Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good Man or Bad Ass?

If you haven't gotten a chance to listen to Austin's interview on Artist on Demand, not for the interview, but for his answers.

All know the story of Austin being discovered at 17 during Sundance, and some may know he started taking acting classes when he was around 15. But in this interview he goes way back and talks about being 3 or 4 standing in the front lawn in his pajamas reciting a Charlie Brown book that was his first foray into performing.

He had listened to a Charlie Brown book on tape so much, he ended up memorizing it, and one day just started reciting it in his pj's on the front lawn with his sister doing the girl voices and his dad capturing it on the new video camera. His parents seeing his talent, sent him to a theater class and as he says, he ran away screaming from it.

It was after growing up and playing sports he was bit by the acting bug at 15 and started taking classes. And now 15 years later he has had several television series, been in independent and blockbuster movies, and worked hard into buidling a successful career as an actor on both the big and small screen.

Asked who is inspiration, he says first off his parents, talking about his father and his career as a doctor and his mother who received her 16th World Championship title and as Austin proudly points out will most likely be in the Waterskiing Hall of Fame. You can hear the genuine pride respect and love he has for his parents and it speaks of not just the man he is, but the family who raised him.

Austin also talks about his acting inspiration, while claiming there are so many, he does come up with a few names, Brando, Newman, Steve McQueen, and Robert Mitchum. All incredible actors, rebels, non-comformists, and all have been seen as anti-heroes. Now, there's something to think about.

And a far cry from Charlie Brown.

Austin goes on to talk back one role he would like to play, Fast Eddie Felson. Newman played Fast Eddie in The Hustler and reprised him in The Color of Money. (Heck even OMG thought about Austin doing Fast Eddie while back) Don't think getting to play pool for a movie would a hardship for Austin, but don't think it's not all about the pool, it's the role, the man.

He also talks about more including the new movie LOL, how he was considered for two parts in the movie, Julian and OTH, and his fundraising efforts.


ick said...

I listened to that audio interview and came away thinking how utterly smarmy he sounds.

Methodical Muser said...

This latest Levine rant has me shaking my head for many reasons, least among them the obvious douchiness quotient. The “OUT” tirade is not only disproportionately ramped up from out of nowhere (don’t remember seeing a bunch of media play about Jake and his bro Adam doing the nasty in the back of an Audi Q7), but is beyond being just mildly distasteful. In fact, I would suggest that we are entering the discomforting territory of Levine’s harangue not only being disheartenly homophobic but I’m beginning to suspect, inauthentic as well.

Why? Well, because I’m definitely beginning to see a big Sasquatch footprint coming into focus which has PR’s dirty little fingerprints all over it (see chronology below). In other words, another regularly scheduled monthly rollout of a “Jake is straight” publicity stunt, in full autumn bloom. Without Reeke protection (straggly though the “beard” may have been), the publicity plan for our little Sacagewea has appeared to take on a whole new hackneyed status of contrivance. I suspect PR probably has big red circles on their electronic calendars to remind them when it’s time for another public defense of their client’s “virtue.” Of course, one might ask, after all these years, if there was no “there”… there, why would such obligatory hetero drivel be needed at all?

I truly shudder to think what October will bring since we will be on the cusp of the red carpet premiere of LaOD. Perhaps another peen protestation from a trusted I-love-poon-on-steroids amigo like Jamie Foxx? Or, will the public image plan make sure to include a straight-faced proclamation or two? I know! Maybe we can have innocent Ramona vouch for her adorably doting uncle, while trick or treating? She could be dressed up like a little angel and Jake could be a lumberjack. Yep. That should do it.

•Jake hitting on Russian club girls and “partying with lots of ladies” video
Mid May, 2010 (Right before Pop premiere on May 28, 2010)

•“Bottoms Out at the Lakers game” Jake supposedly checking out taut female tush
Mid June, 2010 (Right before Jake goes MIA for most of the summer (July-mid September)

End July, 2010 (While Jake’s still in hiding)

•“Jake G. and his Beard” photographed carrying Ramona to a children’s birthday party
(Jake resurfaces, but only so he can be exclusively associated with a bevy of females (Maggie, Ramona, going to Birdie Phillip’s birthday party). A few days later, we get “Badass Jake” riding a motorcycle (testosterone in a tank)
Mid-August, 2010

•“Adam Levine: Stop Thinking Jake Gyllenhaal is Gay!” (Jake nowhere to be seen, supposedly in NY)
Mid September 2010

the real m said...

