Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Live or Memorex?

Definitely time to put on the thinking caps.

Yesterday Hollywood Life gave a kuddos to Austin, and Sophia for being on the The Gulf is Back show that aired last week on August 27th. Uhhh?

It wasn't that they were on the show it was more how they said they were on the show.

We loved seeing Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols on the same stage as Kyle Massey and Taylor Hicks…what a great group! -- Hollywood Life full article

The show was hosted but David Hasselhoff with "musical performances filmed during two days of free concerts at the Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi."

We know that Taylor, The Hoff, Lone Star, Terri Clark and Bo Bice filmed their performances on August 17th. (Account of the filming from a Hicks fan here) (Looking for extras for the audience here)

Totally can see how they could use the PSA for The Gulf they made as part of the concert, but them on stage... how?

August 16th Austin was headed to Detroit to film LOL was there until August 19th.

Just left the set of OTH. Now I'm flying to the set of LOL.
August 16th.

I'm so sorry to all the fans who drove and flew many miles to wilmington. I am in detroit all week. I love you all. We shall meet again!!!
August 16th.

Just finished my work on LOL. Great cast. Great crew. Thank you detroit!!! Back to OTH. OMG
August 19th.

He never made a comment about going to film the The Gulf is Back. It was known that they were pretaping it to air later from the press release, which by the way did not include either one of their names in the press release by The CW. You'd think he would have promoted it, since his has been a spokesperson for the need in the Gulf and has made the the Gulf his major focus when it comes to charity work.

Then when the special aired on the 27th. He didn't tweet anything about it either. And you would think he would want to highlight something like that for the Gulf to get people to watch the show.

And didn't see Sophia mention it around the 16-17th or the 27th either, which is unlike her.

Why does it sound like they network used their PSA, and they didn't know until after it aired.
And why would that happen?

The big question is: If they were there how could Austin not meet "The Hoff" and then not make one Knight Rider or Baywatch comment? That's twitter gold.


Special K said...

The LaOD poster we got a glimpse of before is now officially released. Check it out on Popcrunch.

LaOD poster on Popcrunch

Jersey Tom said...

Great pics of Jake yesterday SK. Some of his best. It is hard to dislike sophin as much as reeke. Kudos to them for what they have done for the Gulf and their opinions on Prop 8 via Tweeter..

twitter said...

AUS10 Nichols

Sorry about the nudity. I will post a warning next time. I don't want anybody to get fired.

Sensitive Julian

If you were going to be surprised by a random gift from your man, what would you want?
about 4 hours ago via web

swak said...

Hollywood's 15 Best Kisser

JAKE GYLLENHAAL, 29. “Yeah, he is all right!” Jake’s Prince of Persia co-star Gemma Arterton teased in Glamour magazine. “He is a wonderful actor as well as everything else. He is funny, and we got along very well.”

Which of Hollywood's best kissers would YOU most like to pucker up to?

Special K said...

So there was reporter from the Hollywood Reporter interviewing James Franco for his new movie "127 Hours" in Telluride Film Festival about real life mountain climber Aron Ralston, who he plays in the movies. Ralston was forced to cut off his own arm after getting stuck under a boulder. And they asked him about one scene were Ralston find a bit of pleasure while stuck under a rock. Ralston never said if that was movie license or not, but Franco had no problem talking about if it was him out there stuck under a rock.

OK. You asked the question. [pause] I spend a fair amount of time alone, especially when I travel maybe to something like this or for work or whatever, but I’m in hotels a lot for a lot of my life. And I don’t mind it because I have a lot of stuff to do on my own. I have a lot of reading to do for school or whatever. [pause, laughs] You asked! So, when I’m alone, I do masturbate a lot. I don’t know why. It’s like you have those days where it’s just like, I have a ton of writing to do, or a ton of reading to do, and you’re just like, OK, I’m going to be on the couch all day or in bed all day just doing that… I tend to have a four- or five-time day. [breaks out laughing] So, I probably would have if I was stuck under a rock.

A little TMI maybe? But here's the point of this story.

What would be hilarious would be Austin tweeting he masturbates a lot, wouldn't put it past him, just so it would make Sophia say .. Me too!!!

Special K said...

Watched the last episode of OTH from season 7 tonight, I guess to lessen the shock of watching again come next week.

Watching it again you know they were expecting the show to be canceled. They had that slow mo winter snow scene around the 49 minute mark. The montage, the slow pan of everyone's faces smiling, the philosophical wrap up moment of zen about the mountain being a hill, like life thing. Then they just tacked on a bunch of stuff to set something of a storyline for this season in the last 5 minutes.

I think that is one reason Austin was wearing his big gold ring in the show. We know was his own not a prop.

Can see him wanting to get it on screen, like the JG initials on that sweater when he was guest starring and thinking this was his last shot to do it.

AUS10 said...

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destiny said...

In tonight's episode of White Collar Willie Garson let loose with a "I've got my eye on you"--said it to a squirrel statute in a store--in the same tone and manner that Ed O'Neil did in JFC.

Special K said...

Watched The Rachel Zoe project. Rachel and her assistant Brad were dressing Demi and Cameron for the Oscars, and Johnny Weir well just because it's Oscar party time.

Brad, who has sighed over Jake before, was watching the red carpet to see Demi an Cameron, and who comes up on the screen. Jake at the Oscars, and all you hear Brad say saying .. oh Jake Gyllenhaal.

Another openly gay man on TV (Mark on Ugly Betty) gushing over Jakey.

This is what Brad tweeted while the show was on:

i heart doritos when i am stressed....oh and I like Jake Gyllenhaal
28 minutes ago via web

crak'd said...

Another openly gay man on TV (Mark on Ugly Betty) gushing Jakey.

What does that even mean? What's your point. Lots of openly gay men gush over Jake, television and otherwise.

the real m said...

Long day for me and just checking in. Plus I had to watch the return of Sons of Anarchy. I started to drop my attention in what I thought were the last moments of the show and then all hell broke loose. Good first episode of season 3 for any of you who also watch.

Re the time shifts in the post, really when you think about it, it is pretty standard for HW. Segments are taped but made to seem live, or live at the time, all the time. What we see on movies, tv, the stage are all illusions and what happens behind the scene is a different story. For actors I think it becomes SOP so they probably don't even give it a thought.

to 12:10AM. Not everything has a point. Sometimes people just pass along information. You can make of it what you will.

twitter said...

@AUS10NICHOLS Well, that was sweet of you. You don't owe me money or something, do you? xx
about 11 hours ago via web in reply to AUS10NICHOLS
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Ted said...

Dear Ted:
You've already answered my question about the male-female beard game, and you've confirmed that there are more female beards for gay entertainers, but are there more gay actors than athletes in Hollywood? Or more gay athletes than singers?

Dear Stats Lesson:
More gay actors than musicians, and musicians than athletes, doll, with plenty in each category.


destiny said...

Stephen Colbert had a "surprise" guest visit from a live goose that had a jokey variation on Reese's name for its name, and there were refrences to Ryan and Jake, and at thend Stephen broke out a bottle of Gray Goose. I think it was probably any ad for Gray Goose, but funny how the writers thought of Reese, Ryan and Jake.

Special K said...

That's hysterical Dest. I will have to see if it's up on his website.