHOLS I hope your really like that :) #onetreehill 4 minutes ago

@ucfgirl187. thank you!!! I thank the writers for writing him so well. I'm actually a real jerk. :)

prairiegirl said...

The wet suit - what a way to wear it.

A few of the other guys were wearing it the same way, Tom, but man....the impact wasn't even on the Rictor Scale compared to Austin.

Special K said...

The Sox, well, it has been a tough, especially when you could field two teams with your disabled list. They're lead the Mariners at the moment. But tonight at Fenway they premiered Ben Affleck's movie The Town.

Looked at the some of the other questions sent to Austin.

believeinme11@AUS10NICHOLS how Julian get such a great body? #onetreehill

@believeinme11. The writers write him that way. Movie magic. I eat three cheeseburgers everyday.

Like the question about if he's going to get to interact with other people this season.

And love that he responded to the person who said they were watching JFC instead OTH. You can tell he holds that show close to his heart. How he stays in contact and supports his former co-stars, and how he is so proud of it. I think he knew it was a great show when he was making it, but appreciates it how great of a show it was even more now.

Special K said...

Austin must have a lot of time on his hands, (and maybe that's a good thing a shorter work schedule). Because basically what did they have Julian do? Stared at BrookeDavis(TM), held BrookeDavis(TM), sexed up BrookeDavis(TM), and of course don't Driving Miss Davis.

Ok, well they did let him talk about his dream wedding that he has had planned since he was 9. A princess can dream but sorry sweetie, but this is BrookeDavis'(TM) wedding and you won't get that pink and black coordinated wedding or your dreams.

How many lines did he really have besides the longing looks, holding, the supporting, ... oh right he talked on the phone about BrookeDavis(TM)

And don't get me started about the "romancing your ovaries" comment. All I can think of is a bad B movie that could be called "Romancing the Ovaries - Shrinking the Stones"

the real m said...

I had to watch Sons of Anarchy and Covert Affairs first. Then I broke down and watched OTH. Curiosity got the better of me. Thank god I could fast forward. The Brooke Julian plot is a total bore. I don't want to spoil the show either but I did think the show was at least creative with how they handled the cliff hanger shooting storyline. And Special, I agree. I cringed when I heard that ovaries line.

Special K said...

And don't know there could be a little competition now, after Julian got called a princess.

RealOneTreeHill had people tweet in questions and this one was interesting and Austin's answer even more so (and Jana's)

RT @AnnaAllard @RealOneTreeHill @SophiaBush, @Aus10nichols, @kramergirl If you could play someone else on the show, who would you play? #...

RT @AnnaAllard Lisa says Alex, Austin says Dan Scott or Nanny Carrie, Soph says Victoria, Jana says Julian http://itwev.com/PuBvC #OTH

Dan Scott is original villain in Tree Hill. He is the father of Nathan and Lucas, who shot his own brother Keith, and let a student take the blame and the kid committed suicide. Divisive, everyone in Tree Hill has or still hates him; (except for his grandson Jamie) he is one SOB.

Nanny Carrie tried to kidnap Jamie, ran down Dan with a care and kept him "Misery style" in a room that is recreated like a hospital room to lure Jamie back to see his grandpa, chases Haley with an axe and the list goes on.

Do you think Austin just wants to play the bad guy, wear bad wigs and nurse's uniform or wants the chance just to go homicidal about the storyline?

LOL that Jana would want to play Julian.

destiny said...

Don't blame Austin for wanting to play the bad guy, at least he would,kt have to say all those horribly sappy lines with a straight face. Last night was a new low. I felt like nothing happened, even though that is not the case.

Not only is it total fantasy, it isn't even fun fantasy.