Thanks for the link Special. I don't have time to listen right now, but I will before the day is over. I find it interesting that he lists Brando, McQueen and Mitchum as idols. Three men that had off the charts hot male sexuality, as well as acting ability. They happened to be early favorites of mine as well. I find it practically impossible not to watch a Steve McQueen film when it comes on TV, even if I have already seen it 100 times. The same for Brando and Mitchum, though their films don't seem to come on that often.

We can debate the Adam Levine incident forever, but I will go on record as saying his statement made as much impact on me and what I think as that loony gossip lady. He's still gay to me. And the incident begs the question, how come Jake does not speak for himself. His silence on Heath's death caused a fan furor when a 10 word PR statement would have prevented it. His silence and double talk about matters that only he can effectively address speak volumes. Personally, I am glad that he at least does not want to beard or lie. He learned a lesson from Reeke.

Austin seems to be trying harder to make his tweets more interesting lately, so I am happy about that.

TWEET!!!!!!! said...

Jake has decided to take the pussyhound route I bet, no need to beard if you are spotted looking for fresh pussy like Adam.

Austin tweets are interesting, LOL!!

He and Adam are in on the "joke".

eh? said...

What joke would that be?

Special K said...

Disappearing into a magical merry place called Baldhead Island. Goodbye.

Let's just say the double entendre is not lost on Austin.

wahwahwah said...

You think? You don't think it's just your under-stimulated libido?

wahwahwah said...

Which reminds me, Spesh, where is BabyTile singular right now?

Lauren said...

I love today's post. :)

Methodical Muser said...

...magical, merry place called Baldhead Island

LOL! Yeah Austin has his own style of sexual innuendo, doesn't he? Hope he doesn't run into Christine O'Donnell!

Special K said...

You're right M&M there are no coincidences, especially with such patterns like the chronology you put up. Much like the regular scheduled programming of coffee runs of yore.

But there is risk to a move like this. Yes, you are saying he's not gay on a rescheduled basis, but you churn up the discussion of people thinking he's gay over and over again. And if someone is really not gay is there really a need to refute the rumors on a regularly scheduled monthly basis?

LOL! Yeah Austin has his own style of sexual innuendo, doesn't he? Hope he doesn't run into Christine O'Donnell


Methodical Muser said...

Posted on September 24,2010

Adam Levine: Jake Gyllenhaal Not Gay

Looks like someone at The Advocate may be complicit in this charade as well because even they are pushing the story with a misleading headline. If you read the quote carefully, Levine never indicates that Jake is not gay. He says: "Will everyone stop THINKING that dude is gay? Seriously guys. How immature is it..."

Well, if anyone would know about immaturity.... And, frankly, the idea of Levine the Thought Police doesn't appeal to me either.

Methodical Muser said...

but you churn up the discussion of people thinking he's gay over and over again.

Exactly. Poor, defenseless Jake just keeps getting harassed by misguided, ignorant fans because he had the "bravery" to do Brokeback Mountain. Puhleeeeeze!

Rumors have been circulating about Jake's paramour preferences long before Brokeback Mountain. It really is reprehensible that a large part of the PR plan is to use that wonderfully iconic film in such an exploitative manner. Many straight actors have played gay roles and have never had rumors swirling around them year after year after year. Levine should be ashamed of himself for even trying such a juvenile trick. Try again, Moron. Oops, sorry! I meant, Maroon Man.

Methodical Muser said...

Hmmm. I wonder why Austin follows Stephen Gyllenhaal on his Twitter account? Oh, that's right. Jake has already said that he doesn't do Twitter so it must be AUS10's only way to stay in touch with his favorite BFF.

prairiegirl said...

Wow, a really jazzy version of Charlie Brown. I've heard of David Benoit but I thought he was a new age artist.

Well, I have found a way to hook up to this network here. Man, I wish I had tried this yesterday. The only bad thing is I'm isolated in the guest bedroom and I do not have full vision of rotten little Jingles. That guy is rotten to the core. I've unthinkingly left my dining room chair out just a bit but it was enough for the Yorkie to get up onto the dining room table and tip over my glass of water, getting her new People magazine cover all wet and the back of my $18.00 Thesaurus!!

Then today, he got up there yet again because I still didn't get the chair shoved in all the way and he started shredding some paper that was inside one of my work sandals which were in a plastic bag. Knocked my tote bag off of the chair. He's pooped in her bedroom twice. And I caught him raising his hind leg in this guest room in full view! I could not believe it. He is so bad; definitely the most misbehaved dog I've ever watched.

prairiegirl said...

