Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Better than Nothing?

Was The CW's move of OTH to Tuesday nights at 8 for a better lead-in for Life Unexpected or is OTH, The CW's sacrificial lamb to go up against Glee?

Did The CW go with a safety, because they didn't have enough good pilots this spring and just looked ahead to see what they could get together for a mid season replacement?

Glee's won a Golden Globe Award, a People's Choice Award for Favorite New TV Comedy and a Peabody Award. It's won four Emmy Awards with an additional 15 nominations for the show. Their critical acclaim and solid ratings have gotten them some of the biggest names in music to be a part of the show either releasing their music to be used in the show or appearing on it. And with Britney coming to play with the Gleeks is there anyway OTH can compete?

But can you just imagine Sensitive Julian vs. Sue Sylvester in a Thunderdome showdown ?

"I have more cajones in one cone, than all of you mister
and you dare call yourself supportive.
I.... am... disgusted"

Glee has an average rating of 9.77 million weekly viewers. OTH's best rating were during their second season averaging 4.3 million viewers, last season they averaged 2.3 million. Both shows are geared to the same demographics. With only a half a season secured, The CW has done the bare minimum of an ad campaign. OTH was was not invited to the Television Critics Association gathering in August like last season. There are no new photoshoots.

Just call it. Dead Man Walking.

Did OMG scoop the big guys?

Yesterday OMG posted at 2:53PM EST about Sharon Lawrence being cast as Julian's mom, from a tweet posted over the past weekend. At 9:31PM's Michael Ausiello posted "the exclusive" about Sharon Lawrence coming on the show.

Comments at EW did bring up a good point. Didn't it seem like Julian's mom was dead, from his comments that he couldn't save her. Well, OTH has killed off enough people in the past season, maybe season 8 they're doing to to characters what they can't do with the show, beat the Grim Reaper.

Picture this.

Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet tweeted this picture last night, a picture of him and friend Jenny Lewis. "Found this pic of me & Jenny Lewis 10 YRS AGO" Why mention it. It's who took the picture according to Alex's tweet. Jake.

And from this tweet, looks like old friend Matthew Frost was there when Jake snapped it.

Alex was in Donnie Darko with Jake, Matt was a set production assistant for the movie, and long time friend Jenny was Jake's date for the premiere.

Hard to believe it's been 10 years since they filmed it.


ted said...

Dear Ted:
Toothy Tile's identity hit me the other day while I was waiting in line to buy some beef. I know you can't confirm any names, so just answer this: Is he good at accents, not afraid of animation and can get his spy on? My yorkie Peanut sends kisses!

Dear Laying Tile:
Big kisses back to your pup and a sorry to his mommy, 'cause actually T2 isn't really great at any of those things. Surprisingly, you're zero for three.

Bitch Back

AUS10 said...

Join me at the Toronto Film Fest for Beautiful Boy on sep 12. Our screening is at 630pm. I will be the guy wearing camouflage.
2 minutes ago via Facebook

Special K said...


maybe a bit NSFW


Special K said...

It doesn't looked photoshopped but if it is..... (golf clap)

fake said...

It is photoshopped SK, as the poster here confirms where you got the pic:

There is no source for the pic, but looking at the face, it looks like it's from the Jake photoshoot where he was lying in circa 2003-04?

fake said...

That should be lying in car.

Gullible, thy name is SpecialK said...

Because Jake would do a phtoshoot like this why again?

because said...

It's not the first time he's worn tiny black undies and flashed some thigh for a picture.

So gullible said...

LOL Jake is so over the days of doing softcore gay porn photoshoots.

Poor Special. She'll believe just about anything won't she.

Seaweed said...

yeah, it likely is a fake, but a very good one at that. lol. My oh my.

And get off your high horses folks and either enjoy or STFU and quit snarking at Special. Go back to your own sandboxes for a time out!

fake said...

Sure he did back in the day because, but this isn't it.

PS: There is a diff between flashing undies in a photoshoot like most up and coming actors do and this photoshopped soft porn.

Any real Jake fan can look at the face and probobably figure out what photoshoot they took his face from.

As I already sead it looks like it's from the photoshoot where he was lying in car, EW 2003 or so?

IHJ can figure out it's fake but not SK!

And yes, Jake no longer does undie shots, just check out his recent rather conservative photoshoots

Special K said...

You know I had like 10 minutes in and out of the house when i posted it. The sheets looked like the ones in LaOD and kind a thought it could be a screen cap. Everything we've heard is there is lots of nudity and sex in it. And could see them having him pulling something on and off in a scene.

And I did say if photoshopped I gave them the golf clap because it is damn good photoshop.

Hey I posted the link. I admit it when I have less than bright bulb moments.

So glad that I can make someone feel so good about themselves though.

:-))) said...

Awwwww thanks for that SpecialK. You make lots of us feel good about ourselves on a daily basis.

Seaweed said...

Special... I keep going back for a peek and to admire the expert photo-shopping skills.


Thanks again!

Special K said...

