Monday, October 4, 2010

From the Shadows and back into the Spotlight

or ... OMG in the NYC

Many have read of Jake's chat with David Denby at The New Yorker festival this past Saturday. Several lucky people from OMG got the opportunity to meet up and go see Jake at the event getting close and watching Jake talk about his past movies, and his new ones. M and her husband flew to NY, as did PG, meeting up with Destiny, Tom and other friends for the evening.

Jake was there to talk about his past work as well as his upcoming movie LaOD, along with director Ed Zwick. As in such events, many of the questions from the interviewer were the similar ones we've all heard before, there were questions from the audience, and there a few new answers that came from evening. One thing many may not have known, and it was said during the evening, that friend Jason Schwartzman had been original cast as Donnie Darko.

Jake reflected on his career, his craft and the working with directors. He shared about his love of acting and spoke of how he is not done learning his craft and that he has to improve. And he spoke of wanting to make films that mean a lot to him as none of us know how long we will live.

He was asked if there are other things he wanted to do beside acting. And unlike in the past were he talked about cooking and other things he declined to say exactly what those thing are these days, but sounds like he does what to venture in other things besides acting.

He spoke of his family and Maggie and one thing he said is they are both so busy they rarely have seen each other's films and both have missed a few in each other's canon of films. He did say Maggie loved LaOD though.

And one thing that everyone had mention was Jake's reaction when they played the clip to BBM. How put his head down, closed his eyes, during the emotional good bye between Jack and Ennis.

Jake also spoke of his admiration for family friend the late Paul Newman "for creating an alternative to acting and said he too can make great salad dressing."

So here are the OMGer's talking about their evening together with Jake. I took all of their individual comments that they wanted shared with OMG and creating something that might sound like you are sitting listening to four friends reflecting over the evening around a table.

Thanks Tom, Destiny, PG and M.

Thank you for letting us share it with you.

This past Sat night I had the pleasure of attending along with several friends from OMG Jake's New Yorker Festival interview with David Denby. I found Jake Friendly, warm and very animated.

An enjoyable Italian meal was enjoyed in the cozy loft of the Le Vie restaurant by our party of seven prior to the NY Film Festival. We didn’t have to wait in line outside for long before receiving our tickets at Will Call and the speciality drink/Hors D'oeuvres reception was abandoned as soon as we found out the theatre was allowing seating. It was stunning to me that we were able to get seats five rows back from the stage, in the center.

First off we got there right at 9:00 with the intent of having wine but when we found out they were allowing people to take seats, we said screw that and headed to the auditorium. We were literally 5 rows back and dead center to where Jake sat. Not long after, I turned around to see how large the crowd was (they dragged in slowly) only to see Naomi, a blond woman and a man I have seen her pictured with before walk in. She sat very close to us so we got a great look at her. Much more delicate looking in real life than she looks in pictures. She did not see me looking at her, but the man did, so I was reluctant to turn around to take another look as I did not want to gawk at her or make her uncomfortable

Jake came in a side door but his entrance was over shadowed by a video ad by Jason Schwartzman that started to run just as he entered.
The theatre was small, the atmosphere very intimate. I will take away with me a few revealing moments from Jake’s interview: evidence that Jake is indeed bothered by the idea of turning 30 and the reiteration that he does seem to be thinking of a career post-acting. His age came up maybe a couple of times and the second time it did, Jake collapsed back in his chair and groaned “Guys, I’m not 30 yet!!!!” So I could tell it is bothering him. I thought that was funny because it lends a human element I could identify with; that anyone can identify with. Nobody really likes their milestone birthdays after that 21st, do they? Jake is no different, lol.
I wont repeat the questions Denby asked of Jake as I think they are showing up on various sites already and will probably show up on youtube. But overall I was very disappointed in them. Unoriginal and the same stuff he has been asked many times. If you are new to Jake, I guess it was interesting. But to long time followers it was really, this is the best you could come up with?

His mother was seated 3 rows behind us which was rather interesting and I was surprised to see that the interviewer, David Enby seemed to know the Gyllenhaal family as more than just acquaintances. If there was one thing I was disappointed in, it was that “the interviewer” asked mostly the same old, same old questions.
Jake was asked about several of his past performances and clips were shown from many of those movies including Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain and Zodiac. The clip from Brokeback was the very emotional scene where Jack tells Ennis he can't quit him and the usually stoic Ennis breaks down. I haven's seen that scene in a while and it sure was emotional seeing it sitting five rows from Jake himself. Jake spoke fondly of Heath and seemed very sincere

All the emphasis on sex was really coming from Denby. After all, he started out by describing Jake, among other things, as having masturbated in 4 scenes in movies (I can only recall 3), and the first clip they showed was the DD of him starting to masturbate on the shrink's sofa. And Denby asked about Jake's comment about the kissing in BBM. No way of knowing for sure, but it could be due to LAOD and perhaps Denby trying to find some kind of theme to build on.