Okay, so if Adam Latrine & Austin are twittering at each other and talking about man-crushes and ovaries, obviously Austin's just fine & dandy with what Latrine said.

And if Austin is fine with what Latrine said, then Jake must be as well.

And if both boys are fine & dandy with what Latrine said, then yeah, I deduce that Jake must be endorsing Latrine's participation in the Straight Jake Campaign.

Isn't that just so special.

Hmm. Gee, I think I'm going to go back and delete my previous comments since Austin has just officially made me look like a total fool.

Darned if I'm uttering another word of support for that twit for awhile. I don't appreciate being played like a yo-yo.

I'm about as mad right now as I've ever been in quite awhile.

Him & Latrine bantering back & forth about their man crush and thinking it's cute to talk about ovaries (HEY AUSTIN, So does that mean I can talk about my prostate?!!) on the heels of Latrine's big manly words in Out magazine is a game. It's a game to them.

And if that is the case, that's where I get off the A-Train. And I get off the Jaustin Train. And I could very well slap Jake & Austin right up there with some of those politicians on the Outrage documentary.

As I lose one of the bravest, dearest co-workers I've ever had to one of our biggest health enemies, and I see Austin toying, playing around with and using his twitter & notoriety as if life is just one big party & game, you know what? I say stick it, Austin. Right there in one of those big, delicate ovaries of yours.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Excuse me. I believe that would be a big, delicate, quivering ovary.

21 said...

and why has Levine turned into 'Latrine' now? Just because he says something you don't like? That's mature prairiegirl, grow up already!

101 said...
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lol said...

As I lose one of the bravest, dearest co-workers I've ever had to one of our biggest health enemies, and I see Austin toying, playing around with and using his twitter & notoriety as if life is just one big party & game, you know what? I say stick it, Austin.

Please stop with the histrionics. REALITY CHECK: Austin doesn't know you exist.

jared said...

Ashley Hinshaw from LOL

JJ: Can you tell us more about your character?

AH: I play Emily and she’s Miley’s best friend. The movie is a coming of age one, not really a comedy or drama. It has a little of everything in it. Emily is the comedic relief — this high school girl with strict parents that goes crazy on her own. She just wants to explore everything but is feeling kind of repressed from her. She’s really great and funny and I get to work closely with Austin Nichols who plays one of my teachers and Nora Dunn is my mother who is just so fantastic.

the real m said...

I listened to the Austin interview and saw Howl today. I noticed Austin says he lives in LA, not NC, and used "I" a lot, not "we". The we not being he and Sophia. I don't expect him to use we to discuss his life with Jake, since it is a deeply kept secret, but for someone supposedly openly dating his co star, there was no sign that she is on his mind.

Howl was great and James Franco did a super job. He became Ginsberg. I was surprised to see that e on line gave the film only a C+. I thought it was much better than that. But then I am a sucker for dialogue and character. I tried to read Howl, but could not get very far. A whole different experience to have it read to me and illustrated during the film. Franco really seems to be coming into his own.

As for the latest PR tactic, its no coincidence that its timed for LAOD where Jake plays a straight horn dog. His appearance lately is similar to how he looked a few years ago when he was depressed after he and Austin broke up. I think Jake is a pretty fragile guy. His career is in a lull. He made a huge sacrifice for POP and we know how that worked out. He passed on Avatar. I think Jake does not want the words I am not gay out there any more than he does the words I am gay. Too awkward for when he finally comes out. He wants to avoid lying so silence is the best solution. This could just be a misguided effort by Adam to help a friend who is on the skids, relatively speaking. As for Austin going along with the charade, after watching Jake beard with Reese for all that time, this bit is a cakewalk.

jeez said...
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Special K said...

Brando, Newman, Steve McQueen, and Robert Mitchum

When you look at those four, another thing you realize, clashed with Hollywood authority.

Jersey Tom said...

the real m. James Franco may now be the frpontrunner to win the Oscar for 127. Certainly top 3. Although I got a hunch Colin Firth is gonna win this year.

Special K said...

M, did you notice that Austin said in the interview that he didn't know anyone on the cast or crew when he moved to do OTH? That's a real trick when you are supposed to be dating one of the stars of OTH on and off for 4 years and they were the reason you took the job in the first place.

Tom, now I will be thinking of Mr. Darcy all day. ; )