Did anyone else notice that The CW is doing nothing to promote OTH. And even the rest of the cast members are pretty low key about it.

There was a little blurb from about Rob and Clay's storyline in TV

I'm dying to know how One Tree Hill will resolve the Quinn-Clay cliffhanger! — Samantha
ADAM: They both initially survive the shooting, but Clay is in pretty bad shape. We're hearing that he is still in the hospital as of Episode 3, and it could get even more grim: In that same episode, viewers will spend lots of time with Clay's ghost.
TV Guide

Looks like One Tree Hill's Clay may make a new friend in the aftermath of his shooting.

Edwin Hodge has been cast in an early Season 8 episode as a character who is seriously injured in a car accident while texting, a show rep tells The character will cross paths will Clay (Robert Buckley), who remains in the hospital following his shooting in the Season 7 finale.

One Tree Hill's Robert Buckley: "Clay's had a really rough year"

TV Guide

Kind of looks like the gossip might be right and it's big Clay/Quinn storyline at the beginning of the season.

Special K said...

Special... I keep going back for a peek and to admire the expert photo-shopping skills.

Oh yeah. LOL

destiny said...

It does sound like they've already written off OTH. Bet you're right about them just needing to fill some time while they work on new shows.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the insults fly. It was what, five hours without a single comment, but it only took Fake 20 minutes to jump all over something Special already said might be a photoshop.

maybe I'm amazed said...

It's nice to be amazed by things. Too often in life we become jaded to the amazingness around us.

Special K said...

I wonder if there is a bit of backlash to the Brulian storyline from Schwahn after Sophia went out and got a pilot while the future of OTH while was still in limbo.

Even more than that, it was going on and talking about the new pilot on Craig Ferguson. That really doesn't sound like a lot of loyalty to the show she's under contract with while the director and creator were trying to fight to get one more season.

He and Davola had to literally go and plead their case to the big brass for one more chance. To have one of their main stars to go public about looking for a new job at the same time, had to created some tension.

Jersey Tom said...

Photoshopped or not Wow Wee. Jake is older there. That is not a young Jake from his rent boy look days.

Fun Fun Fun.!!!!!

AUS10 said...

I just did battle with Hurricane Earl. He was weak. Still waiting for him to grow stronger.

fake said...

I'm pretty sure I found the pic that was used for the photo. I was off by six years, LOL It was from photoshoot he did in the beggining of the yer for Pop where he had on his James Bond gear on. Check out pic # 12 in this thread:


It's the same pic and whoever used it for the photoshopped pic trhy to change it a bit by trying to aitbrush the facial hair a bit and it also looks like he gave Jake a cleft chin, etc.

Special K said...

Looks like Austin spent some time tiring to get a set in, (a little practice for weekend after next in Malibu?) with the waves Earl was churning.

The surfers had their share of disappointment, too. Around 3:30, a whole new crop of them materialized, breaking out into eager jogs as they came in view of the water. Austin Nichols, 30, an actor on “One Tree Hill,” which is taped in Wilmington, said he had shot a scene in the morning but had gotten off in time to get some surfing in.

“I think hurricanes should have menacing names like, ‘Hurricane Edward Scissorhands,’ ” he said. “Hurricane Earl sounds like a guy drinking a beer on a porch. That’s not scary.”

Mr. Nichols was not impressed by Earl’s somewhat erratic effect on the waves, either. By late afternoon, in fact, the beach was dotted with surfers standing in perplexed clumps, scrutinizing the water and wondering what exactly had gone wrong. The waves were “closing out,” or cresting all at once instead of in a ripple. Or they were coming too fast. Or maybe it was the tide?

NY Times

the real m said...

The picture looks photoshopped to me, but its juicy to look at regardless. Maybe I am just happy to see Jake's face again.

I suspect OTH is just a filler. Shows need to leave before they wear out their welcome and they jumped the shark last year for sure. I've watched Glee a few times,it's pretty entertaining.

destiny said...

Not quite sure why, but I find it really funny Austin got interviewed by the NYT. Maybe it's getting some publicity for being himself instead of the fauxmance.

Special K said...

You know what I like about it Destiny, that it wasn't a prearrange interview and wasn't in the entertainment section, it was news coverage about the hurricane. He just happening to be there doing something he loves, surfing.

He didn't throw in a pitch for the season premiere, he didn't pitch himself, he talked about getting off early and trying to catch a couple of waves. He was just a regular guy who left work early went out surfing. What's different is his job is a tv show, no big deal. Just like other surfers out there took off or are on vacation from their jobs.

And the best part is that it there wasn't one mention of Ms. Bush.

Wonder how miffed she is? Then again can the NY Times even compare to Just Jared? : D

Special K said...

Hey Kate at WDW has a first look at the LaOD poster. Check it out.

WDW - First Look

LAOD said...

Another poster.

destiny said...

All good points Special.

On the other hand, isn't it crazy to be out there with a storm brewing?

duh said...

I don't think he's known for his MENSA IQ, Destiny.

Plus, really fucking stupid if he's a father.