Monday, September 13, 2010

Still PoPping

Tomorrow is a busy day for both Jake and Austin. And that means something's bound to PoP up.

PoP comes out on DVD and Blue Ray tomorrow. And with the release there is still more PoP stuff. (Inconceivable!)

A lot of people missed the chance to see PoP in the theater. Now's the chance to catch it at home. And use the pause button as much as you need to.

It is an old fashion big budget movie that uses the best of technology. Classic kind of tale told in a new way. And Jake isn't too shabby either.

Speaking of popping

... now that's just being a Pop tart.

Here's some PoP Trivia you might not have known. In the gagillion of PoP mentions out there. Did you know Jake's co-star Gemma was born with six fingers on each hand?


LOGIC said...

Yes, but you did suggest that the Molina sighting was implausible. That you didn't believe it. So sorry, you can't have it both ways.

What are you talking about? You're correct that I don't believe Molina was there. It doesn't make sense that he would fly out there and not do the red carpet, and being in a play wouldn't keep him from doing the red carpet if he was there. How is that having it both ways? I don't believe in the McConaughey sighting and I don't believe the Austin sighting at the L.A. premiere. I'm being consistent in not believing random, unsubstantiated sightings.

These one-track minds seem to be doing just fine around here, or else you wouldn't be hanging around and caring on so much. Talk about selective.

Sorry, but you're still not making sense. Maybe you should concentrate on actually reading comments and not on trying to make clever comebacks that don't land. I'm simply trying to have a conversation and point out inconsistencies. What's wrong with that? I'm not being rude or abusive. I don't understand why that is so offensive to some of you. If logical comments aren't welcome, maybe this should be a private blog and not open.

silly said...

Now now, we all know logic and OMG go together like oil and water.

never give up do you? said...

Wow, these two, or is it one, have a real problem with being called out on their crap. Cyberstalking I t hink they call it. You know what TWO CENTS is talking about. Now, let's use one of your attacks: "You're just playing dumb."

Jersey Tom said...

Who cares where who is. That bottom picture is inches from paradise. OH YEAH!

Special K said...

First there was AUS10, then Sensitive Julian, is this Nichols & Diming Them?

I am going to follow/mention a fan. Super excited. Bid on this @twitchange to help the children in Haiti!!!
4:50 PM Sep 12th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Hey yo. If you can't afford to bid on Bieber. Bid on me. Way more affordable. I'm a deal. I'm a steal. @twitchange. Starys Wednesday.
about 11 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

If nobody bids on me, I'm gonna buy myself for a shitload of money.

Methodical Muser said...

is this Nichols & Diming Them?

Very clever, Special.

Well, I think if Mr. Nichols gave away an 8x10 glossy photo of that scrumptious "low-rider" photo posted of him today from the Surfrider event, I'm pretty confident the man would never have to work again, never mind pay his own way.

Special K said...

Looking at the length of Austin's board, (the blue one he surfed with) that's one heck of a long board. Think about hauling that thing to the beach. No scooter or little car would work. You need something good size and with some length to either to strap it on the top without being longer than the car, or have enough room to shove at least two-thirds of the board in the way back.

prairiegirl said...

Hey Tom!!!!! How 'bout those Chiefs?!!!!! Woooooooooooo!!!!

Another busy day. Movie watching. Wading into the lake up to my waist (LOL! No lower - it was too cool here. I bet it was only in the high 70's) I rode a waderunner for the first time. LD's mama talked me into getting on the jet ski. I said "Only 20 mph and not even to that island. Just a little half moon and back to the dock." LOL. But there was no one else out on the lake and so I said let's go out a little further. And when I asked "How fast can this thing go?" She showed me! lol. Kind of cool. But she gets into it way more.

She's very competitive and very athletic. And her friend is very athletic too and does anything she tries very well. First time on the segway, she's roaring by and turning those corners. They do the go-karts and I go shopping. lol.

Then more pontoon boat riding, another great dinner, root beer floats for dessert, and Chiefs game. Surprisingly, we're all still up. Her mom is working on her quilt, I'm on my laptop and everyone else is watching the game. I am sort of watching it.

That picture of Austin is just sinful. Tom, he's drivin' ya nuts, isn't he? lol. Man.

I'm telling you right now, that right there is why Austin had flight trouble. Jake mantackled him at the door and he never made it out of the house. Thus - flight troubles.

prairiegirl said...

I think that's waverunner, not waderunner. lol. I'm not very versed in lake talk.

I didn't want to sound like an idiot, but I think a slip is the same thing as a parking spot for a boat.

Man, I am telling you, there are some big ol' houseboats down here. We saw one that our hosts saw for sale for over $400k. There are just some gorgeous speed boats and pontoon boats down at the dock. How do people afford these things? And these boats have slides on the back plus little ramps for the jetski's. And upper levels and sliding patio doors. I saw one that had a gas grill on the upper deck. Just real luxury vehicles. What a life. They take these things out all day and it's like a little cabin/house on the water, complete with sleeping quarters. They drop anchor and swim when they find a private area of the lake.

Will be very hard to head back to the concrete jungle tomorrow. But first!!!

A stop on the way home at the olllllll' Osceola Cheese Factory/Store. I have my heart set on getting some garlic cheese. My sister has a big ol' list from my mom, our aunt & their friend for all the cheese they want. We'll be loaded down with cheese, lol.

destiny said...

That really is an incredibly hot photo of Austin. I agree Tom, why waste time arguing over where J&A are.

prairiegirl said...

Well, I care.


If I didn't care, I wouldn't be here, frankly.

I'm not going to get into big arguing matches or at least I'm really trying to stay out of that business anymore. These people know what the deal is here. Some of the same ones just want to stir things up.

But arguments made today by M&M, Stubborn, Special and Actually were excellent today and slam-dunkers. I'm not going to fuss about that at all.

op said...

Saturday Surfing Popsugar

the real m said...

I'm still dumbstruck by that photo of Austin. Could that wet suit be any lower. That picture is definitely going to be in Jake's wallet, on his phone, on his computer, wherever.

AUS10 said...

For this auction @twitchange, I kinda feel like a piece of meat. @ladygaga can I borrow your stylist? about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

prairiegirl said...

^^^ lol. That one made me laugh. Did anyone see Lady Gaga's dress? LOLLLL. That thing was hideous. And then I saw a picture of Ellen DeG holding up a coordinating outfit in lettuce.

Boy, I think everyone's still sacked out. Of course, once I wake up, I'm done for because of ol' Snore Hound. Giminy's, I can't wait to get back in my own room where it's quiet. Well, at least the Chiefs won - that made staying up til 1 am worth it.

We saw vultures yesterday; one of them flew by really close from the balcony. Those things are huge. And they are really ugly.

Special K said...

Another video from Saturday

Celebrities for Surf Surfrider Foundation

Special K said...

More about Saturday. And who could Jake's Sasquatch friend?

Socialite Life

destiny said...

Lady Gaga's dress was both fascinating and revolting. Imagine what it must feel and smell like. Ewwwww.

Methodical Muser said...

Looking at the length of Austin's board, (the blue one he surfed with) that's one heck of a long board. Think about hauling that thing to the beach. No scooter or little car would work. You need something good size and with some length to either to strap it on the top without being longer than the car

Now we know why Austin took that cab from LAX! Too bad he didn't have access to...oh, I don't know... maybe a Q7 Audi with all the accessories for a sporting man's needs.

With no friends in LA to help him out, I wonder what he had to tip that cabbie for his services? Now, that I think about it, Jake and Austin have one more thing in common based on that Jonathon Ross interview from May. Neither man have any friends.