Thursday, October 14, 2010

Love & War

From today's Northwestern's daily newspaper, who had a chance to speak with Zwick, who is continuing his one man promotional band for his not your average rom-com.

In one answer you find out how Jarhead was one of the connections for Zwick thinking of Jake.

Q: What went into the casting decision of Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal?

EZ: Part of my job is to be aware of what actors are out there and what they're doing, look at their work. I'd seen Annie do Jonathan Demme's movie ("Rachel Getting Married") and I'd seen her do Shakespeare in the Park, and she was really fantastic and brave and ambitious artistically. And Jake had done this movie a friend of mine wrote called "Jarhead," and I'd seen his work before that. I got to know him a little bit and realized that to know him was to have (witnessed) something that movie audiences hadn't necessarily seen, which is the depth of his charm and his humor and this very attractive male romantic... and I felt, "Oh hey, you know what? I'm going to show that to people." Because it's there.

Don't think Jarhead was what showed Zwick the male romantic in Jake, but you wonder if if it was more like he knew that Jake could do the whole naked truth. Because with a few alterations a Santa hat could make a festive merkin. ; )

Ok maybe it was the hair.

“All's fair in love and war.”

And Jake's going back to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre for the AFI Fest 2010 which LaOD has a gala premiere to open the film festival on November 4.


Special K said...

Jake co-hosted a fundraising dinner for chef Alice Water's charity the Edible Schoolyard last night at Craft.

pics said...

New pictures of Jake from last night.


Special K said...

Whew family and airports - craziness.

Jake's tamed the beast, and you can see more of his face, so much better!

Remember G's were friends with Alice Waters. Must say I am quiet jealous that he has dined (and many times)at her restaurant Chez Panisse.

Nice to see that Jake's continuing to find more ways to combine one of his passions with something that benefits others. He worked with Global Green in LA, and now with Edible Schoolyard NYC.

It turns out the actor is a voracious chef: he most recently whipped up a veal stew. "I love to read cookbooks and I subscribe to a lot of cooking magazines. I scour the internet for interesting recipes," said Gyllenhaal, who shops for the local and seasonal. "There's a [food] co-op at my niece's [Ramona, daughter of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard] school," he said. "We get a lot of stuff from there."

Can imagine the orderly stacks of cookbooks, magazines and recipes. Little tabs marking pages, and other fallen open to pages of well loved recipes. Wonder if writes in the margins what he tweeked (good or bad), and who he made it for and star those that were their favorites.

destiny said...

Jake looks good in the new photos, and good to see him doing something like this.

Methodical Muser said...

I don't deny Jake looks good, but he sure does have a deadpan, almost challenging expression on his face, even in the group photo. For someone who is acting as a host for a fundraising dinner, you would think he would be much more approachable/inviting in his expression. Instead, I get the feeling that he is merely tolerating the attention.

partyline said...

Guest of a Guest

Jake Gyllenhaal's Dinner For Edible Schoolyard

Where: Craft

Who Was There: Bette Midler, Jake Gyllenhaal, Fernanda Niven

Other Details: there something you need to tell us? It's one thing to not want your photograph taken when you sneak into the ballet with a hot brunette, but it's another to avoid the cameras at a charity dinner you yourself are hosting! The elusive Mr.G hid in the back of ONE group photo, and unsmilingly posed for two more. What gives? Baby bump?

the real m said...

The beard is trimmed up a bit, but he does not look like a happy man. No, not happy at all.

I finally watched Prince of Persia last night. Jake was horribly miscast in that role. Not my kind of movie, regardless of who is in it. I did not like it at all. I am actually surprised it did as well in the box office as it did. Definitely geared for the 5-15 year olds in the world. And some of the camera angles were so unflattering to Jake. It reminded me of Ang saying he was very careful how he shot Jake to make sure he looked good.