A couple of clips were shown with the most notable being the BBM I cant quit you scene. Jake called Heaths performance incadescent. Said Heath inspired him to lift his own performance. Mentioned that he and Heath had been friends before they did BBM and that there as a real attraction there. Yes, he used the word attraction. The BBM clip was very moving given Heath's death and I wondered how Jake felt listening to it. He did not look at it but kept his back to the screen and his head down during the clip. Jake was very careful not to make light of the movie or the questions about the two men kissing.

Destiny & I were talking about it tonight. I think what Jake was talking about when he was talking about the "attraction" was not just himself but the entire cast and crew. I'd like to hear it again but I'm pretty sure that's what he was saying, although he did clearly include himself.

I thought it was interesting that when Denby asked about what he'd said about kissing Heath at the time of BBM, Jake answered that whether you're kissing men or women, it's ackward and not sexy because everyone is watching. When he was asked who he liked kissing the best of all his co-starts, he laughed and said he couldn't answer than, but then said well, maybe he could since it was a New Yorker audience. To me it seemed like he was going out of his way with the comment about kissing men and women being the same (perhaps to make up for the comments during POP interviews and promotion?), and injecting a small bit of sexual ambiguity into the way he answered that he wasn't going to answer who he enjoyed kissing the most.

Jake was his usual self. He rambled on some answers, tried to be charming and funny a bit and sometimes failed to answer the question asked of him. A couple of times Denby sort of cut him off when Jake rambled and did not let him finish his thought.

Jake seemed fidgety, but then I think he often is in interviews. But unlike most of his interviews, he was kind of subdued. I think that in some of his more recent interviews for POP his merriment seemed kind of forced, so just as glad to not have that. I couldn't tell if it was Jake being more comfortable with himself, resigned to where his career is now, or not feeling good about where it is now.

We were lucky enough to see a couple clips from Jake's upcoming movie Love and Other Drugs. David Denby gave it rave reviews.

And what going going on in the poster for LaOD? Why did Jake have his hand over his mouth? Did Zwick offer to get naked, after they told him they were tired of taking their clothes off, to the shock and horror to Jake! He said that the reason Jake had his hand over his mouth was because Ed was in the room naked and he wasn't suppose to tell. And was Anne photoshopped ?

Yes, Jake or Ed ( I cant remember who) did make the comment about her head being pasted on. I remembered the statement clearly because of all the photoshop discussion when Special posted that photo of Jake by himself. But I could not tell if it was said as a joke or for real. Ed also said something like "they put her on Jake's arm", like she was added after, not while Jake was there, regardless. I do think the promo photos are probably done separately and photoshopped as a rule. Hollywood is all illusion and that way each star is lit to their best advantage. I also think they are pushing the sex and nakedness angle for this movie way too much. One of the clips had Jake and Anne kissing, and I am sorry, but Jake kissing a woman just does not work for me. When he kissed Heath in the tent, it looked like a real kiss. The kiss with Anne looked like a Hollywood kiss. Of course it is just a clip, but that was my reaction.

Regarding the poster, I do recall that was what was said about why the hand over the mouth, i.e., Zwick being in the room naked, and that Anne's head was photoshopped.

One huge thing I forgot was that they showed a clip from LOAD. Two actually. But one of the lines in the clip was "Just because you cant prove something, does not mean it is not true." Given all the you cant prove he's gay allegations that are flung by some commenters, that line blew me away.

I could sense how seriously Jake takes his craft. Jake talked about his childhood and competing and taking a back seat to Maggie. That competition sure seems to link to his ambitions. Jake sounded like he was at a point where he will just sees where things lead in his career but sounded like he was willing to move on to other venues if the time came. He did not share those backup ambitions with the audience.
He also kept talking about how much he'd learned, sounds like he had some regrets about the way he has worked with directors in the past, and some regrets about how he viewed the movie business and the work that I felt was a reference to POP.

