Saturday, September 4, 2010

(Less than) 500 days of Jake

Looks can be deceiving in a lot of ways for Jake.

When it seems he's out of the public eye a lot it is one of his more prolific periods.

In just under 500 days (461 from Brothers opening in Dec to Source Code March 11, 2011) he has/had 4 movies released in four different genres.(Drama, Adventure, Rom Com, and Sci-Fi Thriller.) And depending on the future of Nailed, there could be 5.

On average that is a movie released every 4 months (16.4 weeks). And it seems like the momentum is building with his last two movies to yet to come. The building buzz and reception of Love and Other Drugs, is trending it to be a big hit in barrage of movies during holiday season. And if Duncan's follow up to his debut as a director with Moon, is a successful as his first film, Jake will be ending with back to back hits, that reach both male and female audiences.

But the biggest question is what happens in the next 500 days? He has shown that he can remain out of the constant glare and still be competitive in an ultra competitive industry.

Is he going to let the work do the talking? Will he focus on more personal projects? Or just more private ones? Where does it go from there?


Special K said...

Austin quiet.
Julian quiet.
Jake no where to be seen.

My Name is Earl marathon?

Training for Leadville?

Too much Wham?

island life said...

Twitter from yesterday had him back on MV.

Special K said...

Does it makes sense to go MV when a hurricane was coming?

Then again, Julian said ..."I hope everyone spends the weekend with someone they love, giving massages, and talking about their feelings."

Well else can you do when everything was shut down.

flashback said...

Jake Gyllenhaal gets a High and Tight

the real m said...

Very quiet everywhere. Labor day weekend travel, I suppose. Glad to see Jake's films clustering, but he does not have anything new set to film so there will be a lull after this is all over.

Henry Cavill's film comes out a week or two before LAOD. I wonder if Jake and Henry will run into each other on the talk show circuit.

Re that article about what young women are looking for in heroines. I've watched Covert Affairs for a change of pace. I'm not hooked, but it's always good to see strong women. Rizzoli and Isles has been good too, but suffers from the wrap everything up in 1hr syndrome. Rom coms have become so formulaic, I don't understand why they keep making them. Same old plot over and over. Just substitute a different aging actress.

destiny said...

I like Covert Affairs. It isa not a great sahow, but I like all the actors, and together with White Collar it is perect for a Tuesday night when I just want mindless entertainment after work.

twitter said...

TheSixxAddict: My friend is in Marthas Vineyard & just ran into Matthew McCoughnahay and Jake Gillenthal (sp?) as they were jogging on the beach! Lucky! about 1 hour ago via Echofon

Jersey Tom said...

Ok that tweet places Jake one place and you can bet we will get a tweet placing sophin somewhere else shortly. Maybe even a pic taken two month ago.

huh? said...

Is there a reason to think Jake and Austin were supposed to be together this weekend? Othe than wishful hoping of course.

labor day said...

long holiday weekend

things have changed said...

Ok that tweet places Jake one place and you can bet we will get a tweet placing sophin somewhere else shortly. Maybe even a pic taken two month ago.

IA. There really is a, "Haven't I seen this before?" quality to all this, isn't there? Perhaps Sensitive Julian will slip AND throw us a clue, or Fanpop will post another photo that just got hacked off of Sophia's FACEBOOK account.

I never noticed it when Jake was with Reese, or afterwards when he was promoting Prince of Persia, but he has really become reclusive, hasn't he? This isn't the outgoing Jake I remember.

Curious said...

I saw those tweets about Jake being on the east coast this weekend too. But why would he be in MV and hanging out with Matthew McConauhey? Isn't that kinda of strange? Hurricane warnings usually stop people from traveling somewhere and wasn't he just there a large part of the summer?

who knows said...

I guess if you own a home somewhere in a hurricane's path and are able to get there before the storm, most people would. Just to make sure everything is safe and secure. Who knows how long McConaghey has been on MV. Could have been there before the hurricane-that-never-hit.

Special K said...

I have never heard of McConaughey ever visiting the Vineyard before. He is definitely not regular. Vineyard has a different vibe from his usual beach living.