Friday, October 22, 2010


Simon Pegg did it with a cricket bat, tie and name tag.

Austin did it with an aluminum baseball bat, arm band, and a man bag.

Who wins for style points?

Even in other people's nightmares Julian accessorizes.
(Wouldn't the bag through off your swing? )

And an Austin Friday High Five.
(Thanks Stubborn for the great find)

Jake last night at the advance screening LaOD at the Clearview Chelsea Cinema as part of the CMJ Film Festival. A Q&A with Jake and Ed Zwick was held afterward.
Great to see that smile.

photos:OMG,Urban Prankster, IHJ


Special K said...

Good review of LaOD

Zwick Does His Best Cameron Crowe Imitation; Anne Hathaway May Have Just Entered The Oscar Race

Charming, effervescent and genuinely engaging, Ed Zwick‘s most recent feature-length effort, “Love And Other Drugs” is his best picture in ages and largely succeeds despite pulling far too hard on your emotional heartstrings in the second half of the film.

The Playlist

graham norton said...

_kirstyevason:Maggie Gyllenhaal on Graham Norton, I proper fancy your brother.
26 minutes ago via web

peggirl said...

Who wins for style points?

Easy. Simon Pegg. He wins at life!

destiny said...

That traffic light sign is a great find.

ROMA said...

Hi everyone! I am a bit late commenting on a "little Q&A" from Thursday but if only the film measured up and was as good as the discussion with Jake, Anne and Zwick it's really be something. The seriousness with which Anne and Jake speak about the film is so respectful and insightful and fun that it made me wish the film had returned the gift to them both. Their comments on the film that they both believe they made have real gravitas; I wish the film lived up to the great intentions behind its creation.

destiny said...

I think Shaun of the Dead is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, I was practically on the floor when I saw it with a group of friends, including Roma.

LOL!! said...

Poor fruit flies. Austin in Spain with Sophia. LOL!!!

prairiegirl said...

Sit down, Jack.

I am sorry to tell you and anyone else, I will lay odds Sophia is not in Spain. I think Austin is. But Sophia isn't.

This is the lamest little "scoop", fake Great Value Tooter (it can't be twitter since that is a trademark name. Since it's a facsimile or imitation, it's a Great Value Tooter) I've seen yet.

They don't even pretend to know any facts.


"I've heard"

"appear to be"

"maybe you find them"

"if so"

Wow. Now that's some reliable reporting, that is. I'm going to bet my next Christmas money on that, you betcha.

Does somebody think we're stupid over here?!

prairiegirl said...

And Austin hasn't done a darn thing. He is not pretending to be straight right now. All he said was Gnite america. Buenos dias, barcelona!!! He never said he had "his girl" with him. He never said "I'm going to see some Spanish ladies!" He just said he was going to Barcelona and he twittered at Daphne Z. about the cab ride from LGA to JFK.

I'm not seeing anything in his twitter since September 14 that is directly spoken to Soapy or is spoken in a way to misleadingly portray that he is straight.

Someone find one for me, please. I'm not talking about a reference about Sophia, which he did last Tuesday night during twittering while OTH was on. I'm talking any direct sentence to "his girl". Any twittering between the 2 while on a plane. I'm talking direct conversation between Austin and Sophia just like they have been doing since they both got twitter before the Gulf trip. And we know how nauseating that was.

Someone point out to me the latest pics on Fanpop of these 2. When were the last ones? Not only that, but how recent are they? Wedding? Party? Beach? Friends' house? Concert? Wedding? Boat? Shooting range? Family Chevy Van and That's All Right with Me pic, anyone? Wedding? PSA's not included. Nor TV interviews. I'm talking all these intimate, private events that somehow flooded fanpop via a robbed Facebook. Ohhhhhhh, I know. They're all now privately guarded in an old fashioned Hallmark photo album, aren't they? Oh, wait, I know!! Sophia's now into scrapbooking. She's making lots & lots of scrapbooks with these pictures. No way any more of these are getting on the internet. They're too, too private.

Anyway, would someone point out to me when the latest of these intimate photos was posted? Today? Yesterday? Last week? A month ago?

prairiegirl said...

And talk about OMGers ignoring and having selective vision.

No one seems the slightest bit intrigued by Austin's mention of being in NYC at the same time Jake was.

From LaGuardia to JFK, hmmmmm? Cab ride? Why no discomfort, because his flight probably went from Wilmy to LGA? Or because while there are no flights from LGA to Barcelona, there are from out of JFK?

Heck if I know. I didn't check flights out of NYC to Barcelona. I'd lay odds there are alot of those.

I'll tell you what I did check out. And that is that I could find not a single flight out of Wilmington that had a stopover in NYC. Ohhhhhh noooooooooo....

I found a ton of flights. But they stopped at Atlanta. They stopped in Philly. And they stopped in Charlotte, I believe was the 3rd city.

No NYC from Wilmington Airport.

So why on earth was Austin twittering about being in NYC? Did he take a train to NYC and then book an entirely different flight from NYC to Barcelona? Just for kicks? For the fall scenery? I know that's what I'd want to do while I was still filming is rack up unnecessary miles just so I could fly out of LGA or JFK. Why, I bet Austin's never been to either of those so he wanted to see what a really big airport was like.

boobyann said...

WOW. Three long posts about a bit of gossip that Austin is with Sophia. No, of course you don't give a sh!t that sophia may be with Austin. LOL!!!!!!!!!

Special K said...

The Yankees Lose.

God Bless Texas!!!

prairiegirl said...

And I haven't even touched on my observations of some internet postings that I have found very suspicious - the observations are still ongoing and not yet concluded.

There are now holes in Sophin the size of potholes during a March Thaw.

If anyone buys Sophin, they're turning not only a blind eye, they're turning two blind eyes.

CONGRATS TO MY ALMA MATER in their win over St. Thomas Aquinas tonight!!! Biggest night ever in the history of the old stomping grounds. When I grew up there, we had a population of under 2000. Now, it's 18,000 and the game was televised live on ESPN-U.

Huge, huge night. Almost makes me want to get out my old Pep Club uniform again.

gnite OMG-dom! Helllooo bed.

prairiegirl said...

Jack, sit down.

prairiegirl said...

Oh, and Jack? Take a good look at my avatar, buddy.

And weep.

boobyann said...

Take a good look at my avatar

Oh that's the pic of Jake and the guy with ears that look nothing like Austin's. Am I supposed to cry because it's not Austin. LOL!!!!

OT LOL said...

Atticus, did you tell your cousins to do this?!
Dogs attack two female reporters

prairiegirl said...

Well, this is certainly not what I wanted to hear this morning:

Boooo Season 8 Extended Beyond Necessity

prairiegirl said...

While I admit, I'm becoming a Julian/Nathan shipper merely from the High 5 scene, I am speculating this news certainly did not make Jake happy last night.

I can't see Jake spending winter on the east coast, too. He wouldn't make it, lol; there's not a Gortex hooded winter coat thick enough for Jake to spend a winter on the east coast.

Maybe the Barcelona trip will pad the frequent flier miles bank account because I could foresee a beaten path from LGA to LAX.

This will certainly be interesting to watch.

Hey, m, I'm going to be sending you some pictures this morning - watch for them!! **hint hint**

The pics of you & your hubby came out great.

holymoly said...

prairiegirl, these tangents you go off on, I think it's time for you to step back from the Internet for a while. You should learn to keep the inner voice in your head and not on the blog.