As for new items of interest, he mentioned he regrets not finishing college. He wants to do a movie with Ryan Gosling (that drew a female scream from the audience) and he expects to do other things with his life besides acting. Oh, Denby mentioned that Naomi will be directing soon but did not say what.
I also loved that Jake said that his idol was Paul Newman. I believe Jake would love to have a career like Paul's. He also mentioned that he thought he could make an equally good if not better salad dressing which could give a clue of his back up plan for his career. I also like to believe he admired Paul's one mate for life relationship with Joanne Woodward.

Jake spoke of the importance and support of his family of course with Mom closely by.

After the event [Naomi] tried to get Jakes attention and was told by the blond that he was going to a NewYorker after party. I also heard the blond lady say that Chris was coming in later or the next day, I'm not sure as it was difficult to hear exactly.
I thought the crowd itself was subdued. No screaming women, except for the Gosling mention. The clapping after each clip was more polite than enthusiastic.

Jake's beard was long but trimmed shorter. To me he looked pensive, subdued, no big smiles like when he is with Austin. Not unhappy, but not the happy bubbling man that we once knew. He used to talk about his love of acting, but I think while he still likes it, there has been a change in how he views it and that other things have taken on new meaning in his life. He mentioned that we can not be sure how much time we have and need to make the best of it. A reference to Heath's death I am sure.

Its hard to remember all he said or my impressions it was so exciting just to be so close to him.

Jake was fairly open, engaging and interactive with the audience during the course of the interview, as well as while answering some of the open mike questions which happened at the end of the show.

The only time he really seemed animated was talking about Zwick and making LAOD. He really seemed to have enjoyed working with him.

It lasted longer than I ever thought it would – we received basically 1 ½ hrs and afterwards, Jake did shake a couple of hands from the fans and posed for a picture or two before being escorted out a side door.

He does not look 6’ tall and he has lost his PoP butt.

I think Jake's performance in LAOD will be a welcome and well received success. I can't say I heard anything new from Jake but did enjoy the interview. Most of all I especially enjoyed the time I spent with my friends from OMG in NYC. I wish everyone could have been there.

And where else would you finish up your night but across the street at place named Jake's.

Thanks again guys.


OMG said...

Wow, thanks everyone for your reports back from The New Yorker event. Very touching, Jake's comments about Heath. :'). Looking forward to LaOD a lot!

ted said...

Woo Hoo! Jake Finally Gets it Right with New Movie!

If you were worried that the sandy residue of Prince of Persia would stay lodged in your Jake Gyllenhaal-loving brain forever, then get ready to forget the hunk ever starred in that disaster of an action flick.

We recently saw Love and Other Drugs—Jake's latest flick that hits theatres next month—and it's good...really good. And while the movie made us completely forget Jake's recent box-office blunder, could it earn him a second Oscar nom?

Eh, probably not.

Though, that's not to say Jake wasn't fantastic in the role—have we made that clear yet, 'cause we're more than happy to say it half a dozen more times.

In fact, we have to say we're relieved, because the part is everything we've been telling J.G. to play: funny, boyishly charming and sincere (something that's been lacking from his recent trips to the big screen and tabloid persona).

Hell, nice boy Jake playing a total womanizer was even perfect! Come to think of it, his chemistry with costar Anne Hathaway is some of the hottest we've seen of late—and definitely the most sizzlin' from Jakey (including his offscreen chem with broads like Reese Witherspoon).

And when the material gets heavier, he busts out those acting chops we knew he had all along. He's back to that old-school emotional stuff he does so well and which we've been dying to see again.

Consider us giddy with Gyllenhaal glee.

All signs point upward if this movie is any indication of Jake's projects to come. We knew the guy had a good head on his shoulders.

Oh, and the fact that he's naked a good portion of the film didn't hurt either. We'll definitely be getting in line and shelling out our hard-earned bucks to take another peak at his tush...and abs...and arms...well, let's just say we'll be seeing the movie again.

Jersey Tom said...

What an evening. I can't believe the good times I have had and the friends I have made being involved with WFT and OMG. This past weekend was one I will remmeber for a long long time. Thanks PG for getting the Tickets and being such a delight. Thanks so much to Destiny and her partner for their hospitality and friendship. Thanks to m and her husband for coming such a long way and making us a part of their adventure. Thanks very muck Special for puttimg our memories together for us. I said I wished everyone had been there. Now I feel like everyone was.

Special K said...

Sorry that it took so long to get the post up.

Ohh computer our dysfunctional relationship continues.

I hope that I captured what you all experienced. Thanks again guys.

OMG said...

Special, don't worry about it. I don't know how you manage to deliver great posts rain or shine. Today's was worth the wait. :)

prairiegirl said...

Great post, Speciallll!!!!

Can we all say it now?

♪♫♪We were there!! We were there!!♪♫

We were there, we were there!!

prairiegirl said...

Great to see Ted's review. I think it's going to be good. I've seen some alternative reviews and whoever knows for sure until it actually comes out But from the trailers I've seen, Jake looks cool to me.

I tell you what. The clip that they showed us had some material that I had not seen yet and it helps lead up to the scene where Jamie tells Maggie he loves her. And I tell you what, there's a kiss in that movie where Jake lays a heckuva kiss on Anne H. It was downright hot. I gauged it a 9 on the ol' Audible Suction level on the Kiss-O-Meter.

LOLLLLL! You could hear that ol' suction soon as his mouth clamped over hers.

In fact, I'd say it's every bit as passionate as the one he laid on Heath in Brokeback Mountain in the SNIT scene. Every bit.

The chemistry between them must be something. And it's funny how that works in Hollywood. Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not. You just never know but when you find it, it's awesome. So I'm glad for Jake. He needs this movie to do well. Then, maybe it will give him some "say" again in being able to do what he really wants to do.

Jersey Tom said...

I think as a group we all agreed that Jake days of searching for the action hero part I, II, III are over. He wants to be an actor not an action hero. Yeah!!!!

I loved that Jake considered Paul Newman as his idol.

AUS10 said...

On a plane. About to take off. I don't have an armrest. Where is my arm supposed to rest?
about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Goodbye Austin, Tx. Bye Bye queso and margaritas and heaven on Earth. I will be back soon.
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Went by a kickass new bar in Austin,TX. @Hangar_Lounge. Opens in a month. 4th and Colorado. Go check it out. Really cool
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® ·

destiny said...

I had a great time with everyone this weekend. I have more to say on the subject, but I have to run out the door in a minute.

You did a great job with today's post Special. Love the way you inter-cut all our comments, and the artwork. Hope your computer is still ticking after all of this.

Jersey Tom said...

It sure does appear at this point that Austin is done playing the Sophin game even if he doesn't mind that his lady friend Sophia does.

I think Austin has found his soul mate.

dlisted said...

Jakey G's grizzly man beard is doing things to me. I just want to watch him suck the raisins out of a granola bar in between chopping wood (not a euphemism...I think)

Special K said...

Special shout out to PG for the pictures.

chubchub said...
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AUS10 said...

Interesting view

prairiegirl said...

Thanks, Special!! I'm a real amateur and it took me all night on Saturday before 9 o'clock before I figured out how to set my little digital camera to take a picture with no flash, but finally came upon it by accident!! lol. Because, ahem! no one else was any help!! No one knew about digital cameras so I was on my own. But we got it!

I'm like Destiny. I have a lot more to say but I'm going to have to say it tomorrow night. I did get my laundry done. I had sauce to get out of my top & clamdiggers that I spilled all over from Saturday afternoon plus iced coffee that I spilled down my shirt this morning but everything looks pretty good! My phone is okay! Yea!!

Phew. I was going through withdrawal on everything electronic but I got my intravenous drip tonight from all sources to get me through to tomorrow. lol.

And on top of all that, I am watching Molly, Luce, & rotten lil' Jingles starting tomorrow night. Plus, gotta return to the old salt miles tomorrow. I don't want to go back to work but I need to save up some $$ for when Austin does something like this and we can all go travel to see Aus!!!!!

prairiegirl said...

Salt miles? What in the heck are salt miles? I meant salt mines!! lol. I can't type.

LOLLL - I'm looking at that picture of us behind that sign. We have one of all of us standing but I kinda like this one, don't you guys? LOL.

What a blast. I'll just say this for now:

These 2 guys brought all of us together. We were walking along the river (I thought it was the ocean but Tom says it was a river we were walking along) on our way towards Ground Zero yesterday afternoon and m's husband mentioned to me that it was really something that the bunch of us were brought together by these guys. And I said 'I know.' We never would have met. Most likely never would have met had it not been for Jake & Austin. And Special's blog on top of all that.

We met through this blog and those 2 guys. It's a miracle. And he thought it was incredible that we all traveled, one of us from the midwest and two from clear across the U.S. the West Coast, to meet for this event. And we had things in common, things to talk about, we laughed, we had dinner together, we emailed like crazy to set this thing up and get it all coordinated.

I flew to NYC, a city I always dreamed about visiting, and yet was also terrified to go all by myself, but did. And I had never met m before, nor her husband. I looked so forward to seeing Tom again and Destiny. Plus I met another new friend who also lives in the Big Apple and has blogged on here before maybe a couple of times or so but generally is perhaps a lurker, mostly. The whole thing is just incredible and it was a chance of a lifetime.

If those 2 guys only knew what they have done - something that has absolutely nothing to do with Hollywood or bearding or $$ or anything like that. It has to do with friendships and love and eating together and meeting spouses and partners and other friends. Laughing and arguing and staying up til late hours talking & laughing. Traveling and sharing each other's cities. All this stuff. Good and bad and revealing.

What a good thing you guys have done, Austin & Jake. You should be so proud of that. Really. So proud; you had no idea, did you. I wish you could know.

ny post said...

Jake Gyllenhaal makes startling revelation at New Yorker Festival

Sex and drugs were underlying themes at the New Yorker Festival over the weekend. Speaking to a mostly female audience Saturday night, Jake Gyllenhaal noted that he'd "masturbated four or five times in four or five different movies."

the real m said...

Hey guys, I just got home and logged on after showering and throwing a load of laundry in. Our flight was delayed again. This time 2.5 hrs on the ground. I am not sure which is worse. Sitting on the ground at JFK waiting to take off or circling JFK waiting to land. But I can say I have sampled both. Anyway, I am home safe and sound but will be calling in sick as it is just about midnight here and I am wiped out.

Good recap of everyone's impressions, Special. I must say though that as thrilling as it was to see Jake up close and personal,and Naomi, the highlights of my trip were meeting PG, Tom, Destiny and the others who joined us, our dinner and breakfast together and the sightseeing we shared. I am sure there will be another time to repeat the adventure. Thanks Jake for making it all happen.

people said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Dreads Turning 30-Sort Of

With only two months to go until he turns 30, Jake Gyllenhaal has mixed emotions about the milestone.

"Look guys, I'm not 30 yet!" Gyllenhaal cracked at Saturday's New Yorker Festival in Manhattan. "Can you cut it with the 30 comments?"

Deflecting – humorously – any questions about leaving his 20s behind, the Love and Other Drugs star may feel wistful, but he also says he is comfortable with the person he has become.

"I feel more like myself. I feel like now, it's just the beginning," he says. "I guess you get to a point at 30 or somewhere and you say, 'What I am, is what I am and that's what I'm going to be and that's all good. I don't need to be anything else.' And that's kind of how I feel."


Special K said...

Does anyone watch Bored to Death on HBO? I'm hooked.

Tonight you could have played 6 degrees of Gyllenhaal. Family friend Ted Dancy and childhood friend Jason Schwartzman are leads in the show. Fellow LaOD co-star Oliver Platt and Josh Gad guest starred in this week's episode. Ted's character passes time on the Urologist's exam table reading The New Yorker, and one of the two main settings of the show is Brooklyn.

Have to amend my Six Degrees of Jake/Bored to Death from Sunday.

There's family friend Ted Dancy and childhood friend Jason Schwartzman and I remembered this morning that third lead character in Bored, Zach Galifianakis was in Bubble Boy.

Then there's fellow LaOD co-stars Oliver Platt and Josh Gad who were on as guest stars. And of course The New Yorker.

Seaweed said...

Tom, PG, Destiny, M, and significant others along for NewYorker gathering; I'm so absolutely JEALOUS that you had this time together and able to witness the interview! So great to read all of your comments and observations and to have Special make such a wonderful post out of it all.

And lately, I'm liking the fact that Ted is balanced in his comments about Jake, he seems to be able to give him the gears and call him on his shit (as TT) and to also let that dazzling, smouldering admiration come through none the less (as in LaOD performance).

Have been viewing "It gets better" and related videos and hoping for a better tomorrow, with no bullying and bashing that would cause any young person that much grief that they choose to just end it all. It is just heart-wrenching!

ted said...

Glee Cast tackles gay suicide

prairiegirl said...

I need to watch some of those videos, Seaweed. Our young people do need to hear from those who have walked ahead in their footsteps.

prairiegirl said...

LOL - I overslept this morning. I woke up once at 4:09 as usual but something happened and the next time I woke up, it was almost 5 so I said, 'okay, well, I'm not getting my walk in." And the next thing I knew I woke up and it was 10 after 6 and I was supposed to be leaving in 20 minutes.

Surprisingly, I was only 15 min. late so I have to chop 15 min. off of my lunch hour today.

I think I'm still up in the air. Figuratively.

Well, so People had someone there? Maybe that's who that man was in our row with the tote bag of all the papers. He jumped up to ask the first question from the audience.

That's alright; we beat People to that Jake quote, didn't we?

Live, Late-Breaking, Investigating OMG'ers

prairiegirl said...

I wanted to stress to people that this event at the NYC Film Festival was about as intimate and small as you can get. Small, small, small!

The theatre was sectioned into thirds and was about 2/3 full by the start. It looked to be mostly female although there were some men there. Thank goodness, there were no squee's, no screams, no jumping up & down. There were a couple of rows marked "Reserved".

There was polite applause when Jake came in and I don't think he even appeared at the special champagne/appetizer reception they had starting at 9. He was about 5 minutes fashionably late, entering through a side door lined up with the stage. Which we bailed on as soon as we asked if they were seating. There went the sparkling mineral water back on the bar!! lol. Gotta go, gotta go.

prairiegirl said...

I remember saying to Tom that night I was going to look forward to seeing some better pictures of Jake because I was curious if he had on his necklace.

The reason for this was because when they showed that scene from LAOD about Jamie telling Maggie he loved her and that was the first time he had ever told someone that, Jake & The Interviewer discussed that scene. And so Jake was talking about love and when he talked about love, he reached up inside the right side of his collar and ran his thumb/finger(s) along something. Much like I do when I play with my necklace chain; you know how you run your fingers up & down it a few times. That's what he did when he started talking about love.

So I looked at the IHJ pictures and I was kind of excited to see that he indeed did have a neckchain on that night. I don't know what was on it, but I don't remember seeing him touch it at any other time during the interview.

prairiegirl said...

He was pretty fidgety but mostly it was just his hands. He's constantly doing something with his hands, lol.

LOL - I like that first picture - the silhouette. He looks like Abe Lincoln. He was crouching down because when he came out, they started showing that commercial and he didn't want to block the screen.

prairiegirl said...

Last thing for now. I notice that Austin still is not addressing Sophia in his twitter.

She did all the mentioning. She did all the responding to what he was talking about.

And Austin was not talking to her about Halloween costumes. He was talking to that Luis guy from JFC. He never talked to Sophia about it. He never said he had margaritas with her. Sophia is the one who tweeted everything about being in Austin and that she had the nerve to talk about taking his nephew to school. And Austin never even mentioned seeing his family.

Sophia has just earned herself the title of Mini Reese. She's just graduated from The School of Reese Wannabes to Mini Reese after this past weekend.

There's something rotten in Denmark and I will continue to call her out on it until I see Austin acknowledge that they're still on.

prairiegirl said...

Sophia, you lead your "little voices" astray and they will turn on you like nobody's business. You are playing with fire, lady.

Don't treat them like they're stupid because they're not. I'll stand by those girls on this one.

Jersey Tom said...

No kidding PG. I remember you mentioning that you thought he was stroking a necklace. Good catch. I would love to see the pic. Could you post it or email it to me.

destiny said...

I missed the necklace incident, and I guess I missed you guys talking about it too, lol. Very interesting PG.

M, I'm sorry your flight was delayed a second time. It's especially painful when it's a short trip.

destiny said...

What a strange photo of Austin to post, especially on the heels of Sophia's blabbing about his newphew.

Is it supposed to be Austin? A friend? A stranger?

Got to say there's something a bit homoerotic about it.

ROMA said...

Hi everyone! I had the real pleasure of attending a wonderful dinner and brunch as well as the New Yorker Festival event with Destiny, The Real M, PG and Tom and their partners. It was a great weekend and I am so grateful to The Real M for having an extra ticket! So sorry to learn your flight was so troublesome. I admire how you all pulled this together from all parts of the USA to make this a special evening. JG and AN really did help to create an incredible alchemy of real friendships. I enjoyed spending time with
you all so much!

ROMA said...

Special, I want to chime in. You did an incredible job interweaving everyone's impression of the NYC weekend and attending The New York Festival. And PG thank you for the photographs; I was kicking myself for forgetting my own camera. You did a fantastic job creating a collage of everyone's impressions and comments and insights. It was a great weekend! Thank you for "recreating" it for me and for everyone.